Blood Stained

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Chapter 3 - Have A Little Faith

Quinn POV

I’d been travelling from town to town for two weeks now, never staying in one place for more than a few days. I’d done this before, I’d done it for six years and it hadn’t failed me yet. I had time to process the death of my parents but no matter how much time I’d had and processing I’d done, I just couldn’t get my head around it.

Mum had been so certain when she called me that he was dead. I never questioned how she knew but I was well aware that mum knew more than she ever let on. She proved this by giving me one last parting gift - a generous wad of cash and note, hidden inside my jacket pocket. I’d found them the night my parents died, a small token and reminder that even though my mother was gone, she was still with me, still looking out for me in more ways than I could ever know.

The note read:


I made a horrible mistake and I know by the time you get this that it will be too late. Use this money to get away from here, I know you can look after yourself.

We are so very proud of the woman you have become and are so sorry you could never live the life you deserve.

One day this will all make sense. One day you will understand.

Promise me one thing. When you find the one who can protect you and love you, never let him go. Trust the feelings you have and don’t fight them, it sounds silly now but you will know what I mean one day.
I have faith that you’ll meet him, you have to - you were created for each other, he is fate…your fate.

Also promise me that when this protector offers to end your pain for you...let him!

Let him kill Clayton.

I love you baby girl
Love always
Mum xxx’

I was grateful for the money but the cryptic note just left me with more questions and now I had no one left that could answer them for me. My heart hurt, some days I didn’t know how I was going to function, some days I didn’t know how I was going to breathe. But I had no choice, I had to keep breathing and I had to keep running.

I looked out the truck window as we came up to a town sign saying ‘Fern Creek’

“Are you sure this is where you want to be dropped off girly?” Came the voice from the driver’s seat.

I turned to face the truck driver. He was about fifty years old and had the body of someone that had clearly only driven trucks and eaten donuts for a living. But he had a kind face and the photo attached to his rear vision mirror showed that he had a family of his own and a daughter about my age.

I smiled at him and held my backpack close to my chest.

“Yes please, I’m visiting friends” I lied.

The truck driver looked at me again, sadness in his eyes.

“Of course you are love. I’ll drop you off at the motel, there is only one in the town. Make sure to keep your door locked and blinds closed at all times. This town has always given me the creeps”

The truck driver patted me on the shoulder and began to slow his vehicle. I looked out the window again as we approached the only motel in town.
It looked nice enough and had a welcoming feel to it. It was an old weather board building. It had been painted maroon once upon a time but was now weathered and aged but the sun.
It was only a small building, I couldn’t imagine there would be more than about fifteen rooms. There was a veranda that surrounded the outside of it and a sign above the door that read ‘Fern Creek Motel’.

The truck came to a stop with a hissing of it’s breaks and I thanked the driver for his assistance. It was safer hitching rides than risking being seen at a departure point like a bus terminal or train station.

I walked up the stairs of the motel and opened the door. The reception area was small and a stout lady stood at the desk, peering over her glasses as she completed the Sudoku in this morning’s newspaper.

“Long or short stay?” The woman muttered, not looking up from her puzzle.

She chewed on the end of her pencil and cursed quietly before rubbing out, what I imagined, was an incorrect number.

“Umm, short stay I guess. Just a room for two nights please, with a late checkout”

The woman continued looking at her puzzle, dusting the eraser residue from the paper before pointing to the keys hanging up to her left.

“Room six is available. It will be seventy two dollars for the two nights and and extra eight for the late check out. Name?”

“Faith...Faith Andrews” I mumbled.

I had adopted a new name the second I fled Atlas, Faith seemed fitting, it was something that I needed right now.

“Ok Ms Andrews, I’ll...”

The woman paused mid sentence, sniffing the air slightly like she’d just picked up the smell of something pleasant wafting through the room. She looked up at me, tilting her head to the side as she studied my face. I fidgeted on the spot and looked down at my feet, feeling quite uncomfortable as she stared at me. I had the overwhelming urge to sniff under my armpits and knew the first thing I would be doing once I got to my room was have a shower.

