Fire and Flames

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XLII. Promise


I looked up to see who gave this jacket, only to be met with those alluring green eyes.

“What are you wearing?” he asked furiously, his eyes raking my figure with a knitted brow. I found my body heating wherever his eyes scanned. I wasn’t any less either, my eyes shamelessly took in his godly features, he was dressed in black jeans, a plain white shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows exposing his strong veiny arms, and the top three buttons were undone giving a clear view of his chiselled chest. I couldn’t help but wonder how would it feel to run my hand through his skin. My mouth went dry at his sight.

A clearing of the throat brought me back to reality. I glanced up, finding him with an amused look and a satisfied smirk on his face. “Like what you see?” Oh yes, I do! I wanted to say.

I folded my arms, which pushed my boobs up. His eyes wandered over to that region and quickly averted his eyes. The tips of his ear were turning red. Aww, my Zephyr is blushing. “I can ask the same for you.” Haha! Take that, you devil. His eyes snapped to mine. His lips tugged at the corner as he leaned closer, placing his left hand on the table behind me and the other on my exposed thigh, sending jolts of electricity all over my body.

I unconsciously gulped staring into his dark eyes “I surely am Ma Cherie but I don’t like the way the other men are staring at you as if you’re their next prey.” he whispered huskily, using his thumb and index finger he tipped my chin up to meet his eyes. His eyes swirling with various emotions, mostly possessiveness.

“Why does it bother you?” I asked lowly, my eyes watching him curiously.

“Because you’re mine Athena,” he whispered against my ear and lightly nipped it “Only mine,” I swallowed hard, trying to keep my cool. Those words just took me to cloud nine, I’ve been wanting to hear those words for so long. My heart thumped loudly and felt my insides churning.

“Does that mean you’re mine Zephyr?” I gazed into his glimmering eyes, filled with care and desire.

His bright smile was enough to answer my question “Only yours Athena,” He whispered and placed a chaste kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes letting out a sigh, his soft warm lips lingered for a while and pulled away, a whimper almost left my mouth at the loss of contact.

“Wanna escape this place?” He suggested, his eyes glancing around with a revulsive face. I can see even he’s not enjoying here. I nodded my head eagerly “Oh Yes I do,” He smiled and held my hand pulling me along with him through the dancing crown to outside the club. I sighed in relief as I breathed in the fresh air. “Let’s go!” he tugged my hand to follow him but I stopped in my tracks, he glanced back at me in confusion “What about Ruby?” I asked, I didn’t inform her, what if she starts stressing out?

“I’ll inform Danny” he shrugged.

“Thank you” I beamed and hugged his warm body, he immediately wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer.

“As much as I’d love to stay this way, I want to take you to a place.”

I looked up, “Where?” I asked in excitement.

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out,” he winked, I almost melted then and there.

“I hate surprises” I grumbled with a pout.

“But you’re gonna love this one” he pecked my nose, and dragged me towards his car, it was a Black convertible, not his daily car that he brings to work. I didn’t realise I was shivering until I climbed into the car and he turned on the heater. I noticed him texting someone on his phone and kept it back into his pocket before glancing at me with a smile “You ready?” he asked, I grinned in return “Yup!”

Buckling up, we were on the road to God knows where. But it didn’t matter, as long as I’m with him, it’s special. “Your Distracting me” he grumbled out of the blue.

I raised an eyebrow, before propping my elbow on the centre console and resting my head on the palm. “How am I distracting?” I asked innocently, blinking my eyes as I continued to stare at him. I’ve been staring at him for the past five minutes to see if he’d get annoyed or not.

His eyes darted to mine for a sec before focusing on the road “Stop staring at me.” he scolded but came out as a hoarse whisper. I could tell that my stare is making him flustered.

“Why? You get to stare at my face.” I stated accusingly, poking his forearm.

“That’s different,” he muttered lowly, still not looking at me.

“And this is?” I let out a chuckle, shaking my head in disbelief “you’re so weird,” I comment lightheartedly.

“Whatever” he rolled his eyes. I leaned back into my seat, wrapping his jacket closer and took a sniff of it, damn, it smells like hm. I decided I’ll never return this to him. After few minutes he pulled over near a surprisingly open boutique. I thought all shops would be closed by now, it’s almost ten pm.

