Arrogant First Love

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Chapter 010

Chapter 10

The more I analyze it the more my mind becomes numb. It has been two days since the alleged photo-date incident I have with Edward; and from the looks of it the stories and speculation will not stop.

“I hate that woman” Jenny utter

“Stop talking about unrelated things at work Jenny” I replied

“I could not believe that Mr. Jackson has a girlfriend” Jenny furiously utters

“Those are just malicious attack on him” I replied

“But in his interview he didn’t deny of confirm his relationship with that woman. This is alarming” Jenny replied

That woman; that label bother me more for even if my name is not being brought out to be called as his woman is a little out of hand.

Ring…. Ring… Ring…

My phone rang and on the called id it was Ellie.

“Hello! Mrs. Peterson?” I replied

“Lizzie, we need to talk” Ellie replied

When Ellie said that; I know that Edward will be out topic.

“Sure! Where should we meet?” I asked

I need to face this head on.

I need to make sure something and that something is what I feel right now in my heart.

In the afternoon I meet Ellie at a restaurant in the 32nd street.

“Lizzie!” Ellie called

“Hi!” I replied

I sat down the chair and looked at her. She wore a worried face in her.

“How is Edward?” I asked

“He is fine, I think” Ellie replied

“Good!” I replied

Ellie let out a sigh!

“Elizabeth I will be frank with you right now okay! What do you feel for my brother?” Ellie asked

Just like a bomb; Ellie asked the question I have been avoiding all this time.

“Ellie, I could not answer that” I replied

“Why? I mean Ed obviously loves you” Ellie replied

“It is complicated” I replied

“Complicated how? I mean you two dated in high school” Ellie replied

I could recall the wounds being open right now.

“If I tell you right now; you will not understand” I replied

“Try me Lizzie!” Ellie replied

I let out a deep sigh and started to choke.

“I didn’t mean to leave him behind like that; as a matter of fact I regret it but things got messed up.” I replied

“What do you mean Lizzie?” Ellie asked

I am trying my best to not tear up.

“On the night of prom; my father was arrested for attempted arson at his work and that is why we are force to leave” I replied

Ellie didn’t speak at all for that matter.

“Your father knew that it was not my father’s fault but they make sure he will take the blame for that. So we are forced to leave Georgia for good” I replied

I never wanted for this to be heard or talked again but what could I do. I am being asked right now by the person related to the man that made my life miserable.

“We didn’t knew” Ellie replied

“Yeah! That is why I didn’t say goodbye or broke up with Edward for I know he will not accept this” I replied

“I am very sorry Lizzie; I should not have asked” Ellie replied

“No it is okay! I mean it is in the past, but please Ellie do not tell this to Edward. I know his relationship with your father is already in a strain. I promise to disappear” I replied

“Lizzie, you know that will not happen. Right now Edward is completely in love with you and has thought your second meeting is his chance to be with you” Ellie replied

“That is why I do not want to give him false hope” I replied

“You still love him do you?” Ellie asked

It was hard for me to give a reply to that; in the first place Edward and I didn’t end up being separated for no reason. We didn’t break up as a matter of fact.

“I will take your silence as yes! Please Lizzie do not leave Edward again. He needs you now” Ellie replied

I am a bit perplexed with what Ellie asked of me.

I am still figuring out what I feel about Edward right now or the fact that I told Ellie about what happened to my family.

I need to figure things out.

I heard the most shocking truth from Elizabeth right now; after or meeting I got straight into my car and drove home.

“Oh! My what a pleasant surprise Ellie” Mother called

“Where is dad?” I asked

“He is at the garden with Kit” Mother replied

“Okay!” I replied

I charge into the garden and saw my father talking to my ass-kissing husband.

“Dear!” Kit called

“Not now Kit” I replied

“Why are you here?” father asked

“Is it true?” I asked

“What?” father asked

I let out a deep sigh and looked at my father.

