Blood Stained

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Chapter 38 - Norah

Quinn POV

The pain tore through my shoulder like fire burning through my soul. Clayton’s teeth locked on to me, blood pouring from his mouth and coating my panther’s silver fur.

I hissed and threw my body around in a desperate attempt to dislodge him, but he held fast.

Quinn. QUINN!

My nostrils flared and my heart beat faster as the call of my mate enveloped my mind through our link. He was alive! I knew it.


Suddenly Clayton’s grip loosened on my shoulder and I felt his weight shift off me as he growled out in pain.

Quinn. I’m coming.

I turned my body quickly, ready for the next attack but saw that Clayton’s attention wasn’t on me, but on the other panther in the room, Onyx. She had torn Clayton off me and stood in front of him, her dark eyes gleaming with hatred.

Clayton swung his claw, swatting Onyx across the room with little effort. His wolf was so much bigger than her panther and I knew that if I didn’t step in, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her as she lay motionless on the floor. I went to move forward but hissed as the pain in my shoulder intensified, something wasn’t right.

“Do something!” Norah screamed as Clayton’s wolf closed in on Onyx, “I can’t shift yet, don’t you dare let him kill her”

I nodded and pushed forward but no sooner had I done that, I screamed out in pain again, my shoulder giving out beneath me. I looked at the wound, it wasn’t healing. Blood trickled down my leg, I licked it then hissed as the acidic taste burnt my tongue.


A piercing howl sounded from outside. I knew straight away it was Jayce. Something about the howl had my hair standing on edge. I knew he would be fighting his own battle out there, I needed to kill Clayton so I could help him. I needed to push through this pain.

Shift. We need to shift.

I listened to Rogue’s plea. I didn’t know if I had the strength to shift with this injury. If I burnt up all my energy shifting then I wouldn’t have enough left to fight.


I dug my claws into the ground, screaming out loudly as my bones cracked and snapped, twisting and realigning until I stood in the form of my bear. Clayton stopped in his tracks, turning to look at me as I towered over him. The look in his eyes being the combination of amazement and...fear?

I smiled internally and stole a glance at my shoulder. The wound was gone, the pain was gone. How? How could my panther be injured but not my bear?

“Fucking hell” Norah breathed as she took in the sight of me, “Now that’s a fucking bear!”

The plan worked and Clayton quickly forgot about Onyx and focused all of his attention on me. I puffed my chest out, flaring my nostrils as Clayton stalked towards me; sizing me up.

Never in my life had I felt so much adrenaline, so much blood lust. As I stood there, looking down on my enemy; I knew that this was it, this was the moment that it all came down to. Him and me. A fight to the death.

I roared loudly, dropping to all fours as Clayton powered towards me; his teeth gleaming in the moonlight. I dodged his attack, but only just. My bear was huge but with her size came a lack in speed and agility. The wolf slid across the floorboards, using his massive claws as breaks as he dug in and tore up the wood beneath him. Clayton barely even came to a stop before he threw himself at me again.

I met him halfway and grabbed the wolf in a vice-like bear hug, holding him to my body but being sure to keep his teeth away. I used all my strength to squeeze Clayton. I could feel him struggling against me, struggling to get air into his lungs as I crushed his rib cage.

Suddenly I felt a pull in my chest. Something wasn’t right, something was telling me that I needed to get to Jayce, I needed to get to him now.

Jayce. Don’t you dare leave me!

I faltered, making the fatal mistake of loosening my grip for not even half a second as the connection to my mate distracted me. Clayton managed to turn, pushing his legs against my body and freeing himself from my grip. I growled, swiping at Clayton as he attempted to bite my leg. My claws connected with his left flank, tearing through his flesh to reveal blood, muscle and bone. It was a significant wound, something that would surely slow him down.

Clayton POV

The pain radiated through my back leg as the bear’s claws sliced through it. I refused to cry out, refused to give that bitch the satisfaction of my suffering.

I knew Quinn was distracted. She was torn, torn between wanting to kill me and the need go to her mate. If all went to plan, Magdalene - my witch -would dispose of that Fern Creek mutt soon enough and Quinn would be Luna. I just needed to hold up my end and keep her alive until Jayce was no more.

I pushed the pain of my injury to the back of my head, knowing it would be completely healed within seconds. The energy from Magdalene flowed through me, healing me at a rapid pace and giving me what I needed to meet the strength and ability of a multi-species hybrid.

I looked at Quinn, her bear was breathtaking. A silver coat that glowed in the moonlight and a towering frame, unlike any bear I had seen before. Her panther had been just as perfect, muscular legs and a whip-like tail; but I had been disappointed with how quickly I was able to sink my teeth into her. One thing I didn’t bargain on, though, was that Quinn’s injury wouldn’t pass across to her other animals. I should have been more pissed off about it but part of me was happy that this dance wasn’t over yet.

I snarled at Quinn, my lips curling over my teeth, saliva dripping from my mouth; then I made my move. I ran towards her, the pain in my leg already gone. Quinn braced, ready to grab me again as I closed the distance between us. I got closer, waiting for Quinn to reach for me. When she did, I ducked her claws, weaving to the side and circling behind her. Quinn didn’t miss a beat and turned around, sinking her teeth into my neck.

Norah POV

“Come on Nyx! Wake up already”

I sat beside the panther, her head cradled in my lap as I stroked her fur and waited for her to regain consciousness.

