Arrogant First Love

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Chapter 05

Chapter 05

I have never been frustrated in my entire life except now. The way Elizabeth push me away was so mortifying and it make me feel unwanted.

“The town debate will be in a month and you have prepare for that” Paul said

“Sure!” I replied

“How much disinterested face will you make as you talk to me” Paul said

“I am interested, what are you talking about” I said

I could not shake this feeling that I have done something that is why Elizabeth is avoiding me.

“Isn’t Mr. Edward Jackson”

I looked at the direction of the person who called me and it was Mr. Arnold Carter; another mayor candidate.

“Nice to see you Mr. Carter” I greeted him

“Why are you here in the municipal hall?” He asked

“We just submitted some papers” Paul replied

“Really, how are the campaigns? I heard you point drop by 10%” He said

This man is a big asshole; from the start he has been aspiring to become mayor of New York City but he is well now to be a businessman.

“Yeah! It was tragic but we are coping up” I replied

“Really! Well with the pretty face of you rs anything can happened” Arnold said

I have the urges to punch him but I know that is not the right thing to do.

“You are pretty man yourself Arnold” I replied

“Sure!” He said

“We better get going Ed” Paul said

“See you soon” I said to Arnold

“Let’s see” Arnold replied

God! That man is very hateful; the more I think I need to fight him on a debate I want to puke.

“That man is very stressful to be with” Paul said

“Just ignore him” I replied

“We need to boost your popularity Edward” Paul said

“I have an idea if you want to hear it” I replied

They say if you want to succeed you have to kill two birds with one stone.

I have been weary of my situation; Edward told me that we will get his answer. How much more thus I need to endure; if he becomes more persistent than this how will I evade him.

“Ms. Wilson please come o principal office”

I was surprise to be called in the principal office; I am curious myself for what matter it might be.

“Good afternoon ma’am” I said as I enter the room

“Good you are here Elizabeth, we have a visitor” Mrs. Jones

“Visitor” I said

When I looked at the man sitting near Mrs. Jones, I widen my eyes with surprise for it was Edward.

“Mr. Jackson you are here?” I asked

“Yes! Ms. Wilson” He replied

“Mr. Jackson came here and he has a proposal for us” Mrs. Jones said

“Proposal?” I said

“Yes! I am planning to do a school brigade and I have chosen Wood’s Elementary as the first school to start” Edward said

“Really?” I said

Seriously! How could he do such a thing?

“I plan to do a story telling session on your class Ms. Wilson” Edward added

“You will read a story?” I asked

“Yes!” He said

“I is a wonderful idea, you can do that in Ms. Wilson’s class” Mrs. Jones said

“But Mrs. Jones” I said

Mrs. Jones looked at me with a serious face.

“I hope you can help me with it Ms. Wilson” Edward looked at me.

This is the first time I will say this but I hate my job right now. How could he this?

After the meeting I walked fast away from the principal’s office.

“Elizabeth” Edward called me from the hallway

I just ignore him and walked more hurriedly.

“Are you mad at me?” He asked while following me

“Do not ask if you know” I replied

“I will not do this if you just gave me what I want” He said

I stopped and looked at him, to my surprise he is so near me.

“Edward, you are one inch from getting me madder than I am right now” I said to him

“I am the one who should be mad, you have been avoiding me from the start” Edward said

“You should know why” I replied

“I do not know, okay! In the matter of fact I want to know what happened” He replied

We both stood quietly and both of us are frustrated.

“Please just leave me alone; Edward” I said

“I do not want too” He replied

“What will you get from this Edward?” I asked

“A lot!” He replied

I just stood there and looked away from Edward; the more I think about the more I now see that we could not be more than friends at all.


We both looked at the direction of the voice, and it was Keith who called.

“Keith” Edward said

“I better go” I said and hurriedly left

“Elizabeth wait” He said

Before I could all sense of rational; I run away.

I have been doing this to him ever since high school days…

Ten Years Ago… December 2004…

“Merry Christmas” Edward greeted me

“You are so advance” I replied

“No! I am not, I am excited for the holidays” He said

“Before you celebrate Christmas, you need to pass first the prelims” I said

Edward looked at me, and didn’t speak at all.

