Arrogant First Love

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Chapter 03

Chapter 03

The moment I saw Keith J Peterson I knew I have seen Edward again; he is like a mirror image of Edward but younger. I knew at that moment that sooner or later Edward and I will cross path.

The more I think I about it the more, I feel at ease. The more I want to cut my ties with him the more destinies cling to us.

“Ms. Wilson” a call from behind caught my attention.

“Yes! Bernadette? What is the matter?” I asked

“You have to come to the playground right now” She said

I was filled with curiosity to why I was called to the playground; as we reach the playground. I say Keith and other children having a heated conversation.

“You take that back” Keith shouted

“No! I will not” the other boy shouted back

“What is happening?” I interfere

“He said that my uncle is a fraud” Keith shouted

“Well it is true, he lied to people a lot. That is what my dad said” The boy said

“You take that back” Keith is so angry that he was about to cry

“Please! Stop already, no more word about this. So all of you go back to your classroom” I said and everyone disperse.

“As for you two; we will talk after class” I seriously said

“Yes! ma’am” they replied

As a matter of fact, even if Edward was a heated candidate for the Mayor’s election not all people find him charismatic or favorable. Some thinks he is just another pretty face.

After class I was eager to give Keith and Brian a piece of my mind. We asked them to be left behind in class.

“Now! Should I still ask who went first or what?” I asked

“He started it” Keith said

“But I was just telling him what my dad said” Brian replied

“Okay let us piece this together; Brian you approach Keith and told him about what your dad said about his uncle?” I asked

“Yes! I told my father that handsome mayor candidate’s nephew was my classmate. Then me told me bunch of stuff about him” Brian replied

“And you think it was a good idea to tell Keith about it, even though you knew his feelings will get hurt?” I asked

Brian averted his eyes from me, I knew from the start that this was just a simple verbal argument but as their teacher I still need to sort this out.

“Okay! How about we settle this, both of you say your apologize to one another” I said

“No way! I didn’t do anything” Keith refuses

“Well technically you have a fault” I said to him

“What is it?” He asked

“If you didn’t heatedly replied both of you will not be here” I said

“But what am I supposed to do?” He asked

“A true humble man would walked away and composed himself” I replied

“My uncle though me to fight back” Keith replied

I let out a deep sigh and came forward to Keith.

“Young man! A true noble person should never fight back at problems they think unworthy. Do you think if you argue with Brian with all your might will it end?” I asked him

He just kept quite and looked at Brian.

“Sorry!” Brian said

“Sorry too!” Keith replied

I smiled “very nice, true gentleman does this” I said “Now you go home and please no more arguments” I said

“Yes Ms. Wilson” they replied

Sometimes adults corrupt children’s mind with their bias opinion of other people. Keith and Brian are victims of those type of adults.

I went home with ease in my mind; I think they could be good friends.


As I open my apartment door I saw my mother and father inside.

“What are the both of you doing here?” I asked

“Are we not allowed visit our only daughter?” mother asked

“It is fine but please do it with further announcement” I said

“It is fine, we brought you dinner” Dad said

“Fine! I could compromise with that” I replied

It is a rare occasion for my mom and dad to visit me in my apartment. I felt a sudden butterfly-feeling in my stomach, my does it unease me?

“So why did you visit?” I asked again

“Nothing really” Mom said

“Seriously, if I recall you only visit me if something unexpected happens? So what is it?” I asked

Mom looked at dad and they are talking through their eyes. I mean seriously what is happening.

“Well Lizzie! You see” dad said

“Have he called you?” mom asked

“Who?” I asked

“Well! The other day at the kitchen soup event, Edward came again end…”

Dad didn’t continue his sentence and I looked at him with frustration for Edward has been brought up to this topic.

“What did exactly happen?” I asked

“Well! He asked about you and…” Mom replied

“What did he asked exactly?” I asked again

“He asked about you and where you work” mom said

“Please tell me you didn’t tell him where I work” I said

Both of them kept silent and looked away from me, I just let out a deep sigh and looked away.

“Do not worry, he hasn’t approached or called me” I said

“I am sorry Lizzie” dad said

“You don’t need to say sorry dad, he will not have the guts to show his face to me. I mean he will not try” I replied

I felt a sudden worry in my heart, I mean the world is too big but Edward and I are getting closer than expected. The last thing I really would what is for to meet him more what is intended.

In the afternoon, I went straight home. I have been meaning to meet my dear nephew for a very long time.

