Blood Stained

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Chapter 36 - The Stand Off

Quinn POV

I just finished explaining to Onyx what I was, she sat on the end of the bed, staring off into nothingness. The girl had zero confidence that we were ever getting out of here, so I had to convince her that we were strong enough to fight back.

“So you’re a tribrid? Of all shifter species? And you are mated to the Alpha of a wolf pack...who will come save us...if he isn’t already dead?”

I tilted my head and shrugged my shoulders.


“And Clayton plans to make you his Luna?”


“And he killed your mum, brother, and the people that raised you?”


“Ok. That’s all pretty messed up”

I laughed and sat down next to Onyx on the bed, placing my hand over her’s.

“We need to get out of here, Onyx. We need to fight back. I know Jayce isn’t dead, my powers are coming back and I would have sensed the bond break. That means he is on his way”

“I thought someone would be on their way to get me too. Then hours passed, then days...then weeks. No one came, Quinn”

I felt bad for Onyx. She was broken, she had to be in a pretty dark place to just accept her fate as Clayton’s breeding stock.


“Nyx” she said, looking up at me, “my friends call me Nyx”

“Nyx. We are going to get out of here and we are going to take Norah with us. You just need to do as I say. Ok?”

Onyx nodded, a small smile on her face.


An amount of time passed and I’d formulated a plan. Onyx had done her best to explain to me the layout of the pack house, the guards and their positions, and also where Norah’s room was.

There was a knock on the door and Onyx jumped up, looking at me with wide eyes.

“Remember the plan” I whispered.

Onyx nodded and approached the door, standing a few feet away from it as it began to open inward. I stood behind the door, just out of sight.

“Let’s go” came a gruff, male voice from the hallway.

Onyx shook her head and took another step back into the room. I heard the man growl and Onyx looked at me, giving me a small nod.

I lifted my leg and front kicked the heavy wooden door with all my strength. It slammed back, hitting the wolf hard. I quickly moved around, grabbing him while he stood crouched, gripping his bleeding face in his hands. The wolf fought back as I put him in a headlock, dragging him back into the room. I felt strong, I could feel rogue fighting to break through.

The wolf grunted and struggled against me, I knew I had to do this fast before he mind linked or shifted.

“Now Nyx!” I snarled between clenched teeth.

I wrenched the wolf’s head back by his hair, exposing his neck. Onyx jumped in with a shard of glass from the broken mirror. With one swift move she slid the glass across the wolf’s throat, like a hot knife through butter. Blood bubbled and poured from his jugular, making a quick end to his struggle. I lowered his body to the floor and grabbed the keys from his scabbard.

“It worked” Onyx gasped, looking down at the glass in her hand.

“You did great. Now, let’s go before we have company”

I opened the door and peered both directions into the hallway. We were clear, for now. I stepped out and headed right, Onyx not far behind me. I counted the doors as we ran down the hall.




“This one?” I whispered as we reached the locked door.

Onyx nodded and I stepped to the side as she used the keys to unlock the deadlock and padlock. I opened the door and we both went inside, closing it quietly behind us. I looked around the room, my eyes taking a second to adjust to the dark.

“Nyx?” a feminine voice rasped from the darkness.

I looked to the bed, where the voice was coming from. There was a woman chained up, her ankles and wrists bound and her chains secured to the wall. She looked to be a similar age to me. She had an olive complexion and long blonde hair. The woman glared at me with her amber eyes, a snarl on her face.

“Who the fuck are you?”

“She’s here to get us out, Norah” Onyx answered, running over to the bed.

Onyx fumbled with the keys and set to work releasing the bear from her restraints. I turned the bedside lamp on to give her more light and inhaled sharply as I got a better look at Norah. Every inch of her skin was peppered with small burns. Her arms, her legs, her chest, even her face. Her clothes were covered in dried blood, as were the bedsheets.

“What are you looking at?” Norah hissed, staring at me with a pissed off look on her face.

Onyx released her hands and Norah sat up, rubbing her wrists and flexing the joints.

“Who did that to you? Was it Clayton?”

Norah looked at the burns on her arms and shrugged her shoulders.

“Yeah. He told me to stop I told him to go fuck himself”

Onyx finally released the chains around Norah’s ankles and she stretched her legs out, jumping off the bed. When her feet hit the ground she winced, grabbing her lower stomach. Onyx stepped in front of Norah, grabbing the hem of her top and lifting it up.

“Norah...” she breathed, looking at the large open wound on her abdomen.

Norah swatted Onyx’s hand away and pulled her top back down.

“It’s fine. It will heal”

Onyx had explained to me about the injections that Clayton had been administering. They were an animal sedative, just like what Fern Creek used on the training grounds. The effects lasted approximately twenty four hours though and were given every morning. I felt my anger boiling at the thought of Norah lying here, unable to heal, unable to move. I could only imagine her fear and feeling of hopelessness. Clayton would pay.

“So I’m a bear. She is a panther. You must be a dog” Norah spat, looking me up and down.

