Blood Stained

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Chapter 16 - Caged

Quinn POV

I didn’t even know what had just happened. I was so mad, so fucking angry. I wanted to scream, I wanted to smash up the room and punch holes in the walls...but I also wanted to cry.

I wanted to cry.

I wanted to bury my face in my pillow and cry. Cry for my mum, cry for my dad, cry for my brother. Cry for me...for Aria.

So the tears came. I had held them back for so long, I had been strong for so long.
But for what? To be humiliated by my so called mate? If this was what he thought of me and how he treated me before he knew my secret...then what the hell would life hold for us when he found out?
I let the tears fall and felt them slide down my cheeks. I watched as they fell and left tiny specs of dark blue on my mother’s nightdress.
What I wouldn’t give to have my mum here with me right now, to cradle me in her arms and to whisper in my ear. To tell me that everything was going to be alright while she stroked my hair. But she wasn’t here, none of my parents were and that was something that I would just have to live with.

I crawled into bed and pulled the sheets over my skin, letting the sobs slowly rock my exhausted body into a state of unconsciousness.

It will be alright, we’ll be alright

I listened to Rogue’s gentle words as I allowed the darkness to take hold, as I gave in to the night.


The sweat soaked my clothes and stung my eyes as I ran towards my house. The door was only metres away but I had been running towards it for hours.

I could hear my parents screams, I could hear them crying out for me to save them. The closer I got to the door the heavier my legs became.

I was crawling, dragging my body up the stairs. My hands wouldn’t grip, the sweat was making everything slippery. I couldn’t get inside. The screams were blood curdling. I had to save my parents!

Suddenly I was sliding backwards, someone was pulling my ankles, preventing me from doing what I had to do. I turned to see Jayce. He was a wolf, a big black wolf. He tore at my legs, blood spilling everywhere.
I tried to kick him away but it made him drag me more.

“Stop! Jayce! I have to save them, let me go!” I screamed.

Then I turned back to the house. My parent’s cries for help had stopped and a shadow lurked in the doorway.

It was him. Clayton.

“Found you” he laughed.


I kicked the sheets off and sat bolt upright in bed. A cold sweat had the material of my night dress clinging to my skin uncomfortably. I pulled the slip up over my head and dropped it on the floor next to me.

It was morning, or close enough to it. I could hear the first early birds singing their song and once again I could not remember what nightmares had woken me from my sleep.

At midnight tonight I would turn twenty. I would complete my first shift and I would finally be able to get some sort of life back. But first I had to get through today. My stomach turned as the memories of last night came flooding back to me. How Jayce had rejected me and chastised me for not being the good little mate I was meant to be.
If it was a Stepford wife that he was after then he was barking up the wrong tree.

Ha! Barking up the wrong tree. Good one.

I rolled my eyes and allowed myself a smile. It felt nice to smile even if it was only for a moment.

The day was warm and I made the most of it by having a look around the compound. Being a week day it was nice and quiet. Most people were either at work or school and it made it easier to get around without people gawking at me.

I was yet to meet a lot of the people here. Moira had said that after my birthday Jayce was planning to organise a party to introduce me to the pack properly.
I didn’t know if that was even on the cards now considering he couldn’t even bare to touch me, let alone look at me.

I decided to avoid the training grounds on my walk as I figured if Jayce was going to be anywhere it would probably be there, blowing off stream.
He hadn’t been in the house when I’d left my room. His door had been wide open and his bed seemingly un-slept in. I placed my hand over my stomach as I heard it grumble in protest.

Food! Eat!

I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast yesterday and I was starving. I was use to going a few days without food but lately it was a struggle. I was always hungry...and not always just for food.

Not wanting to raid Jayce’s kitchen I decided that I’d try to catch a bus into town and pick a few things up from the shops. Moira had leant me a small amount of money when I’d left her clinic the other day. She knew worst case scenario if Jayce couldn’t control his wolf that I may have to get out of town and I would need a little cash to start myself off. I had every intention of paying her back the moment I got some work.

I approached the gates of the confines and groaned as I noticed Brad standing guard.

“Can you open the gates please?” I asked politely.

Brad turned to face me and snarled. It was pretty clear that he didn’t like me. This didn’t bother me in the slightest as I couldn’t stand the sight of him.

“No” he answered bluntly.

“Excuse me?”

“Jayce has made it very clear to everyone that you are not to leave. So the answer is no”


I clenched my fists and Brad smirked at my obvious annoyance. How dare Jayce order his pack to keep me locked in here. I was not his property, I was a free person and should be free to go wherever I want.

