Blood Stained

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Chapter 24 - This Won’t Do

Cami POV

The smell of death and decay overwhelmed my senses as I slowly returned to my conscious state. I tried to move my hands, hissing as my binds bit into my wrists. I had no idea how long I’d been down here, there was no natural light and I couldn’t hear any sounds from outside. I think maybe once a day they fed me but it didn’t feel like that had happened for a while. I groaned as my stomach rumbled and another wave of nausea took over.

I opened my eyes, wincing as I was reminded of the splitting pain across one of my cheek bones. I was pretty sure it was broken along with at least two of my ribs and three of my fingers.

To begin with they had been nice to me, well as nice as abductors could get. Then they changed and got mean. Clayton thought he could use me to get to Quinn but I knew better. Quinn had spent a large portion of her life making sure he didn’t lay hands on her and had lost her parents in the process. There was no way she would hand herself over just for me.

Clayton said that I was wrong though and believed that she would come running if she knew I was in trouble. The arsehole had a plan, I had no idea what it was but I knew he had one.

So that’s when I’d decided to make a run for it. When one of Clayton’s men came to bring me food I had lunged at him, scratching at his face like some kind of rabid dog and ran up the stairs. It was all in vain though, Clayton had been there waiting for me with an evil smile on his face.
I remembered screaming as his whole body contorted in front of my eyes and he turned into a giant white wolf. I was frozen to the spot with fear and disbelief. Then he sent me flying back down the stairs with one swift swipe of his claw.

I had been drifting in and out of consciousness since. They bound my ankles and wrists and left me in the dirt to rot. I had no idea if my injuries were from being thrown down a flight of stairs or if they had given me a beating afterwards.

One thing I knew for sure was that I was going to die down here. Clayton was not human and I’m assuming his men weren’t human either. I finally had an understanding of why Quinn had been so terrified of him for all those years but I still didn’t know what he wanted with her.

The sound of the door opening at the top of the stairs had me snapping back out of my thoughts. I was facing the opposite direction, all I could hear were heavy boots coming down the stone stairs and making their way towards me across the dirt.

I screamed as fresh pain radiated over my head from someone grabbing my hair and dragging me through the dirt.

“Shut up cunt!” Roared a man’s deep voice, who I knew straight away to be Clayton.

I bit my lip, not wanting to anger him further. My whole body hurt and I fought the darkness that threatened to take over. Maybe this was it, maybe he had come to kill me, finally. I was ready, I just hoped it was quick and reasonably painless.

Clayton stopped dragging me and dropped me back into the dirt. I flinched as I felt the cold steel of a blade slice my skin as it cut through the ligature around my wrists. I brought my arms in front me for a moment before Clayton grabbed me again and sat me on a wooden arm chair. I watched his every move as he took two zip ties from his pocket and fastened my arms to the chair.

I realised that this probably meant Clayton wasn’t going to kill me in this moment, or if he was it was going to be relatively drawn out.

Clayton took a step back and looked me up and down. It wasn’t like he was looking at a person, more like someone eyeing off a piece of art or a project they had to complete.

“No. This won’t do” I heard him mumble under his breath.

Before I had even a second to wonder what he was talking about, his open palm came flying towards my face. My whole body vibrated as he slapped me so hard I felt my teeth loosen in my mouth and my lip split all the way up to my nose. I coughed and choked as an overwhelming pain enveloped by body. My ears were ringing making me completely unable to hear a word Clayton was saying.

When I finally managed to lift my head it was only for enough time to see Clayton take my photo with an old Polaroid camera, before I closed my eyes and gave back into the darkness.

Quinn POV

Warm sunlight streamed through my bedroom window and the sound of birds stirred me from my sleep. I knew it must have been late morning but after the terrible night sleep I’d had, I just couldn’t bring myself to climb out of bed.

I knew Jayce had slept somewhere else last night, I couldn’t feel his presence near me. This both relieved and pained me. Relieved me because it helped to remove the sexual tension that had me climbing up the walls and pained me because I knew he couldn’t physically be in the same house as me without his wolf wanting to rip me to shreds.

When I had fallen asleep I had either dreamt of Jayce or had nightmares about my father wanting nothing to do with me. So needless to say, today wasn’t going to be fun but staying in bed was just delaying the inevitable.

I yawned and stretched out my arms and legs. I had a shower, washed my hair, brushed my teeth and dressed in my stock standard denim shorts and T-shirt. Feeling slightly more alive I walked over to the window and smiled as the sun beamed through.

A familiar tingle spread over my body and my eyes were drawn immediately to the training ground. My breath caught in my chest as I got sight of Jayce. He was shirtless and sparring with Cameron. Sweat dripped from his body and the sunlight reflected off his skin making him look like some kind of Greek God.

I smiled as I watched them, Cameron clearly struggling to keep up but still doing pretty well considering the size difference.
Cameron was still tall and fit but his muscle was lean, making him look quite slight up against Jayce. Jayce on the other hand was thick with muscle, you wouldn’t have thought he was built for speed but seeing him fight with Cameron proved otherwise.

