Blood Stained

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Chapter 9 - Moira

Quinn POV

I felt the colour drain from my face. How the hell did he know my name? I couldn’t believe I had been so stupid as to trust him when I should have run the second my heart told me he was different.

I placed my palms on Jayce’s chest and pushed him as hard as I could. It was all in vein, pushing Jayce was like pushing a brick wall. I winced as I felt his grip tighten on my chin and pain radiate through the back of my head as it hit the shower wall.

“Let me go!” I cried as white stars danced in my vision.

“Not a fucking chance” he growled.

Jayce’s eyes were black and his breathing heavy. I whined as his other hand grabbed my wrist and twisted it behind my back.

“Jayce! stop!” I cried louder.

I could tell the Jayce I knew wasn’t hearing me, the thing that stood in front of me was dark and the growl that emanated from him was animalistic. I screamed as I heard a crack and felt a sharp pain spiral up my arm. I knew in that moment my wrist was broken and I knew if I didn’t get out of there that Jayce might actually kill me.
I remembered what my father had told me when I was young and knew that it was the only chance I had.

I raised my knee as hard and fast as I could and connected with Jayce’s groin. Thankfully it had the exact outcome I was hoping for and Jayce let go of me, cursing and stepping backwards. His hands palmed his crotch and I took my opportunity to run.

I raced down the stairs, cradling my arm the whole time. I’d nearly reached the bottom when I slipped and fell down the last five steps. I cried out as fresh pain shot through my wrist and blood trickled from the side of my head. A wave of nausea hit me, my body turning cold. Shock, I was going into shock; I knew this feeling all too well.

A crashing from my room and a blood curdling howl made every hair on my body stand on end. I had nowhere to run, my clothes and bag were all upstairs and there was no way I could make it out of the gates before he got to me. I tried to move but my body defied me, my legs reduced to two heavy bags of wet sand.
Suddenly, I felt two hands on my shoulders. I tried to force movement into my legs, tried to push back the fog that was threatening to consume me as my concussion suddenly became blindingly obvious.

“I’m not going to hurt you” came a familiar voice.

I turned and looked to see Matt from the bar. He draped a rug from the couch over my shoulders.
Tears stung my eyes and I felt my head go light as the pain from my arm started to overtake my adrenaline.

“We need to get you out of here” Matt urged gently and started guiding me to the front door.

I watched as two men ran up the stairs towards my room. I recognised one of them as Brad but I didn’t know the other one.

“They will handle Jayce, but we need to get you somewhere else”

The last thing I remember was Matt picking me up and wrapping the blanket around me as I lay my head against his chest and gave into the darkness.

“That’s it Quinn!” Cheered my father as he lay on his back laughing.
He had been showing me some self defence moves and I could tell that he was pleased with my willingness to learn and my quick progress.
I hadn’t long started high school and I wanted to be able to walk to school on my own. I knew mum and dad were apprehensive but I promised them I would be safe. School was only a block away from home after all.

“Now Quinn, this next move is perhaps the most important move you will ever learn” dad said as he got up on his feet.

I got into the stance that dad had shown me and waited for my next instruction.

“You need to promise me that if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are up against a man that is stronger than you, that you do what I say”

I nodded. Dad put his hands on my shoulders and lifted his knee until it touched me softly just below the belt. I giggled and felt my cheeks going red.

“Knee em in the balls?” I laughed.

Dad nodded but he wasn’t laughing.

“Quinn. There are some bad men out there that would see you as something they can hurt and take advantage of. You need to be able to show them that you are not weak but you also need to get away from them as fast as you can”

My father demonstrated the move again. I could tell he was terrified of me being out on my own, even if it was for such a short walk and in daylight hours.

I promise dad” I said. I jumped up, wrapping my arms around his neck and giving him a big kiss on the cheek, “I’ll knee em in the balls and come find you”

“Quinn....Quinn wake up”

I opened my eyes slowly and winced at the sudden pain in my head and arm.

“Just take it easy sweetheart, you’ve got a couple of nasty gashes to your head and a fractured right wrist. You’re going to be in some pain until the drugs kick in”

I focused on the direction the voice was coming from and saw a lady standing next to my bed. She was about sixty years old and had short white hair in a pixie style cut. She had a kind, gentle face and I immediately felt at ease in her presence.

“My name is Moira” she said softly, “I’m a doctor and I have been looking after you for the last couple of hours since Matt brought you in. Do you remember what happened?”

The last couple of hours? I couldn’t believe I had been unconscious that long. I closed my eyes again, wishing I didn’t remember what had happened. But I remembered it all. I felt a tear escape my eyes and quickly wiped it away.

“Oh honey” Moira soothed, “I can only imagine how scared you were. If it makes you feel any better, Jayce is an absolute mess and is gutted about what happened. After the boys finally forced him to shift back he tried to come see you straight away but I clipped him on the ear and told him to piss off”

“Shift back?” I asked.

The last time I had seen him he had been human, apart from the black eyes of course. Then I remembered the blood curdling howl that I had heard just before Matt had found me.

“The stupid boy was that worked up that he shifted into his wolf. If Cameron hadn’t thought to come check on you then...” Moira shook her head and looked away, “Then, well, I hate to even think what might have happened”

I couldn’t believe Jayce had shifted into his wolf because of me. I hadn’t done anything to him. One minute he is telling me that I was his mate and he would never let anyone hurt me...and the next he is attacking me in the shower.

