Arrogant First Love

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Chapter 04

Chapter 04

The moment I realize is that I could not escape Edward’s presence anymore; now that our world is overlapping I need to be more careful of my action. I will not let him hurt me again.

“He came back” Jenny shouted while looking at the window

“Please behave yourself Jenny” I said

“How luck you are the homeroom teacher of his nephew” Jenny said

“Rather than luck, I would say very distracted” I replied

Even now, Edward is still a heartthrob. He really has his charisma that nobody could resist.

“Good morning, Ms. Wilson” Keith greeted me

“Keith!” his classmates called him

“Please be careful everyone” I said

“Good morning” Edward greeted me

“Good morning” I replied back

“Sorry for the sudden event yesterday” He said

“It is alright, I hope Keith is aware of the situation?” I asked

“Yes! He knew and he is actually trilled” Edward replied

“That is good” I replied

This is very awkward to talk to him like this, I want to avoid him.

“Elizabeth” Edward called me

“Mr. Jackson, I will soon start my class so…”

Before I could finish my sentence, Edward came close to me.

“Mr. Jackson, please” I said

“Elizabeth can we talk?” Edward asked

“We do not need to talk” I said to him

“Yes! We need too” Edward insisted

“Uncle” Keith said who was standing there

I pushed Edward away from me and looked at Keith.

“Let’s go back to our seat Keith” I said

“Elizabeth” Edward said

“Mr. Jackson, if you are done please leave” I said

The last thing I want to be shoved away by Elizabeth.

What should I do to have her talk to me?

“Good Day! New York! I am Kevin Hearty and welcome to Let’s talk New York. I am with the hottest Mayor candidate of New York City; Mr. Edward Jackson.”

I went straight to the broadcasting station for my interview with Kevin Hearty.

As a part of my publicity campaign, Paul had me book to talk show interview and more.

“Good Day Kevin!” I replied

“Oh! My God to have you here” Kevin said

“Yeah! Well this is an awesome show so I came” I replied

“How is you campaign right now?” Kevin asked

“It is fine so far, Paul my campaign manager is in charge of all of my daily plan” I replied

“So no room for fun?” Kevin asked

“Yeah! and it sucks” I replied

The children are very busy at the playground for it was recess, everyone is at the faculty lounge and watching Let’s talk New York.

“He is so handsome” Jenny said with all golly eyes

“He’s face is all round the news.” Mr. Anderson said

“People of New York want to know your love life” Kevin Hearty said

“What do they want to know?” Edward asked

“Oh! My God!” Jenny shouted

“Please Jenny” I replied

“Do you think he is interested in anyone?” Jenny asked

“I do not know that” I replied

I really don’t care, Edward as many too girlfriend since high school so who’s to say he has not interested with anyone.

“To tell you that truth, Kevin I am very single” Edward said

“Oh! So are you looking for a companion?” Kevin asked

“Not right now, but... There is someone right now I really want to talk to” Edward replied

“Really! A girlfriend?” Kevin asked

“No! My childhood friend, we just recently meet and I really want to catch up” Edward replied

I widen my eyes as I watch him talked about that topic on television; I felt a sudden nervousness in my heart.

Is he seriously telling this to the whole world?

God dammit! How can I escape this guy?

“What was that all about Edward” Paul asked me while we are at the car

“What?” I asked

“About your childhood friend?” Paul asked

“Oh! That I thought of giving a people to talk about; I mean everyone is so into my personal life and I just feed them stories.” I replied

“It better not affect your campaign” Paul said

“Do not nag so much you are like my mom” I exclaim

The truth is I was hoping Elizabeth was watching that, I really want a message to get across. Getting her attention is very hard; I really just want to know what happen to us.

The matter of fact I get to enjoy weekends is very often for a teacher like me. Commonly I take work with me at home but right now feel like heaven to me, I was on rest.

I decide to take this time and make myself feel at home. I wore my coat and headed to the supermarket.

“What should I buy?” pulled a push cart and started to cruise the hall.

I really don’t have an exact plan for this is a rare event in my working life but, home cook meal is better than take out.

“Ms. Wilson”

I child voice took my attention and when I look around it was Keith.

“Keith, what are you doing here?” I asked

“Lizzie” Ellie came greeting me

“Mrs. Peterson” I replied

“What a coincidence, shopping?” She asked

“Yeah! It is the weekends and time to replenish my refrigerator” I replied

“Same here, Keith wants to eat home cook meal and that is why we are here” Ellie said

“I didn’t know you can cook Mrs. Peterson” I replied

Ellie looked at me “please stop calling me Mrs. Peterson, we know each other way more back so be comfortable” She said

“Sorry course of habit” I replied

Of all people to see here why them, I felt worried for Edward might pop-up out of nowhere.

“He is not here” Ellie said

“Who?” I replied

“Edward” Ellie said

“I am not looking for him, I mean..” I stopped myself for commenting more.