“Uncle Edward” Keith run towards me

I hug him and lift him up, “you’re so big now” I said

“Edward, please put down my son” Ellie said

“Come on Ellie, just be calm” I said

“Uncle, mom and I bought pizza let’s eat.” happily did Keith said

“Then let’s eat” I said

We eat and talked for hours…

“So Keith how is school?” I asked

“It is fine, it is different from my previous school?” He replied

“Really? How come?” I asked again

“Well! I have many new friends there and my new teacher is very nice and beautiful.” He replied

“A beautiful teacher, I want to meet her” I said

“NO!” Keith strongly disagree

“Why?” I asked

“She if very strict and fair about us in class and he hates people who are not gentleman” Keith replied

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We looked at Ellie who was laughing out loud.

“I think if she meets Edward, he will be a class example of not being a gentleman” Ellie said

“No! I am not! I am the most gentleman of all man” I replied

“Yeah! Right” Ellie sarcastically replied

“I still want to meet your teacher Keith” I said to him

“Okay!” He said smilingly

I am more curious with my nephew’s life than mine; after high school it was one of the most amazing lives I have. A school idol and jockey; I have it all.

Ten Years Ago…. November 2004

“Fuck!” I said to the piece of paper I am holding.

“You are one doomed man” Alfred said to me

“Shut up! My dad will kill me when he sees my calculus” I replied

“What will you do now?” He asked

I went straight to Elizabeth’s house and told to myself to man up and ask…

“You want me to tutor you?” Elizabeth asked

“Yes! Please help me” I asked

“What makes you think I will help you Edward?” She asked

I looked at her with puppy-eyes and asked for help, I do not have a choice. Elizabeth is the only person I knew that could help me.

“Fine! Just please Edward promise me my effort will not go to waste.” She replied

“Thank you very much Elizabeth, you are an angel” I replied and hug her.

I know in a matter of impulse, but form that moment I knew that Elizabeth is the only person I could trust.

The last thing I want is a newly added work to my load; Woods Elementary School I a good institution but at the same time the stress and loaded work make me tried so much.

“Ah! I hate my life!” Jenny remarked

“I think it is the job you hate Jen” I replied

“Why does it have to be so hectic? Jenny asked

“Hmm! Stop complaining and just finish your report” I replied


My phone rung and an unfamiliar caller ID pop up.

“Hello!” I asked

“Hello! Lizze this is Ellie, Keith’s mother” she introduce

“Yes! Mrs. Paterson, what can I help you with?” I asked

“I will be running late, and I might ask someone to fetch Keith for me” She said

“Sure! Just make sure he/she will bring any identification” I replied

“Okay! Thank you so much for taking care of Keith” She said

“It is alright! I am just doing my job” I replied

I have encounter a lot of difficult children in the past years, but this one bothers me the most for I could not shake the worry that one day Edward and I will meet because of Keith.

After the last rang of the bell, Keith stayed with me inside the classroom, until his fetcher came.

“Are you alright Keith?” I asked

“Yes! Ms. Wilson” He replied while playing

“Do you have an idea who will fetch you today?” I asked

“Maybe dad!” He replied

“Okay!” I replied

I head to my table and started to fix the folders.

“You are here!”

I could hear Keith shouted as the door opened at the back.

When I turned to their direction, I froze as I saw him standing at the door and hugging Keith.

“Keith! I came”

It was Edward Jackson, I felt a sudden stiff on my body as I saw him there and day I fear really did happen.

“Ms. Wilson, come and meet my uncle!” Keith called me which made me came back from inception.

“Yes!” I replied

I walked across the room and as I approach them, Edward has his eyes on me.

“You must be the fetcher, I am Ms. Elizabeth Wilson. Keith’s homeroom adviser” I said

“Yes! Edward Jackson, his uncle” He replied

We shook each other’s hand, it was firm grip. I instantly removed my hand from his grip.

“Thank you for coming, Keith has been waiting for ages” I replied

“Where is mom?” Keith asked

“She needs to be with your dad at the senate meeting” He replied

“Here is his things, you better get going then” I replied and gave the bag

Edward took Keith’s bag, and looked at me.

The only thing I could think is that she was so beautiful. Has it really been ten years?

“Has Keith been a good boy at school?” I asked

“Yes! He is well adjust to the school environment” She replied.

“Really!” I replied

The only thing I could do is to stare at her.

I asked myself so many times is that woman in front me is the same Elizabeth I knew back then.

