Fire and Flames

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V.The wall can walk


I woke up around seven am, trying my best to get used to the time zone. Ruby left early for work, giving me her spare key before she left. I decided to go out and explore since I didn’t have any other plans for the day.

I wore warm clothes and left the building. This was situated close to the city centre and I could see the Eiffel tower from here. I managed to get a map and the first stop was breakfast.

I spotted a homely-looking bakery and went inside. The door chimed as I stepped in, the place smelled like freshly baked bread. I went to the glass counter, scanning the contents inside, settling on plane butter croissants and a cup of latte. I placed my order and took the paper bag before walking towards my next stop, the park.

I took a sip of the hot latte and walked ahead admiring the view around me. I was so busy admiring the Eiffel tower that I crashed into a wall spilling my latte all over the place. I looked down and saw my empty cup lying next to a pair of well-polished black leather shoes. Wait how come walls have legs.

Oh man!

My gaze travels from the polished black leather shoes to the black trousers hugging the long legs, then a muscular torso covered in black shirt which has my latte spilled on it, then a neck, chiseled jaw, plum lips, straight nose and finally meeting a deadly pair of green eyes. I gulped when I saw his face, looking like he would kill me any moment. He stood there in his tall and intimidating glory cowering my 5′4" frame. If it was any other situation I would openly gawk at the Adonis standing in front of me, He’s one hot piece of specimen.

I backed away quickly, when I realised what I did ” I.. I’m so.. s.. sorry” I squeaked an apology. Shit, what happened to my voice?

His glare hardened and he clenched his jaw making it look sharp. Damn! He’s got looks but this isn’t the right time to admire a guy who would snap at you any moment.

“Your sorry won’t bring back my shirt! Do you have any idea how expensive this shirt is? You wouldn’t be able to pay it even if you work for a year!” He yelled arrogantly, dude where’s your volume button? I bit the inside of my cheek from saying that.

I felt my anger slowly surfacing, I hate it when people behave so arrogantly. Does he know who I am? I’m going to freaking ruin his life for snapping at me like that. But then realised I need Dad’s help to do it. I felt myself becoming sad thinking about my family. I’m all alone here!

His cold voice snapped me out of my trance “You Bitch! You f**king wasted my time!” He spat menacingly, his gorgeous green eyes held fury.

I looked at him with a bored expression, I might’ve looked unaffected but inside I was already killing him. I clench my fist tightly, trying my best not to slap his handsome face. Oh that’d be nice but I’d rather not add more fuel to the flame.

“If it’s the poor shirt that you need don’t worry I’ll get you a new one, give me your address I’ll send it.” I said calmly through gritted teeth.

He looked taken back by my response but it soon morphed into an enraged expression. For some reason he looked triggered by what I said and the next thing I see, he raised his hand to grab me but before he could touch me, someone pulled him away. My eyes wandered to the side and I saw a tall blond guy, dressed in a navy blue suit. He looked at me with pleading eyes “Go Away quickly if you don’t want to get hurt.” he requested.

I gave the green-eyed monster one last glare before walking away.

“creep!” I grumbled under my breath and walked away, crying over my spilled latte. Now I need a new cup. Deciding to buy a new cup of Latte I headed towards a cafe.

After getting my new cup of coffee I resumed my tour around the city, and made sure I won’t bump into anymore walking walls.

I went to a nearby park and sat on a bench under a horse chestnut tree whose leaves were turning orange and yellow. The place was bustling with people. My eyes caught a family, they had three children. They looked happy around their parents enjoying their family time in the park.

Honestly, I envy them. I have a family but I don’t remember spending time like that since my childhood. We traveled around places, but still, I never had a feeling of being a happy and joyful family like we were before. Dad started spending less time with us and he was more engrossed in expanding his business.Sometimes, I wished for a simple and normal life just like any other person in this world.

However, my destiny wasn’t that but now I’ve decided to write my destiny. No one can stop me.

I got up and discarded the rubbish in the nearby bin. I walked around the park, enjoying the autumn wind and nature around me before going to the bank.

