Blood Stained

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Chapter 27 - The Display

Quinn POV

I stumbled to regain my footing as the new intruder grabbed me by the neck and threw me against the wall. Panic hit my body in a wave, I was fucked. I had been facing the doorway the whole time, I knew this wolf must have come in through the window. Where the hell was Jayce?!

I looked at the man that had me by the throat. He was about my height with dirty red hair and a scar that ran diagonally across his face.

“You little cunt slut!” Roared the monster as he came up next to me, punching a hole in the wall next to my head.

I flinched, clenching my jaw as the redhead’s grip tightened around my throat. I could feel something building up inside me, a rage unlike anything I had ever felt. I felt hot, like my skin was on fire.

“Nearly had your dick cut off by a little girl” the redhead slurred, spit hitting my face as he spoke, “gimme that blade”

The monster handed Redhead my flick knife and he grinned, stroking the cold metal against my cheek.

“Would hate to cut up that pretty little face of yours” he drawled, “but I think you need to be taught a lesson”

I refused to scream as the blade bit into my skin, I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction. I felt the blood running down my skin as the wolf sliced horizontally across my cheekbone.

“Think you’re tough, bitch?” Growled the behemoth, “move out of the way!”

The redhead side stepped as the larger wolf grabbed my hair and slammed my head against the wall. My vision went black for a second, returning just in time to see his fist coming straight for my face. The pain was intense as his hand, twice the size of my head, collided with my nose. I coughed, spiting blood into the wolf’s face. The monster grabbed the knife from his mate and held it firmly against the skin just under my jaw, this was it...he was going to kill me.

“Remember what Clayton said” the redhead spoke up, coming alongside the bigger wolf, “don’t kill her, just take her or at the very least...deliver the message”

“Fuck Clayton” growled the wolf.

Before the monster could push the blade any further I heard heavy footsteps up coming fast up the stairs. I could smell him before I even saw him appear in the doorway.

“LET HER GO!” Jayce roared, coming up behind the wolves.

The monster didn’t budge, his eyes locked with mine. The redhead stepped between us and Jayce.

“I wouldn’t come any closer if I were you” he sneered, “unless you would prefer your slut a head shorter”

Jayce POV

I stopped in my tracks as I got sight of Quinn’s flick knife pressed firmly against her neck. My blood began to boil as her face came into view, bloodied and broken. I felt the rage flowing through my veins and the urge to kill take over but something was different.

Oh fuck no!

My face paled as the realisation hit me. I couldn’t shift, my wolf was still sedated. Quinn looked into my eyes, I could tell that she had realised too and the small ounce of hope that she had began to fade. I could see that she was fighting her shift, with a blade pressed like that against her neck she would be dead before the first bone even broke.

“What, Alpha? She’s not even worth your wolf coming out to play?” The redhead jeered.

“She must be a lousy fuck” the bald one spat, “although I’d still like to find out”

I clenched my knuckles as the large wolf licked the blood from Quinn’s cheek. I would fucking kill them if it was the last thing I did. I knew even with my wolf sedated that I could take the smaller one out without even breaking a sweat but there was no way I would risk it with a knife against my mate’s throat. I couldn’t even mind link the rest of my pack with my wolf in his current state, I was as good as human.

“Just let her go and I’ll make sure no one stops you on your way out. You have my word” I lied, hoping they would take the bait.

Even if they killed both Quinn and I, they had no chance of getting out of the compound alive. Then I remembered the wolf that had blown himself to shreds at the gate. The redhead wolf shrugged his shoulders and smiled, as if reading my thoughts.

“We had no intention of leaving here alive anyway” he answered, matter of factly, “we have our orders, we follow them”

“Speak for yourself” the bald wolf growled, still focused on Quinn, “if I’m going to die today I’ll be taking this little slut with me. What’s Clayton going to do? Kill me?”

I knew from the beginning that Clayton had to be behind this attack, the coward couldn’t even do his own dirty work.

“You know the plan. Follow it!” The redhead growled through gritted teeth.

The smaller wolf kept his focus on me but I knew he was distracted.

“Can’t you smell her?” The monster hissed, “she is an abomination! There is nothing pure about her. Clayton lied...she can’t be allowed to live!”


I lunged forward as the large wolf pressed the blade into Quinn’s neck, her eyes growing wide as blood flowed from the wound. The redhead jumped at me, shifting into his wolf as I tried to throw him to the side.

“Quinn!” I screamed.

The red wolf had me pinned to the ground, I grabbed the top of his mouth with one hand and the bottom with the other as he snarled and snapped at my face. I used all of my strength to open the wolf’s mouth as wide as possible until I heard a loud crack, his bottom jaw separating from his face. The wolf cried as it’s jaw hung loosely, swaying from side to side, trying to regain his bearings.

I looked to Quinn, she gripped the large wolf’s hand, struggling to hold it still as he tried to slit her throat. She was fighting, she was strong but I could tell she couldn’t hold it any longer.

Suddenly a huge, grey wolf came barreling into the room, throwing the red wolf and I to the side. I grabbed the red wolf’s head, twisting it with everything I had until I heard the satisfying crunch of it’s neck snapping. I jumped to my feet and watched as the grey wolf grabbed Quinn’s attacker by the back of his head with his mouth and rag dolled him like he was nothing, throwing him to the other side of the room.

I ran to Quinn as she stood near the window, in shock with everything that had just taken place. I exhaled in relief as I looked at her neck, the bleeding had already started to slow. She was healing fast.

“I’m so sorry Quinn” I breathed, wrapping my arms around her.

