Arrogant First Love

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Chapter 02

Chapter 02

The more I think of what had happen; I could not either make myself believe that Edward and I meet for the first time after ten years. I could still feel nervousness in my heart. I only wish that are path will never cross again.

“Teacher” called to me

“Yes? Mandy?” I asked her

“Could I go to the toilet room?” she asked

“Sure, here is a class pass” I said

It was actually study hall time; they need to finish their seatwork in Math before the bell rang. This is the moment where I can have a moment of reflection. After I left the Soup Kitchen last Saturday, mom was furious at me and I got scolded. I just bear with it for what could I do about it, I mean I could not tell her about Edward. How could I tell her about him.

The school bell rang as a sign of the schooling has ended. I let myself be busy in the faculty room.

“Oh my God!” Jenny shouted

“What’s the problem?” I asked

“Edward Jackson’s rating is up by 5%” she said

“God! Jenny is that it?” I said

“Come on Elizabeth you are not in the hype of the situation, this has been make election more interesting.” Jenny said

“Seriously election, you have your goggle eyes all over Mr. Jackson I think you are not really interested with the election.” I arguably said

“I don’t care, Edward Jackson is my dream man” Jenny said

Dream man you say; if you only knew what kind of man Edward was Jenny would be surprise. Yes! He is a dreamboat when we are still in high school, for it was all a fucking façade.

Ten Years ago….. October 2004

“Lizzei” mother called me

“Yes! Mother” I came down from my room and head to the kitchen

“Could you please empty out this pumpkin for the lantern” mom said

“Yuck! Mom please let dad do that” I detest

“Please your dad is busy with decorating the house with Halloween décor” she explained

“Uh! Fine but I will not carve this big-ass pumpkin” I said and pick up the pumpkin

“Thank you sweetie” mom said

I took the big-ass pumpkin at the back yard and prepare my materials for cutting it open.

“Wow! You look like you’re going to murder somebody.” Edward said while pecking across their yard

“Move along Jackson, I am busy” I replied

“Looks like somebody is crack” He teased me more

“Should I pierce you with this knife?” I asked

“What some help?” he asked

“Is that a rhetorical question or are you just making irritated more?” I asked

“I will help” he said and crossover to your yard

He started to pierce the solid rock pumpkin.

“So what made you irritated about?” Edward asked

“Just cut open the pumpkin Jackson” I said

“You know the pumpkin will become more hard-headed if the person cutting it is acting like a jerk” he said

“Just don’t asked” I said

“Why?.... Why?..... Why?” He kept on asking why to the point of total irritation.

“I got a B in calculus, okay!” I said

“A grade B? That is the reason why you are upset?” He asked

“Yes! I am upset about that” I said while cutting the top of the pumpkin

“Elizabeth, have you forgotten that you have the highest grade in calculus” Edward said

“I know but having a B makes my straight record imperfect” I replied

Edward looked at me with irritation “I am more irritated than you” he said “come on Elizabeth I barely get a D in calculus and you are pouting over B a passing grade” he added

I looked at him with arced my eyes, “you don’t understand Edward, I want to get a future in New York. I want to study at the best school there” I explained

“You know Elizabeth you take things to seriously just enjoy life” Edward said while taking the guts of the pumpkin out

“Are you telling me to act just like you?” I asked him

“Hahahahaha! Funny! I just mean that you need to think of the future but you are missing the most memorable part of your high school life. Just take it one step at a time” He said

I don’t want to admit it but he might be right, why am I stressing myself over something I could not predict or tell yet. The future is important but my life in the present also needs attention. My life in New York will happen and I just need to live a fruitful life.

“I am impressed Mr. Jackson you know what to say” I said to him

“Are you telling me I am dumb? Edward said while holding a pumpkin gut

“You don’t dare” I said

“Yes! I do” He throw at me pumpkin guts

Does were the good old times; sooner or later we will drift apart our world is just too different now.

The city official race was starting to get to me. I mean I do not aspire too much of this. My father was the one persuaded me to run for mayor office in the first place. I mean my brother – in – law is already a cabinet member and my sister is an influential icon. So what better way to do than join the club.

“You have a radio meeting this coming afternoon” Paul said

“Okay!” I replied

“Hey! Edward better focus” Paul scolded me

“I know Paul stop nagging me; you are like my mother Jesus!” I said to him

“Tell me what is the matter? Are you somehow in medication and your mind is not in focus?” He asked

“Just let me be” I said

The truth is I am more curious about Elizabeth myself. We have met again after ten years, if could only remember that after graduation she and her family went to New York and never returned. It is not that I didn’t know about it but she didn’t bother to say goodbye or talked to me. Before graduation she and I had a huge fight; I do not remember what it was about but I think that started the whole separation between us.

