Blood Stained

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Chapter 4 - The Adonis

Adonis- A youth of remarkable beauty, the favourite of the Goddess Aphrodite.

Quinn (Faith) POV

I had seen pretty much all there was to see of the Fern Creek town centre. There wasn’t all that much to see, it was even smaller than I thought.

It was nice though. It had a country and almost ‘hand-built’ feel to it. Even though it was small it still had everything it needed. A general store, a bakery, a mechanic, a doctors clinic, a cafe, a bar...yes, it had a bar.
I licked my lips and looked at my watch. It was five o’clock and all I really felt like doing was having a nice cold beer and heading back to my room.

I strolled in the direction of the bar and kept my head down. It was a force of habit that I had, I didn’t want to be seen, I didn’t want to be remembered. I was just a nobody, passing in and out of the town, just another face in the crowd.
Being in such a small town though I soon realised that keeping my head down and refusing to engage with people would probably draw more attention…you couldn’t be a face in the crowd when there was no crowd.
People from small towns were use to knowing everyone they walked past and therefore it wasn’t unusual to receive a greeting or nod of the head from almost everyone you came across.

Except from Mr Tall Dark and Handsome at the motel...

My inner voice reminded me of how that man’s eyes bore straight through me. There had been no greeting, no smile.
Maybe he wasn’t a local, I thought to myself. Maybe he was just passing through town and staying at the motel. Just another face in the crowd.

A pleasant tingle ran across my skin at the thought of him staying in the same place as me, that maybe I might bump into him again. I chewed my lip, those dark eyes clouding my mind, my judgment.

No! I shook my head. That would not be a good idea. Yeah, he was easily the best looking guy I had ever set eyes on. His biceps were as thick as my thighs and his chest was...

“What can I get you love?”

I suddenly snapped back into reality, realising I was standing at the bar, the bar tender staring at me, waiting for an order.

I coughed, “Sorry...” I mumbled, “Just a beer thanks”

The bar tender laughed and started pouring a pot.

“Not from around here are you?” He asked and took the money I’d placed on the bar.

I looked down at my feet and clenched my jaw unintentionally. The bar tender looked at me, waiting for a reply. When it didn’t come he put the pot down in front of me.

“Just trying to make small talk love. Obviously you’re not from around here”

I grabbed my beer and thanked him quickly. I found a table in a less populated corner of the bar and sat down.

I didn’t like people asking questions. It wasn’t the bar tender’s fault, small talk was a big part of his job.
But sometimes I wished people would just mind their own business.

I glanced around the bar, it wasn’t overly busy. There were a couple of blokes playing darts, they looked like they hadn’t long finished work and were blowing off some steam. One of them was quite loud, making sure the whole room knew when he made a good shot.

The other guy was a little more reserved and shook his head every now and then at his friend’s rowdiness.
They were both wearing flannel shirts and tan work shorts.
I assumed they were in some sort of trade, I could faintly make out a splash of paint on their boots, or maybe it was plaster or cement, I wasn’t quite sure.

I had done a bit of painting a few years back in a town I’d stopped in. I enjoyed it actually. There was something therapeutic about getting something weathered and worn and making it bright and new again. It was like giving a fresh start. A new life.

I took a sip of my beer and sighed. Sometimes I felt like I needed a new coat of paint. I was only nineteen but I felt like I had been through several lifetimes of sun and storms. My paint was definitely weathered and it didn’t matter how many touch ups I gave myself, the original coat was still flaking underneath.

I finished my beer and stood up from my table. As much as I could quite easily have four more I knew I needed to head back to the motel. The bar would only get busier as the night went on and it would make sticking to the shadows quite difficult.

I made my way towards the front door of the bar, keeping my head down and pretending I didn’t hear the bar tender as he called out to me to enjoy the rest of my night.

“Hey there darlin...why you leavin so early?” A male’s voice drawled from the direction of the dart board.

I knew who it was going to be straight away, Mr Rowdy. I ignored his question and grabbed the door handle. As I did so a large, paint covered hand covered mine.

My whole body tensed and I could feel the sweat beading at the back of my neck. I couldn’t move, I was frozen to the spot.

“I asked you a question honey” Mr Rowdy slurred.

I could feel his breath on my ear and could smell the alcohol. Knock off drinks must have started early today. His hand didn’t leave mine the whole time. I felt my knuckles turning white and I clenched the door handle tighter. My initial response of fear was quickly turning into anger. I could almost feel the smirk on his face as he watched me squirm. Everyone had a fight or flight response and right now, against my better judgement, mine was leaning towards fight.

Kill him... my inner voice growled, the blood boiling in my veins.

“None of your fucking business” I sneered between clenched teeth.

