Blood Stained

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Chapter 26 - Monster

Cameron POV

I’d left the training grounds as soon as Jayce had stormed off to the pack house, I didn’t want to be in hearing distance when he and Quinn...sorted their issues out.

I found their relationship confusing, it stumped me as to why they hadn’t completed the bond already. I knew for a fact that if I had found my true mate, I would have competed the bond the second I got the chance.
I loved Beth but she wasn’t my true mate. Seeing the way Jayce lost his mind around Quinn had re ignited my need to find what I knew was out there. It wasn’t fair on Beth either, she had a true mate somewhere too, that she was destined to be with. The longer she stayed with me the less likely she would be to go in search for him.

I was walking back towards my house when I heard a commotion coming from the entrance of the compound. I changed my direction and started heading towards the gates. As I neared I could see Brad and Luca, one of our other fighters, in a heated conversation with someone on the other side of the gate. I sniffed the air and my wolf stirred inside me.


There was no mistaking the scent of the wolves outside the compound. I was picking up three different wolves but I couldn’t pinpoint the pack they were from. The fact that it wasn’t a familiar scent suggested they were from a pack we hadn’t had dealings with and therefore potentially a hostile pack.

“What’s going on?” I asked Brad, interrupting the yelling match.

“These guys say they want to see the Alpha” he growled, indicating to the two men standing behind the fence line, “but I told them that we had no fucking idea who they were so they weren’t coming in”

I looked at the two men. They were both in their thirties and very rough around the edges. One was blonde with long, messy dreadlocks and an unkempt beard. He was quite tall and broad. The other was pale and had messy red hair. He was shorter than the other one and quite lean and muscular. He had a large scar that started above his left eyebrow and ended underneath the right side of his jaw.

“Your Alpha will want to hear what we have to say” Dreadlocks grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

I still couldn’t pinpoint their scent but there was something about it that had my hairs standing on end and my wolf readying itself for a shift.

“I’m Beta of The Fern Creek Pack. Tell me why you want to see our Alpha and I’ll decide wether I go get him or not” I answered sternly.

The two men glanced at each other then back to me.

“You’re Cameron?” The redhead asked.

“I am. What pack are you from?”

The men looked at each other again, they were communicating through their mind link, it was pretty obvious to tell.

I don’t like this.

I nodded at Luca’s pack link to both Brad and I. I tried to link Jayce to let him know we had company but something was blocking me getting through to him. Then I remembered the third wolf scent I had picked up when approaching the gates.

“Where’s your friend?” I asked, looking around to see if I could locate the third wolf.

Dreadlocks shrugged.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s just us. Now go get your Alpha!”

“Bullshit mate. I could fucking smell the three of you a mile away! What are you playing at?” Roared Brad and he stepped towards the gate.

The two wolves moved quickly. Dreadlocks reached his hand through the bars of the gate, grabbing Brad by the neck. Before I had time to react I saw the redhead jump backwards and Dreadlocks used his other hand to pull something out of his pocket.

“Grenade!” I yelled, grabbing Luca and diving to the side just as the device exploded.

My ears were ringing and I rolled off Luca, coughing as dirt and dust filled my lungs and coated my mouth. I squinted through the haze and I forced myself up on my feet. I could see that Luca was alive, he was just stunned and carrying a few cuts and grazes.


I put my hand gingerly over my stomach as pain started to kick in. I looked down, I was bleeding...a lot. I could hear the alarm sounding, alerting everyone in the pack that we were under attack.

“Luca. Get up” I groaned.

Luca was on all fours, struggling to get to his feet.

“I can’t see” he coughed, wiping the dirt off his face, “Is Brad ok?”

Brad? Brad, answer. Where are you?

The pack link fell silent. There was no response. I remembered now that Dreadlocks had Brad around the throat just before the explosion. I shook my head, trying to find my bearings and made my way through the dust towards the gate. Other pack members had already started flooding the area, several helping Luca to his feet.

“Cam! Are you ok? Is everyone ok? What the fuck happened?!” I looked over to see Jayce running towards me, the dust starting to settle.

“I’m ok, Luca is ok. I haven’t found Brad yet, he is alive...I haven’t felt the pack bond break. I don’t know how he would possibly be alive though...”

Jayce POV

I looked down at Cameron’s hand, covering a wound on his stomach. I grabbed his hand, pulling it out of the way. There was a large gaping hole of blood and flesh.

“You are not ok” I breathed, staring at the injury.

“I’ll be fine, it’s already starting to heal. Jayce there were two wolves of unknown origin. They were asking for you, one of them had a grenade...”

I looked over to what was left of the compound gate, twisted steel and metal lay on the ground, still hot from the explosion. No one had ever come at our pack like this before. Who attacks a pack like Fern Creek with only two wolves?

“I don’t understand” Cameron panted, looking down at the ground around us, “Where is Brad?”

I stepped over a lump of flesh and a severed arm, it was obvious to me that these weren’t from Brad. I couldn’t identify the scent, it almost had a rogue wolf feeling about it though.

“Over here!”

I turned and ran towards Matt, he was crouched down behind one of the pack’s vehicles parked along the fence line. As I neared him my stomach turned, I could see a body lying at his knees and I knew from the clothing that it was Brad.