I chewed my bottom lip as my eyes took in every inch of my mate. The way he side stepped, the way he threw a punch, the way he grappled, the way he laughed when Cameron caught him off guard and landed a punch to his ribs. He reeked of testosterone and Rogue was lapping it up.

I watched as Jayce front kicked Cameron in the back and sent him sliding through the dirt. The two laughed as Jayce put his hand out to help him up, Cameron grabbing it and dragging Jayce down with him. I giggled, watching them wrestle roughly but not rough enough to cause any real damage.

Seeing their friendship made my heart ache for what I had had with Cami. Up until now I hadn’t really had time to miss her but watching Jayce and Cameron had me longing for my own partner in crime. I knew that as soon as the whole Clayton thing was over I would go back to Cami and explain everything to her. Now that I knew what I was and where I fit in with life I owed it to her to give some answers. I knew Cami, I knew she would accept me for who or what I was.

My eyes drew themselves back to Jayce. He was taking a break from sparring, I licked my lips as I watched him drain a large bottle of water, his throat expanding and retracting and the liquid flowed down. He threw the bottle to the side and bent down to grab his T-shirt, using it to wipe the excess sweat from his brow and chest.

I clenched my thighs together and gripped the window sill as I took him in. I was hypnotised, imagining his vein covered biceps wrapping around me as he pinned me against his bedroom wall, the smell of his sweat mixed with mine and our bodies mashed together. I closed my eyes and my hand, having a mind of its own, slid across the material of my shirt and slowly massaged my breast. I moaned softly, imagining Jayce’s hand in place of mine. I pinched my nipple through the thin cotton and opened my eyes, feeling short of breath, and looked out the window again.

Oh fuck.

Two sets of eyes looked up at me. Cameron averted his gaze the second I caught him, his face bright red and a massive grin.
Jayce, on the other hand, wasn’t smiling. His eyes locked on mine, making my hand drop instantly from my breast. The muscles in his jaw clenched, as did his fists. He was mad, that I could tell and it made me nervous. He had never looked at me like that before. His eyes weren’t black, I knew it wasn’t his wolf glaring and was his human.

Oh shit. We’re in trouble.

Jayce POV

I drained every last bit of water from the bottle, the cool liquid quenching my thirst. It was fucking hot out here but I had needed to get my tension out somehow. It had actually been Cameron’s idea to have a bit of a spar and I felt like it had done the trick. I’d stayed the night at Cameron’s last night, not wanting to risk being so close to Quinn when all I really wanted to do was rip her clothes off and complete the bond. I’d cut her some slack due to the obvious situation with her father but I knew that soon I wasn’t going to be able to do that. The dramas in Quinn’s life would just have to take a back seat, my wolf had been patient long enough.

I reached down and picked up my t-shirt, using it to wipe the sweat from my face and body. The little bit of reprieve I had from the heat was short lived as a wave of fresh warmth washed over me. I felt my breathing deepen as I sensed a familiar scent. Cameron was standing, frozen to the spot beside me and I dropped my T-shirt as my eyes followed his line of sight.

Beta. If you want to keep your fucking balls I would look away right now if I were you!

Cameron averted his gaze immediately but I still caught the smart arse smirk on his face.

Quinn stood there in her window, cheeks flushed and the unmistakable scent of arousal filling the air. Her left hand gripping the window sill and her right hand fisting her breast...for the whole fucking world to see. I clenched my fists at the thought of other males in my pack watching my mate pleasure herself. It made my blood boil. I got some level of satisfaction as the look of lust on her face quickly turned into a look of fear.

I threw my shirt on to the ground and stormed towards my pack house. For once it wasn’t my wolf dragging me to Quinn. It was me, a man; a man that needed to teach his woman a lesson.

Don’t go too hard on her, Jayce. She is still learning about her new heightened hormones. We’ve all been there.

I rolled my eyes and ignored Cameron’s mind link. If Quinn had any idea of how reckless her behaviour was she would think again before rubbing her breasts in front of an open fucking window.
This pack was full of unmated males that would jump at the chance to have their way with someone that looked like her. The fact that she was the true mate of their Alpha would mean nothing, they were hot blooded wolves that sometimes only thought with one thing.

Until Quinn and I had completed our mating bond, she was full game. Sure, I would rip the head off any wolf that touched her but she was still technically on the market.

I threw the front door open and lunged up the stairs, three at a time. When I got to Quinn’s door I noticed it was shut and locked. I smiled to myself as I breathed in the smell of her fear from the other side. She knew I was here but she clearly wasn’t going to open the door for me.

Quinn...are you going to let me in?” I drawled, knocking on the door softly.

“Are you going to be nice?” She called back.

I rolled my head, cracking my neck in impatience.


“Fuck off then”

Right. You asked for it.

I lifted my leg and kicked the door, wood splintering as my foot went straight through it. I grabbed the broken panels with my hand and tore them away, giving myself enough room to force my body through. Quinn stood in the middle of the room, her head held high and a determined look on her face.

My gaze lowered to the object she grasped in her hand...wolf sedative. I watched as the side of her mouth curled into a half smirk, she was challenging me.

“Come and get me then” she teased.

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