Blood Stained

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Chapter 32 - The Compound

Quinn POV

We made our way through the dense forest, careful with every step we took not to make too much noise. My father had made the phone call when we dumped the vehicles and now our scents were successfully cloaked by magic.

“There, up ahead” Matt whispered, pointing to the lookout hidden amongst trees.

We are in position.

I mind linked the other pack members to let them know of our status.

As are we.

Us too.

We are also in position.

Yep. We are ready.

“It seems everyone is where they should be, now we just wait for the change of guards” I whispered to my group.

I had Matt, Luca and Declan with me. Every other tower had a group of three ready to take it out and the extra fighters stayed back near the main road incase we had company.

Rogue was just about jumping out of her skin inside me. She was excited and ready to fight. Since killing that wolf a few days ago, my blood lust had been heightened, Rogue needed to shift and I was happy to let her.

“Here we go” whispered Luca.

We watched as a lone wolf in human form approached the tower. He radioed something up to his counterpart when he reached the ladder.

“Happy to go with my plan still?” I asked, looking to the group.

Matt smiled widely and nodded his head.

“Let’s do this”

We’re on.

Matt, Luca and Declan shifted into their wolves, then it was my turn. I closed my eyes and let Rogue take over, my bones cracked and broke; within seconds I was standing on all fours in the form of a beautiful silver panther. I could see the grin on Matt and Luca’s faces, Declan just stared at me, wide eyed.

I nodded to the boys and we all took off, at speed, in the direction of the tower.
I used my abilities as a panther to pounce from tree to tree with ease, getting a little bit higher into the canopy each time. I was now only meters from the tower and could see my target. The enemy wolf, still in his human form, turned his head in my direction; his hearing had clearly picked me up; But it was too late. I used my strong hind legs to propel me from the last tree, sending me flying through the air and landing perfectly in the tower.

“Panther!” The wolf sneered and looked down to the ladder where his partner should have been joining him.

The smell of blood in the air told me that the boys had already done their job. I saw the wolf’s stance change as he readied for his shift and I leapt on top of him, not giving him the opportunity. I bit down on his face, stifling the scream and tore his head clean from his neck. I felt like a drug addict that just got their next fix, the rush was like no other.

“That was fucking amazing” Declan said in awe as I descended the ladder.

I laughed and pulled on my shorts and singlet from the bag I had around my neck.

“That was the easy we have to breach the compound before the rest of the pack are alerted to our presence”

Jayce POV

The first step of our plan had been executed successfully and all groups closed in around the compound. My group was right at the back and we waited patiently for our signal to proceed.

“It’s an honour to be fighting along side you” Chad whispered as we lay low in some shrubs.

I had Chad, Mason and a Fern Creek wolf called Morgan, in my group. We had taken out the two guards effortlessly, before they had even realised we were on top of them.

“Once we get the signal we will climb the wall and move towards the pack house. There is a high likelihood that Camille is being kept there. Understood?”

Mason, Chad and Morgan nodded. For this plan to go ahead with as few casualties as possible, we needed to understand our roles perfectly. I could feel Quinn’s energy and excitement flowing through me, I just hoped she stuck to the plan and didn’t let her attachment to Cami, or hatred of Clayton, get in the way.

Cameron POV

“The explosives are set, just press this button when you’re ready”

I took the control panel from Cassius and mind linked Jayce.

We are good to go. You ready?

Ready. Blow it.

I pressed the button and heard the explosion almost instantly. Cassius, Grant and I jumped up straight away and ran towards the gates. Dust and debris floated in the air, making it difficult to see and the alarm was sounding, alerting The Orcann Pack to our arrival.

I shifted into my wolf and ran through the dust, jumping on the first enemy I saw. I grabbed his neck, tearing out his jugular before he had a chance to shift. I looked to both sides as Cassius and Grant battled wolves of their own, theirs having already shifted.

I mind linked Jayce again.

You in?

Yes. The diversion worked, we are undetected so far and nearing the pack house.

I ducked suddenly as Cassius hurled the head of his murdered wolf at me. I nodded at him, letting him know that Jayce was in. Because Cassius wasn’t part of our pack he couldn’t mind link us. He could link Quinn and Mason though as they were bonded by blood.

A familiar scent filled the air and I turned to see Quinn’s silver wolf approaching. She was flanked on either side by Matt and Luca.

All groups are in. Any sign of Clayton?

I shook my head at Quinn.

Not yet. Two enemy wolves were taken out in the blast and another three shortly after.

Something wasn’t right. The alarm was sounding but no more wolves came to fight us. The alarm was almost deafening, the pitch causing my canine hearing to react.

Let’s keep moving. I don’t want him killing Cami now that we’re here.