Mr Rowdy’s brow raised and his hand squeezed mine harder. I let out a small yelp as the metal handle dug into my palm.

“Leave her alone Brad” called the bar tender when he realised what was happening.

Brad didn’t move a muscle and gave a little chuckle, “All good here Matt, just having a little fun...Aren’t we sugar?”

I didn’t answer and Brad slowly released my hand. As soon as he let go I pushed the door open ran down the steps.

Fucking pig! My inner voice hissed as I stormed towards the motel.

I was furious. Don’t get me wrong, I’d been spoken to like shit by my fair share of men but it was not something that I could or should get use to. I felt like the only decent man I had ever known was my father, and now he was dead.
I reached the motel and stormed up the stairs in front of the main entrance.

“You alright Ms Andrews?” Called the receptionist as I strode passed her.

“Just fine” I snapped and kept walking.

I unlocked my door and went inside, slamming it behind me. I pressed my back against the cool wood and took a deep breath in. As I breathed out slowly I heard a knock at the door. I figured it would the nosey receptionist, why couldn’t people just mind their own business?
The knock came again and I yanked the door open.

“What?!” I growled.

I looked up to see the Adonis standing in my doorway, staring down at me. The man was even bigger up close, his shoulders barely looking like they would fit through the frame. The Adonis flinched inadvertently at my frosty greeting before quickly composing himself again.

“That’s no way to say hello”

His voice was deep and gravely, sending my lower stomach into a spin. I looked down at my feet, immediately feeling embarrassed, like I was being told off by my teacher or boss. The man oozed superiority. I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from begging for his forgiveness.

Why should I care at all if he thought I was being rude? He had no place being here, why should I have to greet him warmly when he was a strange man knocking on my door at some dingy motel in the middle of nowhere?

I raised my head and straightened my shoulders, standing tall in an attempt to look confident and unaffected by his ultra masculine presence.

“What do you want?” I asked coldly.

The Adonis ran his fingers through his jet black hair whilst eyeing me off with a confused look on his face. I bit my bottom lip as I watched the way his bicep bulged when he moved his arm, his black t-shirt looking like it may just tear at any second. He cleared his throat, breaking my momentary show of weakness.

“You know what? Don’t worry about it” he spat before turning on his heel and storming off.

I stood there dumbfounded. What the hell was that all about?

You’re a rude bitch that’s what! My inner voice hissed.

Maybe I was a bit rude. The guy had done nothing to me apart from knock on my door and I spoke to him like a piece of shit. I could feel part of me wanting desperately to chase him down and apologise profusely. My inner voice was liking this idea...

Yes! Chase him down and apologise by getting down on your knees and putting his long, hard co...

I shook my head and pinched the bridge of my nose. My inner voice was out of control lately. She was rebelling and making it very difficult for me to think and act rationally.

I remember the first time she had surfaced when I was about ten years old. I had been getting grief from another kid at school, he’d been calling me a freak and would knock my books out of my hands everyday.

One day I went to get my school bag and when I opened it up I saw it was full of broken eggs. When I turned around I saw the kid and his friends laughing at me.
That was the first time I heard her, my inner voice. She was full of anger and hate.

That’s it! She had roared. Punch him! Do it, he will never stop if you don’t show him who he is messing with!

I didn’t even think twice about it. I dropped my bag and stormed over to the kid. Before he knew what was coming I punched him square in the nose, breaking it.

I got in so much trouble from my parents that night. Mostly from mum, she lectured me about keeping my head down and not making waves, otherwise he might find me. I think dad was quietly proud though, after all he had been the one that taught me how to throw a proper punch. Somehow I didn’t get expelled and thankfully the bully never went near me again.

My inner voice never really went away after that, she only got stronger. I had named her Rogue and she became almost an imaginary friend to me.

When I had told my mother about Rogue she’d acted quite strange, her face almost paled. She had told me not to listen to Rogue or entertain the notion that she even existed. I figured this was mum’s way of telling me to grow up. I ignored mum though and Rogue and I became a force of nature, the best of friends.

I never told Cami about the voice, I didn’t want to risk my only real friend rejecting me for being a freak.
I could tell that Cami knew something about me was different but I knew that she liked the new me, the me that never put up with shit from anyone.

Since being on the run I’d figured out pretty quickly that if I wanted to fly under the radar I had to learn to ignore Rogue. This just made her louder inside my head and sometimes she was almost deafening. The more I ignored Rogue, the louder and sassier she was and the worse my headaches became. It was almost as though she was a real being, trapped in my mind and screaming to get out.

I sighed and lay down on the bed. Tomorrow was a new day and I was sure after a good night’s sleep that I would wake up feeling fresh and calm.

Not if I have anything to do with it, Rogue laughed

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