Save Me

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Chapter 12

Only a day after her photoshoot with Walt and Greg Murphy, Walt called Shantelle’s while Kallie was on her shift. Alexa had happened to answer the phone, and when she realized to it was, she hurried to find Kallie, who was talking to the bartender. Alexa excitedly pulled Kallie over to the phone, and waited next to her with wide, curious eyes.

“Hello?” Kallie said into the receiver.

“Kallie, bella, it’s Walt. How are you today?”

“I’m fine, Walt; you?”

“I’m amazing after the phone call I just received. I just got off the phone with a representative from BCMG Max Azria. They want to hire us, bella.”

“What?! Is this for real?!”

“For real. If you accept, we have to meet them in New York tomorrow to talk, and then we’ll fly immediately to Las Vegas for a shoot at the Venetian Hotel. What do you think?”

“Oh my gosh; I accept! Well, wait- I have to clear it with my manager here first. Hold on one second.”

Alexa was bouncing up and down. “What is it?” she squealed.

“BCBG wants to hire me and Walt! I would have to leave tomorrow though; I don’t know if Kyle will allow it.”

“Of course he will allow it; if one of his employees becomes famous, he will be the happiest man alive! Go ask him!”

Kallie hurried to the office in the back, where Kyle told her that he definitely wanted her to go, and that she should send back pictures so he could hang them up and boast about his employees. Kallie ran back to the phone, telling Walt that she was 100% in and that he could pick her up at the restaurant tomorrow before their flight.

“What do I have to do before tomorrow?” Kallie asked.

“Nothing. You are represented by an agency now, which means they handle everything for you, and all you have to do is look pretty. Which, I might add, you’ve got down pat.”

The next day, Kallie dressed in a pair of skinny jeans, a white, off the shoulder cotton shirt, and neon yellow stilettos. She packed all of her things in her duffle bag; she didn’t know when she would return but she wasn’t looking back. She would miss Alexa, of course, but she couldn’t believe her luck in landing a job like this. She was hoping that they wouldn’t be in New York for long; it was just too close to Jack without actually being able to see him. Walt picked her up in a chauffeured car and they drove to the airport. He continued to compliment her on her chic outfit, and his attention never made Kallie uncomfortable. She was completely trusting of Walt, and was incredibly grateful to him for getting her modeling career off the ground.

The flight was smooth, and they were only in New York for a total of an hour before they were boarding another, first class flight, but this time to Vegas. Kallie stared at the in-flight movie, but she couldn’t concentrate on it. She was just way too excited. When they arrived at the Venetian, a personal escort met them at the front door and carried their things up to their fully comped Executive Suite. The room is decorated in all purple and golds, and made Kallie feel like royalty. She was a little uncomfortable to learn that she and Walt would be sharing a room, but she pushed the feeling away when she realized that there were separate bedrooms and bathrooms in the suite. She claimed a bedroom, and while Walt showered in his bathroom, she decided to play around on the computer in the in –suite den. She hadn’t used the internet since she left the Hampton’s, and she wanted to relax and read juicy celebrity gossip.

Kallie decided to type her name into a search engine to see what popped up. Nothing. She laughed to herself; she felt like a huge celebrity, but cyberspace still knew nothing about her. Then, she typed in ‘Walter Wheton’. The screen flooded with words and images, none of which Kallie liked.

‘Photographer charged with sexual misconduct!’

‘Famous NY Photographer Arrested on Drug Possession!’

‘Wheton Strikes Again!’

Kallie froze. No way. She clicked on the images, and Walt’s face filled the screen. She clicked through pictures of Walt in handcuffs and Walt in a courtroom. How had she not heard of this? How was he still working in this industry? There must be some mistake, Kallie thought. Maybe he could clear it up for her.

Kallie cleared the browser history and shutdown the computer. She went into the living room and clicked on the television, trying to think about anything else. Just then, Walt emerged from his bedroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. He had a half empty bottle of Grey Goose in his hand. Kallie quickly looked away from him, but he had already caught her eye. He came and sat next to her, too close for Kallie’s comfort right now. He smelled like soap and alcohol.

“Aren’t you excited to be here?” Walt asked. “We should go out on the town to celebrate tonight before the shoot tomorrow.” He ran his index finger slowly up her forearm.

Now, Kallie didn’t want to let on what she knew about him. She could believe it. She took a deep breath and smiled at him. “Sure, that would be great. Let me go get changed,” she said, rushing to her bedroom and locking the door tightly behind her.

