Fire and Flames

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XLIV. He said it


Don’t freak out

You can do this!

Yes I got this!

It’s difficult to describe what I’m feeling right now, A part of me is consumed by nervousness while the other is excited. Man, I’m just a buddle of emotions when I think about him, what might be his surprise? I thought as I brushed my hair and let out a deep sigh staring at my reflection in the mirror. I did the make up just as he wanted, A deep maroon matte lipstick and a thin stroke of eyeliner simple yet classy.

I was dressed in black ripped jeans, white tee with black stripes and topped it with denim jacket. After slipping into my white plimsols, I wore my beige coloured bobble beanie and grabbed my small black handbag before making my way towards the sitting room.

I glanced at the clock on the wall, ‘3:58’ It read. Zephyr will arrive any moment, just like that my heart started it’s drum roll again. Ruby was still in the shower, I couldn’t help but chuckle at what she told me. It seems like Danny and her left the club right after I left, They went to various places and In one spot there was a huge gathering, drinks and food was exchanged and Ruby dragged him to it. The rest of the night she spent drinking even while Danny tried to stop her. Then voila, she got drunk, broke her phone thinking it was a rock and Danny took her to his house while she fell asleep. Danny being the kind gentleman gave her his clothes and asked one of the maids to change her. I awed at his actions. He’s such a charmer.

A knock brought me back out of my thoughts. Wait why is he at my door step? I thought he’d call me down.

No! No don’t freak out!

Take deep breaths.

Now fine!

I quickly stood up and rushed to the door before pausing a taking few more breaths to calm my nerves and mustered a smile before I unlocked the door and opened it. My throat went dry and my jaw dropped when I took in the sight in front of me. Ahh such a blessing for sore eyes.

He stood there with his sly smirk, amusement dancing in his green eyes when he saw me checking him out shamelessly, my cheeks reddened in embarrassment. Jeez, let the earth swallow me!

“Hey” I whispered timidly, as I gave him a shy smile. I don’t know why I’m so nervous around him even after all the things that happened between us in the past.

He stepped closer and leaned down, his masculine scent wafted to my nose. It took immense control to not pull him towards me and snuggle whole day. “You look gorgeous Ma Cherie” his warm breath sent tingles down my body as goosebumps aroused. Raising his hand, he tucked a tendril of my hair behind my ear, before placing a soft kiss on the crown of my head. I closed my eyes, sighing quietly as I cherished the feel of his warm lips on my skin.

His lips lingered for a while before pulling away leaving a tingling sensation behind, a whimper threatened to break at the loss of contact but I briskly composed myself before meeting his gaze.

“You look not too bad yourself.” I said patting his chest playfully as I winked. His smile grew as he let out a small chuckle “I’ve bought these for you.” He stated looking down, that’s when I noticed a bouquet of Red and yellow roses in his hand. My heart warmed knowing he remembered I loved yellow roses.

I gasped in awe “You got these for me?” I looked up in disbelief and wonderment.

He nodded bending his head a little, a red tinge coating his cheeks and the tip of his ears. Watching a bashful Zephyr is cute, my heart was melting and I couldn’t believe the sight in front of me.

He extended the bouquet which I happily accepted with a bright smile, I admired the beautiful flowers for a moment before glancing at him. An idea popped into my head but I don’t know whether I should do it. Will he mind it? I don’t think so. After having a mental conflict I decided to do it.

Standing on my tip toes I leaned up and pecked a kiss on his cheek and quickly steeped back lowering my head in embarrassment, I wasn’t the one to make such moves the first, I guess some things change when you meet the person you love.

I raised my eyes to see a stunned looking Zephyr, his expression crumpled when he touch the spot I kissed. “I thought you’d kiss me on my lips” he sounded like a kid who didn’t get a candy.

His lower lip was jutted out, his brows knitted trying to look adorable which actually worked. I resisted the urge to pull his cheeks, I didn’t want to make this awkward.

“You have to work hard to earn it.” I chuckled looking at his astonished face.

“I’ll go keep the flowers in the vase, do you wanna come inside?” I offered. He smiled and nodded his answer. I returned his smile and walked inside towards the kitchen and took an empty glass vase and placed the flowers inside after filling water.

I turned around least expecting to bump into his chest. His arms went around my waist pulling me flush against his hard body, his warmth and scent engulfing me. Placing my hands on his sculpted pectorals, I looked up “What do you think your doing?” I questioned cocking an eyebrow. I watched him close his eyes as he rested his forehead against mine, his warm breath was tickling my face.

“I wanted to hold you in my arms.” he mumbled softly, my heart skipped a beat as I stared at him wide eyed. He’s making it hard for me to not fall for him. His long lashes seemed to brush against his high cheek bones, I felt a an urge to graze it with my fingertips.

Raising my hand I cupped his cheeks, his eyes snapped open my insides churned as I took in the intensity held in his eyes. I couldn’t decipher what was going through his mind. My lips parted to say we should go when Ruby’s screeching voice interrupted us.

“Not in the Kitchen!!”

I promptly removed his hands and stepped away, he frowned at my actions which I ignored before glaring at a smirking Ruby. “There’s nothing like you think!” I grumbled and walked past her. “Whatever floats your boat!” she replied chuckling.