“Tell me the true; do you have something to do with the fact that Elizabeth and her family suddenly left Georgia?” I asked

“Elizabeth? Who?” father utter

“Do not play dumb with me dad; Elizabeth Wilson is the girl living to us next door and she is the woman that Edward loved for the past nine years” I elaborated

Father did speak for a moment and averted his sight from me.

“What about them?” He asked

“Answer the God damn question” I shouted

“Ellie, watch your mouth” mother utter

“No! This is the first time I am not speaking for myself but for Edward. Did you or did you not cause the sudden departure of the Wilson’s at Georgia?” I asked


“Yes! I ask them to leave” father replied

“You are the most impossible father ever” I shouted

“What am I supposed to do? George was there and he said he saw the man that attempted the arson but we could not find any evidence for that.” father replied

“So you decide to pin on him the accusation” I replied

“You do not understand Ellie; someone needs to be pinned out” He replied

“Didn’t you once consider that the Wilson’s are our family friend and for the fact that my brother is in love with their daughter” I shouted

“That was just a fling” He utter

I slam the table out of anger.

“That was not a fling; you do not know how Edward suffered this whole time thinking that he was the fault that Elizabeth left. All this time; all of his actions are rooted to his failure to comprehend why was he left by the only person that truly loved him” I replied

“We loved Edward more, Ellie” mother replied

“Really! Then why did you force him to run for mayor even if you knew that we do not want it?” I asked

Father and Mother did react to the words I said.

“Please Ellie!” Kit approach me

“You stay out of this! This family has been dysfunctional ever since you (pointed to my father) decide to pursue your god damn political career; and now my brother is out there destroying himself.” I replied

“You do not have any right to say that; I have been giving this family the sense of comfortable life ever since” father shouted at me

“Are you sure? Do you know Kit and I are talking about divorce?” I asked

“What?” Mother utter

“Ellie! Not right now!” Kit replied

“Divorce! You and him will not have divorce” father shouted

“See! What sense of comfort are you giving? How dare you control my marriage or Edward’s life for that matter” I replied

“Edward and you are my son and daughter I could do whatever I want with you” father replied

“Yeah! Right! I will not make this go away. I will tell Edward all about this and let see who will gets the last laugh.” I replied and walked out

“Ellie, stop!” Mother shouted

I hurriedly walked out of the house and into my car. I drove away from that moment and I have made my resolve to stop this ridiculous situation. I will not let Edward, Elizabeth or my own son suffer anymore.

I was never this worried my entire life; I had receive the final draft questions for the debate tomorrow and it is nerve racking.

“Looks like you will face a lot of difficulties” Paul replies

“Difficult or not I will make sure I will win” I replied

“That is the spirit Edward” Paul replied

Ring… Ring… Ring…

When I looked at my phone I was surprise to see the caller Id; it was Elizabeth.

“Hello!” I replied

“Hi! How are you?” Elizabeth asked

“I am fine, is this real?” I asked

“What?” She replied

“You calling me first?” I asked

“What is the matter with that?” She asked

“Nothing! I was just surprise” I replied

I am actually happy that I could hear her voice.

“Edward, I called to say sorry about what happened between you, me and Ellie. That was just so rude” She utter

“You do need to apologize; this was my entire fault. I am sorry!” I replied

Elizabeth did replied to that at all; I am now worried for she is now place on the most uncomfortable situation.

“Hey! I have heard the debate will be tomorrow” She utter

“Yeah! Same as the show and tell” I replied

“Keith will be so mad at you” Elizabeth utter

“Good God! That is the thing I am avoiding the most” I replied

“Hmm! Should I put a good word for you?” She asked

“My goodness; if you that I think Keith will be more mad at me” I replied

“Do not worry, I think Ellie will take care of that” She replied

I could hear her laugh at the other side of the phone; I wanted to badly to go to her right now.

“Hey! If it is possible after the debate we should meet” Elizabeth utter

I stood speechless as she said those words.