There was a phone on the nightstand. Before she could think twice, she turned on the clock radio and turned it up. Picking up the phone, she dialed a number that she knew by heart. She knew it was late in New York, but she sincerely hoped that he picked up anyway.

“Jackson Williams.”

“Jack,” she whispered into the phone.

“Kallie! Oh my god, baby, where are you?”

“I’m okay, for now, I think.”

“What do you mean, for now? Kallie, please, what’s going on?”

“I need a favor.”

“Anything, baby. I’m so sorry for everything Kal; please come back.”

“I know Jack, but I need something first. Where is your mom?”

“I’m at her house; she’s just in the kitchen. What do you need?”

“I need you to ask her if she knows someone named ‘Walter Wheton’.” Kallie could hear Jack opening a door and walking down a hallway.

“Okay sweetheart. Are you okay? Please, Kal.”

“I’m okay, Jack.” She could hear Jack ask his mom about Walt, and then Sophie got on the line.

“Kallie, sweetheart, how do you know Walter?”

“Um, I’m actually with him right now.”

“Kallie, no! Walter is a bad man. He is a con artist. He gets what he wants in one place, and then when it goes downhill, he just goes somewhere else. Get out, Kallie; wherever you are just leave. You can’t be alone with him,” Sophie said, her voice heavy with concern.

Kallie could hear Jack in the background, yelling angrily. “Tell her to come home right now! Why is she keeping herself in danger?” He came back on the line.

“Baby, please. I don’t know where you are or what’s going on, but if my mom says that this guy is bad news then he must be. I’ll come get you right now; wherever you are I’ll be there.”

“No, Jack; that will take too long. I need to get away from this guy. I’ll call you soon. Jack.. I love you.”

“I love you too, baby. I’m sorry.”

“I know, it’s okay. I’ll call you when I’m safe.”

“Kallie-“ Jack said, but she had already disconnected the phone.

Jack checked his phone. She hadn’t blocked the phone number. He quickly typed the area code in a search engine on his smartphone. Las Vegas.

“Mom, she’s in Vegas. Who the hell is she with?”

“Walter Wheton. He’s a bad person, Jack. Walt was a big, successful modeling photographer about 10 years ago, but he has been involved in all of these drug and sex scandals with his agency girls. He must have scouted Kallie, from wherever she’s been, and taken her on as a client. The last I heard, he was in California, but Vegas seems just as logical a place for him to try to find new girls.”

Jack swallowed hard. “Damn it. Perfect, innocent Kallie. Someone presents her with an offer that’s too good to be true, and she jumps on it.”

“Jack, whatever he offered her was a legitimate deal; I'm sure of it. Walter is a very good photographer and an even better businessman. He just has poor judgement, and he can’t keep his hands to himself.”

Jack clenched his teeth. “And he has my girl.”

Scared in her hotel room, Kallie hung up the phone and quickly grabbed her duffle bag. She was lucky that she had been working, because she knew she had enough cash to get a plane ticket back to California. She opened the door a crack to try and spot Walt; he wasn’t on the couch where she had left him. Creeping out of the bedroom, she tiptoed through the living room and towards the front door.

Walt came out of nowhere. His long arm reached out and pinned her to the wall. “Going somewhere?” he asked.

“Um, no, I-uh- was just going to the lobby to see if they had any magazines,” Kallie stuttered.

“With your bag? You wouldn’t be leaving, would you, bella?”

“No, of course not,” she said, looking away from him. Walt’s hand was still on her collarbone, pinning her to the wall.

“See, I may or may not have snuck up behind you while you were on the computer and saw what you were up to. Pretty little Kallie, did you find something you don’t like?”

A single tear slipped down Kallie’s cheek, and she turned her head so that Walt couldn’t see it. She sniffled.

“Don’t cry, bella,” he said, stroking her cheek, “I’ll take good care of you.” Walt trailed his fingers down her neck and her arm, slipping his hand underneath her shirt and trailing circles on her bare stomach.

A knock at the door interrupted them. “Who is it?” Walt yelled out gruffly.

“Mr. Wheton, I’m sorry to bother you, but it’s important,” called a voice from the other side of the door.

Walt put his finger to his lips, signaling Kallie to stay quiet. Opening the door a crack, he found a police officer outside, who pushed the door open all the way.

