Fire and Flames

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VII. Emerald


It’s the day of my interview and I was getting ready. Ruby decided to select my outfit and do my makeup, even though I didn’t want to.

“Hey check this out! Which one?” Ruby walked out of the closet holding two pairs of outfits. The first one is a black jumpsuit with a white blazer and the other one is a navy blue pantsuit with a white blouse.

I tapped my chin and scanned the outfits. Both looked nice but I prefer the suit. “The suit!” I pointed out, smiling in satisfaction.

She nodded her head approvingly and placed it on the bed and left the room so I could change. I quickly donned the outfit and called out to Ruby. She walked in holding a huge make-up bag.

I hope she won’t cake my face with it.

“Keep it as simple as possible,” I stated, sitting in front of the dressing table.

She rolled her eyes “I know what to do and you’re gonna be stunned by your look,”

“Hope it’s for a good reason.” I narrowed my eyes at her through the mirror.

“Yeah yeah, Now sit straight and enjoy the pampering.” she held my shoulder straight and I exhaled closing my eyes and waited patiently for her to work her magic on me. After half an hour of poking and pulling it is done.

“You can open your eyes now!” She said in a sing-song voice.

I slowly opened my eyes and was surprised to see my face not caked with makeup. It looked fresh and natural. My hair was french braided. Leaving a few strands falling over my face. Wow!

I smiled at her work “wow Ruby! Thank you so much. It’s beautiful.” I say without looking Away from my reflection.

She giggled and fanned herself, “I’m such an artist.”

I chuckled and got up from the chair, stretching a bit to loosen my aching and stiff muscles. I took my sling bag, which had my documents, phone, and other necessary stuff.

I slipped into a pair of white heels. Which weren’t comfortable at all. I need to change this. I decided to keep it in my bag and wore black shoes as I had to ride my bike.

I walked into the kitchen and saw breakfast set on the table. It was Chocolate waffles and a glass of orange juice, yummy!

I dug into it and finished within a few minutes.

“Breakfast was delicious!” I complimented, with a grin.

“Of course it is because I learned it from you,” she replied with a wink.

I chuckled and got up leaving the dishes in the sink. I walked towards the door and took the bike key and helmet.

“All the best, you’re going to do great.” she wished as I stepped into the lift.

I nodded and muttered a ‘thanks’ before the lift doors closed. I wasn’t feeling nervous but right now I’m getting a feeling that something is going to happen. It feels weird.

I hope I get the job, I silently prayed and made my way to the bike.

Here I go!


I followed the directions to the business district and finally reached the building. It was a tall building with polarized blue glass windows covering all of the building. It looked around twenty to thirty floors tall. At the entrance, it was written in bold white letters “King’s”

As the name suggests, it does look like it was owned by a king. I parked my bike near the building and got off the bike. I checked my appearance in the mirror and thankfully Ruby’s magic didn’t get ruined. I changed my shoes and slipped on my heels before walking towards the massive building.

The guards saw me and asked for my ID. I showed them my interview appointment and then they let me in. I stepped inside and the cold air-conditioned welcomed me. The pace was so bright I might lose my eyesight.

The whole surroundings had a white, beige and golden theme. So classy! The place screams luxury. I noticed many people running around like headless chickens. Why are they running?

Shrugging my thoughts away, I ambled towards the reception area which had a crescent-shaped white desk with four staff busy attending calls.

My eyes caught a brunette guy sitting behind the desk, his eyes trained on the computer screen. Standing near the desk, I cleared my throat and he looked up with a questioning look which later morphed into a gentle smile. He had beautiful ocean blue eyes which is my favourite colour. He looked handsome but not as much as that monster.

Why the hell am I comparing him to him?

“What can I do for you?” he politely asked.

“I came here for the interview at nine” I stated returning his smile.

He nodded his head and checked the computer before looking at me with that smile intact. He looked like an angel. Guy’s should be like this! Unknowingly my mind wandered towards those piercing green eyes which haunted me. I quickly cleared those thoughts, I shouldn’t be thinking about it now.

“It’s held on the twentieth floor. By the way, I’m Pierce,” he says, extending his hand which I gladly accepted.


“Nice name. Good luck, hope you get the job.” he wished, his eyes twinkling under the bright lights.

I let out a chuckle while thanking him and headed towards the lift. It was crowded but I managed to press my floor and waited patiently till I reached there.

Finally, after what felt like ages I reached the floor and left the crowded life as it was suffocating.

I noticed this place had a different colour scheme. This floor was grey and navy blue. The area wasn’t huge, just a normal lobby with a few white sofas and a glass coffee table. There were some guys already seated. They must’ve come for the interview.

I went and sat at the corner love seat, all the while noticing a few guys eyeing me shamelessly. Perverts! As if they are seeing a female for the first time.

I narrowed my eyes fiercely at them, some looked away while some still continued their staring. I rolled my eyes and decided to listen to music till my turn came.

I noticed each one of them enter that room but came out wearing a blank expression. Finally, my turn arrived and I got up, switching off my phone before leaving it in my bag.

I stood in front of the oak double door and knocked on it, hearing a low ‘come in’ and I stepped inside, gently closing the door behind. I noticed a middle-aged man sitting behind the desk rubbing his forehead. I could say that he’s exhausted.

“Good morning sir!” I greeted.

He looked up immediately and smiled, the corners of his eyes crinkling “Good morning! Have a seat.” His tone was surprisingly sweet.

I nodded and sat down. He intertwined his fingers and rested them on the desk gazing straight into my eyes.

He asked a few questions which I answered immediately. He asked for my CV and I gave it to him. He wore his reading glasses and went through the papers wearing a frown. After a few moments, he removed his glasses and looked at me with a small smile.

“I have to admit, your college records are impressive!” he stated.

“Thank you, sir.” I smiled brightly, All my tension instantly washed away.

“But you don’t have any work experience!”

I felt my heart sink at those words. Oh no!

“Nevertheless, I’m willing to train you as you’re a good student. You can start your training from tomorrow for the next two weeks and then the job is all yours. By the way, I’m Niel James.”

“Nice to meet you Mr James and thank you very much for giving me a chance. I won’t disappoint you.” I smiled brightly and controlled my urge to jump and hug him. I recovered from my glee and nodded at him.

I heard the door open followed by a loud booming voice which was murderous sending chills down my spine.

“Mr. James, I need you to finish this work immediately!” a husky voice ordered which sounded strangely familiar.

I watched Mr. James stand up from his seat, his face taut as he was about to greet the unknown man but I have to say, he’s got no manners barging into this office as if he owns it.

“Mr. King_″ before he could complete his sentence, this so-called Mr.King or arrogant ass cut him off “Just get it done.” he barked rudely, slamming a few files on the desk loudly making me flinch. Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?

I slowly felt myself burning with annoyance and I wanted to see his face so I turned around in frustration, curious to know who he is?

As soon as I turned around, I felt myself going numb when I saw those glaring green eyes and a hardened face. Our eyes connected and for a second surprise flashed on his face but his cold gaze came back with a knowing smirk playing on those damn lips.

I only had one thought in my head at that moment.

I’m doomed!

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