“Edward was upset with me when I didn’t told him about you” Ellie said

“Really” I averted my eyes.

“Mommy, I want to buy that” Keith pulled Ellie

“Yeah!” Ellie replied

“I better go now” I said

Before I could move my cart, Ellie moved her cart across mine.

“You better join us Lizzie” Ellie said

“But” I replied

“Yeah! please join us teacher” Keith said

How could I refuse this situation, this is very mortifying.

Ellie and I ended our shopping and we hop in to her car. I was nervous as hell; Ellie has been very persuasive since we are young. Edward is totally aware of this and sometimes pays for Ellie’s misdeeds.

Ellie drove us to a building which looks very ostentatious.

“We live here teacher” Keith said

“What a big place to live in” I replied

“We lived at the penthouse, the other part of the building is for business” Ellie replied

“Welcome back Mrs. Peterson” A man greeted us

“Thank you Al, help us take this upstairs” Ellie said

“Sure ma’am” The man replied

“Is, Edward home?” Ellie asked

“He went out for a ribbon cutting event” Al replied

I let out a deep sigh of relief when I heard that, I do hope and pray that we will not meet here.

I am really pissed right now; Paul took me to Manhattan to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony. The newly renovated building was name after my father for funding it.

“Thank you for coming here” the realtor said

“No problem at all” I replied

“Pssst! smile at the camera Edward” Paul whisper

“Leave me alone Paul” I replied

“Just play along” Paul said

Sometimes I doubt if I ever fit to be in politics, I mean May family was just a simple one back then. When my father aspires to be Mayor and now he is a congressman, we just all got pulled in it.

Ellie got married to a representative and me I was asked to fill in my father’s footstep. Is this what we really want?

I always asked myself about that.

I asked Paul to cancel any other activity, I just want to rest.

“Uncle” Keith greeted me once I got home

“Wow! It smells good in here, Ellie?”

As I approach the kitchen, I widen my eyes as I see Elizabeth walking towards me.

“What the hell?” I asked

“Oh! you came home early” Ellie said

“Yeah!” I said as my eyes are fixated on Elizabeth

“You met Ms. Wilson, Keith homeroom teacher right” Ellie said

“Yeah! Nice to see you again” I replied

Elizabeth just looked at me in a very awkward moment.

“Sigh! You both stop being awkward with each other” Ellie said

“Ellie!” I said

“Ellie invited me and I can’t refuse” Elizabeth said

“Is that so” I replied

God! This is nerve racking, man up Edward.

Why are you freaking nervous?

“Let’s eat, I cook” Ellie replied

What is wrong with me?

“Eat up!” Ellie said

Edward and I looked at each other with worried faces drawn.

“Do not worry, all of these are cooked” Ellie said

“I still remember the moments you cooked food that can make my stomach upside down.” Edward said

“Shut up Ed!” Ellie replied

“Hahaha! Really that happened?” Elizabeth asked

“Yeah! I was horrible” I exclaim

“At last you two laugh” Ellie said at us “God dammit! You two are friends so please stop being awkward” She added.

Edward and I looked at each other; to be honest it has been really awkward for the both of us. To each other like this is very weird.

“Well it is Lizzie’s fault; you just left our town after high school graduation.” Ellie said

“It is not my fault, my parents decided to move in Manhattan” I replied

“Really? I never knew” Edward replied

“Yeah! It was so urgent” I replied

“I never thought it was like that” Edward said

“It was a family decision that is why we just left like that” I replied

The matter of fact we are talking about it make me feel weary. The truth is partly I wanted to move away because of Edward.

We ended dinner in a breeze, and Keith was been sleeping on the couch.

“This kid really gets on my nerves” Ellie said

“Come on Ellie” I said

“I never though you would be a teacher” Ellie said

“I had a change of heart” I replied

“How about for Edward?” Ellie asked

I looked at her with surprise for she ask something like that.

What about Edward?

We are nothing.

It is already pass eight o’clock and I think I have over stayed.

“I better get going” I said and reach for my bag.

“What? So early?” Ellie said while pouring wine in the glass

“Sorry Ellie but I have to meet my parents tomorrow.” I replied

“Oh! Then let Edward take you home” Ellie said

“What? No! That will be too much” I replied with refusal

“It is alright!” Edward said and took his car keys.

“But!” I said with hesitation

“See you soon Lizzie” Ellie said

“Yeah! Thank you for the dinner” I replied and followed Edward

We head to the parking lot; I make sure I kept my distance from him.

Why do these things keep happening to me?

“Ladies first” I said as I open the car door for Elizabeth

I never dream or thought that this will happened to me right now. I will be with her for a long period of time and I really want to talk to her.

“Thank you” She replied as she get into the car.

I headed to the driver’s seat and start the engine.

A lot of things are going through my head right now and I do not know where to start with it.