“Sure! I mean yeah!” I replied

“Great! I have something important to tell you” Elizabeth replied

“Yeah! Me too” I replied

“Good! That is a promise then” She replied

“Yeah!” I replied

I could feel my heart beating millions of miles out of enjoyment. Meeting her again will be like meeting a fresh air for the first time.

Elizabeth could hear her own broken heart being broken into millions of pieces.

How could she put up with this situation; Edward thinks that their meeting is a way to reconcile but for her it is a way of letting go.

This has to stop.

The next day has come like no other, everyone is busy.

“Make sure that everything is set up” Elizabeth utters

“Yes!” The staff replied

“I want to watch the debate” Jenny utter

“Stop that Jenny” I replied to her

“How can the debate and the show and tell be at the same date and time?” Jenny replied

“Do not sulk, just work” I replied

Actually I feel the same as Jenny, I want to watch the debate and support Edward but the more I think about it; the more I feel nervous for no reason.

I hope he is alright!

Paul has been walking back and forth, like some chicken.

“Could you please stop that” I asked

“I am nervous Edward” He replied

“Good God! I am the one to face them not you” I replied to him

“Please, just study what I gave you” Paul replied

“You have said that a million of times” I replied

I am actually to be nervous; I could not think straight.

“Edward” Ellie called me.

“Will you be attending Keith’s recital?” I asked

“Yes! Actually I wanted to talk to you” She replied

“About what?” I asked

“The truth is…”

Before Ellie could continue, the doors of my apartment opened.

“Edward” mother called from a far.

“Mom!” I exclaimed

“Why are you here?” Ellie asked

“We are here to support our son” mother replied

From behind her father was walking in the room; while Paul was talking to him.

“I better leave” Ellie replied

“But!” Edward replied

“I will just call you!” Ellie replied

Ellie didn’t even look at her parents rather immediately walked out of the room.

At that moment Edward was more nervous than ever.

The crowd has been more agitated; they are rather excited or in a brick of a panic for the debate is about to start.

“We will begin in five minute” the floor manager said

I let out a deep sigh as I walk around.

“Edward!” I saw Arnold walking towards me

“Arnold!” I greeted

“Break a leg” He said

“Same too you” I replied

“You know this was a great start but we all know who will win” Arnold replied

I smirk and looked at him.

“Do not flatter yourself; As long I am here and still running nothing is definite” I replied

“Sure! Whatever you say” Arnold replied

“Gentlemen we are on!” The manager said

On the other side of the world; the show and tell at the Woods Elementary is about to begin.

“We are about to start” Jenny called

“Okay students get ready” I called for them

I saw Keith sitting alone on the stairs.

“What is the matter Keith?” I asked

“He will not come” Keith replied

“Who?” I asked

“Uncle, he promises me” Keith replied

I hold Keith’s head and smiled.

“Do not worry, your mom will come and I am sure that your uncle will make it before the end” I replied

Keith smiled and stood from his seat. He walked and smiled at me.

The truth is I do not know what will happen; I am more worried for Edward than anyone else. I do wish he is alright!

“And Now Ladies and Gentlemen! Let me present to you the students of Woods Elementary School.”

The emcee called and everyone clapped.

At the same time the people on the studio are getting rowdy; as the debate begins.

“Welcome to our New York: Mayor Candidate Debates; this evening this two people have grace us with their presence to show us their platforms. Let us welcome Mr Arnold Carter and Mr Edward Jackson.

The two gentlemen came out and wave to the crowd.

“Good evening!” The two candidates greeted

“Welcome to the both of you” The announcer said

Edward and Arnold looked at each other and nod.

“Let us begin; you are given at least 3 minutes to answer the question.” The announcer

Edward was more than prepared but he can’t shake of feeling nervous right now.

“Let’s have the first question for Mr. Carter” The announcer said

The music start to fill the room, as the students started to present their performance.

“Okay now! We will be out in a minute so stay here” Elizabeth replied


Elizabeth was surprise to see Ellie waiting for her at the backstage.

“Lizzie, what are you doing here?” I asked

“Can we talk” Ellie asked

“Sure!” I replied

Ellie and I walked out of the stage and proceed to the hallway.