In front of me an epic battle ensued. Wolf versus bear. Bad versus good. Sick bastard versus heroine.

Quinn grabbed Clayton in her mouth, sinking her teeth into his neck. If this was any other fight I would have celebrated, knowing that a bite like that would ultimately mean the end of life. But I knew better, Clayton was a cunning piece of shit. I had seen the way his leg had healed earlier and it was pretty obvious he had some pretty dark mojo on his side.

Quinn suddenly dropped Clayton to the ground, she reeled back, spitting Clayton’s blood from her mouth and shaking her head violently.

What the fuck?

Clayton got to his feet, panting and coughing as tendons and cartilage hung from his throat. But then it happened again, I watched as his wound began to knit back together, right in front of my eyes.

Quinn’s bear continued to struggle, her eyes glassy and salvia pooling at her feet. I had seen the way her panther had reacted to Clayton’s bite, it seemed her bear was acting the same way to his blood. I knew the arsehole was poison but he now he was proving that he was actually poison!

Quinn needed to shift again, she needed to bring forth her wolf. The panic in her eyes made my stomach turn. I flinched as Quinn gasped for air, clawing at her throat as the poison burnt out her airway. Clayton stalked towards her, taunting her, watching his venom torture her.

I couldn’t watch this anymore. Quinn could have tried to escape earlier but instead she came to my room to save me. The least I could do was give her a chance of survival. If Quinn was killed or made incapable of fighting back, then I knew Clayton would kill me anyway.

I placed Onyx’s head softly on the ground and rose to my feet. Closing my eyes, I focused on my body, visualising my bones and willing my animal to take over. As the first bone broke I opened my eyes, knowing that I was healed enough to complete my shift. I grinned.

“Hey, fuck face!”

Clayton spun around and glared at me, his eyes black with rage. I gave him a wink then screamed out as my body shifted into a bear. The wolf snarled, his attention focused on me, exactly where I wanted him.

Clayton lunged at me, he was fast. I managed to move out of the way, avoiding his claws by a mere inch. I swatted at the wolf and he wasted no time coming at me again. My movement was too slow and Clayton ducked, pouncing at me from the side. His body crashed against mine, sending me slamming into the wall. Before I had a chance to get to my feet, Clayton was on top of me. His wolf was big, heavy, strong. Clayton pinned me to the ground, his claws piercing the skin on my shoulders. I roared as the the searing pain leached through my muscles. I felt like someone had just poured acid over me, the poison burning me from the inside out.

Clayton looked down at his handy work, I swear if the bastard could have laughed he would have. I couldn’t move, I wanted to rip him to shreds, I wanted to tear his face off but the pain was like nothing I’d ever experienced. Clayton licked the side of my face, toying with me; his teeth flashed white, moving to grab my throat. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to hit.

Suddenly, Clayton’s claws were ripped from my shoulders and his body was thrown across the room, hitting the wall and sliding down to the floor. I lifted my head off the ground and watched as a majestic silver wolf stalked towards her prey.


I cried out as my body shifted involuntarily back into my human form, but the pain was still there. The veins in my arms were black, the poison in my body visible, making my skin look like some kind of fucked up road map. I could feel it spreading and I could feel myself burning up.
I focused on my breathing and tried to slow it down in an attempt to ease the spread of Clayton’s venom.

Turning my head I looked back to the wolves, one silver and one white. They stalked around in circles, eyeing each other off, waiting to see who would make the first move.

Before either wolf could attack, everything started shaking around us as, what felt like an earthquake, rocked the pack house violently. What the hell was going on outside? I clenched my jaw and braced myself as the building vibrated.

Quinn used this as her opportunity to jump on Clayton. He snapped at her with his teeth but she was too fast and moved her head out of the way, giving him nothing but air. With the position she was in, I knew that Quinn could have easily grabbed Clayton’s throat with her teeth but that was no longer an option.

Quinn struggled to hold Clayton to the floor and he managed to get his feet in underneath her, kicking her body off his. The silver wolf was thrown backwards but landed on her feet. No sooner had Quinn’s feet hit the ground that she threw herself forward again, letting her claws dig into Clayton’s back.

The white wolf howled out in pain as Quinn held on, digging her deathly shears in deeper, gripping on to whatever muscle and bone that she could.

Come on Quinn! Finish him!

Clayton threw his body around aggressively, doing whatever he could to dislodge Quinn from his back. I gasped as I watched Clayton’s skin begin to heal while Quinn’s claws were still embedded in his flesh. Her grip was loosening the more Clayton moved around. I could tell Quinn was tiring, if she let go then it was game over. Clayton would win.

Another shockwave sounded from outside, rattling the pack house once more. Then I saw something that made my heart skip a beat. Quinn let go of Clayton’s back with one of her paws but it was clear that her action had been intentional. What was so doing?

Oh. My. God.

Quinn’s paw began to change. No longer was it a beautiful, slender, wolf paw but now a wide, large, bear claw. Quinn had partially shifted from her wolf to her bear and she had done it on purpose.

I watched in awe as Quinn reached forward, wolf claw lodged in Clayton’s back and bear claw getting a grip on top of his head, nails digging into his skin and making the wolf howl out in pain.

The last image to fill my head before my eyes closed, giving in to the poison, was Quinn tearing Clayton’s scalp from his head.
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