Blood Stained

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Chapter 5 - Something Else

Jayce POV

I’d received a call from Matt at the bar about ten minutes ago regarding an altercation between Brad and some girl from out of town. I knew it had to be the woman from the motel, Faith, and instantly I felt my blood begin to boil.

Brad was just about on his last warning. You could almost guarantee that if there was a punch on anywhere in town, he was involved somehow.
Brad was one of my fighters, he was strong and relentless when it called for it but he was a fucking dickhead wolf the rest of the time.

But hearing that he had harassed a woman and a human nonetheless, I wasn’t impressed.

Matt said she had left in a huff after they had exchanged words and headed back in the direction of the motel. But one thing that Matt had mentioned before hanging up was really playing on my mind.

“There was something about her Jayce. I can’t put my finger on it. She had a...smell, a scent. Not a normal human scent but she doesn’t smell like a wolf either...”

I knew exactly what Matt meant as I had smelt it earlier at the Motel. Wolves had a very distinct scent, you could tell a wolf’s rank just by smelling them. Wolves from different packs had different scents and if a female wolf was in heat or unmated you could smell her from miles away.

Humans on the other hand all smelt the same, they smelt like blood. You could literally smell the blood pumping through their veins and the more scared or excited they were, the stronger their scent. Something wasn’t adding up with Faith. I needed to pay her a visit and I wasn’t leaving until she answered my questions.

As I approached Faith’s door I could smell her already. My nostrils flared and my body tensed, my wolf stirred inside me; he was as intrigued as I was.
I placed my palm flat on the door and I could feel her body heat through the wood.
I pressed my forehead against the panel and closed my eyes, breathing in her intoxicating aroma.

After a few seconds I composed myself and knocked softly on the door. I could sense her irritation almost instantly and grinned to myself, then knocked again.
The door flew open.

“What?!” She growled and glared up at me, fire in her eyes.

It was clear that it wasn’t me she was expecting and her eyes softened slightly. My wolf almost purred within me as I stared into those ice blue eyes, I flinched inadvertently at his reaction. My wolf had never reacted this way to anyone before.

“That’s no way to say hello” I blurted out.

I watched as Faith looked down at her feet, she was uncomfortable around me and I could feel that my Alpha wolf was affecting her. This threw me even more. Humans were not normally affected by a wolf...but it was becoming more obvious to me the more I stood in her presence that she was not a human. She was something more, something else.

Faith raised her head and straightened her shoulders, fighting the power my wolf was projecting on her.

“What do you want?” She asked coldly.

I was speechless. My plan had been to storm in here and not leave until she had answered all my questions, but standing here now in front of her...I had no idea what I wanted to ask.
I ran my fingers through my hair, thinking. I didn’t want to scare her off but I also didn’t want her speaking to me like shit. My wolf, as much as he was intrigued by her, demanded respect.

Something deep inside me stirred as I watched Faith staring at me, her gaze raking up my body. I could smell her arousal and it was taking everything I had not to shift into my wolf. He wanted her and was clearly very unimpressed with me not claiming her as ours the second she opened the door.

I was feeling out of control. I had never struggled keeping my wolf in his place before but at this moment I could feel him fighting me. I had to get out of here before the wolf won, Faith would not stand a chance if I let him take control.

I cleared my throat, pushing my wolf back into my subconscious as he fought to stay on the surface.

“You know what? Don’t worry about it” I spat with a little more venom than I intended.

I turned away and stormed off, leaving Faith standing opened mouthed in her doorway.


As soon as I got back to the pack house I stripped off my clothes and had a cold shower. Normally when I felt this on edge it was because my wolf needed to go for a run or hunt, but that was not an option right now. If I shifted into my wolf I didn’t doubt that he would go straight to the motel and show Faith what happens when females fail to show him submission.
A cold shower would just have to do.

I heard a knock at my bedroom door and got out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my waist. I opened the door to find my Beta, Cameron, standing there. Cameron and I had been best mates our whole lives. Cameron’s father had been my dad’s Beta back when he was Alpha of our pack.

“Did you find what I was after?” I asked, taking the folder Cameron had in his hand.

I opened it up and started looking at the contents.

“Yes and no” Cameron said, “We couldn’t find any information on a Faith Andrews but we asked around some other packs and a few of them said that a female matching her description passed through within the last couple of weeks, only staying for a couple of days wherever she stopped. They all said she had used the first name Faith but the last name was always different”

I nodded and flicked through a few of the pages in the document folder. Cameron was my lead fighter and trained in security and intel. He was good at what he did and I knew that given more time he would be able to get me more of what I needed to know.

“Jayce, there is something else...” Cameron started.

