Blood Stained

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Chapter 12 - Eastern Ridge

Quinn POV

Jayce’s father spent the last hour telling me about the Eastern Ridge pack and their previous Alpha and Luna, Mason and Claudia. The story was a sad one and Clayton’s role in the whole thing was absolutely disgusting. Those poor babies and their mother.

Dominic stood up and walked over to the fireplace. He seemed quite emotionally worn. It was clear that unearthing these gut wrenching memories was taking its toll.

“That’s a horrible story Dom, I just don’t see how it has anything to do with me”

Jayce turned to me. I looked into his eyes and instantly felt calmer. Even though my world had been turned upside down, somehow with him I felt safe; ironic, I know. I felt at home. The more I was around him the stronger I felt toward him.

“We believe that Mason and Claudia were your biological parents” he said.

I shook my head and turned to Dominic.

“But you said that they only had the two babies and they were killed in the fire”

“What if they weren’t killed” Cameron interjected.

I sat back on the couch and thought for a moment. They were clearly suggesting that I was one of the twins, one of Mason and Claudia’s babies. If that was the case then that meant I had a father out there still. It was heartbreaking to think that once upon a time I had a twin brother. I had grown up as an only child my whole life and now to find out that not only did I have a sibling, but I had had a twin.

“We know that you are...special. You don’t have the scent of a wolf, you started interacting with your animal at a very young age. You heal faster than you should...” said Jayce

“We also know that there was something different about Mason and Claudia’s twins. I’m not sure what that was exactly, but it was enough to divide their pack over” Dominic continued.

“So what’s next?” I asked.

I stood up and walked over to Jayce’s father. He looked at me fondly and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“You look so much like her...”

“I need more answers Dom. It’s not enough. I want to go see Mason, I have to see for myself”

Jayce POV

As soon as Quinn said that she wanted to go see her father my heart broke. We hadn’t told her that part yet as I knew that it would hurt her. She had just found out that she had a living parent...little did she know we had no idea where he was if he were still alive and he was more than likely a wild wolf by now.

If a shifter remained in their animal state for too long and was not around other shifters or their pack, then they could become feral. Once a shifter became feral in their animal state their humanity disappeared and they would never be able to shift back to their human form again.
I knew I had to tell her. I’d promised not to keep anymore secrets, this was not something that was mine to keep.

“Quinn” I started.

Quinn looked over to me, desperation in her eyes.

“After the fire, Mason spiralled out of control. The grief of losing his Luna and babies was more than he could bare. The pain caused him to shift into his wolf and he fled into the forest. Quinn, your father hasn’t been seen since. It’s rumoured that he remains a wolf to this day and any ounce of humanity he gone”

With this, Quinn cupped her face in her hands and dropped to her knees. I went over to her, holding her in my arms as she wept. I wanted to take all of her pain away, I wanted to absorb her hurt and make it my own. After losing my mother I had been absolutely shattered. I felt like a hole had been ripped in my soul. The second I felt her pack bond break I had known she was gone. The whole pack had felt it and we all mourned the loss of our Luna, my mother.

I could only imagine the grief Quinn was feeling. She had lost the people that had raised her, loved her. Then to find out that your biological mother is dead along with your twin brother. To top it off, the only possible living parent she had was someone she would never be able to speak to, never be able to hold.

“I’m so sorry Quinn, I wish there was something we could do. I’m so sorry”

Quinn looked up at me with her beautiful, sad eyes. I used the pad of my thumb to wipe away her tears. The feel of her skin underneath my hand left me wanting more. Even in her distressed state my wolf found her intoxicating, he wanted her and so did I. I could feel Quinn’s breathing change as she felt what I was feeling. I watched as she licked her lips and held her hand against mine. I closed my eyes tightly, willing my wolf to calm down.

“Son...” I felt my father’s hand on my shoulder.

I knew what he was doing. He had spent the last week helping me control my wolf and part of that was to limit physical contact with Quinn...unless I was going to complete the mating bond with her. I sighed and dropped my hand from Quinn’s cheek. The look of hurt was unmistakable in her eyes as I stood up and stepped away from her.

“It’s for your own good Quinn” Dominic said, patting her on the shoulder, “I remember having those feeling towards my Delilah back in the day. Until you decide if you want to complete the’s best the two of you give each other some room”

Quinn sighed and wiped her face. I watched as she stood up, head held high and shoulders back. This woman was amazing, even with all that had been handed to her she was still managing to compose herself and continue on.

