Blood Stained

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Chapter 30 - Luna

Jayce POV

Sun beamed through the bedroom window and I stretched my legs out on the bed. Turning my head I looked over to Quinn, smiling to myself as she slept soundly next to me. We had only left the bedroom once since yesterday morning and that had been to have something to eat. I couldn’t get enough of Quinn, the sex was like nothing I’d ever experienced.

I also felt stronger than I had ever felt before. The power from Quinn ran through my veins and buzzed through every nerve ending. I could feel her animals and the force they possessed. The mating bond had invigorated my wolf, he felt larger, stronger and more energised. My connection to Quinn in general felt more secure and grounded. We had a link that could never be broken whilst we both lived, we were one.

“What are you thinking about?”

I snapped out of my thoughts and smiled at Quinn as she stretched out next to me and yawned; reminding me of a beautiful big cat waking from its slumber.

“Just how amazingly fucking beautiful my mate is” I answered, kissing her softly on the lips.

Quinn hummed and opened her mouth, deepening the kiss.

“You’re insatiable” I purred, pulling away.

Quinn giggled and jumped out of bed. I loved seeing her like this. She was happy and had a glow about her but I knew these feelings would be short lived. As if right on cue Quinn paused at the window and balled her fists, I knew her momentary happiness and just been squashed by the memories of what had taken place a couple of days ago.

“Any word from my father?” She asked.

I shook my head.

“Not since his update last night. He was staying at Eastern Ridge until this morning”

Mason hadn’t given much away when I asked him about his plan. I didn’t know if it was just that he didn’t want to keep our hopes up if it fell through or if he thought I wouldn’t agree with whatever it was he was doing. Either way, I trusted that what he was doing was in the best interests of his daughter and that was enough for me.

“So what if he comes back with nothing? What then?”

I slid out of bed and walked over to Quinn, her cheeks blushing as she got an eye full of my naked form.

“You seriously can’t be blushing after what we did last night...” I laughed, a wicked glint in my eyes.

“Don’t change the subject”

Quinn glared at me but instead of looking intimidating she just looked bloody adorable. I knew better than to poke the bear though; literally.

“We’ll gather the fighters and head to The Orcann Pack”

“Do you think your men will want to risk their lives just to save a friend of mine?” Quinn asked hesitantly.

“Did you forget that Clayton’s men attacked our pack, killing one of our own? This is personal for everyone here at Fern Creek. Also, they aren’t my men, they are our men”

I could tell Quinn hadn’t yet grasped what being a Luna actually meant. Everyone here at Fern Creek would lay their lives down for her, no questions asked. By now the whole pack would be well and truly aware that we had completed the mating bond, they would be forever linked to Quinn and the Luna bond was strong amongst a wolf pack.

Alpha. Mason is back, he has a few wolves from Eastern Ridge with him.

Cameron’s mind link came through strong.

Meet us downstairs in five.

“Your father is back” I said to Quinn, “let’s shower, they’ll be here in five minutes...”

“Five minutes?” Quinn smirked, raising her eyebrow and looking down at my now erect cock.

“Plenty of time” I growled as I grabbed her and threw her over my shoulder.

Quinn POV

I followed Jayce down the stairs, still feeling slightly giddy from our hard and fast shower session. Five minutes had quickly turned into ten and I knew that our visitors probably heard a little more than what I would have liked.

“If it isn’t our Alpha and Luna” Cameron grinned, laughing as I hid my body behind Jayce’s.

Well this was awkward. In our lounge stood Cameron, Dominic, my father and three wolves that I had never seen before. They all smiled at us, my father’s eyes moving to the mating mark on my neck.

“My daughter, the Luna of Fern Creek” he said warmly, clearly not as uncomfortable as I thought he would be.

I forgot how open wolves were to everything about sex. They were animals, after all. It was such an important part of who they were and how they lived. I completely understood now, the need I had for Jayce was like the need I had for food and water.

“Cassius, it’s been a long time. Welcome” Jayce said, stepping forward and shaking the hand of one of the men.

Of course, now that I heard his name it was easy to see that this was Alec’s son, Cassius. He was tall, handsome and fair, just like Alec. He had long blonde hair that was tied back in a ponytail and amazing light grey eyes.

“Good to see you Jayce” he smiled, then turned to me, “and this must be Quinn, my father has told me all about you”

I returned Cassius’ smile and shook his hand.

“Nice to finally meet you!”

Jayce gestured to the large dining table and everyone took a seat.

“Cassius has agreed to join us with two of his best fighters, to take on Clayton’s pack” my father said, signalling to the two other wolves sitting at the table.

The wolves looked strong and had almost a military feel to them. Both had short buzz cuts, the only difference being one was blonde and the other brunette. The blonde wolf was quite stocky and had a very square set jaw whereas the brunette was tall and lean, he had a gentle face but something in his eyes told me that you wouldn’t want to get on his bad side.