“Paul, I want to be a part of another soup kitchen” I said

“What? But Ed your schedule is already pact” Paul said

“Just make it happen, please” I said to him

I need to meet her again, she is my friend. Well to be frank the only constant non-related woman in my life for the past ten years, but I did something to piss her of and leave me. I know I am not a good friend but I think I could make up to her at least to that I won her.

The next morning, my head was spinning. I was busy making my pupils grade and some written activities for them. I must say being busy make me more motivated and know I could forget Edward. So what I thought.

“A transfer student?” I said

“Yes! The boy had study on a prep-school but her parents decide to transfer him to Woods Elementary for a change.” Mr. Johnson said our principal

“Really? That is weird” I replied

“And apparently you know the boy’s mother” He added

“What? His mother?” I said

I knew the boy’s mother, who the earth could it be. I mean none of my social friends in college or high school had children. Some are married but do not have children yet. Who could it be?

“Lizzie” I familiar voice called me from the waiting room

“Elizabeth, I want you to meet Mrs. Ellie J. Peterson” Mr. Johnson said

“Ah! Ellie?” I said

She embraced me hard “Oh God! Look at you. You looked great” she said

“Thank you” I replied

No! No! This can’t be happening. I mean Ellie; Edward’s older sister is here with me. What in the world is happening?

“I know this is weird but my son, has been a little bratty and I need some place to help me discipline him” Ellie said

“Ellie, I mean Mrs. Peterson my I ask is your son an only child?” I asked

“Yeah! My husband and I are currently working on a second child but for now Keith is my main concern” she explained

“I assure you Mrs. Peterson I will try my best a Keith adviser to help him coup up with the class” I said

“Have Edward and you meet?” Ellie asked

“No!” I denied the fact that we did

“I better tell him that we meet” She said

“No!” I refuse and Ellie looked at me with confusion “I mean you brother is busy right, with his election and campaign and I don’t think this is the best time for us to meet” I explained

“But he will be very happy to see you again” Ellie said

“I know but just keep it a secret for now until his campaign period end” I said

“Okay! If you say so” Ellie agree

This is unbelievable, of all people to meet it was Ellie great and to think I will be more related to Edward because of his nephew. This is really getting in my nerves.

The more I think about it the more of my mind is getting messed up. Ellie said she will bring his son next week. I feel nervous about this setup; even if I can trust Ellie there will be a moment when she or his son will spill the bean to Edward about me.

I went home earlier than expected, my mind is in confusion and I have a massive head ache.

Ring…. Ring…. Ring….

“Hello” I answer the call

“Lizzie, where are you?” mom asked

“I am at home mom” I replied

“Did I forget to tell you that Edward Jackson your childhood friend is a mayor candidate” mom said

“Yes! Ma’am I am fully aware” I replied

“Wow! Who would think that a friend of yours is now a big shot” mom said

“Mom, please I have a head ache could we discuss this some other time?” I asked

“Okay! Take care dear” mom said then hangs the phone up.

I open the television and Edward was on the news right now. Sometimes I think what ridiculous event lead to our separation. Things got frustrating when second semester begun. He was in his usual self and I focus on study.

I took a hot shower and lay down at the bed after; I looked at the ceiling. I hate it when my mind is bothered with trivial things. I want to make my life normal again and not this mess up.

It was on a Saturday, I have convinced Paul to have set up another Soup Kitchen this week, just maybe I could meet her there.

“The kitchen soup is more crowded than before.” Paul said

“This more better, more publicity right.” I replied to him

“Well this was your idea” Paul said

“I know” I replied

I step out of the car and the crowed started to gather around me. I make my way into the kitchen and helped out. I started to look around. She might be here, I told to myself.

“Oh! If it isn’t Edward” A woman approach me

“Ah! Excuse me?” I replied

“Oh! You forgot about me but maybe my daughter Elizabeth you could remember” she said

Then as I looked at her it hit me, this woman looks exactly like Elizabeth.

“Mrs. Wilson?” I asked

“Now you remember me” she said

“Oh my God! I have been so long” I replied

“Well not that long” Mr. Wilson approach us

“Sir!” I replied

He shook my hand and looked at me. I just gave a smile as a sign of pleasant greeting.