“I’m looking for Miss Romero,” the officer said, and Kallie knew this was Jack’s way of saving her without being able to reach her.

Regaining her bearings, Kallie grabbed her duffle bag off the floor and pushed past Walt and the officer, sprinting at top speed down the hallway. She knew she didn’t have time to wait for the elevator, so she threw open the emergency exit door and ran down the stairs. When she reached the 12th floor, she opened the door back into the hallway, and took the elevator the rest of the way down. When she reached the lobby, she ran out of the front doors, without slowing down her pace. She got into a taxi that was sitting out front, and before she knew it, she was boarding the next flight back to San Francisco.

Not until the plane was in the air did she feel safe again. Kallie didn’t know why she got on a flight to California anyway- she wanted to go home. She wanted Jack. She wanted Cam, and Sophie, and Linc, and Blair, and everyone that made New York her home. She decided that when she landed in San Francisco, she would go to Shantelle’s to say goodbye to Alexa. She would call Jack, and she would go home. Jack loved her; she was stupid to have stayed away for this long in the first place. She should have fought with him. She should have screamed at him until he came to his senses. But she hadn’t; she had done what he asked her to do and left. They were both idiots for letting all of this happen.

Kallie knew that the ever-busy Super 8 would have rented out her room already, so when the plane landed, Kallie found an overstuffed arm chair in one of the airport lounges, and she curled up in it to get some rest. First thing in the morning, she would go to Shantelle’s and talk to Alexa. She slept fitfully through the night; she kept thinking that she heard Walt’s voice and after the 3rd time, couldn’t fall asleep again anyway. In the morning, she hailed a cab and took it directly to Shantelle’s. Only Kyle was in the restaurant, and he knew with one look at her face that he shouldn’t ask any questions. Kallie showered in the staff bathroom in the office, changing into a fitted, long sleeved black t-shirt, white cotton shorts, and black flip flops. She checked the schedule to find out what time Alexa would be coming in, and then decided to wait at the restaurant until Alexa had to clock in in an hour. Wordlessly, Kyle placed a plate of pancakes on the table in front of Kallie, and she smiled at him gratefully.

When Alexa arrived and saw Kallie, she rushed over to her, her face etched with concern. Kallie had held her emotions in long enough, and broke down in tears in Alexa’s arms. Alexa just kept stroking her hair and whispering to her that everything would be okay. She gave Kallie the key to her apartment and told her to go and get some sleep, somewhere that she wouldn’t feel threatened. Frankie was there, so Kallie knew that nothing bad would happen to her. She took a cab to Alexa’s house, and as soon as her head hit Alexa’s pretty purple pillow, she was asleep.

When Kallie awoke later, it was dark outside. She glanced at the clock on the wall and realized that it was after 8. Catching another cab, she rode back to Shantelle’s, hoping to catch Alexa on her break. Alexa saw Kallie as soon as she walked in, and she signaled to her to wait one minute while she told Kyle she was going on break. Alexa stored her order pad and apron underneath the hostess desk and joined Kallie, and the two girls went outside to the picnic area in the back that was reserved for employees. There, Kallie told Alexa the whole story of her time with Walter Wheton. As she listened to herself speak, she realized that the whole situation might probably be unbelievable to anyone she told. It was so outrageous, she even found some of the parts hard to believe herself. Alexa listened like an attentive friend; nodding her head at the appropriate times and patting Kallie comfortingly on the shoulder. Kallie’s eyes teared up a few times; she couldn’t believe that she’d been such a fool and trusted someone she barely even knew. When she finished that story, she went on to tell Alexa everything about her and Jack. She finished the story with telling Alexa that she thought she should go back to New York; being the honest friend that Alexa was, she told Kallie that she was stupid to have stayed away this long in the first place. The girls hugged, cried, and laughed together, Kallie realized that Alexa was the first real girlfriend she’d ever had, and in that moment, she was secretly reluctant to leave.

“Oh my gosh, Kallie!” Alexa squealed suddenly, “I forgot to tell you that the boss’ son is here, the one I’ve been lusting after for years,” she said, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Alexa linked her arm through Kallie’s and led her inside. They tiptoed over to the private party room, where the CEO and owner was meeting with Kyle about restaurant progress. The door was open and Alexa peeked inside pointing to a young man sitting on a bar stool, facing them. Alexa moved aside, and Kallie peeked in.

“Oh my God,” Kallie said, and pushed the door wide open.