Quinn squeezed me back. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d lost her. The pain of nearly losing her was more than I could handle. I needed Quinn, even without the mating bond she was still part of me. She was my oxygen, I couldn’t live without her. I had promised Quinn that I would never let anyone hurt her...and I had broken that promise.

I stepped back as Quinn let go of me, looking past me to the monster in the corner. He was unconscious but I could tell he was coming around pretty quickly. The grey wolf stood over him, snarling.


“Don’t kill him” Quinn murmured, walking over to her father.

Mason looked up at Quinn and something passed between them. Mason stepped back, giving Quinn the room she needed.

The monster slowly rose to his feet, cracking his neck and wiping away the blood from the back of his scalp. I clenched my fists as he looked at Quinn, pure hatred in his eyes.

“What? You miss my big, fat cock already?” He spat, grabbing the front of his jeans.

Mason growled and pawed at the floor in front of him. I could tell he wanted this fucker dead just as much as I did.

“I’m going to enjoy killing you” Quinn answered, not even a hint of fear or doubt in her voice.

I could feel my wolf stirring inside me, his pride evident. Even though I knew I could shift now, part of me knew that it wouldn’t be necessary.

The monster roared, ripping his shirt from his body, his bones cracking as he began to shift. Quinn followed suit, her back arching and clothes tearing as her body contorted and broke. Quinn’s shift was over a lot faster than I had anticipated, her beautiful silver wolf once again taking my breath away.

The monster had shifted into a tan wolf, twice Quinn’s size; easily. I watched as Mason stepped back, giving the two room, waiting for one of them to make the first move. The tan wolf wasted no time, lunging at Quinn. She held her ground, grabbing him by the throat and throwing him effortlessly out the window.

Quinn growled, deep in her chest and paced over to the window, looking to the ground below. The tan wolf had landed in the middle of the training grounds and slowly rose to his feet. No doubt he had a few broken bones but they would heal quickly.

Quinn turned her head to face Mason, something passed between them again and it was at that moment that I knew they were communicating through a pack link. It made complete sense, they were bound by blood...they would forever be connected.
Mason nodded his head at Quinn and she turned back around. Her body began to twist and break and suddenly a beautiful silver panther stood in her wolf’s place. I watched as she climbed up on to the window sill and leapt to the ground below, barely even making a noise as she landed perfectly in the dirt.

I had to get down there quickly, Quinn was strong but it wasn’t the tan wolf I was concerned about. The rest of my pack were on edge from the attack, I didn’t want them turning on Quinn’s panther...she would tear them apart.

I ran past Mason and took the stairs, three at a time. I was out the front door quickly and arrived at the training grounds. The tan wolf stood in the centre, baring his teeth and snarling at Quinn as she padded around him. Other pack members had began to surround them, a few had shifted into their wolves and were clearly eyeing off both Quinn and the wolf.

No one is to intervene! That is an order!

The sound of low growls and protests could be heard around the compound. I didn’t care if they weren’t happy about it, they needed to see what Quinn could do and not get in her way.

The tan wolf howled and fluffed his fur up, clearly in an attempt to intimidate Quinn. She didn’t falter though and continued to circle her prey.

“She is just like her mother”

Mason came up next to me in his human form, followed closely by my father.

“Thank you for coming when you did” I said to him.

Mason’s eyes didn’t leave his daughter, instead he just nodded his head.

Quinn hissed, her tail flicking from side to side. Her silver coat glistened magically under the hot sun, it was really a sight to behold. I could tell the wolf wasn’t going to make the mistake of making the first move again, he was dumb...but clearly not that dumb.

Quinn stopped pacing and squared herself up in front of the wolf, she showed off her white fangs and leapt through the air towards him. The tan wolf rolled to the side, just missing Quinn’s pounce. He jumped to his feet and turned his body with speed, jaws snapping at Quinn’s ankles. Quinn was too quick for his attack though and darted easily out of the way. The wolf went for her again and again, Quinn moving out of the way at the last second every time.

I could tell the wolf was getting worked up the more Quinn dodged his advances. He was fast for his size but no match to Quinn’s agility. It was clear to see that she was toying with him; like a cat with a ball of yarn.

As if she had gotten bored and decided enough was enough, Quinn grabbed the tan wolf by the neck and threw him to the ground. He was so much bigger than her but she had no problem over powering him. I looked around to the audience that had congregated on the sidelines of the training ground. Everyone was watching in silence as Quinn held the wolf down, her claws buried in his skin.

Quinn bit down harder into the wolf’s neck, blood spilling into the dirt and his body writhing under hers. What happened next though had everyone gasping. Pack members stepped back as Quinn’s body vibrated and her panther shifted into a giant, silver grizzly bear. Her teeth were still around the wolf’s neck and she ripped her head away, tearing a large chunk of the wolf’s throat out with it.

My eyes locked with Quinn’s as she looked over to me, blood coating her fur. She was putting on a show and I could tell from the silence around me that it was working. For the finale, Quinn grabbed the wolf in her claws and stood on her hind legs. She towered ten feet into the air, holding the limp wolf above her head.

Before anyone could breathe Quinn ripped the tan wolf in half, blood and guts spilling everywhere. Everyone gasped. She threw the carcass to the side and dropped back down on all fours, snorting as she hit the ground. Quinn’s body cracked and twisted until she shifted back into her human form again.

My breath caught in my throat as I stared at my mate. She stood before me, her naked body drenched in the blood of her victim, her blue eyes locked on mine. She was spectacular, she was fierce...she was mine.

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