I looked up at him, nodding for him to continue.

“There were three packs, West of Atlas, that said someone matching her description passed through their towns...four years ago. Then another pack that said she was there five years ago”

I pursed my lips and shrugged. You would have to have a pretty good memory to remember one particular female that long ago. As if Cameron knew what I was thinking he flipped the pages over in the folder to the back, revealing some still images from CCTV that were dated four years ago.

“That her?” He asked, pointing to a female sitting in a bar that was clearly Faith.

Our Faith... my wolf purred.

I nodded. There were other still images captured from some of the other packs, all depicting Faith in various locations and settings.

“What made them think it was her you were asking about?” I asked, already knowing what the answer was going to be.

“Her scent” Cameron murmured, “They all said she didn’t smell human but that she didn’t smell like a wolf either. By the time anyone thought to confront her about her identity, she had skipped town. She was using different names back then too, she never went by Faith”

It was becoming obvious that our girl was running from someone, or something. Maybe she was the victim, fleeing a horrible situation. Or maybe she had done something horrible and was fleeing the consequences.

Quinn (Faith) POV

I sat up in bed as the sunlight shone through the window. I rubbed my eyes, I felt like absolute shit.
I’d barely slept a wink last night.

My inner bitch, Rogue, had decided to plague my mind with thoughts of Mr Tall Dark and Handsome all night long. I would wake constantly in hot sweats, at one point even having to get up in the middle of the night to have a cold shower.

I knew what Rogue was trying to do. She thought that if she bombarded me with dirty thoughts about the Adonis that I would eventually cave and give in to temptation. Well, that just wasn’t an option. I had gone this long keeping my legs closed that it would be stupid and irresponsible to throw it all away now.

I had a lack of experience in the area of sex but everything I’d seen had taught me that sex was complicated and nothing good ever came from it.

Unless you wanted to settle down...did you not see that man?! We could settle down with him…

I rolled my eyes at Rogue’s input. She knew I craved companionship and love and everything that came with it, but it just couldn’t be a reality for me. I had only ever loved three people in my life; my parents and Cami. My parents were now dead because of me and I would never be able to see Cami again as long as Clayton was alive.

I got out of bed and had another cold shower as thoughts of last night’s visitor played through my mind.

It was turning out to be quite a warm day when I finally ventured out of my room. I needed to go to the general store to get some basic supplies. I always made sure my backpack was filled with non perishable items to keep me going as I travelled between towns.

I’d chosen a tiny pair of denim shorts and a basic white t-shirt to wear today. I paired that with brown leather sandals and a straw hat. I felt like I fit in, it was clear that this was a pretty casual, country town, and right now I felt pretty casual and country. Taking one last glance in the mirror I nodded, turning on my heal and heading out the door.
It was nice to be in a place like this. I absolutely hated big cities, they gave me a sense of anxiety and would always leave me feeling overwhelmed.

I smiled at the sound of the little bell that rang as I entered the general store. The coolness from the air conditioner was a nice reprieve from the heat of outside. I felt little bumps over my skin as a shiver ran through me.
I grabbed what I needed and filled my carry bag. As I approached the cashier she gave me a friendly smile and started tapping away at the cash register, entering my items.

“Nice day out today” she trilled pleasantly.

“Yes, it’s lovely” I replied.

Another chill ran over my body and I rubbed my arms as if trying to smooth them back down.

The girl looked at me quizzically before ringing up the last couple of items.

“That comes to twenty six dollars and eighty cents”

I reached into my purse and pulled out a twenty dollar note. My stomach turned as I realised that was all that was left in there. I chewed at my bottom lip and sighed.

“Umm, sorry. Can you please get rid of the shampoo and the dried apples, I seem to be a bit short”

“That won’t be necessary”

The silky yet gravely tones of the male voice sent another familiar shiver over my body, knowing exactly who it was behind me without having to turn around.

I watched as a tanned, muscled arm reached from behind me and passed some money to the cashier.
My eyes closed involuntarily as I felt his body lightly touching my back.

“That’s very nice of you Jayce” the cashier giggled as she completed the sale.

Jayce... Rogue purred in a satisfied tone.

I grabbed my bag and nodded at the girl before turning around. My breath hitched in my throat as I took in the sight of Jayce. His broad shoulders and thick muscled arms were complimented perfectly by his olive skin and white shirt. His jet black hair was still wet and he had a light dusting of stubble over his chiseled jaw.

“Thanks” I muttered and looked down at my feet.

“You’re welcome Faith” he drawled.

My head snapped up as I noted how he put too much emphasis on my name. What did he know?

You’re overreacting. He knows nothing

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