“Let’s celebrate Christmas together” Edward said

I looked at him with surprise for; he said something I thought out of this world.

“Why are you looking me like that?” He asked

“What are you doing Edward?” I asked

“What?” He asked

“Why did you ask me that?” I asked

“What is the matter about celebrating together?” He asked

“Nothing but, if anyone heard you they will think that…”

Before I could continue what I will say Edward came forward to me and lean closer.

“What will they think?” Edward asked

I felt a sudden thump in my heart, I know from the start that I find Edward attractive but; this is more than that.

“Get away from me” I said and pushed him away

This is every bad for my heart; if I fell in love with Edward I know I will only get hurt.

I woke up the next morning; I slept late thinking of Elizabeth.

“Get out of bed” Paul said

“I am awake” I replied

“What’s the matter with you?” Paul asked

“I am not feeling well” I replied

Paul came closer to me and feels my forehead.

“You have a fever” Paul said

“No! I am fine” I replied

Paul pushes me back to bed.

“Stay here and rest, I don’t want to have dead mayor candidate” He replied

The worst possible thing could happened to me is this, as much as possible I want to be in my best condition but things don’t go my way.

It is our playtime, and all of the pupils are playing.

“Ms. Wilson?” Keith approach me

“Yes? What is it?” I asked

“Don’t you like my uncle?” He asked

It took me by surprise to be asked like that.

“I like your uncle” I replied

“Then why are the two of you fighting?” He asked

“We are not fight, we are just discussing things” I replied

“Mom said that you and uncle are very good friend before” He said

“Yeah! But it was before” I replied

“Why?” He asked

The more questions Keith’s give me the more I think I am being buried deep.

“Let’s just say that things changes between me and your uncle that is why we are not friend right now” I replied

“Then you should make up and become friends” Keith said

I do hope things like that are easy as pie; but the more I think about it the more I think Edward and I will never be the way before.

The class ended with a breeze and slowly every one of my pupils got picked up.

Except for one!

“They are so late” I said to Keith

“Uncle is not like this” He said in a worried tone

“Do not worry, he will come” I replied

Suddenly a man wearing formal attire approaches us.

“Keith” He called

“Mr. George?” Keith was surprise to see him

“Sorry for being late, but I will take you home now.” He said

“Wait a minute, who are you?” I asked

“I am George Fisher, Mr. Jackson’s private driver” He introduce himself

“Where is Mr. Jackson, he is the one supposed to fetch Keith?” I asked

“He is sick at home that is why I am here” He replied

I was caught back on what he said. I can’t avoid thinking I it has something to do with what happened yesterday.

“We need to hurry” Keith said

“Wait a minute” I said

“I really need to go now Ms. Wilson” Keith said

“Wait for me here, I will go with you” I said

In a flash I took my coat and things and went inside the car with Keith.

I am not worried but to think that Keith will come home with a sick uncle is totally absurd.

I am not worried!

“Uncle” Keith came running to the door

“Wait a minute, Keith” I said

When we reach Edward’s room he was laying on the bed fully covered with blankets.

“Uncle” Keith was worried

I approach Edward and put my hand on his forehead.

“Why is he so hot?” I asked

“I told him I will bring him to the hospital but he refuse” George said

“You really are a stubborn as ever” I said to him

I saw how Keith was so worried with him and with the looks of his condition he really his sick.

“May I ask a favor?” I looked at George

“Sure! What might it be?” He asked

“I know, he doesn’t want to go to the hospital but if it is alright could you go to the drugstore and buy some medicine for him.” I said

“Sure, just tell me what you need” He said

“Thank you” I replied

I know I am not compelled to take care of him but I can’t shake the feeling that somehow, he being sick is my fault.

“Will uncle be alright?” Keith asked

“Yes! He only needs rest” I said

“Please be well!” Keith said

“Come on, let’s make something for your uncle to eat” I said to Keith

I could recall a moment like this; I have done something like this for Edward before.

