Blood Stained

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Chapter 6 - Restless

Jayce POV

I’d convinced Faith to come for a walk with me. She couldn’t really say no as I had just paid for her groceries.

I looked at her out of the corner of my eye as we walked in silence. She was magnificent.
Her body had curves in all the right places and I could tell just by looking at her that she was strong. Her legs were long and muscular and her arse was round and looked fucking delicious in those tiny denim shorts.

I could feel my wolf getting restless. As soon as I’d sensed Faith in that store my wolf had dragged me in before I even knew what was happening.
I had watched her from a distance and noted how her body shivered anytime I got close.
There was no doubt that she was feeling the same chemistry as I was, a chemistry that I so desperately wanted to investigate further. Her body responded to me in ways I didn’t know was even possible, I’d barely touched her, yet her energy hummed just from being close to me.

“So is there something you wanted to say to me or are we going to walk in awkward silence the whole time?” Faith quipped.

I smirked to myself as my wolf growled at her insolence.

“What’s with all the stuff you got at the store?” I asked, pointing to her carry bag.

Faith shrugged her shoulders without looking at me.

“Isn’t a girl allowed to buy some necessities? What’s your point?”

“To me it looks like the sort of stuff that you would buy if you intended on being on the run for a while. A safety net if you weren’t going to come across another town for a bit...”

I watched Faith’s face. She remained fairly composed but for half a second I saw her eyes change focus and the slight clench of her jaw.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she snapped.

Faith stopped in her tracks and spun around to glare at me. Her knuckles whitened as she gripped her bag and her feet shifted into a defensive stance.
The girl was ready to run or fight, which one she hadn’t figured out yet.

“What are you saying? Just say it!” She hissed

I put my hands up in mock surrender.

“Whoa Honey” I laughed “Relax would you”

“You’re laughing at me? You think this is funny?”

The girl was pissed. I could see tears welling in her eyes and admired her strength as she blinked them back and held her head high.
I was no fool, I could see she was exhausted. She was exhausted from running, but what from?

“I’m sorry” I responded genuinely, “I certainly don’t mean to laugh at you. I am just trying to figure you out...”

“Well don’t!”

Faith turned away from me and stalked off towards the motel.
Before I even knew what I was doing I reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her towards me.

“We are not done here!” I growled, my Alpha voice surfacing more than I wanted it to.

My body tensed as Faith glared down at my hand then back up at my face. My eyes locked with her’s and I felt the air between us crackle with electricity, her skin under my hand almost feeling like it buzzed with my touch. I could tell she felt the same way. I watched as Faith licked her lips, her breathing growing heavy and her nipples hardening under the thin material of her shirt.
I couldn’t take it anymore, my wolf was ready to burst free. I needed to give him something.

My mouth crashed down on to Faith’s and for a moment I felt her whole being within mine.
Her lips parted almost immediately and my tongue found hers as I deepened the kiss, pulling her closer to me. I heard a small moan escape her throat, my dick hardening in response and making me very nearly lose my mind at how responsive she was to my touch.

I wanted her so bad, I’d never wanted anything more. My wolf wanted more, needed more. The harder I kissed her the harder it was to control the animal inside me. I felt the shift coming on, I felt the pain in my jaw as my teeth tried to elongate. I felt the pressure in my hands as my claws tried to tear free.

No! Not now!
Yes now! She is ours!

I pulled away from Faith suddenly. She looked up at me in shock, a small gasp escaping her mouth.

Faith (Quinn) POV

I stared up at his eyes and felt a wave of fear roll over my body, bringing me back to reality very, very quickly. His eyes were completely black, not a speck of white to be seen. I gasped.

Before I had time to compute what was happening I dropped my bag and my legs, having a mind of their own, had me sprinting back to my motel room as fast as they could muster. The second I got back to my room I unlocked the door and jumped inside, slamming it behind me. My heart was racing, what the hell just happened?

I listened for Rogue to give me something, something to feed my confidence and abate my fear; But she was silent, nothing. I could sense her presence but she had nothing to say, it was as if she was disappointed in me or something.

I locked the door and leant against it. I knew Jayce hadn’t followed me, but the feeling of terror still enveloped me. I closed my eyes and slowed my breathing, counting slowly to ten in my head.
I tried to focus on calming down but my brain had different ideas. The image of Jayce’s black eyes appeared in my mind. My heart started racing again as I remembered the way his lips felt against mine. How my whole body had sparked to life the second his hand grabbed my arm.

I pressed my thighs together and tried to think of something else, anything else.

One thing was for sure...Jayce was not human. There was no way he was human. The realisation should have shocked me more but funnily enough, it didn’t.
My parents told me about the whole other world out there, about all the other beings that walked amongst us; about all the things that went bump in the night.

They looked like humans, spoke like humans

Fucked like humans?

Ah! There she was. I rolled my eyes as Rogue had clearly quit sulking and had decided to join me again.
I fought back the urge to imagine Jayce’s hands over my body, his black eyes staring at me with pure animalistic hunger.
Yes, the feeling of lust was overwhelming but this was very quickly followed by the feeling of pure terror.

I knew that Clayton, the man who had been hunting me all these years, was also not human. My parents never told me what he was but I knew he was something else. Jayce clearly knew more than he was letting on. He guessed that I was on the run and I had a feeling he knew I was lying about my identity.

My stomach turned. What if he had something to do with Clayton? A spy maybe?
If that was the case then I was in terrible danger.

