Blood Stained

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Chapter 29 - The Bond

Jayce POV

“Well, the attack makes sense now. They were here to send a message...not to try to take Quinn”

I nodded at my father’s comment and squeezed Quinn’s hand under the table. After Quinn’s discovery last night I had organised my father, Cameron, Mason and Moira to meet us at the pack house this morning to discuss the situation. Quinn had just about lost her mind after finding the photo and I had to mind link Moira to bring something strong over to help her sleep. Now that she’d had a few hours I think she was feeling a little better but I could tell her heart was broken.

“Clayton knows that The Orcann Pack are no match for us. He wants Quinn to come to him, like it or not...Cami is bait” Cameron added.

“She is more than just bait to me” Quinn spat.

She looked at me, her eyes red from crying. It wasn’t hard to see how important this woman was to Quinn, she was her best friend. I tried to think how I would feel if someone had done this to Cameron. I knew that I would stop at nothing to get him back. Clayton had Quinn exactly where he wanted her but I had a feeling he hadn’t bargained on her telling me.

“We will figure this out, I promise” I whispered.

“You promise? Do you remember the last thing you promised me? How well did that work out?”

I winced at Quinn’s comment. She was right though. I had promised that I wouldn’t let anyone hurt her and I had broken that promise.

“I’m sorry” Quinn muttered, gripping my hand again, “I’m just so frustrated. Sitting around here talking isn’t going to help. We need to go get Cami”

“If you go there, then you are playing right into Clayton’s hands” Mason interjected.

“Your father is right. We need a plan” I said.

Quinn stood up, throwing her hands in the air.

“I am the fucking plan! Did you not see what I did to that wolf yesterday? I plan on doing that and much worse to Clayton”

I knew Quinn was pissed off and rightly so. I also knew she was strong. Something was off though, there had to be more to Clayton’s plan than to just hope Quinn rocked up without anyone was stupid.

“I think I might have an idea” Mason said, “I need a day though. I need to go see an old friend”

Quinn groaned, I could tell she wanted to go now but I knew that would be a mistake.

“Clayton isn’t going to kill Cami. She is his only key to you. If your father has an idea then give him the day he needs” Moira said softly.

Quinn sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Ok. But you have one day...after that I’m going there myself, with or without you”

Quinn POV

I felt like I had an itch, it was frustrating; it was driving me crazy. I was sitting here, doing nothing while my best friend rotted in someone’s basement. Nothing about this was sitting well with me but I had promised my dad that I wouldn’t go anywhere until I had allowed him the day he required to do what he needed to do. Jayce and I had remained at the pack house after everyone had left, I think he was worried that if he left my side that I’d go straight to The Orcann Pack.

Jayce was right, as much as I hated to admit it, I knew there had to be more to Clayton’s plan. If my Father’s idea didn’t play out then we needed all the help we could get. I knew what needed to be done.

I looked over at my mate. He was combing through today’s newspaper, sipping on a hot coffee; acting like life was completely normal. I watched as the corner of his mouth curled up into a smirk, looking at the daily comic, no doubt. He was sexy as hell. Jayce was the epitome of an Alpha, he reeked of masculinity and authority dripped off him like sweat.

I felt the familiar tug in my lower abdomen and squeezed my thighs together. Jayce put the newspaper down, looking at me. Our eyes met, he was well and truly aware of what was on my mind and looking at him now, I could see it was on his too.

“You hungry?” I asked.


“It’s close enough to lunch, I’ll make you a sandwi-“

“I don’t want a sandwich, Quinn”


“Neither do I” I answered, not breaking eye contact.

Jayce pushed his seat back and stood up from the table. I could feel my breathing labour as he strode over to me. Even the way he walked had a sexual air about it. I bit down on my lip and turned my chair to face him as he stood over me.

“So what are you hungry for?” He asked.

“What are you hungry for?” I asked back.

Jayce leant down, placing both hands on the arms of my chair, his face only inches from mine.

“No. I asked you first. Answer the question, Quinn”

I wriggled uncomfortably in my seat but Jayce gave me nowhere to move.

“Don’t get all shy on me now”

My breath hitched in my throat as Jayce lifted his hand, hooking a finger into the ribbon that was tied in a bow at the front of my blouse. I sat frozen to the spot as the bow came undone, my blouse slightly opening and revealing my cleavage.

“I’m not shy” I breathed, my flushed cheeks betraying me.

What are you hungry for?”

“You, Alpha. I’m hungry for you”

Within seconds Jayce scooped me up into his arms, throwing me over his shoulder. I squealed as he slapped my arse, carrying me up the stairs effortlessly. Jayce took me into his room and flipped me down on to the bed.

Rogue came to life inside me, excited at her mate’s show of dominance. Every fibre of my being was on fire, every feeling that I had been suppressing for the last few weeks came to the surface.

“You are fucking beautiful” Jayce purred as he looked down at me.

“Not so bad yourself” I giggled.

Jayce let out a low growl and lowered his body on to the bed, he prowled towards me on hands and knees; like a wolf stalking its prey. I lay down on my back and allowed Jayce to position himself on top of me. Having someone of his stature straddle me had me wriggling in delight.