“Kallie!” Alexa hissed, trying to pull her back.

Kallie walked into the room, and the men turned to look at who was entering. “Holy shit; Kallie!” Cameron said in surprise.

Linc jumped out of his chair, his mouth wide open. “Kallie?”

Kallie ran over to Cam and threw herself into his arms, crying so hard she could barely breathe.

“Shh, it’s okay sweetheart. What are you doing here?” Cam asked.

Kallie laughed through her tears. “Shantelle’s is your restaurant?” she asked Cam.

“Yes! How did you find me here?”

“I didn’t find you, Cam, I’ve been working here for weeks, ever since I got to San Francisco,” she explained, “I can’t believe this!” Kallie wrapped her arms around Cam’s neck again and squeezed him tightly. Cam held his arms tighter around Kallie.

“Oh man, Kal, I missed you so much. I feel like this is a dream right now,” he said, kissing her head and nuzzling his face in her strawberry scented hair.

“I missed you too Cam. I want to go home.”

A huge grin spread across Cam’s face. “Good. I want you home. Jack’s a mess; it’s unbearable. Are you willing to talk to him?”

“Oh my gosh, of course. I miss Jack so much. I don’t know how I’ll even be able to wait until I get back to New York.”

Linc appeared at Kallie’s side and put his hand on her back, and Kallie turned to him and gave him a huge hug. “I miss you guys.”

“We miss you more, Kallie. I know we only just arrived, Cameron, but you should take Kallie on a flight back home. You can come back as soon as she’s settled in.”

“Sure, dad, that sounds perfect. I’ll call now and try to get a red-eye.”

As Cameron called the airport, Kallie ran over to Alexa, explaining to her that Cam and Linc were Jack’s brother and father, and she couldn’t believe that the “hottie” that Alexa was always drooling over was her very own Cam. When Cam got off the phone, confirming that they had a flight out in 2 hours, Kallie introduced Alexa to Cam. Cameron was his normal, charming self, and Alexa was smitten. Kallie said goodbye to her friend, hugging her tightly and promising to call as soon as she got back to New York.

After they said goodbye to Linc, and Kallie hugged him once more, Cam hailed a taxi cab outside of the restaurant, and it brought them to the airport. They picked up their first class tickets at the kiosk and went to wait in the lounge area near their boarding terminal.

“So, Kallie,” Cam said after they had sat down in their seats on the plane, “Want to talk about the last 6 weeks?”

Kallie looked over at him and smiled slightly. “Not really. Well, not right now anyway. I’ve had a long few days, and frankly, the fact that you are sitting next to me right now still feels like a dream.”

Cam laughed. “Okay, but I definitely want to hear all about it when you’re up to it. So, about Alexa…”

“What about her?” Kallie asked, smiling.

“She’s smokin’ hot.”

“I figured you would say that! Yeah, she’s gorgeous. And she thinks you’re pretty smokin’ hot yourself,” she said, nudging him with her elbow.

“Oh really? Well, I am her boss, so we will have to see what I can do about this ‘situation’,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

Kallie laughed loudly and put her head on Cam’s shoulder, linking her arm through his and snuggling in.

“I missed you, Kal.”

“I missed you too, Cameron.”

“I called Jack and asked him to pick me up. I know it’s the middle of the night at home, but I told him that something came up at the restaurant in New York and I had to come back to check on it. I didn’t tell him you were coming home with me. I thought I’d keep it a surprise,” he said, winking.

“Do you think he’ll be happy to see me?”

“Kallie, if Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and the pope got off the plane at the same time as you did, Jack wouldn’t notice anything but you. Hell, if all 3 of them got off the plane naked, he still wouldn’t see anything but you. He’s in love, Kallie, and you can’t deny true love.”

Cam’s words made Kallie smile. She cuddled in closer to Cam. Cameron took out his phone and earphones and opened his music app, putting one ear bud in his ear and the other in Kallie’s. Kallie sighed and drifted off into the most comfortable sleep she’d had since the last time she slept in New York. Before she knew it, Cam was nudging her awake, telling her that they were landing. The landing was smooth, which Kallie was grateful for because the landing was usually the worst part of a flight for her. Kallie unbuckled her seatbelt once the plane came to a halt, and stood up to stretch her body. Because they were in first class, they were one of the first ones to exit the plane. Right before the exited the boarding tunnel, Cam grabbed Kallie’s hand and halted her.

