Blood Stained

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Chapter 35 - Onyx

Quinn POV

I’d used the bowl of warm water and wash cloth to clean myself up after Clayton had left. There were clean clothes in my size on the end of the bed and in the wardrobe but I refused to wear them. I put my shorts and singlet back on and braided my hair down my back to keep it out of the way.

I closed my eyes again and felt around for Rogue, but she was silent. I tried to mind link Jayce, Cameron, Cassius and my father but once again there was a force blocking me.

“Shit” I whispered under my breath.

I looked around the room for anything that could help me get out of here or at the very least, defend myself with. It was clear with every cupboard and door I opened that the room had been stripped. I moved back over to the window and looked outside. We definitely weren’t in the compound anymore, well, we appeared to be in a compound...just not the same one.

I gazed down at the ground below, I must have been at least two or three stories up and there seemed to be plenty of movement down below in the grounds. Clayton’s men looked to be preparing for something, they were moving around the compound like ants. They had a lot of vehicles and a lot of weaponry too, if anyone was coming for me then they would be seriously outnumbered and outgunned, that was for sure.

I turned around quickly as I heard a soft knock on the door. I looked around for anything to use as a weapon, settling for a handheld mirror from the dresser. I listened as I heard a few locks being undone and then watched as the door creaked open. I was surprised to see a young woman enter the room, she couldn’t have been much younger than me.

The girl walked into the room, the door closing and locking behind her. She seemed nervous and a bit shy. Her eyes darting around the room as she looked at everything except for me. She was quite pretty, with porcelain like skin and silky black hair that fell just below her ears in a short bob. She was skinny, too skinny, which made her big doe eyes stand out more in her doll-like face.

“Who are you? What do you want?” I asked as the girl fiddled with her hands in front of her body.

“Umm. My name is Onyx. Clayton sent me to see if there was anything else you needed before...morning”

I tilted my head and studied the girl. There was something off about her.

“I didn’t think Clayton had any female wolves in his pack” I said.

Onyx looked down at her hands and shrugged her tiny shoulders.

“But you’re not a wolf, are you?”

Her big eyes darted up at me, a surprised expression on her face.

“How did you?....Clayton had all scents cloaked. How could you tell?” She squeaked.

I knew it. It wasn’t so much a scent that was making her stand out, it was more of a feeling. I could sense she wasn’t a wolf. But what was she?

“You’re not human either” I mumbled, approaching her.

Onyx watched me as I circled her, looking her up and down, breathing in the air around her.
I felt something inside me stir and a smile crept on to my face.

“Oh my god! You’re a panther!”

Onyx covered her mouth with her hand, her eyes beginning to well with tears. The girl nodded her head slowly and exhaled. It was almost as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

“You don’t look disgusted” she whispered, “I’ve been hiding my panther for so long in the fear of being killed. Wolves naturally hate us...well the feeling is mutual really”

“I’ve never met a panther before” I smiled, “and I don’t hate someone just because of what they are. What is a panther doing in Clayton’s compound?”

Sadness crept back into Onyx’s eyes and she walked over the the window, tracing the bars with her fingertips.

“Clayton is the only one here that knows I’m a Panther. My scent is cloaked for my own protection. I’ve been here for weeks...I think, I’m not entirely sure”

“Let me guess, you’re not here under your own free will either?”

Onyx shook her head.

“One minute I was going for a walk, getting some space away from my pain in the butt brother...and the next I was here. I don’t remember much, I fought back initially but Clayton put me back in my place pretty quickly”

I clenched my fists. My heart broke for Onyx, she seemed so kind and gentle and innocent. It still didn’t explain what someone like Clayton wanted with a panther though.

“So why? Why are you here? I know why I’m here. What about you?” I asked.

“To breed” Onyx answered sadly.


“Clayton has a theory that he can create the ultimate pack, full of hybrids. So he has selected his mates and plans to breed with us”

I shook my head. This guy was even more sick than I had thought.

“His wolves would never agree to that. There is no way that a bunch of former rogues would fight alongside wolf half breeds”

“That’s why he cloaked our scents. His men have no idea of his plan. He isn’t concerned that we will tell them because we know they will kill us the second they find out”

“You keep saying we...”

“Well yes. Norah and I. Norah is a bear”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Clayton had kidnapped a panther, a bear and now me. This idea of a hybrid army was insane. It would take decades for it to work, that’s if he managed to get that far without his wolves picking up on his plan.

“He’s fucking crazy” I mumbled.

Onyx winced.

“Don’t let him hear you talking like that. You should probably change your clothes too”

“Into what? That?” I snorted, indicating to the white shift dress on the end of the bed.

