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The Williams’ family, including Kallie and Alexa, had been in Cancun for a week, and it was the night before the wedding. Alexa and Cam had been seriously dating for the past month that she had been in New York, and all Kallie could think of was how exciting it would be if her best friend was also her sister-in-law. Alexa had even confided in Kallie that she was planning on moving to New York when they arrived back.

Kallie, Sophie, Blair and Alexa were in Sophie and Linc’s suite on the eve of the wedding day, giggling and gossiping, while Jack and the boys were downstairs in the bar having a “boys night.” Kallie knew she wasn’t supposed to see Jack the night before they would be married, but she had a lot on her mind and really wanted to talk to him. She excused herself from the room, and went in search of him. Kallie made a pit stop in her and Jack’s room to change out of her pajamas before she went downstairs; she put on a pair of leggings and an off the shoulder cotton sweatshirt and took the elevator downstairs, trying but failing to not bite her newly manicured nails. She found the boys sitting at a table together in the bar, pitchers of expensive beer in front of them and none of them sober. She watched them for a few minutes and smiled; they looked so carefree and happy. Kallie entered the bar area and as soon as Jack saw her, he got up from the table and strode over to her.

“Kallie, baby, are you okay? I was ordered not to see you tonight,” Jack said, remembering his gentle scolding from Sophie about staying away from Kallie tonight.

“I really need to talk to you, Jackson,” Kallie said, not looking him in the eye.

He pulled her out of the restaurant and into the hallway. “Are you changing your mind about the wedding, Kallie?”

“Oh no, of course not. Jack…. I’m pregnant.”

Jack stared at Kallie, not knowing what to say. “What? How?”

“Because condoms are only 99% effective? I don’t know, Jack; I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry? Really? You’re upset about this?”

Kallie looked up at Jack. “No, I’m not. I’m happy,” she whispered, “You’re mad?”

Jack’s face changed. “I’m ecstatic,” he answered, smiling.

Kallie’s eyes filled with tears. “Really? You’re happy, Jack?”

“The last time I was this happy was the day you agreed to be my wife. I love you, baby. How far along are you?”

“I’m not sure. I haven’t seen a doctor; I just took a test this afternoon because I hadn’t been feeling good, and I was late.”

Jack pulled her into his arms and hugged her, tightly but gently. “Oh my gosh, Kallie. I’m so happy right now I could burst. Can I tell my family?”

“Sure,” Kallie said, wiping tears from her face, “I was so nervous to tell you; I thought you were going to hate me.”

“Never, Kal. Me and you making another person... That’s epic. Like, the two greatest people in the world creating a superhuman,” Jack joked; Kallie could tell that his mind was racing with possibilities. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back into the restaurant.

“Come on, Jackson,” Cam called, “You’re supposed to be spending your last night as a free man with the boys!”

“Alright then,” Jack said, putting Kallie under his arm, “I just won’t tell you that you’re going to be an uncle, then.”

“Wait- what? An uncle? Kallie’s pregnant? Oh my gosh!” Cam exclaimed, jumping up and grabbing her.

“Cameron! Be careful with her!” Jack scolded, and Kallie laughed at the overprotectiveness he showed already.

Linc hugged his oldest son, and Zach and Cam both high fived and hugged him. They each took their turn hugging Kallie, carefully, because Jack made sure of it. He went back upstairs with her to the suite to tell the women the good news.

“I knew she would go see him!” Sophie scolded when she saw the two of them enter the room.

“You should have known you couldn’t keep us apart, grandma,” Jack said, grinning.

“I only- wait. Grandma?” Sophie squealed.

“Congratulations, grandma,” Jack said, pulling Kallie to him.

“Kallie! Oh my gosh! Congratulations!” Sophie said excitedly, wrapping Kallie up in her arms. Blair and Alexa hugged her as well, and Sophie gave her son a huge bear hug and wouldn’t let go.

“I thought everyone was going to be mad at me,” Kallie confessed sheepishly.

“Kallie, we would never be bad at you for something like this. This is a gift that should be celebrated! We are all excited!” Sophie explained.

And of course, even though a huge, elaborate wedding was planned for the very next day, Blair and Sophie went into full planning mode for a baby shower.

The next morning, the women woke up early to begin primping. Kallie’s dress was champagne colored, floor length, satin, and fitted perfectly to her body. The dress was backless, and a circle of lace outlined the O that formed the back. The top half of her hair was pulled back and fastened with an ornate clip that her short veil attached to. Blair and Alexa were wearing matching floor length, satin, emerald green dressed with a low cut bodice and a champagne sash around the middle. The men would be wearing black tuxedos- Jack had a champagne vest and both Cam and Zach had emerald green vests.

The ceremony was short and elegant, but over 200 family members and friends were in attendance. Jack and Kallie exchanged vows, both wearing a smile on their face that no one truly understood the meaning for except their immediate family. The reception was the most fun that Kallie had ever had in her life. Everyone- except Kallie, of course- was merrily tipsy, laughing and dancing and having the time of their lives. Jack didn’t let Kallie out of his sight the entire night; he was elated that his girl was finally his wife.

After they had crawled into bed that night, and exhausted each other with their love making, Kallie let her mind wander. She was so happy; happy to finally be Mrs. Jackson Williams, happy about being able to spend another week in paradise, happy about her new family, and happy about her impending motherhood. She was happy that Cam and Alexa were doing so well together; Alexa had become her closest girl friend and it was so good to see Cameron so happy. Alexa was moving to New York as soon as they got back, and would be staying with them for a while, something that satisfied both Cam and Kallie. Kallie still couldn’t believe that after all the insanity in her life, Jack was still her constant. He was and would always be the thing in her life that kept her grounded, sane, and safe. He loved her more than anything, and she loved him right back.

4 months later

Kallie wrung her hands nervously, but she still didn’t look as nervous as Jack. Today was the day they would find out whether their baby was a boy or a girl. Jack said that he didn’t care either way, but Kallie knew he was hoping for a little boy that he could raise to be like the amazing men that would surround his life. Secretly, Kallie hoped for a boy too. Of course, she would be happy no matter what; the child was half her and half Jack- the perfect combination.

The doctor came in and set up the machinery, squirting cold jelly on the small bulge on Kallie’s stomach and putting the sonogram wand in place.

“Are you both ready to find out the sex?” The doctor asked.

“I’m ready,” Kallie said, looking at Jack.

“I’m more than ready,” Jack answered.

“Congratulations. It’s a boy.”

That night, Kallie and Jack were wrapped up in each other in their bed. Jack’s big hand rested possessively over Kallie’s stomach. Alexa and Cam had taken them out to dinner to celebrate, and Kallie was exhausted from the busy day.

“Jack, I know what I want to name him,” Kallie spoke up.

“You do? What did you have in mind?” Jack asked curiously.

“Tyler. Tyler Louis Williams. Tyler because it’s Cameron’s middle name and Louis because it’s Linc’s middle name,” she said, looking at Jack for approval.

He kissed her on the mouth, long and hard. “I love that, Kallie. It’s perfect. Thank you. I love you, Kallie.”

“I love you too, Jack. Good night.”

“Good night, baby. Good night, Ty; Daddy loves you,” Jack said, and they drifted off into a deep sleep, both having dreams of Tyler, happiness, and everything the future would bring.

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