Blood Stained

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Chapter 40 - The Finale

Quinn POV

My eyes were glued to Jayce. My mate. My love. My Alpha. His agility, the way his body moved, the way the moonlight reflected off his skin and his silky black hair. Jayce was built for this, his body was built for this.

“Now that’s how it’s done” Cameron said as he came up next to me, wiping the sweat from his brow.

“Should I save him?” I asked.

Cameron shrugged his shoulders.

“Nah, he’s handled bigger”

I raised my brow.


“Not my story to tell”

The song finished and Jayce grimaced as Carlotta, a buxom blonde wolf from Eastern Ridge, kissed him on the cheek and went out in search for her next victim.

Cameron cleared his throat and made a quick exit as Jayce made his way over to me, a very unimpressed look on his face.

“What ever happened to quivering in fear when in the presence of an Alpha wolf?” Jayce grumbled.

“Oh, she was quivering. I just don’t think it was out of fear...” I giggled.

Jayce slapped me on the arse playfully and pulled me into his embrace. I smiled to myself as my heart rate increased and my skin heated under his touch, a familiar feeling spreading in my lower abdomen. I looked up into Jayce’s eyes.

“Alpha” I purred seductively, pressing my body against his.

Jayce’s eyes darkened and I felt him harden between us.

“Luna” he groaned back, his breath hot on my neck.

It had been a fortnight since the attack on the Orcann Pack compound. We had come out victorious, that night, but it wasn’t without great losses from both Fern Creek and Eastern Ridge.
Fern Creek had lost six fighters and Eastern Ridge had lost their Luna, Alessandra.

Jayce and my father filled me in on everything that had gone down. I knew Jayce hated the idea of keeping anything from me, but when they had thought there to be a traitor in the pack; they deemed it safer to keep the information just between themselves.
When my father had taken his trip to Eastern Ridge, he’d enlisted the help of two powerful mages to cloak our scent. I was shocked to hear that those mages had been the Luna and future Alpha.

Mason explained to me that Alessandra’s mother had been a mage and that her father had been a wolf. Her mother was the mage that cloaked Claudia’s scent for all those years. Initially Cassius wasn’t going to expose himself as a mage and was in the fight as a wolf, and a wolf only. But when the witch appeared he knew that the only way to defeat her was to harness the earth’s power and draw energy from all the wolves in the compound.

Cassius was a powerful mage, but nothing like Alessandra. When my father had told us how she’d sacrificed her life to ensure the survival of all of us, I was speechless. I had never met the woman but I knew that she was the Luna I wanted to model myself after. A true hero.

Onyx and Norah went back to their respective packs after proving their worth by helping kill several of Clayton’s wolves. It had been the first time that wolves, panthers and bears had ever fought alongside one another. A part of history that I am absolutely proud to be a part of.

Cameron had his good days and bad days but I could tell he was moving on from what happened with Beth. It took him a week to be able to even look me in the eyes, he blamed himself for my capture. No one at Fern Creek had seen Beth’s deceit coming. Even Jayce and Mason, who knew there was a traitor, had been shocked to find it to be her.

Cami had healed from her visible injuries and had recently gone back home to Atlas. I owed Cami an explanation and I spent hours giving her one. My expectation was that she would want nothing to do with me anymore and I would have completely understood that. To my delight and surprise, Cami listened to every word I had to say then embraced me in her arms. She said she always knew I was special and left it at that.

My father returned to Eastern Ridge, and after the loss of Alessandra, had been spending a lot of time with his grieving nephew, Alec.
Alec chose to step down in his role as Alpha, to allow his more than capable to son step up. And that brings us back to tonight...

“Is this what your initiation was like?” I asked Jayce as we sat in the moonlight, watching everyone around us dance and have fun.

Jayce’s fingers entwined with mine and he hummed.

“More or less”

“Care to elaborate?”

Jayce shrugged and we both laughed as Carlotta bailed Matt up in a corner near the outside bar.

“Well I had none of this” Jayce gestured around us at the party that was well and truly underway, “I was sworn in as Alpha and then it was straight back to pack business”

I smiled as I watched Alpha Cassius slow dancing with his mate and Luna, Lily. They were a beautiful couple and it wasn’t hard to see the love that flowed between them.

“I didn’t have that” Jayce said, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I followed Jayce’s line of vision, he was also watching the new Alpha and Luna as they twirled each other on the dance floor.

“You do now” I answered softly.

Jayce turned to me, his beautiful dark eyes full of love and admiration. My heart skipped a beat and I knew, in that moment, that I had everything I had ever wanted in life.

I stood up from my seat, offering Jayce my hand.

“May I have this dance?”

“My love. You can have them all”


For years I had wandered the forests on my own, answering to no one but myself. The life of a rogue after being exiled from my pack hadn’t been so bad.

Then that arsehole Clayton had come along. I still kick myself for buying into his bullshit...for eating up his tale of having the strongest pack in the region.
The notion of getting revenge on my previous pack had poisoned my mind and blinded me from the psychopath that Clayton actually was.

I had fully intended on leaving. After being sent on a mission to abduct a human girl from Atlas, I’d had enough. Clayton tortured that girl beyond belief, all because she was friends with some she-wolf in Fern Creek that he had his eye on.

I planned to go to Fern Creek myself, to speak to their Alpha and put an end to the madness. I had no loyalty to Clayton, I didn’t want to be part of his pack if it meant torturing innocent humans.
On the way to Fern Creek Pack I had passed through the connecting town and that’s when I had sensed mate.
Beth had been everything I had ever dreamt of in a mate. I had given up on the idea of ever finding my true mate a long time ago.
The chemistry and connection between us was instantaneous, there was no denying our destiny. The Goddess had fated her to me and I knew I would spend the rest of my life trying to make her happy.

Beth had quashed my plan pretty quickly of talking to the Fern Creek Alpha. It turned out that the she-wolf Clayton had been after wasn’t actually a wolf but a multi-species tribrid and mated to the Alpha.

Beth told me that she would never have her Alpha’s blessing to be with a wolf from the Orcann Pack and that our mating would only mean my death, so we put sealing our bond on hold and kept our relationship a secret. Or so I thought.

Clayton, the cunning bastard, had been watching us the whole time and soon Beth became part of his plan.

And now she was dead.

Killed by the hands of her chosen mate, as I hid in the trees like a coward.

I sat in a bar, in some town that I couldn’t remember the name. I finished my beer, of which I couldn’t remember the number. Every night I did the same thing. Drink until the pain was a little less then drink some more. Every night in my dreams I saved Beth, then every morning when I woke I had to live with the pain of realising she was gone.

I put my pint down as a woman’s curvaceous shadow cloaked my table in darkness.

“I’m not interested” I grunted, without looking up.

“Are you sure?”

The voice was silky, feminine, it flowed from her mouth like water and made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

I looked up as the woman sat at the table across from me. She was beyond a beauty. Her eyes the colour of emeralds, her hair the colour of rubies, her skin the colour of pearls. I felt my body heat under her gaze, and let my eyes take in the way her low cut dress clung to her breasts, barely covering her modesty. She was a sight. My wolf stirred inside me, I knew I had been starving him for too long.

“I’m Brax” I said, giving the seductress my best ‘lady killer’ smile.

The woman reached across the table, taking my hand in her’s.

“Magdalene” she whispered in return.

Thank you all so much for joining me on this Quinn and Jayce love story.

The saga continues with the second book of the Stained series - Love Stained - and will conclude with the third book - Fate Stained.

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