I shook my head but a smile was evident on my face as I walked into the living room.

“Let’s go Mr. King!” I called out grabbing my bag. I watched Ruby say something to him to which he laughed as his eyes landed on me. Ugh! now what the heck did she tell him?

I huffed and folded my arms over my chest, I was behaving like a child right now I don’t why.

He smirked striding towards me and threw his arm around my shoulder as he pulled me along with him “Is Ma Cherie impatient?” He smirked cocking an eyebrow making him look damn sexy. I narrowed my eyes and elbowed him playfully making him groan in pain “Ouch What was that for?”

“For making me wait!” I deadpanned but ended up smiling in the end. He rolled his eyes muttering something under is breath on the lines of how confusing I am.


“Whoohoo thank you so much for bringing me here!” I probably looked like a kid in candy store right now. My eyes gleamed with joy and excitement as I gaped around my surroundings. Zephyr brought me to the top of The Eiffel tower to watch the sunset. I don’t know what’s more romantic than that, I always had this whish to see the sunset with the man I love and I can’t believe it’s become true. Although I’m sure he might not be feeling the same way as I feel for him. I didn’t want this bond we share to end because of my stupidity. I know it hurts to think that way but I’m content with this.

I heard him chuckle behind me, as I stared ahead leaning against the railing. I stayed like that for sometime enjoying the scenery and the various thoughts that were running through my mind. Zephyr didn’t seem to mind it as he stayed silent and let me be myself.

I stiffened when I felt a pair of arms go around my waist but relaxed when the familiar cologne entered my nose. I let out a sigh and leaned my head against his chest as he rested his chin atop my head.

We stayed like that for few moments watching the sky turn orange to a dark shade of purple and blue. His warm hand was rubbing my side a constant remainder that he’s there with me and all this is not a dream.

“I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you Athena” I heard him mutter, his voice laced in guilt and hurt.

I turned around in his arms and gazed at his downcast face. “I’ve forgiven you then why are you apologising again Zephyr?”

His eyes met mine, like a dense forest his eyes were dense and dark with various emotions. “No matter how much I try I can’t accept to forgive myself for hurting you. You’re a wonderful girl with a kind heart who gave this monster a chance. I’ve only been rude to you from the first day we met, I only brought you pain but instead you were trying to bare with my tantrums without complaining. You’re an angel and I’m afraid I might hurt you again. Arg! I don’t know what am I even trying to say!” I watched him intently not uttering a word, he looked confused himself as if he’s having an internal conflict.

I gulped, my heart clenched for no reason. I didn’t know what he’s trying to say through this. He ran a hand through his hair, clenching his eyes shut as he let out a ragged breath.

“You don’t have to think about it Zephyr, it’s in the past.” I tried to console him but he denied shaking his head stubbornly “I want to make this right for you.” he stated sternly looking straight into my eyes “for us.” he then whispered.

“What do you mean?” I quizzed, curiosity was consuming me like a wildfire. He took both my hands in his warm ones, bringing it up to his chest as he continued “I don’t know what you’re answer is going to be yet I’ll accept it without any hesitation.”

I watched him curiously, this is the first time I saw him flustered his eyes were not even meeting mine for a straight second. His hold on my hand tightened as he took one deep breath before staring at me with determination. My heart was thundering in anticipation “I know we stepped on the wrong foot and I regret doing all those. I’m trying to be a better man Athena all for you. No woman has made me feel this way. I promise I won’t be a jerk and always listen to you, So all I want to ask is Will you do the honour of being this cold hearted jerk’s Girlfriend?”

Zephyr’s pov

I finally asked her my heart was racing uncontrollably, I have never felt this tensed in my life. I watched her with hopeful eyes, she stood there with a blank face. Dread started to fill my heart, will she reject me? I can understand if she does. Of course who’ll want a man like me, I’ll only bring pain to them. My heart was sinking as the time ticked by.

“It’s alright if you_” I was cut short when she pulled me down and crashed her lips on mine. I closed my eyes and Immediately responded to her kiss as I puled her soft body closer to mine. My right hand held the back of her neck as I angled my head to deepen the kiss. I never enjoyed kissing a girl as much I do with her. Once I tasted her lips, I knew this was the end of me. I was willing to do anything for her at this point as long as I can have her with me.

Running out of breath we pulled away, I gazed at her with a stupid smile. “Is that a yes?” I asked, my heart racing uncontrollably. She punched my chest and it didn’t hurt at all. “What else do you think it is?” she countered narrowing her eyes. I let out chuckle and pulled her against my chest as I rested my head in the crook of her neck, inhaling her sweet scent. “Thank you Athena! I really mean it.” I whispered against her soft skin, I felt her shudder boosting my ego knowing I have an effect on her. Only if she knew how much she effected me.

“I hope so!” She mumbled something against my skin, I was too busy to comprehend what it was. All I had in my mind was her and how I’m going to treat her as a queen.

My Queen!

I placed a small kiss on her shoulder and sighed in content. I hope this won’t turn out to haunt me just like what happened in my past. I don’t want to go back to that dark world again, I’ve already lost a lot and I can’t afford to lose her too.

Unknown Pov

Smile all you want Zephyr, enjoy your time with your love before I make you suffer just the way you did to me.

The End of book 1


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