Blood Stained

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Chapter 22 - The Hall

Jayce POV

I quickly shut my bedroom door behind me and locked it.


My wolf thrashed wildly around in my head, threatening to tear my body to shreds at any moment. I knew this was a risk but when Quinn had told me she was a virgin and still needed to meet the pack, I had to take it.
If I hadn’t given Quinn’s animals some sort of release in her heated state then I knew she wouldn’t have been able to control her shift. The last thing I needed was a sexually frustrated panther or bear tearing up my pack house. Now I was having to deal with the consequences.

I stormed over to my dresser and ripped it’s door off the hinges, throwing clothes everywhere until I felt the cool metal of the lock box under my fingers. I dragged the box out and unlocked it with the key in my pocket.
My father had insisted on me keeping some of my own wolf sedative in my room and now I knew why.

I uncapped one of the syringes and stabbed it into my arm just as I felt my body begin to shift. I bit down on my arm to stifle the howl that erupted from within, the last thing I needed was Quinn to hear me and break into my room. I closed my eyes and counted down from thirty, focusing on my breathing and the beat of my heart. It didn’t take long for the sedative to take affect and I could feel my body begin to relax.

That had been too close. The animal magnetism between Quinn and I was extreme, it was more intense than I had anticipated. Even though my wolf was safely sedated I still had my own urges but I was more than capable to not act on them.

Now time for that cold shower.


“So the sedative works well then?” Cameron laughed as I sat with him on his porch, drinking a beer.

I had decided to get out of the house for a little bit, Quinn hadn’t left her room since our moment together so I figured she’d fallen asleep. I needed to clear my head and had decided to go pay my Beta a visit.

“Thank fuck for that” I answered, swigging back my beer.

“You know your wolf won’t let you keep going like this for much longer. You need to complete that bond or he’ll rip this place to shreds”

“I’m aware of that. Quinn wants to be introduced to the pack before she becomes their Luna, that’s pretty much the only reason we didn’t seal the deal tonight” I huffed.

“That and the fact she’s a virgin” Cam added with a hint of humour to his tone, “didn’t want to scare her off too quickly?”

I sighed and finished off my beer. He was right, in a sense. If we had had sex and my wolf had decided he wasn’t satisfied then I would have no control over my actions. The last thing I needed was for me to scare Quinn off for being too rough. Once that bond was completed there would be no going anywhere for Quinn, we would be mated for life wether she liked it or not.

“She deserves better. I might not be able to give her the flowers and chocolates kind of treatment but if I can ease her into things a little bit then I will”

“Yeah, I get it mate. So when does she meet the pack?” Cameron asked.

I had been thinking about this on the way over here. The meeting needed to happen soon. I was planning on waiting until Mason woke up but after tonight I really didn’t think waiting was an option.

“Tomorrow night? Something in the hall?”

Cameron sat back in his chair and nodded.

“I’ll make a couple of calls, I’m sure Beth and Hinkley can put something together. Beth won’t be stoked about the short notice but she’s itching to meet Quinn”

Beth was Cameron’s girlfriend. They had been together since high school, she was also a Fern Creek wolf. I always gave shit to Cameron about not marrying Beth. He’d never said it out loud but I felt the only reason he hadn’t locked her in was because he was waiting for his true mate. It made me realise how lucky I was to have found Quinn, the thought of living a life and never being truly satisfied was not something that sat well with me at all.

“I’m sure they’ll hit it off” I replied, a smile on my face.

Cameron’s face became serious and he leant forward, closing the space between us so he could lower his voice.

“Are you going to make the rest of the pack aware of her...uniqueness?” He asked.

“I don’t think we have a choice. People are already talking, they know her scent is different and a few of the older wolves have mentioned her likeness to Claudia. At the end of the day the pack will either accept her or they won’t”

“And I’d they don’t?” Cameron questioned.

“They can leave” I answered matter of factly.

I knew my pack was fiercely loyal to me and my father. Our dynamics were different to other packs, we had several wolves in relationships with humans. Twenty years ago this wouldn’t have been accepted and the thought of a human living within a wolf compound would have been scoffed at. My gut told me that after the initial shock of it wore off, my pack would accept Quinn as one of their own.

“Well alright then” Cameron said, his hands slapping against his knees, “I hope Quinn is ready, the poor girl won’t know what hit her”


“You ready Quinn?” I called from outside her bedroom door.

It was the night of the pack ‘get together’ so Quinn could be introduced to everyone. She hadn’t seemed too impressed this morning when I’d told her it was tonight, I guess being a typical girl Quinn would have liked more time to get something to wear or whatever it is they fuss about.

Quinn had spent the morning and early afternoon at the clinic, visiting Mason. My father was going to remain there tonight while we were at the hall so Quinn didn’t have to stress about anything. Mason was still unconscious and I could tell Moira was starting to get a bit concerned.

“Quinn?” I called again.

I heard some muffled profanities from the other side of the door and grinned to myself.

“I’ll be downstairs but if you’re not down in five then I’m coming in to get you. I don’t think you want the first time the pack meets you for you to be slung over my shoulder...”

The door swung open and Quinn stood there glaring at me. I would have laughed if it wasn’t for the fact she looked absolutely stunning.
Beth had dropped some makeup, dresses and hair stuff over this morning for me to give to Quinn and it seemed she had put them to good use.

Quinn wore a blue sundress that was peppered in tiny white flowers. The neckline was low, but not too low and the hem sat just above her knees. Her hair hung in soft, full waves down her back and over her shoulders. I looked at her face and smiled, seeing the only makeup she had was a little mascara and lip gloss. The woman was a masterpiece.

“Fuck me” I breathed, taking her in.