“How did they force him to shift back?” I asked.

Moira looked back at me.

“They had to inject him with a little something. It sedates the wolf and allows his humanity to regain control”

“I see” I muttered.

Moira sighed and patted my shoulder lightly.

“Honey. Can you tell me why he got so mad?” She asked.

I could tell she was studying my face, as if to see if I was going to lie or not.
What was I supposed to say to her? I had no idea why he got so angry. Something must have happened between him showing me to my room and him storming in on me in the bathroom.
He knew my real name, that was for certain. But how? I didn’t know.

“I’m not sure” I answered truthfully.

Moira gave my shoulder a little squeeze and smiled. She looked like she wanted to ask more but something was stopping her.

“What?” I asked, “I’m telling the truth”

“Nothing. It’s just’s just that you look like an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a very long time. Just bringing back memories is all. You get some rest darling. You will be safe in here, no one comes in without my say so”

And with that she turned and walked out the door, leaving me all on my own.

Cameron POV

I was lucky that I’d decided to check in on Quinn when I had. Jayce had been off since meeting that girl and I knew he was battling the power of his wolf since finding his mate. I hadn’t thought that Jayce would go straight over there after talking to me, and I certainly hadn’t thought he would confront her the way he did.

I was planning on having a chat to her to get a read for myself, but when I went outside I heard Quinn scream and ran straight for the door.
Brad and Matt heard the commotion too and came running from the training grounds.

The image of Quinn lying at the bottom of the stairs was etched into my memory. She’d looked so scared, so lost. Naked and shivering, bleeding from the head and cradling her wrist. I’d never met the girl before but in that instant I wanted to kill Jayce for doing that to her.

It wasn’t until I had gone upstairs with Brad and seen Jayce in his state that I stopped wanting hurt him and knew I needed to help him. I had never seen him like that before. He had partially shifted into his wolf and was crouched on the ground, head in his hands. His shirt was completely ripped down the back and shiny black fur flowed through the material. His face was still partially human. His jaw was elongated and fangs protruded from his mouth.

I could tell he was using every ounce of strength to fight his wolf and stop him from taking over, and I could tell he was losing. At that moment Brad pushed past me and jabbed a syringe into the back of Jayce’s neck. We both jumped on him and struggled to hold him down until the wolf sedative took affect.
It was mandatory when sparring in the training grounds to carry wolf sedative, on the off chance a novice wolf got carried away. Never had we needed to use it on a seasoned wolf though and certainly never on an Alpha.

“How are you feeling pal?” I asked and sat down next to Jayce on his couch.

After storming into Moira’s surgery and demanding to see Quinn, we’d finally convinced Jayce to go home. Quinn had passed out after the incident and wasn’t in the state to see anyone let alone him. Moira pretty much dragged Jayce out of there by his ear.

“How do you think?” Jayce huffed and kicked the coffee table in front of him.

I knew he was hurting, not because his mate had lied to him, but because of what he’d done to her.

“She’ll be ok” I assured, “Moira said her body is healing itself already, her shifter powers are strong even though she isn’t of age yet”

There was a lot we didn’t know about Quinn and as much as I wanted to go over there and ask her fifty questions, I knew she needed her space. Powers, such as accelerated healing, weren’t meant to kick in until after your first shift had taken place on your twentieth birthday. To my understanding, Quinn still had a couple of weeks until her birthday and shouldn’t be healing any faster than a regular human being.

“I don’t know what got into me. I hurt her, I attacked my mate” Jayce muttered, “The combination of her lying to me and then walking in and seeing her in the shower...I just couldn’t control it. I thought the incident when I kissed her in the street was a once off...but now I know that’s not the case. I’m losing control of my wolf”

Jayce sounded defeated. I could see the pain in his eyes. His knuckles were white and every muscle on him twitched.

“Jayce” I said firmly, “How long has it been since you know...?”

Jayce looked at me. Initially he seemed confused but then I saw the realisation pass across his face.

“When did I last get a fuck?” He spat.

I nodded. Jayce’s wolf was on edge. He had found his mate and not only hadn’t he mated with her yet but she had been caught lying to him. A wolf, especially an Alpha wolf had a high sex drive and demanded respect. They were animals after all. But to have found your mate; something that was getting more and more rare these days; and to not have followed through with the mating ritual...well Jayce’s wolf was just not coping.

“How long do you think you can hold your wolf back? If you’re not going to screw her then go find someone else. There are plenty of girls around that will gladly jump into your bed”

Jayce stood up and fixed himself another drink.

“I don’t want anyone else Cameron. I want her, but I have well and truly fucked that up. Plus...” he grunted, “We don’t even know who she really fucking is! Not that she will open up to me now after what I did to her”

I felt shit for the bloke. Part of me felt a little responsible for what had happened, after all I was the one that had shone the light on Quinn’s past.
Jayce would never forgive himself for what he’d done to her and it would tear him up inside.

“She’ll come around Jayce. She feels as strongly for you as you do for her, you’ve seen that. Just give her some time and I’m sure she will open up and forgive you”

I watched as Jayce downed another shot of whiskey before filling the glass back up again.

The sooner Quinn healed and forgave Jayce, the better. This pack needed it’s Alpha and at the moment Jayce was far from the Alpha that we needed.

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