“Are you ready to see Jack, Kal?”

“I’m more than ready,” she answered firmly, “I can’t wait another second.”

Cam pulled her into his arms and hugged her; Kallie hugged tightly back. Cam pulled open the door leading to the airport, and Kallie followed directly behind him. Jack was sitting in a chair at the end of a long rowmof seats, wearing black sweatpants, a matching black hoodie, and socks with slip on sport sandals. He was looking down at his phone, and Kallie saw him before he saw her. He looked tired, worn down, and sexy as hell. Her breath caught in her throat and she stifled an involuntary sob. Jack slipped his phone in his hoodie pocket and looked up to find his brother. His eyes met Kallie’s first, and he froze. His jaw dropped slightly and he stared at her, unblinking. Kallie moved first; she dropped her bag and flung herself into Jack’s arms, sobbing uncontrollably. Jack’s arms wrapped around his girl, but he was still in shock. He looked at Cam over Kallie’s shoulder; Cam smiled and nodded his head once. Jack tightened his arms around a hysterical Kallie, and he buried his face in her neck, inhaling deeply. He separated himself slightly from her so he could look into her deep, grey eyes.

“Am I dreaming right now?” he asked in disbelief. He wiped her tears away with the sleeve of his sweatshirt.

“Not dreaming. Hi baby,” Kallie said, wiping tears from Jack’s face that he didn’t know had fallen.

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I’m an idiot. I can’t believe I let you go.”

“I’ve had a lot of time to think about everything, Jackson, and it’s okay. Everything is okay. I just want me and you to be an ‘us’ again. I need you.”

“I love you, Kallie. If I have to spend one second without you for the rest of my life, it will be one second too long. Don’t leave me again, Kallie. I know it was all my fault, and every second I had to spend without you was the worst punishment I could have endured. Say you forgive me, baby; say you’ll stay.”

“I forgive you, and I’ll stay. I’m not whole without you; I missed you every second.”

Jack pulled Kallie in and kissed her. He wove his fingers into her long hair, and Kallie grabbed his strong biceps to steady herself.

“Damn baby,” Jack said, “I missed you so much. I love you.”

“I love you too, Jack. Let’s go home.”

Jack smiled. “I’ve never heard sweeter words in my entire life,” he said, kissing her again.

In Jack’s car, Cam lay down in the back seat and fell asleep almost immediately. Kallie curled up in the passenger seat, both of her arms hooked around Jack’s right arm and her head lying on his shoulder. She was exhausted, but she couldn’t sleep. She was way too happy. She scolded herself in her head for staying away for this long; she’d known all along that if they’d talked it out, none of this would have ever happened.


“Mmm?” Kallie answered sleepily.

“Did that guy hurt you?” Jack asked carefully, and Kallie shook her head ‘no’.

Jack paused. “Did he touch you?”

“No, Jack.”

Jackson let out a breath. “Okay. Did a cop show up at your hotel?”

Kallie let out a short laugh. “Yes, he did. Thank you.”

Jack kissed Kallie’s head. “You’re very welcome. I asked him if he could shoot the asshole in the foot as soon as he opened the door, but he said that he didn’t want to do the extra paperwork if it wasn’t necessary,” he explained, and Kallie laughed out loud and shook her head.

When they finally arrived back in their neighborhood, Jack turned into the direction of his house instead of his parents.

“Are we going to the new house?” Kallie asked.

“Yeah,” Jack answered, “I have yet to spend even one night there; I didn’t want to be there without you there, as well.”

Kallie smiled shyly. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Jack answered, lacing his fingers through Kallie’s and pressing his lips to her knuckles.

Jack pulled up to the front of their big house, and Kallie was mesmerized with its grandeur all over again. When the car stopped and Jack shut off the engine, the sudden silence woke Cameron up out of his deep sleep and he looked around, confused.

“We’re spending the night here?” Cam asked.

“I think we should; don’t you?” Jack answered.

“Hell yeah!” Cam said excitedly, opening the car door and taking the front steps two at a time.