The blonde wolf looked to Jayce and I.

“My name is Chad, my parents served under Mason and Claudia. It would be an honour to fight alongside you and help take Clayton out”

Jayce reached across the table, shaking Chad’s hand.

“My name is Declan. My parents also served under Mason and Claudia. I will gladly fight alongside your men if it means getting rid of Clayton once and for all”

I reached across and shook Declan’s hand. Cassius clapped his hands together and smiled.

“Ok. Now the formalities are out of the way, when do we do this?” He asked.

I turned to Jayce and waited for his response.

“It’s about a day’s drive to Orcann territory. If we leave in a few hours we can get there in plenty of time before nightfall tomorrow” he answered.

Cameron rolled out a large piece of paper in the middle of the table. It was a map of the Orcann territory and their compound. The compound was surrounded by forest with only one road going in and out. I noticed that the size of the compound was quite small compared to ours, which would make it harder to get in undetected.

“Clayton has roughly fifty wolves in his pack” Cameron begun, addressing the room. “Don’t let this small number put you off though. All of his wolves are males of fighting age and are all reformed rogues. They have no families and nothing worth living for...”

“Why fight for Clayton then?” I asked.

“That we don’t know. We have no idea what he has promised them or how he sold the idea of joining his pack. What we do know though is that they are willing to fight and die for him. We saw this when his men attacked us, knowing it would be a suicide mission”

I looked at the map again. There appeared to be large structures scattered in the forest around the compound.

“What are they?” I asked, pointing to one of the structures.

“They are lookout towers” answered Dominic, “there is a wolf in every tower at all times of day and night. They take it in twelve hour shifts”

“So there are five towers with five wolves. What if we targeted the towers at change of shift? We could take out ten of Clayton’s wolves at once...that means only forty left by the time we breach the compound”

“Good idea!” Cassius nodded, “Jayce?”

I looked at Jayce. He appeared to be lost in thought, staring off into the distance.

“Jayce?” I said, touching his arm and regaining his attention.

“Sorry. Yes, I agree that it’s a good idea. Good thinking Quinn”

Something seemed off. Jayce was not himself, maybe he just had a lot on his mind with everything that needed to be planned.

The next hour went by quickly as we discussed plans and decided on the best action to take. Jayce had told everyone to meet at the main entrance in a couple of hours and we would head out in several vehicles from there. Cameron had gone to inform some of our other fighters of the mission. We had decided not to take all of Fern Creek’s fighters with us. If anything went wrong or if it was a trap then we needed to make sure the rest of the pack was still protected.

“Is everything ok?” I asked Jayce as we stood in his room.

Jayce knelt down next to the bed and reached under, dragging out a large wooden crate. He took the lid off the crate, it was full of handguns and knives.

“What do you mean?” he asked, replacing the lid.

“You just seemed a bit...distracted down there”

Jayce laughed as rose to his feet, walking over to me. He gripped my chin and tilted my head up to face him.

“I wasn’t, just thinking things through” he answered softly.

Jayce leant down and kissed me firmly. I felt my body respond to his and I moaned into his mouth.

“Don’t be making noises like that or I will be distracted” he groaned.

I could feel his hardness pressing into my belly, making my knees go weak.

“Let’s get these weapons in the car. I promise you, once this is all over I will fuck your brains out... in every room of this house. We have all the time in the world for that”

I nodded and sighed as Jayce stepped back from me, readjusting his pants.

“I’ll hold you to that” I groaned.

Clayton POV

I put my legs up on the table in front of me, dried mud crumbling off my boots as they hit the wood. It had been four days since I’d sent three of my wolves out to deliver my message to Fern Creek. I knew they were dead, if they had survived they would have been back by now.

I didn’t give a shit. It was three less mouths to feed, three less rogues to control. I knew if they had been successful in delivering my message to Quinn then it would only be a matter of time before she graced me with her presence. Quinn was end game, she was the one thing I wanted...the one thing I needed.

I had a feeling the little slut would probably bring her mate along with her, that’s if my wolves hadn’t already killed him. I had made sure they understood their simple orders. Deliver the message, don’t kill Quinn and if you come across the Beta...kill him.

A cough and whimper from the other side of the room snapped me from my thoughts and back into reality. I stood up and walked over to the skinny redhead, curled up in the fetal position in the dirt. I smiled down at her as she opened her eyes as much as she could.

“Hello dear” I slurred, kneeling down next to her head.

Cami coughed again, splattering my pants in blood.

“Fuck. I just cleaned these!”

I got up on my feet looked back down at the girl. The bitch was actually smiling. I lifted my foot and swung my boot into her face. She coughed again, this time louder and spitting a tooth out in the process.

“Fucking funny now, Bitch?” I snarled, spitting on her as I turned to leave the room.

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