I chewed my bottom lip and looked around my room, I needed to pack my things and get moving. I needed to run before it was too late. But then the sudden realisation hit me. I had no money, I had no supplies, I had no plan. I was completely on my own and I had nowhere to go. This normally didn’t affect me but for some reason I was feeling completely and utterly lost.

The mind numbing chemistry that I’d felt for Jayce was intoxicating. The thought of being on the run for the rest of my life and never feeling that again was almost too painful to bare.

I sat down on the bed and cupped my face in my hands. I was exhausted. I had nothing left in my tank. I’d been running on fumes for so long and I just couldn’t carry on. If Jayce was part of Clayton’s cruel plan then I guess he was going to win.

I was done running. I was done living a lie.

Jayce POV

I picked up a bar stool and threw it against the wall, wood splintering and flying everywhere. I grabbed another bar stool and slammed it down on the bar, destroying the stool and shattering several glasses in its path. Rage seared through my body, it’s power burning me from the inside out as my wolf clawed away; desperate to come to the surface.

I was just about to grab another stool when I felt someone grab my left arm, quickly followed by someone else grabbing my right.

“If you’re going to destroy my bar it better be for a good fucking reason!” Growled Matt as he struggled to keep hold of me.

“Calm down Jayce!” Brad yelled as he held the other arm.

The sound of Brad’s voice suddenly stopped me. My wolf’s ears pricking up. I growled as I turned to face him. Brad’s face went pale as he saw the look in my eyes, he let go of my arm.

“Easy now Alpha” he said as he slowly walked backwards, “Put your wolf away and let’s talk about what’s got you so jacked up”

I grabbed my head in my hands and squeezed my eyes shut. The rage I was feeling was overwhelming. I couldn’t control my wolf as his rage was even worse than mine. I was fighting an internal battle with him and I knew if I let him win then the shift would take place. If I shifted he would kill Brad for harassing Faith and then he would go straight to the motel to claim Faith as his own.

Matt looked at me then at Brad as he tried to hold me back.

“Brad, get out of here and go get Cameron”



I watched as Brad ran out of the bar and felt my wolf beginning to calm. I shrugged Matt’s hand off me and swatted him away as he reached for me again.

“I’m fine! I’ve got it under control” I hissed and sat down on a stool that I hadn’t destroyed, still holding my head.

I didn’t know what the hell was happening. I had never ever had a problem reigning my wolf in before. Yes, I had been mad before and my wolf had wanted to surface but I’d never began to shift without making the conscious decision to do so.

Until today.

The look of terror in Faith’s eyes was more than I could bare. She dropped her bag and ran away. She had ran away from me. Luckily Matt had witnessed the whole thing and dragged me off the street and into his bar before my wolf had taken over.

“What the hell is going on?” I heard Cameron shout as he raced into the bar.

I looked up as Matt walked over to Cameron and dragged him aside, no doubt to tell him what a monumental mess I had made.

I felt better after a long shower and sat down with Cameron in the office of my pack house. I filled the blanks in for him that Matt hadn’t been able to explain and watched as he leant back in his chair, exhaling slowly.

“Well I think it’s pretty obvious what’s happening, don’t you?” Cameron said after a few minutes of silence.

I looked at him quizzically. How could he possibly know what was going on if I didn’t?

“Please enlighten me” I answered in a patronising tone.

Cameron laughed and clapped his hands together, “Faith is your mate!”

I looked at Cameron blankly. My mate? That couldn’t be possible, Faith wasn’t a wolf. I shook my head and stood up, walking over to the window. I gazed outside.

“She can’t be...” I mumbled.

“Think about it Jayce” said Cameron as he came to stand at my side, “It would explain everything you have been feeling and it explains why your wolf is being so unpredictable and wild around her. You said she responded mutually...”

I nodded as I remembered the way Faith had shivered when I came near her and the way the energy had crackled all over her body as we kissed.

“You have forgotten one small thing though” I laughed, looking at Cameron, “She isn’t a wolf!”

Every wolf had their one true mate in life. It wasn’t uncommon to never be lucky enough to find your mate. It was a big world out there and these days there were a lot of packs that kept to themselves and didn’t socialise with others. This meant that the wolves had less exposure and less of a chance to meet their mate.

I’d had my fair share of women over the years, I had my needs after all, but I’d never felt anything like what I felt just being around Faith.
Wolves could fuck whoever they wanted to, wolf or human. But to be a true mate you had to be the same species.

“Maybe she is a wolf” Cameron said, shrugging his shoulders.

“She doesn’t smell like any wolf I’ve ever been around before” I answered.

“Do you know how old she is?” Cameron asked.

I laughed and shook my head, “The topic never really came up Cam”

It seemed like a stupid question but I knew why he was asking. All shifter species were pretty much human until they reached their twentieth birthday. Once you turned twenty your wolf, or whatever animal you were, became the other half of you. Instead of your wolf being just a voice in your head, they became etched into every fibre of your being.

It also then gave you the ability to shift into your wolf. My wolf was strong and fearless, like any good Alpha should be. We were a force to be reckoned with and there was no other wolf I had ever come across that would dare cross me. I had a reputation and it was one that I was proud of; it kept my pack safe and that was all that mattered.

If Faith was indeed a wolf then she was either really good at hiding it or she had not turned twenty yet and her animal hadn’t completely taken hold. Either way, she did not have the scent of a wolf and for the life of me I couldn’t figure what she was.

“You know what you have to do” Cameron said, breaking my train of thought.

I nodded, running my hands through my hair.

“I have to go see her”
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