“Clayton likes his mates clean and ladylike. It wasn’t too much of a task for me...but Norah, well, she put up more of a fight and suffered the consequences”

“Which were?” I asked.

“She is still chained up in her room, since the day she got here. The screams that I hear coming from her room some nights make me feel sick”

I hated Clayton. Every fibre of my being wanted him dead. The anger flowed through my veins, my bloodlust coming to the surface.
Onyx gasped.

“Your eyes!”

I looked down at the mirror I still held in my hand and got a glimpse of my eyes before they went back to normal. They were black.

“How? Your animal shouldn’t be able to show itself. The injection Clayton uses prevents it!”

“My animal doesn’t submit that easily” I smiled.

Jayce POV

We turned down the dirt road that Beth had mentioned and continued driving forward. This road hadn’t been on any maps and if we didn’t know about it we would have just driven straight past.

Mason spoke briefly to Cassius in the other vehicle to let him know what was happening. Cassius was working with the mage, trying to uncloak Clayton’s pack’s scent and unblock our mind link.

“We should ditch the vehicles. Moira and Cami can stay here with Matt. The rest of us can carry on, I don’t want to risk being seen”

Mason nodded and I pulled the van over. I looked in the side mirror to see the other van pulling over too. The closer we could get to the compound without being detected, the better our chances of getting inside. I still had no idea how we would get in because we knew nothing about the layout of the place. We were going in blind.

We grabbed the crates of weapons and moved as quickly and quietly as we could on foot, through the thick forest. There were only a few hours until sunrise and I wanted Quinn out of there by then. We had a vague idea of Clayton’s plans but still didn’t know details, I didn’t like that.

As I moved forward I felt something inside me. It was like a burst of anger, but was gone as quickly as it came. I stopped in my tracks and looked at Cassius.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Has the magic been lifted yet?”

Cassius shook his head.

“No. I’ll be mind linked when it is. Why?”

I smiled and kept walking, my pace increasing.

“I felt her. I felt Quinn’s anger as if it were my own. She is breaking through”

“She is powerful” Mason added, “I believe I felt something too”

For the next hour we continued on and it wasn’t long before we could hear noise up ahead. I held up my arm, signalling for everyone to slow down. As we crept through the vegetation, light from the nearing compound begun to shine through. I lowered myself to the ground and crept forward until the walls came into full view.

The compound wall didn’t appear too different from our own at first glance. It was maybe a little bit higher and was made from concrete. The gate was fortified so our best bet would be blowing a hole in the wall, not the most stealth entry unfortunately.
We couldn’t surround the compound either, like we did with the decoy. We had no idea what was in the forest and were better off staying together so we were harder to pick off.

“Dynamite and storm it?” Cameron said, as if reading my thoughts.

“Dynamite and storm it” I agreed.

I opened one of the crates, reaching in and pulling out everything we needed. I passed the supplies to Cameron. There didn’t appear to be lookouts, apart from a couple of fighters just outside the gates.

“Stick to the shadows and work fast. We’ve only got one chance. Let’s make it count” I said.

Cameron nodded and moved off with Luca, heading straight for the wall. I turned and looked at Cassius, I was concerned that the magic hadn’t yet been lifted. Once we breached the walls we would need the ability to mind link, and to get Quinn out of there I would need to be able to feel exactly where she was.

“You know Clayton’s not just going to hand her over” my father said, coming up beside me.

“I wasn’t counting on it” I replied.

I knew my father was worried. I was all the family he had left but he also knew that I would stop at absolutely nothing to get Quinn back. She was part of me now, we were bound together. I remembered how much my mother’s death had destroyed my father. He had never been the same again, even when he was happy there was an emptiness about him; he would never wish that upon me.

Cameron and Luca came back from the wall, thankfully undetected by the Orcann Pack. Cameron passed me the detonator and I looked around at my group.
Everyone looked to me, looked to their Alpha, looked to their friend. Never had I felt so much responsibility rest on my shoulders. I knew these men would follow me into hell if I asked them ...maybe I was about to.

“Once this wall blows there is no turning back. The clock will be ticking to get to your Luna. I know for a fact that Clayton would rather kill her than give her back to me, so we need to move ruthlessly but meticulously”

I passed around bags for the men to hang around their necks. Each bag containing clothing and weapons. If, for whatever reason, we were prevented from shifting or we had to shift back, then we needed to be prepared.

I placed the detonator flat on the ground and hung my bag around my neck, as well as a bag for Quinn. I closed my eyes and focused as my bones broke and I shifted into my beast.
Everyone around me followed suit, their wolves ready for blood. I stood above the detonator and stepped on the button.

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