Fire and Flames

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VI. Misfortune


It’s been two days since I applied for the Job. I know I don’t have any experience but my education is spot on and would hopefully compensate for my lack of training.

I stayed home most of the time, watching Netflix or tried some baking, which Ruby loved to have a taste of.

I closed my laptop and heard the bell ring and got up from my bed before heading towards the door. I opened the door and Ruby stood there grinning.

I frowned at her sudden change “Why do you look so happy?” I asked .

She walked past me and I closed the door following her to the sofa. “Guess what?”

“What?” I said blankly

She took something from her bag, which happens to be a key. She dangled the key in front of me and it took me a moment to realise it’s my bike key. I squealed and got up snatching the key from her hand.

I jumped excitedly and hugged her “Omg! I finally got the damn bike here. Thank you for picking it up” I said happily

I missed my bike, now I could go around easily but sadly winter’s coming up and I won’t be able to ride much. Yoo-hoo!

“Always for you Babe!” She winked and walked towards her room.

I still had a stupid smile on my face. I can’t wait to ride it, since I have an international license I can drive anywhere in this world.

I hopped towards my room and quickly changed into black pants, red crop top showing a little bit of my skin, black leather jacket and finally my black boots. I tied my hair into a loose bun and left my room.

I called out to Ruby informing I’m going for a Ride. I twirled the key in my fingers and exited the building before walking towards my baby! It was parked at the front and the lobby man came, handing me my helmet. I thanked him and admired the beauty in front of me. I glided my hand across the seat to the fuel tank and then to the handle.

I sat on it and started the bike, racing a bit, enjoying the beast come alive. Within seconds I was already on the main road heading towards some place. Since it’s a bit crowded I can’t drive fast. I saw the red signal ahead, and saw a gap between cars to drive through. I went smoothly through it but I heard the sound of metal scrapping. I looked at my left side and saw a very expensive red car, I looked at the door and saw a nasty scratch.

Oh no! The paint job is going to take a fortune out of me since I’m jobless.

I looked at the driver and was met with a glaring pair of green eyes. Why does it always have to be this kind of situation when we meet? Looks like I always get into trouble when I’m around him.

He was about to open the door but I quickly raced as soon as the signal turned green leaving behind a stunned green eyed monster.

Thank goodness he won’t know it’s me as I’m wearing a helmet. I thank my lucky Stars for Saving me again!

Since it’s not safe to drive, I quickly went back to my building, occasionally checking whether he’s following me or not.

He didn’t!

I parked the bike in the apartment parking lot and got off the bike and rushed towards the elevator, pressing My floor button and leaned against the metal wall. I removed the helmet and took in a deep breath before sighing. I pressed my hand on top of my chest where my heart was beating at hundred miles per hour.

I closed my eyes and I’m met with those glaring eyes. I shook my head and ran towards my flat, thankfully it was open. I rushed inside and closed the door leaning against it. Ruby looked stunned by my barging in. She raised an eyebrow “Why are you panting?”

“I... I scratched someone’s car but I got away quickly before he could catch me” I said breathlessly

I can’t remove his image out of my mind. What if he finds me? I already angered him before now even this!

“What!!” Ruby exclaimed and came towards me and held my shoulder walking us towards the sofa. I sat on it and removed my shoes. “Did he see your face?”

I shook my head, she sighed in relief. Yeah that’s a relief he didn’t see my face.

After a moment or two of eerie silence we both burst into fits of laughter.

“Omg! Never knew the perfect Athena would make mistakes!” She smiled giddily

I rolled my eyes and hit her shoulder playfully.

I heard my phone go off, I got up and went to my bedroom, picking up the phone from the night stand. It was an unknown number. Who might this be?

I answered the call and held the phone near my ear. “Hello?”

“Am I speaking to Miss. Athena Walker?” It was a female voice with French accent.

I furrowed my eyebrows, how does she know my name?


“Good, you have an interview tomorrow at 9 am sharp at King’s Enterprises. Good Luck!” She hung up before I could even respond.

I blinked my eyes, unable to comprehend her words. I stood in that position, with my eyes and mouth wide open. Ruby came to me and called out my name. I looked at her, she had a puzzled expression “what happened? Who called? Don’t tell me it’s your Dad.”

I panicked when I heard her last question “Not Dad!”

“Then who?”

I smiled widely “I have a job interview tomorrow at King’s Enterprises”

We both squealed and hugged each other at a time. I still haven’t got the job but I’m sure I’m going to nail the interview.

We pulled away, our face holding a stupid smile. At least not everything is going wrong today!

“This calls for a feast” she wiggled her eyebrows.

I understood what she was implying, she’ll never change.

“Come on, let’s make something” I pulled her out of the room to the kitchen.

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