Fire and Flames

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Bonus Zephyr POV


“Don’t you have a heart? How could you do this to me?”

I have a heart Ma Cherie! I didn’t mean to hurt you! I wanted to say it but my I somehow couldn’t.

“Okay you might not have any feeling for me then why play with mine? Is this your way of seeking revenge? ”

No Athena! I never wanted to take revenge, it’s me who’s running away from you. Please forgive me.

“Your such an A**hole Zephyr! The greatest jerk I’ve ever met in my life.” she yelled, her eyes held so much hate and pain. My heart clenched seeing her like this. It’s all because of me.

“I hate you Zephyr!”

“NO!!” I shot up from my bed, my heart was thundering against the cage begging to be ripped out. My grey sweatshirt stuck to my skin as I sat there drenched in sweat. Her tear stained face was still fresh in my mind. I hurt her not just emotionally but physically.

I removed my soaked shirt and yeeted it aside. “Argh!” I groaned loudly clutching both side of my head with my hand. I tried to remove those hurtful eyes out of my head but I couldn’t.

Why do I have to be such a monster? Why am I like this? Why do I always end up hurting her when I try to make her stay away from me? Now since I finally succeeded in making her hate me why am I not satisfied?

Oh Athena what are you doing to me? I have never been this frustrated and clueless in my life. No girl has ever managed to do this to me. This girl had to bump into me that day and change my whole life. She only tried to be nice to me and I ruined it. My chest ached at the thought of not seeing her again, I want her back.

All this while I was being a coward and tied to make her stay away from me because I was the one who afraid I might fall for her but seeing her cry and tell me those words shattered my world. At that moment I knew I messed it up but I want to correct my mistakes. I felt guilty of my doings, I know a monster like me doesn’t deserve to have a kind and Innocent girl like Athena but what can I do I’m selfish when It come to her.

I’m not sure about what I felt for her but I do know that this time I’m not running away from it. I will claim her as mine before someone else does.

However, I need her forgiveness before I do something. At this point I’m willing to do anything for her. I don’t have to pretend to be cold around her, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like that.

She’s deserves to be treated like a Queen.

My Queen!

Wait and watch Athena. I’ll soon make you mine. But how?


“What the fu** is wrong with you Zephyr! How could you do that to her?” You might’ve guessed it right. I’m at Danny’s house at 1 am, I wanted let this out of my heart and He’s the only one who could help me at this point and I was willing to hear all the names he’s been calling me from the last half an hour.

I bend my head down in shame, I felt terrible of my doings. “Don’t act all guilty you A**h***! Dude, let her live in peace why’d you want to be a part of her life when it’s you who pushed her away in the first place”

“Danny, I told you it was a mistake and I regret it. I really want her back, I’m not sure if she’ll be working for me after this.”

“If she decided to leave that’ll be good for her.” he sated nonchalantly.

“Your not helping!” I deadpanned

“Fine! one last time I’ll help you get out of this mess.” he let out a breath before sitting across from me.

“Thank you so much Danny I’ll always be grateful for this.”

He simply rolled his eyes in response.

“What should I do?” I asked, I probably looked like a kid eager to learn new things.

“First you need to work on that arrogant attitude of yours, that’ll do half the job”

I thought about it, I can try to curb my attitude “Done!”

“Go apologise to her.”

“Of course I’ll do that.”

“Go pick her up from her house tomorrow and make sure to always stay by her side but don’t look like a creep. Talk nicely to her, buy her lunch, give flowers and so on.” I nodded my head keenly listening to his suggestions, making a mental note of it. I want to do this right for Ma Cherie!

He then explained how I should behave around her, what to do and not to do when dealing with girls. In the end of the day I realised I had no knowledge about this field. I felt so dumb in front of him but he’s my bestfriend and I’m glad he helped me.

Later I left his penthouse with a determined mind and a blazing heart to make it right between Athena and I. That night I slept with only her thoughts in my mind.

The next day I drove towards her apartment and waited near it. My heart was racing uncontrollably at the thought of seeing her. All I wanted to do was hold her tight in my arms and never let go of her.

I waited for few minutes but she didn’t come. Will she come to my office today?

I decided to wait for a few more minutes and went through few emails to kill time when suddenly I heard the sound of footsteps approaching which abruptly stopped. Out of curiosity I looked up and saw my angel standing there, having a pissed off look on her beautiful face, she glared at me with so much hate and annoyance and turned away before walking away from me making my heart sink.

I stuffed my phone into my suit pocket and sprinted towards her. “Athena wait!” I called out but she ignored. I have to admit she walks fast but I quickly caught up and blocked her path making her almost run into me. Wish she did.

“Your blocking my way Mr. King” she stated irritated.

