Blood Stained

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Chapter 25 - Punishment

Jayce POV

“What do you plan on doing with that?” I asked, indicating to the syringe in Quinn’s hand.

“Come any closer and you’ll find out” she challenged.

“You realise that sedative will only work on my wolf...I’m a pretty big guy, if you hadn’t noticed. If I want to punish you then I will, I don’t need my wolf for that”

Quinn paused for a moment, taking in what I was putting across. I could tell she hadn’t thought that far ahead. Then she shrugged.

“Yeah you’re big but I’m unique”

I laughed loudly and crossed my arms in front of my bare chest. The woman actually thought she was a match for me, me! The Alpha of the Fern Creek pack. I knew she was strong but there was no way she would be even close to matching me.

“I’ll give you one chance to put that down. You should take it”

Quinn smiled and changed her stance, readying herself for whatever I had planned. In actual fact I had nothing planned. My intention had been to storm up here, have her quiver before me and then to slap her arse repeatedly until it was red raw.
I hadn’t anticipated that she would put up a fight or challenge me the way she was.

My cock twitched as I let my eyes take her in. Fuck she was sexy, standing there, clutching my sedative with a fire in her eyes. Normally I wouldn’t entertain this behaviour for a second from any female I had been with, then again, no female I had been with had ever fought me the way Quinn had. It made her who she was, I liked it... I’d never tell her that though.

I shrugged my shoulders and uncrossed my arms, slowly reaching down to my belt. I kept my eyes locked on Quinn as I began to unbuckle it.

“W-what are you doing?” She asked, her voice faltering and deceiving her confident stance.

I continued to undo my belt, slowly and smoothly pulling it through every loop hole. Quinn chewed her lip as she watched me, I could feel the energy in the room change as she shifted her balance from one foot to the other.

Once the belt was out I folded it in half and ran the leather across my palm. I watched Quinn’s eyes widen and dilate as I lifted the belt up and slapped it down on my hand.

“Back in my day if we misbehaved or acted out of line, our teachers or parents would punish us. Did you ever get the strap Quinn?”

Quinn swallowed, eyes not leaving the leather in my hand.

“You’re neither my teacher or my parent” she answered, voice shaking.

“No. But I am your Alpha”

Quinn looked up at me, her eyes narrrowing.

“You wouldn’t dare”

My wolf was enjoying every second of this. We had our prey cornered and exactly where we wanted her. Apart from the syringe in Quinn’s hand, she was ours for the taking. I slapped the leather across my palm again and sauntered towards Quinn. I smiled as she took a few steps back, her confidence waning as I closed in.

“Don’t think for a second that I won’t use this” she spat, holding the syringe in her fist at shoulder height.

“Don’t think for a second that I’ll let you” I answered, taking another step towards her.

“Why the hell would you give me these if you thought I had no chance using them then?”

I shrugged my shoulders. I knew that if my wolf was out of control that Quinn would easily be able to blind side me with a syringe. If I was fighting to prevent a shift then that would be taking all of my focus and concentration, the wolf would never see it coming. Right now though, my wolf was not clouding my judgement or hindering my concentration. I was completely in control.

“Pop the syringe down and I’ll make sure this doesn’t hurt anymore than it needs to”

“No! I’m not a child. You don’t get to do this!” Quinn squealed.

“Well you’re acting like a child, a very naughty one”

I took another step towards Quinn, raising my eyebrow as she looked past me to the doorway. She was weighing up her options but in actual fact she only had two options. She could drop the syringe and give into her punishment or she could come at me with the syringe, lose the fight and still receive her punishment.

“You really think you could get through me and out that door?” I asked.

Quinn sighed and shook her head. I smiled as she put the syringe down on the dresser and turned back to face me. She gave up a lot easier than I anticipated. She was finally realising who her Alpha was.

“Happy?” She asked, a hint of animosity in her voice.

“I will be” I answered, slapping the leather belt on to my palm again, “once I’m satisfied you’ve learnt your lesson”

Quinn’s eyes widened and she crossed her arms in front of her.

What lesson?!”

“Not to pleasure yourself in open view for all my hot blooded wolves to see...” I growled.

Quinn scoffed, her cheeks pinking slightly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she lied.

“So was it all the wolves that had you hot under the collar? Is it my Beta that takes your fancy...or maybe it was Matt? Brad?

I hated the fact I was jealous. My wolf knew it was me that Quinn was watching but I still didn’t like the idea of her getting an eyeful of the other virile males down there. I knew her sex drive was high right now, I would lose my mind if anyone else in my pack had her eye.

Excuse me?! Are you fucking kidding me?” Quinn hissed, her eyes flashing black for a second.

Oh, she’s pissed.

“When have I ever given you reason to think I would be interested in anyone else? It was you! It’s always been you!”

Quinn took two steps towards me, closing the gap. My heart began to beat faster as she tilted her head back to look up at me.

“You still need to be punished” I murmured, lightly stroking the belt along her thighs.

Quinn licked her lips. I tightened my grip on the belt as Quinn raised her hands, slowly reaching for the button at the top of my jeans.

“What are you doing?” I rasped as she popped the button open.

Quinn looked up at me as she unzipped my fly, her blue ice hot with passion.

“What do you think?”

