Fire and Flames

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VIII. Mr. King


Oh no!

“Green-eyed monster!” I mumbled under my breath, hoping he wouldn’t hear it. I couldn’t believe my eyes, what the heck is he doing here? Why does it always have to be like this? I was running away from him and now I just ran into him.

“Miss Walker, this is Mr.King, the founder and CEO of King’s Corporation,” Mr.James said shakily.

Mr.King didn’t remove his gaze from me even for a second and neither did I from him. It’s like I couldn’t move my eyes, it was frozen by him.

“What are you doing here?” He asked me harshly, His green eyes piercing through my soul.

I flinched slightly at his tone but recovered soon to reply, The nerve of this ass “I’m here_”

“She’s the new trainee business analyst Mr.King.” Mr.James cut me off.

I watched Mr.King raise his eyebrows, eyeing my lazily with a smirk. Idiot!

My palm itched to wipe it off his pretty face yet being in a professional environment I had to control myself.

“Business analyst huh!” He said lowly more like to himself before turning to look at Mr.James who was visibly sweating.

“Ask someone else to fill this position, I’m sure there are many other deserving candidates.” My jaw dropped in surprise, This is bastard f**king called me undeserving. Arg! God help me before I murder him.

He glanced at me for a second, his face stoic before turning his head to walk away “Follow me!” He said more like commanded.

I was confused by his behaviour, why should I follow him? I hope he doesn’t punish me for spilling latte or worse scratching his million-dollar car.

I shot a wary glance at Mr.James, pleading with my eyes to save me, can’t believe a moment ago I was going to kill him and now I’m cowering in fear. He gave a sympathetic smile and gestured to me to follow.

“Should I arrange a chauffeur or what?” The monster barked impatiently while standing near the door, giving me a stern look.

I sighed defeatedly and followed the monster out of the office. He was visibly taller than me, maybe by a foot. His strides were long which I couldn’t keep up with. I had to literally jog to keep up with him and entered the lift before he left me alone.

The lift doors closed, the tension was so thick that I could barely breathe. He stood still looking ahead with a blank face. I glanced at his face a bit longer than necessary, does he ever smile? I asked myself.

“How long are you planning to bore holes into my face?” he quizzed annoyedly without looking at me.

Was it that obvious?

I looked away and cleared my throat “I wasn’t looking at you, I was just checking the surroundings.” I lied and moved my hands to emphasize the fact.

He didn’t say anything and immediately walked out of the lift. I quickly followed him and looked at the place. Unlike the other floor this had a dark blue and grey theme making it look dark and masculine. I could feel the powerful aura radiating from this place just like the man in front of me. He opened a huge brown door and walked in not even bothering to check whether I was following him or not.

Before the doors closed, I stepped in through the remaining gap. My eyes widened when I looked at the view in front of me, we are at the top most floor, giving a bird’s eye view of the Parisian city. Wow!

He went and sat behind the desk, his arms folded and looked at me with calculating eyes. I suddenly felt small under his gaze. I stood there silently as he didn’t give me the permission to sit.

“Why did you bring me here?” I asked, finally finding the guts to speak out. I really hope he doesn’t fire me before I even get the job. I need this job or else I would have to go back to New York, which I’ll never do.

He continued to scrutinize me under his cold gaze making me lightly squirm but I didn’t show it. Since he’s not going to answer I decided to scan the whole place. It had dark walls, white tiles, grey furniture. Overall I find it dark just like his soul. Oh wait, does he even have one? Nah! He doesn’t .

“Run some errands for me.” I snapped out of my chain of thoughts when I heard his blank and husky voice which I find attractive for some reason. We are not going there Athena! My conscience added to which I agreed then I realised what he said.

“Huh?” Did he just ask me to do his errands? I’m not his personal servant, is this his way of seeking revenge?

“Run errands! I’m not gonna repeat anymore!” He raised his voice slightly, and resumed going through a file.

I clenched my fists, how dare he order me around?

“What kind of errands and Why would I do that in the first place?” I questioned with an angry scowl.

He looked up, his face blank but his eyes clearly showed the irritation. “Because you’re my PA! Now get going, your office is beside mine. I can access it through this door whenever I want.” his words boiled my blood even more. I didn’t come here to work as his PA, I would rather be on the streets than be controlled by this monster.