“Who would though you would be a big shot” Mrs. Wilson said

“I am not a big shot ma’am I am just doing my service to my fellow man” I replied

“That is right have you meet Elizabeth?” she asked

“I meet her here last week and I was hoping to see her again” I replied

“She is not here” Mr. Wilson replied

“What he mean is Elizabeth rarely help us; she is busy working” Mrs. Wilson replied

I looked confuse “what do you mean by work?” I asked

“She is an elementary teacher at Woods Elementary school” Mrs. Wilson said

“A teacher?” I asked

“Yes! She is good with it” Mrs. Wilson replied

“I though she perused to become a lawyer?” I asked

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson kept their silence at mitts. I just looked away and try to think what might happen to Elizabeth after we part ways.

November 2004….

“Let’s break up” I said to Amanda

“Why?” She asked

“Don’t fool me Amanda you have been playing some other dude behind my back” I said

“Come on Ed! I love you” she came towards me and hugs me

“No!” I rejected her “We better not meet again” I replied and left her

I know for the fact that Amanda only dated me to be more popular but as a dick bag. I went with it thinking that it was just fine. That is my mistake; I end up caring for her than I thought and becoming serious myself.

I went straight home; even at home it was a freaking mess. Ellie has having a fight with mom and dad about her boyfriend and their disapproval of him. I just went straight to my room and from there I went out and came to the roof of our house.

“Hey!” I familiar voice called me and it was Elizabeth, climbing up the ladder towards me

“How did you know I was here?” I asked

“Well mom could see over our attic room and was concern about you” she replied

“What did you mom thought I was doing?” I asked

“Well she thinks you are going to jump” Elizabeth replied

“Seriously” I asked sarcastically

Elizabeth sat beside me and looked at the sky.

“When do think it will snow?” she asked

“Global warming is a jerk you know that” I replied

“Are you alright? I heard that you broke up with Amanda” she asked

“News flies really fast” I replied to her

“Well! If it is about you it will really fly like hell” she replied

“Yeah! I ended it, Amanda and I are just in for the fame” I replied

“Wow! You really knew that you two are just an icon” she said

“Yeah! I was wrong to care for her” I replied

“I don’t know what you felt about her but I think you will find a girl really meant for you” Elizabeth said

I lay down and looked at the sky “maybe or not” I replied

“Do not be negative; I know do you want to eat dinner with us? Mom made roast beef” she asked

“But your dad” I said

“I will deal with him so let’s go down and eat okay” Elizabeth then stood and went down.

I don’t want to admit it but Elizabeth is the greatest friend I ever had. Even if we are entirely different; she understood me in many ways. She did not nag me about Amanda; she just knew what to do with me. It is like she knew me more than I knew myself.

The kitchen soup ended and I asked my driver to take me to Woods Elementary School. I want to see for myself if she is really there.

“Mr. Jackson, what are we doing here?” Larry asked

“I am looking for someone; who is working in that school Larry” I replied while looking outside the car window

“Isn’t better to go out and asked” Larry said

“No! If I do that she will just make an excuse not to see me” I replied

“She? So we are looking for a girl” Larry said

“Shhh! Just be on the lookout” I said

When I glance over the school entrance I saw her; Elizabeth she really works at that school. I asked Larry to drive and follow her. We end up driving to next avenue and she went in a small apartment building that is near the school.

“So how is she?” Larry asked

“A dear friend of fine” I replied

“Friend really?” Larry sarcastically said

“Yeah! You might say she was the one that got away” I replied

“So you like her more than a friend?” Larry asked

“Maybe, we have been friends from way back and we just drifted apart” I replied

“Perhaps fate is giving you another chance” Larry said

I never thought of it but the thing is I want to meet her again. To be friend with her again just like the olden times. A true friend is what I need right now.

“Are we going home now sir?” Larry asked

“Yes!” I replied

Things went high road when dad decides to be a big shot politician that is why everybody is nice to me. Ever since high school everybody would be nice to me like fake losers. Only one person is real enough to be friends with me and it is Elizabeth.

“You are home at last” Ellie said while holding a wine glass

“Why are you at my place?” I asked

“Nothing in particular” Ellie said and hand me a glass

“How is Keith?” I asked

“He is fine, I forgot to tell you I transfer Keith to a new school” She said

“A new school at this time; how irresponsible of you: I replied

“Shut up! That is my decision I am her mother after all” Ellie said

“Whatever!” I replied

“Are you not curious which school I took Keith?” Ellie weirdly said

“Why should I bother?” I asked

“Nothing in particular” Ellie said

“Then I will not asked because I do not care” I replied and stood going to my room.

“Sigh! That stupid brat doesn’t know what opportunity he miss” Ellie said

The only thing I want the most is to meet you again…

To talk to you again

To be with you

Is that too much to ask?

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