I grabbed Quinn’s hand, preventing her from going any further. She was trying to control the situation and as much as I loved the idea of what ever she was planning...I was in control, not her. Quinn raised her eyebrow and looked down at the belt in my other hand.

“So that’s it? I try to get myself off while watching my mate and Alpha... then get the strap for it?”

“You know there’s more to it than that. This is what’s happening, you can’t change my mind”

Quinn sighed, looking back up at me. Just as I was about to tell Quinn where I wanted her I felt a sharp jab in my thigh.


I looked down to my leg to see a syringe poking out of it.

Fucking sneaky bitch!

Quinn slid her other hand from my grasp and tried to side step past me towards the door. Her attempt to escape was all in vain as I grabbed her by the neck and pulled her back towards me. Quinn yelped and squirmed as I held her in place.

“Why?!” I roared, glaring at her and using my free hand to rip the needle from my thigh.

“To show you I could” she hissed back, “I had a spare in my back pocket”

I was speechless. I couldn’t believe the cunning little shit had outsmarted me. I didn’t feel the rage that I should have, my wolf was safely tucked away and sedated for the next half hour. I felt bewildered and slightly...proud?

“You’re hurting me” she groaned.

“No I’m not...but I will be in a minute”

I knew if Quinn really wanted to that she would shift, I was actually pretty surprised that she hadn’t already.

In Quinn’s mind she was still in control. She knew that stabbing me with that syringe wouldn’t actually change the outcome, she just wanted to prove her point. Quinn knew I was going to punish her and she was ok with that.

“Take your shorts off” I ordered, not letting go of her neck.

Quinn huffed and unbuttoned her shorts, kicking them off without breaking eye contact.

“Good” I said, “now, I’m going to let you go and you’re going to walk over to the bed. I want you to get on the bed and lie on your stomach”

Quinn nodded and I released my grip, knowing full well she wasn’t going to run from me again. I watched Quinn turn her back on me and walk slowly to the bed. Her arse was perfect. It was ample and round, barely covered in a white piece of lace that tucked perfectly between her cheeks.

“Good” I breathed when Quinn was in the position I wanted her in. I strode over to her and brushed my hand lightly over her skin. I clenched my jaw as her glutes tensed under my touch, taking all my will power not to slap her with my bare hand.

“I’m only going to strap you four times” I said, “two on each side”

Quinn nodded and gripped the bedsheet in her fists, anticipating what was to come. I kept my belt folded in half with the buckle hidden safely in my hand. I lifted the leather up three feet from her arse and sent it down, making a sharp slapping sound as it bit into her skin. Quinn barely flinched, not making a sound.


I lifted my hand again at the same height and struck the other cheek. Quinn once again not moving a muscle.


I had been hoping for a bit more of a reaction from her, maybe a little cry or the sound of air escaping between clenched teeth. Instead she gave me nothing. I grabbed a glass of water from the bedside table, Quinn turned her head to the side, wondering what I was doing.

“Eyes front” I growled.

Quinn turned her head back, burying her face in the sheets. I tipped the cup slightly, directly above her arse, cold water dripping down and glistening over her skin. I placed the glass back down and lifted the strap, sending it slapping back down on to the first cheek. This time Quinn flinched, her legs straightening and toes curling. This is what I wanted.


I lifted the belt up one last time. Quinn’s body remained tense, she knew what was coming. I lifted the belt an extra foot higher and slapped it back down.

“Ah fuck!” Quinn hissed as the leather made contact.


I smiled to myself as I looked down at my handy work. She had two nice welts on each cheek, the skin wasn’t broken and she wouldn’t bruise. It was a lesson and a lesson that I would quite happily teach again if needed.

“You can get dressed now” I said, weaving my belt back into my jeans.

Quinn rolled over on the bed, looking up at me. She was breathtaking. Her hair was still damp from her shower and her t-shirt didn’t do much to hide the perfect size and shape of her breasts. Her legs long and muscular with her tiny little lace panties barely hiding what was between them.

“Is that what you want?” She answered.

Quinn sat up on the edge of the bed and put her hands over mine just as I was about to slide my belt through the last loop.

“Is this what you want?” I asked, searching her face for any indication that she thought this wasn’t the right idea.

Even without my wolf at the surface, the need I had for Quinn was palpable. She was everything that I wanted, everything that I needed. She was warm, she was strong, she was vulnerable but she was fierce. If Quinn was ready to complete the mating bond, I wasn’t going to stop her.

“Yes” Quinn answered.

I let go of my belt and allowed Quinn unbutton and unzip my fly. I could feel her breath on my abdomen as she leant forward, slowly pulling my jeans down to my knees.

Suddenly a loud explosion sounded from outside, shortly followed by a siren and yelling.

What the fuck?!

I pushed Quinn back and pulled my jeans up, fasting the button.

“What’s that?” She asked, fear in her voice as she looked towards the window.

“The compound alarm. We’re under attack”

Quinn looked to me, her fear escalating to terror. As much as I wanted to comfort her I had to do my job, as Alpha I had to protect my pack. I knelt on the bed and pulled Quinn towards me, pressing my lips firmly against her’s until I felt her reciprocate.

“What ever happens, you are to stay here. I don’t want you leaving this room. Do you understand?”


“Quinn! Do you understand?!”

“Yes” she sobbed, looking away.

My heart broke as I walked towards what was left of the bedroom door. I turned to look at her again.

“I’ll be back for you, I promise”

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