“Let’s go home uncle” Keith said

“Yeah!” I replied

“See you tomorrow Keith!” She said to Keith with a smile


Before we could separate ways, I called her out of impulse. I really could not construct any concrete thought to tell her.

“Uncle?” Keith looked at me with questions.

“It is nice meeting you Mr. Jackson” She said to me then closed the door.

I could not remember a single thing after that, I finally meet her and now but why could I not speak my mind out?

I took Keith to my apartment; I sat on the couch and looked at a dazed.

How did I end up saying nothing to her?

She was right in front of me!

“Sorry for being late” Ellie came barging through the door.

“Mommy” Keith greeted her

“Thank you for fetching him, Edward” Ellie said

“Why didn’t you told me” I said

“What?” Ellie replied

“About Elizabeth being Keith homeroom teacher” I madly replied

“So you two finally meet” Ellie replied

“Ellie!” I shouted

“For god sake do not shout Edward, Lizzie told me not bother to tell you about her” She replied

“What? Why?” I asked

“I don’t know? I asked her but she just change topic at all” She replied

I silently looked at Ellie and stood to go to the kitchen.

“What did she said?” Ellie asked

“Nothing! She just talked to me as if she didn’t know me at all” I replied

“I am sure it is one hundred percent your fault” Ellie said

I madly stared at her.

“How many years has it been Edward, Lizzie and you are now two different people and what did you expect that she will talk to you liked before?” She asked

“She is my childhood friend Ellie, what can change?” I asked

“If you want to know that you better ask her” Ellie replied

She is right, if I want to know what Elizabeth’s think I could talk to her.

I have no faint clue about her after ten years and making contact with her is really selfish of me.

I need to talk to her!

I need to know something!

No matter how much I looked at it, I am really screwed!

I knew that Edward and I will meet sooner or later, but not sooner as I have thought. I really do not what to be engaged with him in any way.

I head to Wood’s Elementary earlier than expected, and as usual some of my early bird students came with me.

“Elizabeth! Elizabeth!” Jenny came running to my classroom

“What is it Jenny?” I asked

“Someone… He… He…” Jenny utter

“What are you talking about?” I asked

When I looked at the doorway, I say Keith together with Edward.

“Good morning Ms. Wilson” Keith greeted me

“Good… Morning” I replied

“Good morning!” Edward smiled and greeted me

“Edward Jackson” Jenny said with all golly eyes.

“Good Morning Mr. Jackson” I greeted

“Yeah! I am here to drop Keith off to school” He said

“Yeah! Thank you for that” I replied

Jenny started to hover around me and stared at Edward.

“I need to talk to you” Edward said

I was blown away as he said that, what do we need to talk about.

“Sure! Please follow me” I replied and lead him to the parent’s lounge.

“Do you want some coffee or tea?” I asked

“I am fine” He replied

“What can I help you with Mr. Jackson?” I asked

She asked me that question, and I just looked at her.

“Do you have any question about Keith?” Elizabeth asked

“Yeah! I mean Keith and I are close and I just want to know if he is alright?” I asked

“Keith is a very bright boy, and he had adapted well here in Woods” Elizabeth said

“I am just worried” I replied

“You do not have to worry about Keith, he is a very clever boy” She replied

I just stare at her, I really want to ask her so many questions, but where should I start?

How is she?

What was she up too this past ten years?

“I think I need to go back” She said

“Wait!” I said

“What else?” She asked

“Well, Ellie has a crazy schedule this week and I will be the one to drop off and fetch Keith from school” I said

“Really! Then please sign this and write your number so I could contact you in case of emergency.” She replied

“Okay!” I replied

“Here is the school number, please do contact me about Keith or if you have questions about school activities” Elizabeth said and gave me a piece of paper.

“Thank you” I replied

I drove away from Woods Elementary and while I was inside the car I am looking at the piece of paper Elizabeth gave me.

“Ed! Edward” Paul shouted

“Yeah!” I replied

“Please focus, I have been tell you about your schedule and you are in a daze” He said

“Really! Sorry I was thinking of something” I replied

“What might that be?” I asked

“Nothing” I replied

I really want to talk to her more.

I want to know more about her.

After graduation; we got separated and I wasn’t given a chance to know what went wrong. I thought that Elizabeth and I had an understanding, after I ended things with Amanda; she became a constant person in my life. But at prom night it just got blurry from there; Elizabeth never talked to me again and even avoided me.

I want to know what happen.

I want to know what went wrong.

What happen between us?

If all of it can be answered I sure to God I will make it right.

Elizabeth is very special to me and I want to make things right with her.

At least with her!

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