I frowned “We’re going to the same place so there’s no problem with you coming with me” I raised my hand to grab her forearm when she moved back, denying my touch. Ouch! That hurt!

“Does a boss give ride for his employee?” she retorted, folding her arms over her chest.

I closed my eyes, pinching the bridge of my nose God! She’s so stubborn! Wish I could just throw her over my shoulder and take her forcefully to my office but I restrained myself from doing it. I’d save that for some other day.

“If that person is important to him then he doesn’t mind giving her a ride. Not just for a day but everyday” I replied sincerely gazing into those stunning chocolate pools that took my breath away at first sight.

Her eyes widened for a moment before it’s replaced by resentment.

“Well go pick that person, You’re wasting both our time by standing here” She sated furiously and stepped aside to move past me but I quickly caught her forearm, her soft skin was driving me nuts, I wanted to feel more of her. “Come with me Ma Cherie!” I whispered huskily against her ears before taking in her cherry scent. Ahh! So intoxicating!

“M..Mr.King, Let go of my arm.” her small voice quivered, the previous boldness was no where. I smirked victoriously knowing what kind of affect I have on her just the way she has on me.

“I will once you come with me.” Please agree!

“Fine, only for today.” she stated defeatedly and I left her hand and immediately regretted at the loss if contact. She turned around walking away leaving me standing with a foolish grin on my face.

I rushed to my car and opened the door before she could, yes! I can’t believe I did it, I never open door for anyone but I didn’t mind doing it for her. I promised to always treat her well. She looked taken aback by my gesture, nevertheless she muttered a thank you as she climbed in making my heart swell with joy for no reason.

After settling on my seat, I started the ignition and I drove us towards our office. The silence between us was killing me I wanted to strike a conversation but on what? On how idiotic I am?

Darn it!

My eyes unconsciously wandered towards her wrist, it was dark purplish she tried to hide it with a concealer but it didn’t cover up properly. I felt dread and regret course though my body at the damage I did, I hurt her not once but thrice. I don’t know what was going through my mind when I did it. All I saw was red when she went against me. No body in my life ever did that and I took my anger on her. I need to take anger management lessons, it’s one thing that I hate about me.

I placed my hand on hers, rubbing my thumb gently over her soft skin, which was marred by me. My heart clenched in pain. I’m a monster. “I’m sorry Athena” I apologised lowly, I held her wrist softly before bringing it up to my lips and placed a soft kiss. I wanted to shower her with kisses if it could take all her pain and hate away. I wanted my old Athena back, the one who always wore a smile and joked around carelessly.

“You don’t want to get us killed” She stated sternly.

I chuckled, meeting her doe eyes for a second before looking back at the road “Don’t worry Ma Cherie, I’ll never let anything happen to you” I cross my heart and say that.

She pulled her hand away which I reluctantly let go, I wanted to hold her hands a bit more longer but I respect her feelings. I will never force her to listen to me.

I pulled over in the parking lot and switched off the engine, “Thanks for the ride” She gave me a tight lipped smile and quickly climbed out, striding towards the lift. I watched her rushing figure, oh Athena If you think you can runaway from me it’s never going to happen.

I locked the car and ambled towards the lift, watching her rush inside when the lift doors opened. Her behavior brought a smile to my face, so adorable! two can play this game Ma Cherie

Before the lift doors closed I stepped in, her victorious smile immediately vanished. “That was very rude of you to not wait for me, Ma Cherie” I stated, grinning ear to ear. Is it normal to watch the person you like get annoyed by you. I’m totally enjoying this.

“Lets see how long that smile will last” She stated smugly and walked out leaving me alone to ponder on what she said. What is she up to?

I decided to forget it, right now I need to work on my plan. Getting Athena to forgive me. I walked towards her office and stood by the door, admiring the way she moved around. Her long brown hair cascading in luscious curls, the way that black dress fitted her small figure accentuating her feminine curves. In all honesty, she was absolutely stunning. I felt blessed to have her in my life, all though the circumstance we met wasn’t that great I’m glad I met her. I felt hope that my dark world could finally have it’s light back. I gazed at her for few more minutes before breaking the silence.

“Can you please make a cup of espresso for me?” She looked up from the laptop towards me with an annoyed face, there comes my vexed Athena!

“I’m not your servant Mr. King. The break room is next to your office and you’ve got hands and legs so go make it yourself.” She deadpanned, wow! I didn’t expect her to say that. If it was anyone else I would’ve chocked them but this is my Athena, she has every right to say those words.

I let out a tiered sigh, God! I’ll do anything to make her forget my rude words. “You are not my servant Athena, I agree but I love the way you make my coffee, that’s why I asked.” I really wanted her to make my coffee, it was the best I’ve ever had. I watched her go back to her work, a sign that she doesn’t want me here. With a heavy heart I left her cabin.

Please don’t do this to me Athena!


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