“I’ll be your Luna one day, you are best not to piss me off!”

Brad laughed and crossed his arms over his barrel chest.

“Word is going around about your little spat last night. What’s to say that Jayce won’t get sick of you and find himself another wolf better suited for the role? There are plenty of bitches here that would be clawing to get back into their Alpha’s bed”

Brad smiled coldly and I found it hard to keep the hurt from my face.

“You’re a cunt” I spat and turned on my heel, storming back towards the pack house.

My anger was building. Rogue was acting like a caged animal. I could feel her clawing at my head, wanting to get out. I pressed my fingers to my temple, trying to ease the headache that pulsated through my brain.
I felt suddenly claustrophobic. Being told I couldn’t leave had given me the sensation of being tied down, like a wolf in a snare. I needed to get out of here.

I looked around for another way to get past Jayce’s little lap dogs.
That’s when I saw it. A smile spread over my face as I eyed off the large tree next to the far right boundary of the fence line.

Lucky I had spent my early childhood climbing a lot of trees.

Jayce POV

Last night had been damaging. After walking away from Quinn’s room I’d needed to get out of there. I could hear her crying as I had descended the stairs and I knew that if I’d stayed in the house I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from going back in.

I stayed the night next door at Cameron’s and stayed up until the early hours going over everything that had gone down.
Quinn wanted me, her animal wanted me. It was clear that one of the reasons she stayed locked in her room all day was to limit the temptation. I had obviously ruined all that when I’d stormed up the stairs and demanded she open her door.

I didn’t want the first time we had sex to be in the days leading up her first shift. I could remember the days leading up to my twentieth. I had been a moody, horny arsehole. I would have, and did, fuck every female that showed the slightest bit of interest...which was a lot to be honest.
Quinn wasn’t out there screwing every bloke that gave her a second look, I had never even seen her show interest in anyone else but me.

I was a prick. I could have handled last night a lot better than I did but I still had no regrets in my decision, very fucking difficult decision, to not sleep with her. When we did finally take that step it would be when we were both in tune with our animals. My wolf was much too fierce, much too testosterone fuelled to be anything but brutal with her. She would need the strength and stamina of her animal to not only keep up but to keep in one piece.
According to Quinn, she was going to be a force to be reckoned with after her shift. She hadn’t wanted to elaborate last night but time was running out, I needed to know what we were going to be dealing with.

I’d made the decision to drive back to Eastern Ridge this morning to speak to Agnes. If there was anyone that could shed any light on the discussion with Quinn, then it was her.

When I arrived Agnes refused to see me and Alec had all but sent me on my way. He seemed distracted and mentioned that his business with a neighbouring pack had not gone well yesterday.

It left me where I was now, driving back to Fern Creek, no closer to knowing what Quinn was and no closer to any other leads that I could possibly follow up before midnight.

I pulled up at the pack house and got out of the car. This was not going to be an easy conversation, but it needed to be had. If Quinn knew why she was different then she needed to tell me. Not just because I was her mate but because I was also her Alpha.
I had half considered asking Cameron or my father to sit in on the conversation to prevent a replay of last night; but the last thing I wanted was for Quinn to feel ganged up on.

I walked up the stairs and stopped at Quinn’s room. The door was closed but I could sense she wasn’t in there without even having to look. I breathed in the air around me, her scent was weak, she hadn’t been here for hours.

“Brad, have you seen Quinn?” I asked as I approached the gates.

“Yeah. She came here full of attitude a few hours ago. I told her she couldn’t leave and she called me a cunt. Real classy that one”

Before I knew what I was doing I grabbed Brad by the neck and slammed him back into the gate. Hearing him speak of my mate with such disdain did not sit well with me.
Brad’s eyes grew wide, more with shock than fear, he knew I wouldn’t rip his head off here in public.

Where is she?” I growled.

Brad coughed and I let go of his neck.

“I don’t know” he wheezed, rubbing his throat “She skulked off that way”

Brad pointed towards the pack house and I stormed off in that direction. I followed Quinn’s scent to the far right end of the compound. There was nothing there but trees, she was nowhere to be seen. I was about to call for Cameron when I stopped. Something caught my eye, glistening at the base of one of the trees. I knelt down and picked it up, it was Quinn’s flick knife. I had noticed it on her belt when we’d travelled to Eastern Ridge yesterday.

Then I realised where she was. I looked up and saw how the higher branches of the tree hung over the perimeter of the fence. My focus had always been in keeping people out of here...not keeping them in.


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