Jack grabbed Kallie’s bag from the trunk and threw it over his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around Kallie’s shoulder and led her up the stairs and into the house. Kallie looked around, amazed at how only new paint colors could make such a difference in the atmosphere of the house. Jack led Kallie upstairs to her room, and she was shocked at how perfectly it was decorated. Jack really knew her. The entire room was white and gold. White bed linens, plush white carpeting, white walls with an intricate gold molding trim, and white furniture with gold hardware. The room contained a king size bed, both a tall and a short dresser, a beautiful vanity table, and a large walk in closet that was already full of her clothing, and even new clothing that she’d never seen before. The bathroom was grey and gold, and Kallie loved that room just as much. Her eyes filled with tears of happiness as she looked around the room, and she wrapped her arms around Jack’s waist and rested her head comfortably on his chest.

Cam had already retreated to his room for the night, and Jack kissed Kallie sweetly and left her in her room to get settled in for the night. Kallie put her duffle bag on the floor next to her vanity, and went into the closet to find some pajamas to change into. She put on a pair of short, loose pajama shorts and a light camisole tank top. She brushed her teeth and used a hairbrush to comb out her hair, wrapping a loose ponytail into the bottom. She cracked the bedroom window just a bit to get some fresh air, and lay down on the bed, on top of the comforter. She glanced around the room, and noticed for the first time that her cell phone and Macbook were arranged neatly on the bedside table, which made Kallie smile. The events from the last few days and weeks flowed through her mind, and it all seemed so crazy that it didn’t seem possible that it was all real.

Kallie got up from the bed and put her feet into a pair of fluffy slippers that were on the floor in the closet. She tiptoed down the hall to Jack’s room and knocked quietly on the door, pushing it open a crack and peeking in. Jack was laying on the bed watching TV, wearing just pajama bottoms and socks.

“Hi,” she said shyly, leaning against the door jam.

“Hey Kal,” Jack said, turning down the television and sitting up in his bed, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I just can’t fall asleep.”

Jack smiled and pat a spot on the bed next to him as an invitation for Kallie to join him. She climbed onto his large bed and sat facing him, pulling her knees to her chest. Jack reached out and tugged the end of her ponytail.

“You’re freaking cute,” he said, brushing her cheek with his fingertips.

“I missed you,” Kallie replied.

“I bet I missed you more. I’m sorry baby.”

“No more sorrys, Jack. It’s in the past; time to look towards the future.”

“Okay; I agree. Moving on; no looking back.”

Kallie looked down at her knees, and then looked back up, directly into Jack’s eyes. He was already staring at her. She closed the distance between them, kissing him suddenly and passionately. Jack kissed her back with no hesitation. His fingers caressed the back of her neck, while he ran his other hand up and down the cool skin of her arm. Kallie rested her hand on Jack’s bare chest and continued to kiss him, running her lips on his jaw line and on his neck.

“Kallie…” Jack said cautiously, holding her out at arm’s length.

“Please don’t, Jack. I need you. Remind me that someone truly does love me.”

“I-I can’t, Kallie,” Jack said, his voice conflicted.

“Please,” Kallie pleaded, her fingertips brushing lightly on his collarbone.

Jack clenched his jaw. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered, his voice cracking.

“You won’t. I know you won’t. You love me, Jack.”

Kallie leaned forward and kissed the corner of Jack’s mouth. He turned his head, meeting her lips with his and kissing her back. Kallie parted her lips and allowed Jack’s tongue to invade her mouth. He put his hand behind her head and lay her down on the bed, following her down and never breaking their kiss. Jack’s hands leisurely removed Kallie’s clothes and his own, and he carefully explored her body, watching her face the entire time for any signs that he should stop.

“Are you okay?” Jack asked Kallie, breathlessly. She answered with a nod of her head, her eyelids fluttering open and then closing again.

Jack’s hands and mouth continued to explore every inch of her body, making sure that Kallie was comfortable and content every second. He was driving himself insane, but he didn’t care. The only thing that mattered to him was that every part of this was perfect for his Kallie. He looked up at her, her beautiful face relaxed in passion and her breathing heavy.

“Jack, please,” Kallie pleaded, pulling his face to hers and kissing him deeply. He didn’t think she could take anymore, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to take much more of this sweet torture either. Jack opened his bed side table drawer and removed a small foil packet, ripping it open and swiftly placing the condom on himself. He kissed Kallie again, and then carefully buried himself into her beautiful body. Her eyes fluttered open, and Kallie met Jack’s gaze with those beautiful, soul bearing grey eyes. He saw nothing but love in her eyes, and all of his fears disappeared.

“I love you,” he whispered to Kallie.

“I love you, Jackson,” she answered, and together, they both let their bodies succumb to their sweet release.

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