“Ah, sorry darl. It’s just that you look...never mind”

Look bloody disgusting, I bet.

the woman coughed and straightened her glasses. She reached over for the keys to room six and went to place them in my hand. I gave her the eighty dollars and grabbed the keys, not stopping to listen to the woman’s directions of how to get to my room. I just wanted to get out of there.

It wasn’t hard to find where room six was. The front of the Motel had rooms one to three on the left of the entrance and rooms four to six on the right. My room was on the far right and I walked the length of the veranda to get there. I put the key in the door and let myself inside.

It was a small room but nothing smaller than what I was used to staying in. I looked around, taking in my home for the next few days. A double bed, a TV, a kitchenette. Bliss. The room was complete with a tiny ensuite that housed a toilet, basin and shower.
Placing my bag down, I sat on the end of the bed. I was starting to run low on money, I knew at some stage I would have to put up stumps for a little longer than a couple of days and get some work.

I had learnt a lot over the years, I’d worked so many odd jobs that I was pretty much a jack of all trades. I’d worked in kitchens, in bars, car yards, mechanics, I’d been a stable hand and even delivered papers. Nothing was beneath me, as long as it paid cash and didn’t require long term commitment.

I looked at my watch, it was three in the afternoon, plenty of time to have a look around the town before settling in for the night. I had a quick, and much needed, shower and changed into a clean t-shirt and jeans. Pulling my long brown hair back into a ponytail, I took a moment to glance in the mirror.

A long, drawn out sigh left my body as I stared at the sad girl in front of me. Who was she? I didn’t really know anymore. I wished I had my mother’s eyes, I wished I had something that resembled her that could stare back at me in the mirror. My eyes were big and blue and were rimmed with naturally long lashes. I rarely ever wore make up. Cami had done it for me a few times when we were younger but I never liked the way it felt on my skin.

My hair was a dark brown with a hint of red in certain lights. It was wavy and thick and when down would reach just below my belt. I didn’t have my mother’s height either, thankfully. I was about five foot eight and had always had an athletic build, in saying that I was lucky to keep my womanly curves.

As much as I tried to avoid it I always seemed to get unwanted attention from the opposite sex. Keeping a low profile was important to me right now, even though my body craved to be touched, to be held - I just couldn’t risk anyone getting too close. Any guys that I had let my guard down with turned out to be dicks…and clearly only thought with theirs. So, for now, it was just me.

I grabbed a small amount of cash and my room key and headed out the door, making sure it was securely locked behind me. As I approached the main entrance I noticed the receptionist from earlier talking to a man in hushed tones. Something made me stop and, against my better judgement, I lingered for a moment to listen to what they were talking about.

The man had his back to me as I inched forward. The guy was seriously huge, his build was that of some kind of beast - broad shoulders, thick arms…maybe not a beast, more like an Adonis.

Or lumberjack, I smirked to myself.

He wore a black fitted t-shirt that clung to his back in all the right places. I could almost see every muscle as they tensed under the material. I bit my bottom lip, taking in every inch of him. He was huge, the room seeming smaller due to the mere presence of him. He dwarfed the receptionist, he dwarfed everything.
Suddenly the Adonis’s body tensed, his shoulders straightened and he turned around, his dark eyes locking with mine.

Sprung. Shit.

His eyes, black like his shirt - they managed to draw me in but push me far away at the same time. They were hypnotic and I fought hard to drag my gaze from his. I turned my back as the heat spread across my cheeks. My heart thrummed in my chest, almost sending me into a dizzying spin.

I hurried down the stairs of the Motel, making sure to keep a brisk pace and hoping to god that the receptionist and Adonis ignored the fact they’d caught me snooping. I mentally kicked myself for being so stupid. I was good at flying under the radar and remaining seemingly unnoticed, why would I be so stupid to get caught listening in to someone else’s private conversation?