I nodded at my Luna and followed her closely. Her mission tonight was to save Cami and kill mission was to protect her with my life.

Quinn POV

I shifted back into my human form and replaced my clothes, I still found it much easier to move around stealthily on two feet instead of four. I could sense Cameron and Cassius’s unease. Something was up, where were all the wolves?

I quietly moved alongside one of the buildings, trying to stick to the shadows. Cameron wasn’t too far behind me and was following his order from Jayce not to leave my side after entering the compound. I knew Jayce wanted me protected but I also knew he didn’t want me doing anything stupid.
I winced at the sound of the alarm hurting my ears and closed my eyes, sniffing the air. As of yet I hadn’t picked up Cami’s scent. At this stage I was struggling to pick up any enemy wolf scent either.


“Nothing” I answered Cameron’s mind link.

We passed a few more buildings, Cassius and the others had peeled off to cover more ground but it was a ghost town. I stopped walking and turned around, Cameron had stopped following me and stood frozen to the spot.

“What is it?” I asked, watching as he sniffed the air.

I thought I could smell...

Suddenly the sound of a cry echoed from the building next to us and Cameron’s ears pricked up. We darted across the small path and I flattened my body under one of the windows. I looked at Cameron again, I could feel the tension radiating off him.


Cameron sniffed the air again and growled.



Cameron pushed me to the side and leapt through the window, glass shattering and showering over me. Did he just say Beth? I heard commotion immediately as he entered the building. I jumped to my feet and leapt through the window after him.

Oh my god.

Cameron was right. There was a chair in the middle of the room, Beth was tied to it and a large wolf in human form stood behind her; holding a blade to her throat.

“Come any closer and I’ll slit the little bitch’s throat” the man growled.

“Please don’t do this” I said, holding my hands up in front of me.

Beth squeezed her eyes closed as the wolf pressed the knife firmly against the skin on her neck. The wolf was large and very solid, he had dark skin but amazing green eyes.

“Order your Beta to shift back into his human” the man sneered.

Cameron snorted and shook his head, his eyes never once leaving Beth. I knew he had sworn to Jayce to protect me at all costs but I couldn’t stand by and let Beth be murdered in front of us...because of me.

“Order him to shift or I’ll slit her throat!” He demanded again.

“Cameron. Shift back” I said, looking at the distressed wolf.

He growled and dug his claws into the ground, fighting my request.

“Cameron! As your Luna I order you to shift back into your human!”

A small whine came from Cameron as he gave in, his body contorting and shifting back into a man.

“What do you want?” He spat.

“Her” The enemy answered, nodding his head in my direction.

Cameron scoffed. I could pick up the emotions that he was feeling and no doubt Beth could too. I knew that Cameron would choose me over Beth, I was his Luna and he had vowed to fight for me and to protect me with his life. I knew what I had to do.

“There is no negotiation here” the wolf sneered, “no doubt you’ve tried mind linking your friends by now, how did that go?”

I looked to Cameron, his eyes still not leaving his girlfriend.

“There is something blocking us” I answered flatly.

I had tried to mind link Jayce as soon as I’d seen Beth but there was no answer, nothing.
The wolf laughed, the movement causing the knife to nick Beth’s skin. She cried out in pain and Cameron went to move towards her.

“Not another foot!” The wolf roared, “here’s how it’s going to go down. The Beta will stay where he is, no moving, no talking. My pal, TJ, and I will take the Luna to visit an old friend...and this pretty little blonde thing will live to see another day”

“And if we don’t agree?” I asked firmly.

“I slit little one’s throat then TJ and I tear you two to shreds. If you manage to get out then the other wolves outside that door will finish you off”

I couldn’t sense anymore wolves but I had heard, who I could only imagine to be TJ, enter the door behind us.

“Seems you guys aren’t the only one’s cloaked around here”


“Cameron. Do as he says”

Cameron went to open his mouth but I held my hand up. I couldn’t have another innocent life on my conscience.

“That is an order. I’ll deal with Jayce later. I’ve got this”

Beth whimpered again and I felt a wolf approach me from behind. I turned to face the muscular brunette with tribal tattoos covering most of his face.

“TJ I presume?” I hissed.

TJ smiled and grabbed my arm. Just as I was about to pull it away he injected me with something in the side of my neck. I tried to grab at the syringe but my arms went instantly weak.

“Quinn!” Cameron yelled as two other wolves entered the room, both grabbing him.

I tried to focus on what was happening but my head felt heavy and my eyes refused to focus. I tried to shift but I couldn’t find Rogue anywhere in my subconscious. The last thing I saw as my mind gave into the darkness was Cameron falling to the floor, blood pouring from his head.

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