I glanced at Zephyr, my brows etched into a frown “Why are we here?” I asked, he simply smiled and climbed out of the car before coming towards my side and opened the door before extended his hand which I gladly took. The contact sends tingles down my spine and His warmth was such a contrast to the chilly breeze outside. I clutched his jacket closer, hoping to get some warmth. My legs are literally freezing. Why did I even wear these clothes?

Zephyr probably noticed me shivering as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder pulling me closer to him. I looked up with a smile which he returned with his breathtaking one. My heart was beating uncontrollably. Oh, how I wished he’d stay this way forever.

We stepped, and I sighed in relief to escape from the frosty climate. The boutique was filled with designer clothes, it wasn’t huge but moderate in size, the décor was fresh and modern. The light colour scheme of white, grey, and blue was appealing. The was a huge pendant crystal chandelier on the ceiling giving the whole shop a mystical look. In the corner, there were two grey sofas and a glass coffee table, which had various magazines on top of it.

“Why are we here?” I asked him, scanning my surroundings.

“You’ll see” He patted my head as if I’m a dog before calling someone “Theresa!”

A woman around her late fifties, with black hair, pulled into a low bun rushed towards us. She was petite but slim, her black dress fitted her slender figure perfectly. Her brown eyes snapped to Zephyr, as she gave him a bright smile “Bienvenue Mr. King, j’ai arrangé la robe que Vous avez demandée” she said hurriedly, nervousness evident in her voice. That’s expected when you’re talking to the coldest man you’ve ever seen and the blank face he had wasn’t helping the poor lady’s jitters. (Welcome Mr King, I’ve arranged the dress as you requested)

Suddenly her eyes snapped to mine, her bright red lips curled into a full-blown smile as her eyes assesed me “Tu es une telle beauté!” (You are such a beauty) She exclaimed in awe, I looked down, my cheeks flushed coyly “Merci!” (Thank you) I muttered shyly glancing back at her.

“You know French?” Zephyr asked in surprise, I turned to him and nodded my head “Of course I know, how do you think I’m surviving here” I chuckled “What else are you hiding from me Ma Cherie?” he asked slightly tilting his head in amusement. His green eyes twinkled under the lights.

I laughed before winking at him “A lot”

He smirked and leaned closer before whispering against my ear “I’m excited to uncover it Ma Cherie ” I unconsciously shivered, why do I feel like his words had an underlying meaning? Nevertheless, I gave him a confident look.

“Aww! Vous faites un si beau couple” (Aww, you guys are such a beautiful couple)

I immediately looked away, my cheeks probably resembled that of a tomato. Zephyr cleared his throat, keeping a poker face but the pink tinge on his cheeks cannot be ignored. “Take her to the changing room,” Zephyr ordered.

Confusion etched my face as I stared at him “We’re here to buy clothes?” I asked in bewilderment.

“yes, the dress you’re wearing won’t keep you warm, so I thought to buy you something warm and comfortable.” his kind gesture swelled my heart with warmth and joy, who would’ve thought a cold and domineering man could be so caring and thoughtful.

I couldn’t help but smile sincerely, my eyes glimmering in warmth “That’s so thoughtful of you but I can’t accept it.”

“You don’t have a choice Athena” he looked straight into my daring me to go against him.

“Fine!” I gave in knowing he won’t give up also I’m freezing right now.

He gave me a victorious smiled and pushed me by my shoulders to follow Theresa. I followed Theresa to the changing room, it was a small cubical with mirrors on three walls and a grey curtain separating. I stepped in and waited patiently until she brought a dress, it was a white turtle neck knitted dress.

Remove my dress I donned the new on quickly, sighing at the feel of soft fabric and it kept me warm. I did a small twirl staring at my reflection, I pulled the curtain back, Theresa stood there with a bright smile as her eyes wandered over me. “It’s lovely” I smiled at Theresa through the mirror. She smiled, nodding her head “It is”

“Thank you, Theresa.”

“Your welcome dear!”

I packed my previous dress in a carry bag Theresa gave and we walked towards the front of the shop where Zephyr was seated on one of the sofas, his eyes trained on his phone.

