His Broken Submissive

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Izzy has always struggled with a restless mind, submission became her haven. But after a life changing attack she's left struggling to find her way, awash in a sea of emotions threatening to pull her under. Her salvation comes in the form of her boss, Jonathan, who sees her struggling and refuses to let her go under. What happens when lines are crossed and resolve crumbles? Will Izzy take his hand and heal, once again finding her way back to sweet submission? Or will she refuse him and continue her downward spiral...

Romance / Erotica
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Here we go on another bumpy ride! Most know me as a Paranormal (mainly Werewolf Romance) author but this story has been kicking around in my brain for a while. All human sorry 😅

Lets get this out of the way:


❌Dark/Mature Themes❌


Explicit Sex Scenes


You know the drill, this is a MATURE story featuring a consensual Dom/sub relationship. It centers around BDSM, includes sex, bondage and discipline. If that is not your thing, this is not the book for you. Although this isn’t heavy BDSM it is more intense than Professional Restraint, just as a heads up.

If any of this makes you uncomfortable, no hard feelings, this isn’t the book for you. For those still hanging on I hope you enjoy the ride! Expect a slow burn like all of my books 😉

Side note, first draft, no editor, my bad, hopefully it’s not too rough I’m trying lol.

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