Fire and Flames

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XL. Confessions

(unedited I wrote it in a rush, expect tons of mistakes)


I expected him to lash out but all he did was smile at me, he even brought the work I’m supposed to do to my cabin saying that my hand is hurt so I shouldn’t lift weight or overwork myself. I kept my mouth shut from letting out snide remarks, I want to know how far this drama is gonna go.

He even surprised me by bringing lunch to my cabin. I wanted to refuse but then who’d leave tasty food for a jerk like him besides I was hungry as hell so don’t go judging me. The most awkward part was he won’t stop staring at me while I’m eating. My hand itched to land a dark bruise on his chiseled jaw.

“Will you stop staring at me!” I yelled annoyedly, glaring daggers at him, he seemed unfazed by my scolding as he continued to stare at me with a wide grin. “You’re beautiful” He mutter as if it’s the most normal thing to say.

If that didn’t catch me off guard then I don’t know what would. I stared at him wide eyes, as if he grew another head. Man, did he loose few brain screws?

“Are you sure your alright?” I asked with a frown, but I couldn’t ignore the heat that was slowly creeping up my neck.

“I’m perfectly fine, is Ma Cherie worried about me?” he added with a sexy smirk and a slight tilt to his head making him look devilishly handsome. Snap out of it!

“Ha, don’t flatter yourself.” I let out a snort, rolling my eyes before focusing on the falafel he got me. It tastes heavenly, I’ve always had a sweet spot for Mediterranean dishes.

I heard him let out a dejected sigh “I’ll be leaving then!” he says while standing up from the seat across me.

“Yeah do whatever you want not that I need you here and Thanks for the lunch I’ll pay you back”

“No you don’t have to.”

“I insist to pay Mr. King, next I don’t want you calling me a gold digger” I don’t know what compelled me to say those words but it surely hit the nerves, his smile dropped as he scowled at me but his eyes weren’t deadly instead it held hurt “I’ll never accuse you of such” his voice was barely above a whisper

“I don’t trust you, you never care about others feeling before you speak.” I spat, my heart clenched in pain when he accused me of whoring around.

“Yesterday...I..I..It was by mistake” What more surprises is he holding, did he just fucking stutter? I kept a straight face scrutinizing him, he shifted in his place awkwardly, wow now it’s me who’s intimidating him. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying this. Although I wanted to kill him then and there, Inside I’m a laughing mess looking at the Flustered Zephyr, the great CEO who doesn’t give a damn about anything is looking like a puppy in front of me. I bit the inside of my cheeks from smiling.

“I’m really sorry Athena, I will never ever in my life accuse you or anybody falsely. I regret my actions, it wasn’t like me. I’m normally not like this Athena, I don’t know what made me say such words.” He looked at me with pleading eyes, I could hear the sincerity in his voice and eyes.

I kept my sandwich down and stood up from my seat, ambling towards him, my eyes never leaving his. I stopped a few inches from him, he tilted his head up to look at me as he was sitting.

“Then what’s making you do this?” I interrogated, I was curious to find out what’s the reason behind his actions. He’s been acting weird lately, his mood swings worse than that of a pregnant lady’s. There has to be a reason for all this.

He averted his gaze, running a hand through his thick locks. “I don’t know” he expressed unsurely.

I clenched my fists tightly, is he pretending to not know or is this another trick of his?

“What do you mean you don’t know Zephyr!” I declared, my hands caught his shoulder making him meet my eyes. “You’ve been avoiding me for a week and then the next day you come interrogating my whereabouts. One moment you act so sweet and playful and the next moment you’re pushing me away. You’ll be the one telling me to leave you alone and then you’ll come back accusing me for whoring around? You have a problem with me going out with a guy, me caring for you, if I be with my friends you somehow want to ruin my day.”

I paused to catch my breath, my eyes were burning with tears .

“Can’t you fucking leave me alone then. You make me feel so worthless, saying that kiss didn’t mean anything to you. Do you know it was my first kiss and I don’t regret giving it you but it pains to know that you only want to watch me suffer. What is the matter with you Zephyr? I’m trying to put up with your tantrums but you always hurt me. Why Zephyr? why?” by the end I was a crying mess, I pushed him away and turned away covering my face as I sobbed hysterically.

I can’t take this anymore he thinks I’m a doll or what that he could throw around here and there whenever he want. Even I have feelings and emotions, I have dreams, I have my own fantasies and expectations. He just doesn’t understand!

Why are you doing this to me Zephyr?

What have you done to me to make me fall for you like this. I hate you for doing this to me!

I felts arms wrap around me from behind, as I continued to cry. “I didn’t know I was hurting you by my actions Athena, I feel terrible for doing this to you. When You said that it was your first kiss, it made me happy. I know you wont believe whatever I say but I want you to listen. What are you doing to me Athena? You’re making me feel things that I’ve never felt before. All these feelings and emotions are scaring me, You’re the first woman I’ve ever felt like this for. It’s true that I was avoiding you, it was not because I didn’t like you, I was afraid I might not be able to stay away from you.”

I stopped breathing when I heard his confessions, is he saying the truth?

his arms went to my waist turning me around to face him but I didn’t meet his eyes. “Look at me Athena” he pleaded softly, his warm minty breath fanning my face. I shook my head in a No’ I know my heart would instantly melt if I see his eyes and I don’t want to fall so easily . I need to be tough, I cant have him playing with my feelings.

“Please!” he tipped my chin but I refused I meet his eyes. He leaned closer resting his forehead against mine. “Don’t hide your beautiful brown eyes from me Athena!” my eyes snapped to his instantly, my heart fluttered at this closeness. It was the first time someone complemented my eyes, I’ve always dreaded not inheriting my fathers blue eyes. These brown eyes were plain and boring but here he’s saying my eyes are beautiful.

My insides clenched, an unsettling feeling settled in the pits of my stomach. “My eyes are not as beautiful as yours.” I found myself mumbling, my cheeks reddened when I saw his lips curl up.

“Brown eyes are beautiful, They’re dark and decadent like chocolate. Brown eyes are the only ones which have blue and grey underneath it. They have deep souls, which I want to uncover revealing the ocean underneath. There’s nothing beautiful like your eyes glowing like golden pools under the sun. Those beautiful eyes are what drawn me to you Athena, I never realized I was pushing you away because I was afraid I might fall into those Deep innocent eyes”

He gently cupped my face, his thumb skimming over my cheeks removing my tears “It pains to see you cry, I find myself smiling when I think about you, I feel relaxed when I’m with you and when I don’t see your smile it makes me angry. I felt my heart burn when I saw you with another man, I wanted to rip him off and feed him to the sharks but instead I took my frustration on you.” he ran his hand through his hair, as he closed it eyes recalling whatever he did.

“I don’t know what I’m feeling is love or not but one thing for sure” he held my both my hands in his warm one bringing it up to his chest.

“I know that I like you, but me being a stubborn-ass wasn’t ready to admit it. A devil like me doesn’t deserve you but this devil is willing to change for his angel”

“Will you give this devil another chance to make it up to you?” He looked at me earnestly, there was hope written on his face which I didn’t want to crush. I wasn’t that cruel but it was a battle between my mind and heart. My mind didn’t want to forgive him but my heart wants to give him another chance.

This is going to be a tough decision.


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