Blood Stained

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Chapter 14 - The Revelation

Jayce POV

“You really don’t have to do that Jayce. You take the bed, it would make a lot more sense”

I lay down on the sofa in our room, my feet sticking over the edge and shoulder and arm hanging over the side.

“No, Quinn. It’s fine. Really” I mumbled and kicked my boots off.

I heard Quinn giggle and I rolled over to face the bed. She was sitting on the edge, watching me. She really was beautiful. She had taken her hair out so it flowed in thick waves over her shoulders. Her eyes were an amazing blue and set perfectly into her stunning face. She was a striking beauty, a strong beauty, a fierce beauty. Just like Claudia had been.

I felt an overwhelming sense of pride as I looked at her. This woman had fought for so long and had a far from normal life. Yet here she was, sitting in front of me, a smile on her face...and she was mine.

“What?” She laughed as I rolled on to my side and propped myself up on my elbow.

“You’re beautiful” I answered, matter of factly.

Quinn broke eye contact with me, her cheeks blushing slightly as she looked down at her feet.

“You are beautiful” I said again, “someone should be telling you this everyday”

I could tell from her reaction that she was uncomfortable receiving such a compliment. This was upsetting to me. I was use to just using women for my own selfish needs, I was always polite but not always a gentleman...I was an animal after all. Quinn clearly wasn’t use to being called beautiful and I felt the urge to punch any man that had previously made her feel otherwise. But then I remembered - I’d hurt Quinn, I’d hurt her deeply and no amount of ‘you’re beautiful’s was ever going to fix that.

“We should get some sleep” Quinn muttered.

I watched as she climbed into bed and pulled the blankets over her. I couldn’t help but smirk as she wriggled around under the covers and dropped her denim shorts out over the edge. My smirk quickly fading as my brain registered the fact that she was lying only metres away from me in nothing but her singlet and undies. I wondered if they were the same black lace ones that I had seen in her room last week. I groaned and rolled over on the sofa, looking up at the ceiling and trying to think of anything to ease the erection I could feel pressing uncomfortably against my jeans.

I must have drifted off at some stage because when I woke my neck was stiff from the awkward position I had been lying in. I opened my eyes and seeing that it was still well and truly dark I changed my position in a hope to go back to sleep. I closed my lids slowly and that’s when I heard it again, the noise that roused me from my sleep in the first place.
It was a whimper, a tiny cry that I probably wouldn’t have picked up on if it wasn’t for my terribly uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.

I sat up and looked over to the bed. One of the perks of being a wolf was incredible night vision. I could see Quinn lying in the middle of the bed. She was in the fetal position, cradling her knees close to her chest.
My eyes combed her body as I walked over to her. Her soft, silky skin. Her long, toned legs. Her round, smooth arse; not an inch of it hidden by a thin piece of red material that separated her cheeks.
I wanted her more than I had wanted anything in my life. The animal in me was telling me to rip her clothes off and take her right here, right now. To spread her out on the bed and fuck her until she screamed my name and submitted every inch of herself to me. I tried to push those urges to the side, tried not to think of the way her body would feel writhing under mine.

Then she made the noise again, a tiny cry escaping her lips as she clenched her eyes tightly and squeezed her legs. She was having a nightmare and in that moment instead of wanting to fuck her...I wanted to protect her, to take her fear and pain away and fight away what ever demons were plaguing her thoughts.

I climbed up on to the bed and slid myself towards Quinn until her back was pressed firmly up against my chest. I curved my body around her’s until she fit perfectly into me and wrapped my arms around her. I felt her begin to relax, I felt the tension leaving her body as she melted against me. I inhaled her scent, her unique, beautiful scent.
I was playing with fire. I knew by doing this I was dangling meat in front of my wolf and telling him not to eat but I had to trust that I could control him.
Last time I had lost control I’d been overcome with rage and lust. I had no rage towards Quinn now so I had to believe that I would not lose control, that I wouldn’t hurt her.

Quinn POV

I stretched out my legs and yawned as I awoke from one of the most restful sleeps I’d had in a long time. Then my heart stopped. I wasn’t alone. I opened my eyes and my breath hitched in my throat as I saw Jayce lying next to me. He was awake and he was watching me.

“Good morning” he drawled, a smile spreading across his face.

Suddenly I felt very exposed. I pulled the sheet around me, covering up my half naked body that Jayce had clearly already gotten an eye full of.

“I told you I was happy to swap the bed for the sofa” I snapped and glared at him.

I was pissed off. After everything I had been through and after Jayce attacking me only a week ago, I would have thought he would have been gentleman enough to have given me my space. Not climb into bed with me in the middle of the night.

Jayce’s jaw tensed and his eyes went from playful to annoyed. Clearly I wasn’t the only one pissed off now. I kept the sheet wrapped tightly around me as I watched him climb out of the bed. I couldn’t help but feel secretly disappointed as he pulled his t-shirt on and walked back over to the couch.

“Put some clothes on, I’ll meet you in the sunroom” he grunted after sliding on his boots.

He walked out of the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. I sighed and rolled out of bed, pulling my shorts back on and sliding into my sandals.

Smooth move Quinn...

Rogue clearly wasn’t impressed with my bedside manner. Maybe I overreacted but the last time we were alone together Jayce had fractured my wrist and shifted into his wolf. Maybe he trusted himself enough not to do that again but I sure as hell didn’t.

