Without Blind Trust

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After losing her parents in an unplanned accident, the daughter of the late Duke and Duchess is taken in by their close friends at a young age. Adelaide de Edwards never noticed the jealousy spewing from her adopted family's real daughter. On the days leading up to key events throughout her life, the real daughter had begun faking her relationship with Addie, leading Addie to trust Elouise wholeheartedly. After framing Addie with the help of multiple nobles, Elouise exposes her real personality on the day of her death- which just so happens to be the night before her wedding with the Crown Prince. Just as Addie believes she has been betrayed, framed, and forgotten, she closes her eyes, and wakes up ten years in the past? Addie begins going through life again, realizing there was more going on around her than what she had seen through rose-colored goggles. Now she will have to learn about her magical abilities, family history, and the true intentions of those around her. Along her path to knowledge, she meets a powerful mage whose attractiveness catches her eyes and adds doubt to her "secure" feelings of the Crown Prince. Will Addie succeed in avenging her past self or will she find out there is a lot more to the story than what meets the eye and learn from her mistake of putting out blind trust?

Romance / Fantasy
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Thank you for taking interest in this book, but before you continue, please note:

- There are mentions of abuse as well as some sexual references and medieval torture. It is really light, for the most part. THIS IS THE TRIGGER WARNING. I WILL ADD AN ADDITIONAL WARNING AT THE BEGINNING OF ANY *NECESSARY* CHAPTER.

- The timeline in this book takes place during a time period similar to a time before the modern technology era where empires and nobility were still a more popular occurrence. IT IS COMPLETELY MADE UP, SO SOME INFORMATION MAY NOT BE "FACTUALLY CORRECT" WITH THE REAL WORLD.

-All characters and places are pretty much made up.

-The first 2 chapters (four parts) are written in the third-person point of view, and some bits and pieces along the line for narrative, but the majority of this is written in the first-person point of view.

-Yes, I was inspired by my favorite Isekai historical webtoons, but I have never actually read any of the novels. This is my take on that genre with a little bit of spice.

-Criticism is welcome: this is my first ever novel that I have shared with other people.

Thank You. Now Begins the Novel:

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