Thankfully the bank had its branch even in Paris. I went inside and took a token before waiting till my number was called.

I heard my number being called and went towards the counter. A blonde-haired lady sat behind, wearing huge specs covering half of her face.

She looked up and smiled “Bonjour!”

“Bonjour! Do you speak English?” I asked sheepishly, although I know French I’ve never got a chance to use it, hence I don’t trust speaking it.

“Yes! What can I do for you?” She smiled brightly asking in her mild French accent.

“Umm... I’m coming from New York and I have an account in this bank.”

After a few minutes of explaining she understood, and I want to take the funds out of my account.

She went through the computer before facing me with a confused look. “I’m sorry it looks like someone froze your account.”

I felt the soul knock out of my body. My account is frozen? Dad!!!!! Only he can be behind this. I thought he couldn’t control this account. How the hell will I pay for college?

No! No! No! This can’t be happening!

“Are you sure that’s my account?” I asked desperately, hoping it magically changes.

She looked at the screen and nodded. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. I have a few thousand euros, but it won’t be enough for my survival. I could easily go back and resume with my previous life nevertheless I can’t give up without trying right? If dad thinks I’m going to come back then he’s wrong, I came till here and there’s no going back.

“Thank you” I smiled kindly at her and stepped out of the building with a heavy shoulder.

I looked up at the cloudy sky, just like my life it’s grey and foggy. I stroded towards my flat, slowly thinking about my next plan. Without money, I can’t go to college, if I can’t go to college then what’s the use of me coming here?

I need to get a job! That’s the only temporary solution to my problems.

I reached the building and went inside towards the lift. I stepped in and pressed the third button before leaning on the cold metal. The doors opened with a ding and I walked out, standing in front of the apartment door. I fished the keys out of my bag and opened the door, welcoming the warmth of this place.

I removed my jacket and hung it on the coat rack before removing my shoes and walking over to the sofa, I slumped down and rested my head behind.

I hope there are some nice job openings. Maybe I could work in a bakery, yes that’d be nice and I can gain some experience watching the experts work however the pay won’t be enough to get me into that prestigious college. Oh God, why does my life have to be so complicated? I groaned out loud clutching my head between my hands.

I got up and went to my room to change before going to the kitchen to cook something. I went through the fridge and cupboards to find the ingredients and finally settled on making meat lasagna.

By the time I finished cooking I heard the door open and within seconds Ruby was in the kitchen with a huge smile on her face as she sniffed the place.

“Mmm, smells great!” She chirped, clapping her hands together.

I chuckled at her childishness before pulling the tray out of the oven. I placed it on the counter and glanced at her. “Go and change or else I won’t give you any.” I narrowed my eyes, jutting my forefinger at her.

She rolled her eyes but chuckled as she hopped towards her room humming a happy tune.


“So you’re telling me that you need a job?” She asked, taking a sip of water.

I nodded and took a spoon full of lasagna before shoving it into my mouth. For the past few minutes, I explained to her everything except me spilling the coffee on the green eyed monster. Or else she would tease me to death.

“Don’t worry I’ll find a job quickly and I promise I won’t be a trouble to you.” I reassured, I really didn’t want to trouble her, she’s already done a lot by sheltering me.

“Athena! How many times should I tell you that you’re not a trouble for me. We’re friends and friends help each other.” she smiled reassuringly.

I smiled back and held her hands “you’re the best what would I do without you.”

“Yeah, that’s me.” she flipped her hair and laughed.

I shook my head and laughed along. We continued eating and discussed her work plans. I have to say, she’s pretty busy but she’s able to spend time with me.

After clearing the table and washing the dishes I went to my room and opened my laptop, to search for any job openings. Preferably corporate jobs because I have done my masters for that. After searching for a few hours I finally found one.

Needed business analysts in King’s Inc. Interested candidates can email their CV to the undersigned.

I quickly sent an email to them and other companies that I saw and closed my laptop before lying back on the bed. I let out a sigh, staring at the ceiling.

What have I gotten myself into?


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