I pulled my hair back into a pony and groaned. I was torn. A part of me, more than likely my animal part, loved waking up next to Jayce. He was warm and his large body filled the empty space in my bed perfectly.
It was also the first night in years that I hadn’t woken in cold sweats due I nightmares that I could never remember.
The other part of me was scared. Not only scared because of Jayce’s obvious anger issues but scared of sharing a bed with someone that I was quite clearly falling for.


Agnes was everything that I hoped she would be. She sat next to me at the round table and held my hand in hers. She was clearly an older wolf, looking to be in her sixties, which made me very curious to know her true age. She had long grey hair that was wrapped up into a bun on the top of her head. Agnes had a warm, kind face, which matched her personality perfectly.
Her eyes glistened with tears as I filled her in with snippets of my childhood and ended with everything I had been through in the last few weeks.

“Oh my dear” she wept, rubbing my hand, “You have been through so much. I was so sorry to hear of the loss of Marcus and Stacey when Alec told me. They were lovely people and I knew they would have loved you as though you were their own”

It was nice to speak to someone that had known my parents. Someone that had known both sets of my parents. Agnes told me of her love for Claudia, how she had known her since she was a baby and was there for the birth of my brother and I.
She told me that my brother’s name was Flynn and that he’d had the same blue eyes as me. She’d spoken of my family with such fondness and such sadness.

Jayce sat at the table with us for a while, listening to Agnes’ stories. He’d seemed distracted though, somewhat distant. After a while he got up and left, leaving Agnes and I alone.

“Quinn, there is something I must tell you” Agnes said.

She moved slightly closer to me and glanced around the room, checking that we were, in fact, alone.

“What is it?” I asked

“You are different, you are unique” she said.

I nodded, waiting for her to continue.

“Quinn, your mother...she was different too”

My heart raced a little and I looked into Agnes’s eyes. This was something I hadn’t heard. As far as I’d been told, Claudia had been a normal wolf, nothing out of the ordinary.

“I don’t understand. Why didn’t Alec say something or Dominic?” I asked

“They didn’t know. When Claudia was a baby, her parents, your grandparents, had a mage cast a spell on her to cloak her scent and make her appear to be a pure wolf”

“So what was she? What am I?” I asked desperately.

Agnes looked around again, then locked eyes with mine.

“You are a shifter tribrid, so rare that you don’t actually have a title. You are the only one of your kind, now that your mother and brother have crossed over”

If there was any sentence that could make you feel all alone in the world it was hearing that you are the only one of your kind. If it wasn’t for Clayton I wouldn’t be the only one, just another thing he had taken away from me.

“What is a shifter tribrid? What does that mean?” I asked.

“When Claudia turned twenty I didn’t know what to expect. Her parents and I kept her hidden because we had no idea what she was or what would happen. But nothing could prepare us for what took place when she shifted. To begin with, the shift seemed to be pretty normal. Her bones broke, she screamed in pain until she gave into the shift. She shifted into her wolf quite quickly, a beautiful sand coloured wolf”

I cringed at the idea of having to go through my first shift in a couple of days. Moira explained to me what took place and, to be honest, it sounded quite brutal. It was inevitable though and a right of passage as a wolf. It was a way of being reborn, a way of allowing your animal to merge with your humanity and to be able to live as both.

“Claudia padded around as her wolf for a short time and just as we were beginning to think that we had been worried over nothing, she began to shift...again”

“Back into a human?” I asked

“No” Agnes replied, “a panther”

A wolf and a panther! I’d never heard of a shifter having more than one animal within them. That explained why my scent was different to that of a pure
wolf or a pure panther.

“That’s amazing” I breathed.

Agnes looked at me and shook her head.

“It wasn’t just a wolf and panther. Your mother could shift into wolf, panther and bear”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There were only three shifter species; wolf, panther and bear. To be able to shift into all three was unheard of, I didn’t think it was possible.

“She shifted into all three? How did her parents take it?” I asked.

“Claudia’s parents loved her unconditionally, it changed nothing. It gave us more reason to protect her”

“Did Mason know?”

“Not initially” Agnes started, “But after it was clear that they were true mates Claudia’s parents couldn’t keep them away from one another. Claudia’s animals became so powerful that she couldn’t keep it a secret from Mason and so she came clean to him”


“Well clearly he loved her unconditionally too. To anyone else Claudia would have been seen as an abomination...but not to her true mate. He saw her for what she really was, a force of nature...a miracle of nature”

I sat back in my chair and took it all in. This was huge, this changed everything. It also explained why Clayton and so many others had wanted me gone. Shifters saw their own species as pure, any other species was second class...beneath them.
Once upon a time there had been dozens of species of shifter but eventually only the three most powerful predators survived. The wolf, the panther and the bear. To be able to shift into all three would be something else entirely.

I felt my stomach turn at the thought of telling Jayce. What would he think? How would he take it?

“So, my...inner voice, my animal subconscious. How come she hasn’t made it obvious to me what she is?” I asked.

Agnes shrugged and shook her head.

“That I can’t answer. Claudia’s animals almost appeared to all share the same subconscious. Her animal seemed to not know what she was until the shifts took place...maybe yours is the same”

I closed my eyes and listened for Rogue, willing her to come forward. I hadn’t heard from her since this morning when I had snapped at Jayce. Unable to locate her, it was obvious Rogue was still giving me the silent treatment.

I smiled sadly at Agnes and she patted my shoulder.

“He loves you Quinn, I can feel it. Jayce won’t turn his back on you just like Mason didn’t turn his back on Claudia”

I wished I believed Agnes but with the way Jayce had reacted this morning and the way he treated me a week ago, I couldn’t be sure.

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