Quinn gave me a sultry grin and pushed passed me, descending the stairs.

“That’s the whole point” she called back.

Quinn POV

I was absolutely shitting myself. I had no idea what to expect from tonight. Part of me wanted to turn around and run back to the pack house but I knew that if I wanted to take the next step with Jayce then this night was necessary.

I stepped inside the large hall with Jayce by my side. I expected to be able to sneak in and just mingle as I pleased but it was like something out of a movie, with everyone turning to look at us.

“Relax” Jayce whispered as I squeezed his hand firmly.

I took a deep breath in and out and smiled as I saw Cameron approaching us with a very perky blonde by his side.

“Quinn. You remember Cameron” Jayce spoke as his Beta leant forward giving me a small peck on the cheek.

“Of course” I answered.

Cameron turned to the blonde woman and then back to me.

“Quinn. this is my girlfriend, Beth” he smiled, “Beth, this is Quinn”

Beth was adorable. She was about my height and quite petite. She had shoulder length blonde hair and rosy pink cheeks. She was definitely older than me but it was hard to pin point an age.

“That dress looks amazing on you! You definitely fill it out better than I do” she giggled, eyeing me up and down.

“Oh! I have you to thank for saving my butt today? Thank you for the supplies, I had nothing at Jayce’s...obviously”

Beth smiled again and took my hand. She had a warmth about her that I liked, she made me feel at ease.

“Come Quinn. Let’s go get a drink. I’ve got some people that are dying to meet you”

The next hour or so passed by in a blur. Beth had introduced me to some other she-wolves and I’d had a couple of champagnes to ease my nerves. Everyone seemed extremely welcoming and genuinely happy that Jayce had found his true mate. Even though the night was going smoothly I still had a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach. The pack didn’t know yet what I really was and it was only a matter of time before they did.

I had noticed a few people start to look at me quizzically, some even breathing in the air around me as I walked past. I could feel a level of anxiety creeping in, my eyes darting around the hall looking for Jayce.

“You ok Quinn?” Beth asked, her hand gently resting on my arm.

I nodded and continued to look around until my eyes locked with Jayce’s on the other side of the room. He smiled at me and indicated for me to join him.

“Yeah I’m good. If you’ll excuse me, I believe Jayce needs me”

I made my way across the room, stopping once or twice as people introduced themselves to me. When I finally made it to Jayce, he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me in close to him.

“I don’t know about you...but I’m starting to get tired of sharing you with other people” he drawled in my ear.

My body tingled and I licked my lips. Jayce wanted me alone and I knew exactly what he had in mind.

“Shall we do this then?”

“Do what?”

I barely got my words out when Jayce dragged me up on to the staged area at the back of the hall. He placed two fingers in his mouth and whistled. Silence fell across the room and everyone turned to face us.

Shit” I cursed under my breath.

Jayce smiled and pulled me in tight, his muscular arm still wrapped tightly around my waist. Wolf whistles erupted around the room, making my cheeks blush. I wasn’t use to being the centre of this much attention. I had spent my life hiding in the shadows so being on display like this made me feel somewhat uncomfortable. Jayce raised a hand, the room settling into silence once more.

“Thank you everyone for coming out tonight!” He started, his deep voice being easily heard around the whole hall, “for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of an introduction, this is my true mate, Quinn”

I lifted my hand up slightly in a half-wave and gave a little smile. I felt frozen to the spot, everyone stared at me.

“You’ll have to forgive her, she is a little shy but I’m sure come time you will all get to have a chat and get to know your future Luna”

I noticed a few of the wolves talking in hushed tones amongst themselves, my eyes narrowing as I noticed Brad being part of that group.

“Is there something you want to share with the rest of the pack?” Jayce growled, his eyes drawn to the same group as mine.

Brad looked up, his gaze resting on my face with a look of anything but acceptance on his features.

“Yes, Alpha” Brad begun, “We were just discussing your mate’s scent. It’s quite...peculiar. Wouldn’t you agree?”

I felt my body tense and Jayce tightened his grip on me. I couldn’t tell if he was trying to reassure me or if he wanted to rip Brad’s throat out.
More whispers could be heard around the room, making me feel more on edge than before.

Relax. Our Alpha has got this.

“Yes. I was just getting to that actually” Jayce replied, not a hint of animosity to be heard in his voice. He was calm and collected. Rogue was right, our Alpha had this.

“I’m sure you all detected Quinn’s unique scent. She doesn’t smell like your usual wolf and that’s because she isn’t”

The whispers became a little louder and Jayce raised his hand again. Silence fell over the room.

“When I was a young wolf, son of Alpha to the Fern Creek pack, I prayed to the Wolf Gods for a true mate. Not just any true mate, I wanted a mate that could one day rule alongside me as Luna and help turn Fern Creek into the strongest wolf pack around. The woman standing in front of you now is the answer to my prayers, she is powerful beyond belief and is everything this pack needs in a Luna”

I turned my head and looked up at Jayce, at my mate. My eyes were full of unshed tears listening to the way he spoke about me to his pack. No one had ever believed in me the way he did, he spoke with conviction and I could tell he believed in every word he said.

“I have always had this pack’s best interests in heart, I’ve never led you down the wrong path and anything my father and I have ever done has been to better the pack and help keep every wolf safe”

Heads nodded around the room, I could tell the pack was hanging on their Alpha’s every word.

“Quinn is our key. She is what this pack needs to stand high above the rest”

What is she?” Brad yelled.

The arrogant prick just wasn’t letting up. I knew he didn’t like me but this was next level.

“Quinn is like nothing we’ve ever seen, like I said” Jayce continued, glaring at Brad, “She can shift into all three shifter species”

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