“Ellie, did become a mother” Elizabeth utter

“Yeah! When she introduces us Hank I didn’t believe at first but they got married and nine months later Keith was born.” I replied

“Good for her, she found a good man” She replied

I didn’t utter a reply for that; I do not want to talk about Ellie or Keith but about her.

“How are you?” I muster my courage to ask

“I am fine, why do ask?” She replied

“We haven’t seen each other for ten years and I am just wondering how are you” I replied

She didn’t reply; I am worried that I got her offended.

Ring… Ring… Ring…

Suddenly my cellphone ring and on the caller Id was Paul; out of instinct I hang up the call.

“Why did you hang up?” Elizabeth asked

“That was not important” I replied


My cellphone rang again, Paul was really persistent.

“I think you should answer it” Elizabeth said

I took my cellphone and turn it off; throw it at the back seat.

“Problem solve” I replied

“Hmmm, you never change Edward” Elizabeth said

“Really, I think I have at least in the slightest” I replied

“Slightest? What area?” She asked

I didn’t reply about that; I think this is payback for asking her earlier.

“I am only joking, you have change” Elizabeth replied

“Really! You think so?” I asked

“Yeah! Well your still a big shot man but in a different level; Mayor” She said

“Please do not call me that” I replied

“Why not?” She asked

“I haven’t won yet” I explained

“You need to win so I could now call you Mr. Mayor” She said

The way Elizabeth talked to me and the way she laugh it was like we are back at that moment.

I drove in front of her apartment; it was a short drive than expected.

“Thank you for taking me home” She said and head out the car

“Yeah! It was my pleasure” I replied and get out the car as well.

“Goodbye!” Elizabeth replied

Before she headed to the step, I moved across to get near her.

“Elizabeth wait” I said to her

She stopped and stood looking at me.

“I just want to” I could not construct a proper sentence.

“Edward I…”

Before she could say something, I came forward to her.

“Do you want to go out with me?” I asked

Elizabeth looked at me with surprise written in her face.

“Are you asking me on a date?” She asked

“No! Yes! I mean…” I could not utter words

“Edward, you must be kidding right?” Elizabeth asked

“No! What I mean is could you hang out like before” I replied

“We are not in high school anymore Edward so” She said

“I know, I just want my best friend back” I said

I am worried of this; I just left Edward hanging for an answer. He took me by surprise to ask me out and make the old times happened; but what should I say or do?

“Lizzie?” My mom called me

“Yup!” I replied

“You are spacing out” Mom said

“I was just thinking” I said

“Let’s go now” my dad said while walking in a fast pace.

We walked across a wall and I saw on it was Edward’s campaign poster.

“He really did become a fine man” Mom said

“No! He did not” I replied

Yesterday was all a playful attempt by fate to make our worlds collide, and him telling me that he wants to have is ‘best friend’ back is a total absurd request.

Ten Years Ago… Mid-November 2004…

“Let’s repeat again y = f (x), if f (x) = 4x – 6 what is the function of the equation?” I asked Edward

“I do not know?” Edward said while leaning on the table

“Edward, please I have explained how to use this formula for more than an hour now.” I replied

“But it is so hard” He complained

“It is hard because ever since elementary you hate Math” I replied

Edward looked at me with puppy-eyes.

“Stop making me feel pity for you” I replied

“How will I pass calculus?” He asked

“Answer your own question” I said

“Should I just repeat high school?” He asked

“Is that what you want?” I asked

“No of course, I want to enter college with you” Edward said

“You want to enter Yale?” I asked

“Why is that impossible?” He asked

“No but, why do we need to be in the same university?” I asked

“I want to be with you Lizzie, is that wrong?” Edward asked

I was hopeful that one day what he said to me will came true.

Earlier the next morning and as expected Keith came with Edward.

“Good Morning Ms. Wilson” Keith greet me

“Good Morning” I replied with a smile

“Good Morning” Edward greeted me

“Hmm! Good Morning” I replied with hesitation

“Come on Keith” One my student called him and they run on the playground

Edward and I were left alone in a very awkward situation.

“About last Saturday” Edward said

“It was a very awkward moment for us; beside it was all a joke right?” I said

Edward looked at me with dismay; I better cut this a one swipe for things get complicated again.

“Listed to me Edward, about us it was all in the past and both of us are very different right now that is why…”

Before I could finish my sentence, He came closer to me.

“Everything about us is not in the past, for up until now I still consider you as a big part of who I am.” Edward replied

“Please do not come closer” I said

I lean on the table and looked away.

“I just want to know, what happened to us? What happened after Prom Night?” He asked

I just kept myself a distant from him; I do not what to remember anything about it.

“Elizabeth!” Edward said

“You better leave Mr. Jackson” I said

Edward moved away from me and pulled his coat on.

“I will comeback for an answer, Elizabeth” He said and head out.

I let out a deep sigh of relief as he left; my heart was pounding like hell. I hate this feeling of nervousness and anxiety. The more I think about it; the more I remember that they.

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