I flinched at Norah’s obvious disdain for wolves but I didn’t blame her considering what had been done to her since being here.

“She is a tribrid of all shifter species!” Onyx blurted out.

Norah’s eyes widened and she shook her head.

“Not fucking possible. There’s no such thing” she spat.

“Oh yes there is”

We all spun around to the door as Clayton stepped inside, flanked by two wolves in their animal form. A cry came from Onyx’s mouth and she stepped behind Norah and I.

“Now now. This is not how I want my future Luna behaving. Doing stuff like this behind my back makes me think you might be untrustworthy”

“I’ll never be your Luna” I growled.

Clayton smirked and shrugged his shoulders, “We’ll see about that”

Norah stepped forward, her fists clenched by her sides.

“I’ll rip your throat out you fucking mutt!” She roared.

Before I knew what was happening Clayton raised his hand, something black and shiny glinted in the light and a loud bang echoed through the room. I turned to Norah as she grabbed her chest then dropped to her knees as blood spilled out between her fingers.

“Norah!” Onyx cried, dropping down to her side and lowering her body slowly to the ground.

I looked back up at Clayton as the rage inside me bubbled to the surface. All my nerve endings were on fire, my heart thundering in my chest and my breathing rapid. I could feel it, I could feel the anger tearing at my soul to break free.

Then I saw something in Clayton’s eyes, something that told me he knew my animal wasn’t as contained as he had originally thought.

“My, you are powerful” he breathed.

Proud. He looked fucking proud! Suddenly my number one focus was to change that look of pride to a look of terror as I ripped his still beating heart from his chest.
I looked to the gun in his hand and he raised his eyebrow, as if daring me to make a move. I knew he wouldn’t kill me though, he needed me alive to execute his plan.

“More powerful than you could ever imagine. You sick fuck” I spat.

I lunged towards Clayton and he raised the gun again, pulling the trigger. I was momentarily thrown backwards as a bullet pierced my left shoulder. The searing pain made my eyes water but it only fuelled my rage. I could feel her, I could feel Rogue fighting the sedative.

Fuck. You!” I snarled.

The second bullet hit me in the right thigh, just above my knee. The air hissed between my teeth as I fought to stay on my feet. I clenched my fists, letting my hatred for Clayton burn up the remainder of the sedative in my system.

Kill him. Kill him now!

I looked to Clayton, a smile spreading across my face as he stared at me. There was a tap on the floorboards as the bullet from my shoulder hit the floor, followed by the bullet from my leg.
I heard Onyx gasp, her eyes not leaving my shoulder as the bleeding stopped and the skin began to knit back together.

“My turn”

I was just about to lunge at Clayton when a large explosion shook the building, followed by yelling and gunfire from outside. The momentary distraction gave Clayton the opening he needed and he shifted into his wolf. I stepped in front of Onyx and Norah, I wanted to shift but my leg was still healing and I didn’t have the strength to do both.

Clayton’s wolf was large with fur as white as snow. His eyes shone red, filled with so much anger and loathing. The two wolves that flanked him snarled at me, saliva dripping from their teeth as they moved in closer.

I stole a quick glance out the corner of my eye down to Onyx and Norah. I could see that Norah was still alive, the bleeding from her chest appeared to have stopped. But what got my attention more was that the wound on her abdomen was gone as were the burns on her skin. Their sedative was wearing off too.

One of the wolves lunged at me, knocking me to the ground and pinning my shoulders with his front legs. I screamed out as his claws dug into my skin. I grabbed the sides of his head as his teeth snapped in my face, inches from biting me.

I was stronger than ever before in my human form but I still struggled to match the strength of a fully shifted wolf. I could feel my fingers slipping in his fur and his teeth inched closer and closer to my face. His hot breath burnt my eyes and I screamed out in desperation.

Suddenly the wolf howled out in pain and fought to get away from me. I grinned. My hands had shifted into bear claws, my nails piercing the wolf’s skull. I tightened my hold until the wolf stopped struggling, falling limply on to my chest.

I heard Onyx scream out as the other wolf closed in on her and Norah. I used my legs, kicking the dead wolf from my body and jumping up to my feet.

“Over here!” I yelled.

The wolf turned to face me. Growling as he looked at his dead pack member. I focused all my energy and internalised my anger until I felt what I had been searching for. Suddenly the wolf jumped at me but not fast enough, I shifted within half a second and met the wolf midair with my panther.

Our bodies landed on the ground with a thud and I found the wolf’s neck quickly with my teeth, biting down as hard as I could. The wolf attempted to growl but all that could be heard was the splutter and gurgling of blood as it escaped his throat rapidly. The wolf was dead within seconds and I dropped his body to the floor.

I looked at Onyx and Norah, their eyes wide as they took in the sight before them. My beautiful, silver panther; stained with the blood of their captors.


Onyx screamed my name in warning but it was too late. I felt Clayton’s teeth bury into my shoulder before I even heard him coming.
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