“Moira!” I yelled and came up next to Matt. Moira came running and dropped to her knees on the other side of Brad.

“Oh my god” she whispered as she looked down at him, her hand covering her mouth.

Brad, one of my strongest fighters, was barely recognisable. His face was black from burns and a large piece of steel protruded from his chest. His right leg was hanging by a few chunks of meat and the blood loss was immeasurable.

“He’s still alive” I said, knowing the moment he crossed over the whole pack would feel the bond break.

Moira looked up at me, sadness in her eyes. I knew there would be nothing she could do. The blood loss was too extreme, his wolf would not be able to heal injuries such as these. He was dying, injuries sustained not compatible with life.

“He must have d-dragged himself here” Cameron stammered breathlessly, “why?”

I looked around at the dirt on the ground. From the what was left of the gate to Brad’s position now, there were drag marks where he had clearly pulled himself through the dirt. I then looked ahead of his body and could see boot prints that led around the vehicle and further into the compound.

“Cameron, we have one dead wolf at he gates. How many more should there be?” I asked, sniffing the air.

The scent of the unknown wolves was lingering but strongly masked by the smell that had been emitted from the grenade blast and the smell of burnt flesh.

“There was a red headed wolf, he j-jumped out of the way before the blast. We could also smell a th-third wolf...but we never saw it”


I knew that meant we had one, potentially two, hostile wolves within our gates. I growled under my breath, how fucking dare they?! I would find them and I’d rip their fucking throats out. Then I realised what they would be after, I felt the colour drain from my face and the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.


Quinn POV

I ran over to the window and looked outside, I couldn’t really see what was going on from where I was but I could see pack members running to the direction of the compound entrance.

I was pissed that Jayce had ordered me to stay. I was strong, without training I was probably stronger than the majority of his pack if I shifted. Jayce clearly just saw me as a damsel in distress. It was time to prove him wrong.

I pulled my shorts on and walked over to the destroyed bedroom door. I grinned to myself, remembering how Jayce had literally kicked it in to get to me. Just as I was about to step through it I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Surely Jayce wouldn’t be back for me already, he would have only just made it to the gates by now. I sniffed the air, it wasn’t Jayce and it wasn’t a Fern Creek wolf. I side stepped quietly and grabbed the flick knife from by bedside table, placing it in the back pocket of my shorts.

I held my breath as the footsteps got closer, stopping just outside my room.

“I can smell your fear little wolf” a deep male’s voice sounded from the hallway.

I took another step back as a large, very large man stepped into my doorway, filling the frame with his towering size. The wolf looked like he should have been a professional wrestler, he was a giant and had to duck just to enter the room. An evil grin was plastered across his face as he looked me up and down, making my skin crawl. He was bald, a tattoo of a black widow covering half his face. One eye black and the other eye green, he was something straight from a horror movie.

“Well aren’t you something?” The behemoth drawled as he moved closer to me.

I knew he would be stronger than me in our human forms. I hadn’t shifted since the night of my birthday and wasn’t overly confident that I’d be able to complete my shift before the monster ripped my head from my shoulders. I had to think of something and quick.

“You’re a big fella, aren’t ya?” I trilled, giving him my best ‘pageant girl’ smile.

The brute smiled back, his gaze lingering over my chest as he licked his lips. I knew the game I had to play, it made me sick but I needed to buy myself some time.

“In more ways than one” he groaned, palming his cock through his jeans.

I swallowed back the bile that rose in my throat and took another step backwards, until I felt my calves graze the bed. I smiled again and sat down.

“Sounds like my kind of wolf...” I purred, “well, don’t tease me...come show me”

Frankenstein’s eyes widened and he didn’t waste anytime moving his giant body in front of me. My heart racing in my chest, I got up on to my knees so my face was at crotch height. I wanted to vomit but if my plan was going to work I knew I needed to be convincing.

“Clayton said we couldn’t kill you but he said nothing about fucking your dirty little whore mouth” the monster moaned, fumbling with his belt and unzipping his jeans.


I kept my head down so not to show the beast the pure hatred and fear that would clearly be playing on my features. I knew as soon as I heard the explosion that he had come for me but hearing his name stirred emotions that I had pushed aside for the last few weeks. I knew in that moment that I would fight with everything I had, I wouldn’t let Clayton take me.

The monster flipped his veiny dick out as fisted it in front of my face. It was now or never.
I grabbed his cock with one hand and with the other I grabbed my knife from my pocket, flicking it out and holding it against the disgusting pulsating worm.

“Don’t fucking move!” I growled, getting deep satisfaction from the sudden look of terror on the wolf’s face, “move a fucking muscle and I’ll cut your dick off. Don’t think for a second I won’t!”

I couldn’t risk him shifting and I knew a blade to his most important body part would be my only ticket out of here. Jayce wouldn’t be far away, he promised he’d come back for me I just hoped it was soon.

“You spill even a drop of blood and I’ll rip your fucking throat out!” He growled under his breath.

“I’m the one with a knife to your dick, you don’t get to speak!” I hissed.

Suddenly I was dragged backwards, pain radiating over my head as someone pulled me away by my hair. The knife dropped from my hand and I stumbled as I was thrown off the bed.

Shit. Jayce, where are you?!

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