Jayce’s gaze heated as he stared down at my body, combing every inch of my face, neck and chest with his eyes. I licked my lips as he slowly undid the rest of my blouse and tugged the hem out from the waistband of my shorts.

I was glad I had decided to wear the sexy blue lingerie set that Beth had hidden in my wardrobe. Jayce’s eyes lit up as he peeled back my top, revealing the sheer bra that was the same colour as my eyes.

“Fuck” he grunted in appreciation.

I could feel Jayce growing between my legs, the pressure in his jeans pressing against my sweet spot. Lifting my hands I reached for his belt and looped the leather from the buckle. My cheeks heated as I realised it was the same belt from yesterday, the one that I still had red marks from.

I let my finger tips trace the V of Jayce’s lower abdominal muscles. He tensed under my feather light touch and gripped my wrist with his hand. I looked up at him and waited as he exhaled slowly.

“You good?” I asked hesitantly.

I could tell he was fighting an internal battle with his wolf. I knew this wasn’t easy for him and he was taking it slowly for me. The pain was evident in his face.

“Maybe for now...keep your hands to yourself?” He rasped.

I nodded my head and lay my hands flat on the bed, above my head. I knew better this time and I planned to do as I was told, as difficult as that was.

Jayce lowered his body down, my skin tingling in pleasure as I felt his warm breath against my neck. I moaned as Jayce’s lips brushed my throat while one of his hands made quick work of removing my shorts. He was meticulous in his actions, every touch, every movement had my body burning in desire.

Even though I was a virgin, I knew exactly what Jayce could do to me. Our chemistry was unquestionable and the build up inside me was almost beyond what I could handle.

Jayce...” I moaned as his fingers stroked the inside of my thigh.

I felt my hips rise subconsciously into his touch, my body knowing what it needed before I did. Jayce grunted and moved off me, quickly removing his jeans. I looked up at him, my eyes growing wide as I took in his naked form. The man was a god. I felt my cheeks warm as I looked at his cock, how the hell was that meant to fit inside me?

As if Jayce had picked up on my concern he lowered himself back down on top of my body.

“I’ll be as gentle as I can” he breathed, kissing my earlobe and letting his lips trace my jaw.

I moaned again, Jayce’s mouth suddenly finding mine. I opened my lips willingly and let him inside, our kiss deepening and his body weight pressing me firmly to the bed.

I wrapped my legs around my mate’s waist. I could feel his hard cock sliding on the silky material of my panties as my hips ground into him. The feeling building inside me was almost getting too much, this was torture.

I squeezed my leg muscles and pressed myself harder against him. Rogue purred as Jayce growled, biting my lip in the process.

Fuck Quinn! You need to let me know if this is what you want...I can’t promise I’ll be able to stop if we go any further”

“I want it Jayce. I want you!” I cried back, my voice shaking with desire.

With that Jayce ripped my panties from my body in one swift motion. His kiss becoming more needy, more desperate. I felt one of his fingers slip inside me, the sensation almost sending me over the edge.


I didn’t care about the ‘no touching’ rule anymore. I gripped Jayce’s back, my fingernails digging into his skin. His muscles balled underneath my touch and he inserted another finger.

“Please!” I moaned, barely able to contain myself.

I reached a hand between our bodies and quickly found what I was after. I wrapped my fingers around Jayce’s swollen cock and positioned it at my entrance. The low growl that reverberated through his body made me lift my hips towards him, giving Jayce the indicator he needed to proceed.

Jayce slowly pushed himself inside me. I gasped as my body expanded to make room for him. He kept pushing deeper until I didn’t know if there was anymore I could take. Jayce paused for a moment, allowing me to adjust to his size.

My goddess!

Jayce’s lips grazed the side of my neck as he began to slowly move his hips, his length sliding in and out of me. I moaned louder as his movements gradually increased in speed. I could feel something building inside my body, my cries becoming more desperate. I felt Jayce’s muscles tensing as he groaned, the sound of our skin slapping together adding to the sensation.

Jayce!” I cried louder as my body began to tense.

Jayce pumped harder and faster into me. I felt his teeth graze my neck as he growled, slamming me back into the bed.

“Do it!” I cried as my body started to convulse uncontrollably.

Jayce roared loudly and bit down into my neck as he found his release. I followed suit, burying my teeth into the flesh of his muscular neck as my orgasm rolled off me like waves.

The feeling that overtook me was like nothing I had ever experienced. As we bit into each other the energy around us erupted, there was nothing else in the world at that moment apart from Jayce and I. I felt the power of his Alpha wolf swarm my body and blend with Rogue.

Jayce growled intensely. I knew he was feeling the same rush of sensations as I was, the mating bond taking full effect.

“Holy shit” I whispered breathlessly as Jayce flopped down on the bed beside me.

“Holy shit” he repeated, “That was...fucking amazing”

I smiled and rolled on to my side. I stared at my mate through hooded eyes, the need for sleep overwhelming my body.

“Don’t think for a second that I’m going to let you fall asleep that easily” Jayce groaned, pulling me firmly against his body, “I’m not even close to being done with you Luna”

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