The Wall Around Her Heart Series Book 2: Grace

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I am the president of the Fang MC. I don't like to be touched and I don't fuck club whores. Hell with the scar running down my face who would want me. My name is Hawk. I am the president of the new MC here in Sidney, Ohio. I am sitting two tables away from my army buddies Gunner's sister and the girl he loves. The girl he refused to come home to after getting out due to the scar running down his face. I know she doesn't care about his scar she wants him. He made a promise to watch over Lana even if he doesn't want to. She is beautiful, shy, funny and she takes care of most of the club members grandparents at the nursing home. She is also working a full-time job, going to school and doing a full-time internship.. she is not taking care of herself. Gunner is a fool for not coming back. Gunner's sister Donna is telling her she should move on. Start dating but Lana said no. She can't she loves Gunner and always will. Gunner should come back. He knows several club members who would claim her including himself. I will make sure she stays safe as much as I can. But I am angry at my buddy for doing this to her. She is all he ever talked about when we served overseas.

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Chapter 1: Grace

My name is Grace. I am 18 years old. My parents decided to buy a house across the street from the Fang MC in Lima, Ohio. My father is the VP of the club. His road name is Panther. I didn’t want to move here.

I have a scar that runs from my eyebrow down to my chin. And two of them across my right cheek. Everything was moved in before I got here. All I had to do was unpack my boxes.

Mom put me in the attic. It has its own kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. I had just parked my bike in the driveway and my brother drove my car, a mustang into the garage.

I did not pay attention to the bikers watching me. I took my helmet off and sat it on my seat. My best friend Donna is going to call me. Barney, my oldest brother walked up to me.

"Come on, Grace mom is waiting for us."

I followed my brother into the house. Mom walked over and hugged us.

"Grace, I know you don’t want to go but, we all have to go to a welcome home for your dad at the clubhouse."

"I don’t have to talk to anyone do I?"

" It would be nice."

" No, men."

" Not if you don’t want to."

" Good."

I walked up the stairs to the attic. I took a shower and put on a black dress that went to my knees, and black wedge shoes.

I walked downstairs and looked at mom.

"You look nice, Grace."

" Let’s go. They are waiting for us."

I followed behind mom as we walked into the door. Dad walked over and kissed mom, then he hugged and kissed my forehead.

" Thank you, for coming, Grace."

I walked over to where dad had been sitting. I did not notice several of the bikers look me up and down. I didn’t say anything.

"Barney asked if I wanted something to drink."

" Coffee."

" He told the prospect what I wanted."

I didn’t look around. A young girl about my age walked over and sat next to me.

"Hello, you are Grace, aren’t you?"

" I looked at her. I am."

" My name is Lisa. I heard you are in college to become a nurse, is that true?"

"It is true. Look, Lisa. I know after you see my face you will not want to be my friend. I moved my hair and looked at her."

"So, you have scares."

" It doesn’t bother you."

" No, why should it. Half the members here have scars. The war you know. I did not notice the enforcer watching me."

"I still want to be your friend, Grace."

" Really?"

" Yes, I do."

" I smiled at her. You have a pretty smile, Grace."

We talked for a while and then dad was welcomed home. He introduced all of us to them.

"After about an hour I told mom I was going home."

I stood up and walked across the room to the door. I watched as Grace walked out the door.

I followed her making sure she got home safe. I think she is pretty. Her scars are not that bad. I wonder what happened to her. I will ask her dad.

"I walked back in and heard Rider; our president, Rage, asks what happened to her. While living on base, three of the soldiers were walking to the barracks drunk. They saw Grace walking home after work. They grabbed her pulled her into one of the empty buildings raped her, cut her face."

"They left her for dead. She was found the next morning by two guards."

" Was she able to identify the men?"

" She said she couldn’t. But I know my daughter. I think she did know who they were."

"I overheard her talking to her best friend, Donna. I heard her tell, Donna that she will get her revenge. Since then, she has not liked going to parties, or out in the public."

"Does she date?"

" No. After her face healed, her boyfriend broke up with her. He said she was no longer beautiful."

" Is he out of his mind I asked?"

"She is beautiful. She is a survivor. I was pissed that her boyfriend said that to her. Hell, that man needs glasses. I watched her the entire time she was here. I thought she just didn’t like bikers."

" It is not that, Panther, said. She is not comfortable around a lot of men."

I was sitting on the porch listening to music and reading. I leaned my head back in the rocker. I heard laughing and talking. I looked over and noticed they were starting a fire.

I remember what I was like before I was raped and my face cut. I was friendly and enjoyed parties. But not anymore. I am not comfortable around men I don’t know anymore.

I sighed and stood up. I carried my cut into the house. I walked up the stairs to the attic. I closed the door and walked into the kitchen.

I poured more coffee and walked into my living room. I turned on the light and opened the windows letting the air in. I sat next to the window and watched a movie. I did not realize that he was watching me.

My name is Beast. I am the enforcer of the Fang MC. I am 25 years old. I am single. I do not mess with the whores in the club. When I find the woman, I want to claim, I don’t want her to live in a club where I touched a whore.

I understood something clearly at last. Grace is the woman I want. I looked over at the house and saw that the light was on in the attic. I could see her moving around. Then she sat near the window.

I wish she was sitting here at the fire with the rest of us. At first, I thought she was shy. Now, I know what happened to her, I understand her a little better.

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