The Black Dog

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Ariana lives in a city full of supes. She's one of them. She's a black dog. Other supes except the faes tend to stay away from her because she's supposed to be bad luck. One day that she was walking home from her work, she saw a building in fire and recognised Sebastian, Alpha of the local pack. She jumped in and saved the Alpha who believes he owes her a debt of blood while she makes everything she can to avoid him. She knows what she is and she means no harm to others but Sebastian is stubborn. Will she yield to the sexy Alpha?

Romance / Fantasy
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I was dancing in my kitchen while making breakfast. Today was a good day. I did not need to go to work so I could take my time and relax.

I did not know how to dance but that did not matter. I just moved my body in rhythm (I hoped) and were singing the lyrics at the top of my lungs. My long black hair were swaying and I thought I should go to the salon soon. I needed a cut.

I heard a knock on the door and since I was too happy to let anything ruin that day, I went to open the door without checking who was knocking. My smile fell immediately. Bloody hell.

The man behind the door looked amused as he took me in. He was built like Hercules complete with muscles and all. He had chestnut hair cut short on the side but you could still take a fistfull of them at the top and sky blue eyes that were currently twinkling with mirth.

I knew who that was alright and I cursed myself for not checking before opening the door.

"Good morning Ariana." He said with his deep voice that could melt you to your knees. "May I come in? I do appreciate the show but... Well your neighbours will call the police eventually."

I looked at myself and of course I was still in my panties and shirt because I had not bothered putting on a gown when I exited my room. I frowned and motioned to the man to come in. I closed the door behind him and crossed my arms under my breasts.

"What do you want Sebastian?" I asked the man. I knew my accent was thick right now because it usually was when I was upset.

I came from Ireland, long time ago Ireland. I arrived with the other feys in the States but I was not a fey, I was a Black dog. A creature of folklore except that I was very real. I had a power over death that made the other creatures fear me but not stubborn thick headed Alphas of werewolves.

"Well babygirl if you start speaking Irish, I won't be able to follow." He chuckled.

"I'm not your babygirl. You owe me nothing, why do you keep coming here?" I sighed.

I knew he felt entitled to repay me for saving his life two years ago but I did not. He had been caught in a building on fire and I pulled him out. I still did not know the circumstances of the incident and I did not care. Black dogs were solitary and territorial. I was a predator as much as he was but I acted on instinct when I saved him.

"I do owe you my life doggy." He said softly. "That means something to me. I also come from a time when giving your word meant something."

I am immortal while werewolves are not. Well immortal is a bit extreme because it does not mean invincible. I could be killed but if not, I lived forever. Werewolves lived very old. I knew that Sebastian also came from Europe and I would bet on a country with a lot of sunny days because he was tanned but I did not know exactly how old he was or where he was from.

"Do you want coffee?" I asked while I moved back to the kitchen. I knew better than to argue with him. It was usually just a waste of time and energy. "You know that thanking me might end with you as my slave forever."

He chuckled as I looked at him with a mug in my hand.

"You're not a fey, darling. I've done my research on you and I wouldn't mind anyway. Yes to the coffee."

Never thank a fey or put them in a position where they know you owe them your life. You could end up their slaves forever. Technically I was not a fey but I was bloody close.

"They're my buddies ya know." I drawled as I poured the black liquid in the mug and handed it to the werewolf.

He took a sip and sighed, his blue eyes holding my gaze. I knew that to wolves, it was a challenge to look at them like this but he was on my territory. I was just a dog but I was a powerful one. I would not admit a wolf as my dominant.

"That, I understand." He smiled. He liked it that I defied him the fucker. "I'm here because I need your talents."

I arched a brow. My talents? I was making money working at a funeral parlour. I took care of customers but I liked it there. My affinity was with the dead. I was a guiding kind of Black dog, that was why I jumped in to save the Alpha. He did not have to know that though. It was best if people thought of me as a Barghest, a harmful dog, rather than a guiding the spirit of the deceased kind.

"What? You need me to buy a vault? Come by the office on Monday." I said matter-of-fact.

"Cute." He chuckled. I did not know that talking about vaults was cute but that man was seriously weird. I was always so thrown off with him. He never behaved as I expected him to. "One of my wolves was killed last night. We can't smell anything on the body so I thought you could do something with his soul." He said serious all of a sudden.

How did he know? Did he really research Black dogs that thoroughly? I could not lie. Werewolves could smell a lie just as well as I could. Lies have a smell like all powerful emotions but I knew how to twist the truth just fine.

"What do you think I can do with it?"

"I seriously don't know how it works but I know you can. Black dogs deal with death so you're the best qualified."

"Don't you have a witch that could do this for you?" I asked. Werewolves usually worked with witches to keep their existence safe and secret.

He shook his head and his gaze was steel. I could see that it did bother him that someone dared to kill one of his wolves. Werewolves are scary, even to my standards. They were huge pony sized predator with big sharp teeth and claws. That could scare anyone.

They were a lot bigger than me. I looked like an Old Inuit Dog, a wolfdog, black with glowing yellow eyes, scary but still less than a werewolf.

"No. She says that she doesn't want to do black magic. You're the only one who can, honey."

I hated when he used pet names on me but I learned not to express my dislike more than once. First because that did not matter to him in the slightest and second, he would come up with worse the next time.

"Fine. If I help you, will you leave me alone?" I asked.

"I would owe you more than my life if you helped me. I could make it even if you accepted, say, a date?"

The fucking prick. I cursed in Irish and he laughed. He had a deep laugh that screamed masculinity. I could not really resist that but I would never say so to his face.

"Will a date be enough for you to leave me alone?" I asked.

"I would still owe you my life sweetie."

"Bloody hell." I sighed. I knew he would have his way with me anyway. He was a persistent and relentless predator. He would only stop when he dies or the prey yields. Better yield right now and if I make it Hell for him, maybe he would stop harassing me. "Fine. One date. That's it. Take me to your dead wolf."

He beamed at me and he motioned at my body. I arched a brow at that gesture. What now?

"You might want to put something on first."

"Right." I said sheepishly. I forgot that I was not decent because I was too annoyed.

I walked to my bedroom and put on high-waist jeans and a white crop top. I tied my black hair in a lose bun and took my leather jacket out of the closet. It was a bit chilly lately here. I put on white snickers and followed behind the Alpha. I was cunning but not as much as to go before an Alpha wolf. He would not like that one bit.

"Let's go, beautiful. He's at my house on pack land."

"Lead the way." I mumbled.

To my doom I added in my head. Werewolves were bad news. Not my kind of bad news but I knew that once I worked with them, they would ask for more. So I took the first step to a very long journey down the rabbit hole.
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