I cleared my throat to bring his attention, his head immediately snapped to me, I noticed his eyes slightly widen, his mouth agape as he stood up from the sofa. I giggled at his reaction before walking over to him “How do I look?” I asked, my heart racing in anticipation. Does he like it? or not?

“Gorgeous” he breathed out “Honestly, you look beautiful in any dress”

“Thanks” I turned bashful all of a sudden, I don’t why his compliments make me shy.

I was about to pay when I realised I didn’t have my purse with me and Zephyr being the stubborn man he is paid it which a part of me is glad for. I thanked Theresa once again and we were back on the road and I asked him again where we’re headed to which he replied with the same answer “Have some patience, Ma Cherie”

“That makes me more anxious!”

He simply shook his head and continued driving. I folded my arms and leaned back into the seat and watched the buildings pass by. Soon, I felt my eyes droop and I was engulfed by sleep but not before hearing “Sleep well, Cherie”

I felt someone poke my arms making me groan and stir to find a comfortable position to sleep.

“Wake up Sleeping beauty,” I heard a husky voice whisper into my ears, Damn, that voice is so attractive.



I moaned in delight, wow, my name sounded so good coming from that voice.

“You leave me no choice.”

I squealed when I felt someone tickling me, my eyes shot open as I jumped in my seat and groaned in pain when the seat belt restricted my movement. I glared at Zephyr who was trying hard not to laugh.

“Why’d you tickle me?” I pointed my finger accusingly

He raised his arms in surrender “That’s the only way I could wake you up” he started, rolling his eyes. I narrowed my eyes to retort but stopped when I saw our surroundings. My eyes widened as I gaped at the view in front of me. I quickly opened the car door and climbed out, ambling towards the view.

We were at a cliff and the whole city was visible from here, The city seemed to be glowing under the clear Parisian night sky by the bright lights coming from the buildings and street. The Eifel Tower was absolutely stunning, adored by a palette of colours.

“Wow!” I gasped looking around like a kid in a candy store. I felt arms go around my waist from behind as he rested his chin on top of my head. “The light show is going to start,” he said.

That just increased my excitement by ten folds. “This place is awesome, I’m so glad you brought me here” I thanked him, my eyes glimmering with joy as I took in the stunning view ahead of me.

“I knew You’ll like it” He stated proudly puffing his chest, I playfully elbowed him in the stomach making him groan “Don’t get your ego high” I chuckled, I’m sure he rolled his eyes as I couldn’t see him.

We stayed in each other’s embrace, enjoying the light show, there was only silence no words exchanged but we were comfortable this way. Listening to the soft thumping of his heart, his cologne and warmth were slowly lulling me to sleep but I had to strive to not close my eyes afraid this might be a dream.

The count down started



Suddenly I felt the urge to look at him


Only to find he was already staring at me, making my cheeks go red.


His eyes were like a deep forest filled with various emotions. A look of adoration was written on his face. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his dazed look.


I calmed down and stared at him, my eyes unintentionally wandering towards his pink lips inviting me to taste them again.


I looked back into his eyes only to find his focused on mine with a dark look. I didn’t know why but I found myself leaning up and he leaned closer.


I closed my eyes In anticipation, his minty warm breath fanned my face.


My heart was racing at a million miles per hour and my stomach churned.



Bam!! His lips met mine right when the fireworks went off, The sound of the crowd yelling and hooting echoed in the background as the New Year begun but at that moment time seemed to stop, it was only us.

The delicate kiss felt like a promise. A promise for a bright future, My heart only hope this year to be great for us and everyone. I wished to know more about him, A ray of hope lit my heart at the notion of being with him forever but does he think of me that way?

Dread filled my chest, however, I chose to ignore it and savour our sweet moment. O don’t care what the future holds for us but I promise to make the most out of it. It doesn’t matter how much we have but how much we enjoy it will bring us happiness.

I never dreamt a day like this would come to my life, If someone told me that Mr King would like me I’d laugh at their face but guess what, life always doesn’t have to go the way we want, it held surprises at different points some may bring us joy others may not.

Nevertheless of all the rough beginnings, I had to go through when I arrived here, I can tell that I’m glad it went this way because among the chaos I found someone special or more as I ran into a person whom I never thought I’ll fall for.


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