Because half of that conversation involved one of the most gorgeous men you have ever seen...

I rolled my eyes at my inner voice, she was clearly only interested in one thing, she needed to focus, we needed to focus.

Adonis POV

I could barely understand what Marge was rattling on about, honestly, the woman could talk underwater. But she was convinced she had someone staying at her motel that that bore a striking resemblance to an old friend of my father’s.

My father had been the Alpha of the Fern Creek wolf pack for twenty five years. I took over from him as Alpha nine years ago, on my twenty first birthday.

I listened on as Marge described the woman.

Marge was a knowledgeable old duck but sometimes I think the idea of having the best gossip in town got in the way of her actual reality.

“I swear it Alpha Jayce. If it wasn’t for the brown hair I would have sworn I was looking at Claudia” Marge whispered “an absolute doppelgänger...”

Something in the air made me stop, made my whole body tense. What was that smell?
Then I could feel it, a heat radiating from behind me, an electric current that coiled it’s way around my chest…someone, something was there. An intensity that I’d never felt before consumed the air in the room and beckoned me to turn around.
I spun around as if my body had a mind of it’s own and it was then that I saw her. She was absolutely breathtaking, a goddess on earth. She had long brown hair fastened up in a ponytail and eyes that were as blue as ice.

Those eyes, they sucked me right in.

Heat radiated from the woman’s body as she stared back at me and I knew straight away from looking at her that she was who Marge was referring to.

The stunning woman was frozen to the spot but before I had a chance to open my mouth she tore her eyes from mine and turned her back, quickly gliding down the stairs and off into the car park. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of hurt. I blinked, shocked at what I was feeling. I felt...rejected. I had to stop myself from running down the stairs after her, how dare she reject Alpha. I shook my head and scoffed, moving those irrational feelings to the side. I looked back at Marge, the silly bat just staring at me with a grin like the Cheshire Cat plastered across her face.

“What?” I growled.

Marge shook her head and shrugged “I didn’t say anything”

Sighing, I ran my fingers through my hair.

“You didn’t speak to anyone else about her did you?” I asked.

Marge shook her head again, “Of course not and I won’t. I knew she was something...different...”

I could tell Marge was fishing, hoping that I would let something slip.

“She is just new around here, I don’t know who she is. I think you’re exaggerating with her likeness to Claudia too. Let’s keep this between us, understood?” I grumbled.

Marge nodded, “Understood Alpha” she repeated.

Years ago my folks had been friends with an Alpha and Luna from a pack just East of Fern Creek. Mason and his mate, Claudia. Mason and Claudia were good people and fierce wolves. Nearly twenty years ago they had twins, a boy and a girl. I was only ten at the time but I was old enough to overhear my fair share of conversations between my parents about them and old enough to understand the majority of what was being said.

There had been something different about the twins, something that had all the packs in the area buzzing with curiosity. But with curiosity came fear. Wolves weren’t a big fan of different. Wolves were creatures of habit and didn’t like the idea of anything that could upset the dynamics of their pack.

Some of the members of the Eastern Ridge pack had approached Mason and Claudia about their concerns but they wouldn’t hear anything of it. My own father had also tried to talk to them but it only fell on deaf ears. If anything, all the talk made Mason and especially Claudia even more protective of their babies, not letting anyone into their pack house to see them.

When the babies were only a few months old there was a terrible fire at the Eastern Ridge pack house. Claudia and the twins had been killed and Mason escaped with horrific burns that, rumour had it, he still had to this day.
The physical scars weren’t the only scars that Mason wore. Even though there was talk that he had lit the fire himself, I knew that couldn’t be right. Mason spiralled out of control after losing his family, my father said he had shifted into his wolf and disappeared into the forest. To this day Mason remained in his wolf state and never returned to his pack. His nephew, Alec, took over as Alpha but the pack never really recovered.

The woman at the motel did bare a slight resemblance to Claudia, it was a sad reminder of what had been lost all those years ago.

I noted down the woman’s room number and name.

Faith Andrews...

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