“Take me to Eastern Ridge” she said

“I don’t think that’s a good ide-”

“I wasn’t asking. If you don’t take me, I’ll take myself” she stated, cutting me off.

Dominic rubbed his chin and shrugged his shoulders. I knew it was one of the last places my father would want to go back to, but if he was going to consider it then so could I.

“Ok. We’ll take you. Cameron will remain here and keep an eye on things. We’ll leave in the morning”

“No” Quinn interjected, “we leave now”


It was only an hour drive from Fern Creek to Eastern Ridge. My father had come with us, he said that he wanted to come for closure but I knew it was more to keep an eye on me and make sure my wolf stayed under control around Quinn.

Quinn’s twentieth birthday was only three days away and I knew, from experience, that the closer she got to that day...the more restless her animal would become. We needed to make sure that this visit was short. I would have been happier to wait until after her shift but there was no way Quinn would have agreed to that.

There was also the matter of Clayton. No doubt he had figured out Quinn’s location by now. Word had got out that I’d found my mate and that the Fern Creek pack would soon have a true mate Luna. That combined with Cameron conducting an investigation into Quinn’s identity would have been enough for a few people to make the connection. If I’d known the danger Quinn had been in from the start then we would have been a little less conspicuous, it was too late for that now.

I needed Quinn surrounded by the safety of our pack. If Clayton was going to make his move then I needed my fighters around me. My front line was stronger then any pack I had seen. We were also the only pack that trained all pack members in defence. If ever our front line fell I needed to know that all women, children and elderly could hold their own.

We’d been greeted at the Eastern Ridge pack house by their Alpha, Alec. I hadn’t seen Alec since my initiation as Fern Creek Alpha nine years ago. He was a fair man and wasn’t too far away from stepping down and passing on the reigns as Alpha to his son, Cassius.

“Jayce, Dom. To what do I owe this pleasure?” Alec smiled as he shook my hand.

I had told Quinn to remain in the car for now. I needed to get a gauge on things before I drew attention to the fact she was here.

“We are following up on the conversation that you had with Cameron, in relation to Clayton” I answered.

Alec frowned and shrugged his shoulders.

“I told Cameron all I knew. I haven’t seen Clayton in twenty years. I’ve heard the odd rumour here and there, I want nothing to do with the guy”

“Alec. What do you know about the night of the fire?” My father asked.

Alec’s head snapped in Dominic’s direction, his eyes narrowing.

“What’s this about Jayce?” He grunted, looking back at me.

“We might want to take this conversation inside. Trust me, you’ll want to hear what we have to say” I answered him.

Alec nodded and I signalled at Quinn to get out of the car. As Quinn got out and started walking towards us I watched Alec’s reaction closely.
As she grew closer I saw a flicker of shock in Alec’s eyes. It was ever so fleeting but there was no mistaking that Alec knew now why we were asking about the night of the fire.

“Yes. Come inside, please” he muttered, inviting us into his pack house.

Quinn POV

I walked into the Eastern Ridge pack house and took a seat alongside Jayce and Dom at a large round table in the sun room. The house was beautiful, it had more warmth to it than Jayce’s. It felt like it had a woman’s touch.

“Care to introduce us?” The Alpha of Eastern Ridge asked Jayce.

I stood up quickly and reached for the man’s hand as he approached me. He was handsome with very symmetrical features. He had pale skin like porcelain and blonde hair that sat just above his collar. His eyes were blue, a few shades darker than mine. He looked to be in his forties but I knew that meant nothing when it came to wolves.

“My name is Quinn. I’m Jayce’s...mate”

“I am Alec. Alpha of the Eastern Ridge pack” Alec smiled as he took my hand.

Just as quickly as he had touched my hand, Alec pulled his away again as if my skin had burnt him. Whatever Alec had felt, I believe I had felt it too. It was almost a familiarity. I could feel a strong connection even though I’d never met the guy before. I also felt an overwhelming sense of loyalty to him and respect. I looked over to Jayce cautiously. I was surprised to see the smile on his and Dominic’s faces as they watched our interaction.

“So let me ask you again, Alec, what do you know about the night of the fire?” Dominic asked.

Alec’s face appeared to pale as he gestured for me to sit back down. I took a seat and Alec sat at the table opposite us.

“I haven’t spoken about that night in a very long time” he started, “I had made a promise never to talk about what took place, it was...safer that way” Alec looked over to me and shook his head. He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and sighed.

“I think that argument is now null and void” Dominic stated, gesturing in my direction.

“I can see that” Alec muttered, looking at me. His face softened and he smiled warmly, “Welcome home...cousin”

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