“What is it?” I asked

“I can’t do it” Ellie replied

“What is it you can’t do Ellie?” I asked

“I wanted to tell Ed about the real reason why you left him; but…”

Elizabeth was perplexed on what to say; Ellie wants to protect her brother and there is no wrong about that; but how about her own feelings.

“Please Lizzie; I do not want to hurt him” I replied

“Then stay with him” Ellie replied

“If I do that; my family will get hurt” I replied

“Please; just give me time Lizzie. Let me fix this” Ellie

“You can’t Ellie; this is between me and Ed!” I reply

Ellie embrace me.

“I am so sorry Lizzie”

All I could do is to embrace Ellie back and hold my tears. I am conflicted on what to feel and what to think right now.

“Elizabeth we are almost up!” Jenny called


I replied and let go of Ellie.

“I better go watch Keith” Ellie replied

“Yeah!” I replied

“Now the next question will be for mayor candidate Edward Jackson”

The announcer called for my name as I pay attention to him.

“Your question will come from Linus reporter.” The announcer replied

“Yes! Good evening Mr Jackson, I am Roy from Limus.” He said

“Good Evening” I replied

“This question is quite personal but go you think a public servant like you can have private life.”

Edward let out a deep sigh and looked at the audience.

“The truth is no! I think my contender would agree with me that as you enter life of a public servant nothing can be hidden or be consider private but I like to think that in a fine line of everything we can still have some private moments in our life. Something to treasure”

“Are you saying that you can hide something from the public?” Roy asked

“No follow up question sir” The announcer replied

“No it is fine!” Edward replied

Edward holds his paper and smile.

“I am saying is that rather than hiding; the fact that I am only a person and I want to serve doesn’t mean I do not want to have simple or private life. I am just citing that some boundaries of my life a public figure can stay public but beyond that I want it to be private.”

The audience clapped their hand for Edward as he answers the questions.

At Woods Elementary; Keith’s class is on performance.

“And now let’s give a big round of applause to Ms. Wilson’s class presentation”

All of the parents and guardians clapped their hands as the children came out of the curtain and on the stage. As the music started to play; Ellie was the excited mom and film the whole presentation.

Elizabeth was by the curtains and cheering on the children. Keith was looking around and saw his mother cheering him on.

“He didn’t came” Jenny utter

“Who?” I asked

“Mr. Peterson” Jenny replied

“You know that the Mayor’s debate and our show and tell overlapped” I replied

“I know, I just expected he would choose this event than that” Jenny replied

“Come on Jenny the man has priorities too” I replied

Speaking of priority; I looked at my watch and it was almost past six o’clock. Just like Jenny I am curious to what had happen to Edward on the debate.

The show and tell ended well and all of the parents and children are happy.

Expect for one!

“Come on Keith! Mom watches your show” Ellie said

“But he promised!” Keith replied

“What is the problem?”

I asked hearing over the conversation of the two.

“Keith is mad with Edward” Ellie replied

I smiled and lean over to Keith.

“Are you really that mad?” I asked Keith

“But he promise” Keith replied

“Listen to me Keith; your uncle is doing something amazing right now and I know that deep down in his heart he is very sorry for not being here. But I know you understand that” I said

Keith looked at me and wipes his almost formed tears.

“I know!” Keith replied

“Okay! You are very kind Keith” I replied

I looked at Ellie and both of us smiled.

“Thank you Lizzie!” She replied

“No problem” I replied

Lizzie approaches me and gave me a hug.

“Please love my brother” Ellie whispered

I hug back at Ellie and smiled. I could not reply for; I will be doing something more painful right now.

Ellie let go and holds Keith and they left.

I looked at them and I hold up my tears.

“I am so sorry about this!”

I utter to myself; for I know that after what I will do. Keith and Ellie will hate me.

The pain and love I suppress for the past nine years are slowly resurfacing.

I love Edward!

I need to tell him that but I need also to keep it lock away in my heart forever.

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