“No I won’t!” I stated firmly.

He sighed heavily, while rubbing his temple. “Just do what I say Miss Walker.” he growled lowly.

“I came here to work as a Business Analyst not your fucking servant! In fact I didn’t even sign any contract so you can’t force me to work.” I yelled, slightly surprised by my new found courage.

He stood up abruptly, the chair falling during the process. He walked over to me within the blink of an eye. His nostrils flared and I could say I angered him pretty much.

Oh God did I just sign my death wish?

I took a step backward, unable to stand his presence. He took a step forward and I took one back. Soon, I felt my back hit the wall, oh no! As cliché as it sounds, I don’t want to be in this scene. I’m trapped, I looked sideways for my escape but before I could run away he trapped me between his arms. I could feel his warm breath above my head.

I didn’t look up, scared that I might pass out. Since I was short I could easily go under his arms. He understood my plan and grabbed my wrist pinning me to the wall harshly.

“Let Go!” I yelled in protest, I winced in pain, but he didn’t bother to remove his tight grip from my wrists.

“Don’t. You. Dare. Yell. At. Me!” He said threateningly, which sent shivers down my spine.

I looked up at his now darkened green eyes. I want to show I’m not afraid of him so I glared back “I don’t care!” I spat.

He tightened his grip around my wrists but he did the most unexpected thing next. He held my throat, choking me. I don’t know why some people think it’s hot when someone chokes you, this is fucking insane. You’ll die! God, I’m running out of breath, it hurts, I’m unable to breathe because I was panicking.

“I’m the boss here, you just listen to me and do what I say.” He said menacingly, my eyes widened by his change of demeanor. He looked more creepy this way.

“I..I.” I tried to voice out my concern but his grip is tight.

“Understand?” He raised his voice.

I shook in fear and nodded my head. “Hmmm Good.” Idiot remove your hand!

“I... I can’t breathe” I choked out.

His gaze fell on my throat and immediately released it as if he burnt himself.

I fell on my knees and started coughing badly. I touched my neck, and winced at the pain. My skin is very sensitive to touch so It’s going to turn into a horrible bruise although his hold wasn’t enough to strangle me it scared the shit outta me.

He stepped away from me and walked somewhere. I heard a few clinking sounds but I couldn’t raise my head due to the pain in my neck. Dude you were fucking going to kill me.

I saw his footsteps nearing me and he crouched down handing me a glass of water. “Here, drink it.” his voice was soft laced with an unknown emotion. What the fuck is wrong with him? He seriously needs medical attention. I was surprised by his sudden action, the stubborn part of me wanted to refuse it or throw it on his face but I dare not anger him further as he nearly killed me. This man’s bipolar as fuck!

I took the glass with shaky hands and held it to my lips. I sipped the liquid slowly, feeling relieved by the cold liquid washing down my burning throat.

It was hard to swallow but after a few painful minutes I emptied the glass and handed it over to him. He stood up before offering me his hand. I eyed it wearily for a moment before placing my hand in his huge one. It was rough but felt warm. I was surprised to find my hand moulding with his perfectly.

He helped me stand up and guided me towards a sofa. I sat down and he walked away. I didn’t know what to say or do. At a moment he looked as if he would kill me and next moment he’s helping me?

I rubbed my neck trying to ease the pain, dude what do you eat to get such strength? “Here apply this.” I looked up and saw him staring at my neck. His face held no emotion but I could see something flash in his eyes for a second, probably guilt.

I took the ointment from his hand and applied it gently on my neck and my bruised wrists. “You can go home right now. Be here by 7:30 tomorrow.” he said calmly without looking at me, as he continued typing on his laptop.

I got up and nodded, placing the ointment on the coffee table I left his office. I didn’t bother to look back at him. This is the first time someone hurt me, physically!.

Problems of coming from an overprotective family. They never let anyone hurt or even touch me, the boys in my school used to stay away from me as they feared my dad except for Logan, Kyle and Derek as my parents are friends with their parents.

I pressed the button to the ground floor and waited patiently. My thoughts going back to him holding my neck.

I never thought he would do that. I’m thankful he gave me a job but it was forceful. I’ll work for him only to take my revenge and show him that he made a mistake hiring me as his PA.

I smirked evilly and stepped out into the lobby and exited the building.

Now I have to hide this bruise from Ruby!

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