Ten Years Ago… December 2004…

“Achoo!” Edward sneezed while lying on his bed.

“You are really a pain in the butt” Ellie said

“Please do not nurse me if you are not willing” Edward said

“Elizabeth is here” Mrs. Jackson said

“Hello!” I said

“Finally!” Ellie said and stood and walked away from Edward

“I will leave him to you” Mrs. Jackson said and left.

“Hey!” Edward said

“You are freaking dumb are you?” I said

“How can you say that to a sick person?” Edward asked

“Well, how dumb of you to get sick at a moment like this” I asked

“Sorry for being weak” Edward said

“Here! I brought you lemon tea” I said

“Thank you!” He replied

I reach my hand through his forehead and left it.

“You really are hot” I said

“I am feeling so cold” He replied

“I will get you a blanket” I said

Before I stood to get the blanket; Edward pulled me and kissed me on the lips.

It was hot and moist; his lips are so soft.

When our lips parted and looked at each other.

“Elizabeth” Edward said softly

I got stunned and moved slowly away from him.

“I better get going” I replied and hurriedly went out of his room.

It all becomes clear with one kiss; I do like Edward more than friends.

I love him.

I woke up, with a feel of ease and refresh as if I didn’t get sick. I know I ended up sleeping the whole day yesterday in bed. When I looked around; I saw on the counter table some medicine and empty bottle of water. I wondered how I ended up drink medicine. I looked to the left side of the bed and I was surprise to see a sleeping Elizabeth.

I could not believe my eyes, she nursed me.


I lean closer to her and looked at her; she is still beautiful as ever. Just like that I still could remember the time she came to visit me when I was sick.

Just like that I felt a rapid heartbeat and recall that moment; when we shared a kissed.

She suddenly moved and looks like she is waking up.

“Good morning” I said

“Goode morning” Elizabeth replied

She suddenly stopped stretching and looked at me.

“Did you?” I asked

“No!” She reacted fast and moved away from me.

“I was just worried for Keith and…”

Before she could continue; I pulled her closer to me.

“Elizabeth” I said softly

She pushed me in an instant.

“Stop!” She replied

“Uncle” Keith came bursting through the door.

“Good morning Keith” I replied

“Good morning Sir” George said

“I better get going now” Elizabeth said

“Ms. Wilson, thank you for taking care of my uncle” Keith said

“You’re welcome, rest now and I need to leave.” She hurriedly left the room


I came out of bed and followed Elizabeth.

“Thank you” I said

“I didn’t do it for you” She replied while collecting her things.

“Could you please looked at me” I said

“No! Thank you” She replied

It pissed me off to see her like this, I pulled her again and to my surprise she is totally flushed red.

“Let go of me Edward” Elizabeth said

“No! How can I?” I replied

“Do not conclude on your own, what you are thinking is wrong” She replied

“Are you sure?” I asked to tease her.

“Are you fighting?” Keith appears and asks

“No! We are not, I am just asking your teacher to join us for breakfast” I said to Keith

“Really need to go” Elizabeth said

“No! You are not” I said and pulled her to the kitchen.

I am being forced against my will right now. I am held being hostage by Edward right now.

“Here you go Ms. Wilson” George handed me the plate

“Thank you” I replied

“Sit!” Edward said

“Yes!” I replied

“Yeah! George cooked for us” Keith said

“Hope you like it” George said

“Keith what happened yesterday?” Edward asked Keith

“I came home with Ms. Wilson to take care of you” Keith said

“Really” He sleazily looked at me.

“That is not what you think” I replied

“Really! Then tell me what happened?” He came closer and asked

“Well, you didn’t came on time to fetch Keith and Mr. Fisher came; of course as Keith’s homeroom teacher I could let any stranger take him and…”

Before I could end my sentence; Edward stared at me. It was a heart melting moment.

I need to come down; this is his entire trap to pull me more in.

“Thank you, let me return the favor” He said

“No! I am fine” I replied

“I do not take No for an answer; Elizabeth” He replied

“Please stop Edward” I whispered

“I do not want too” He said with a sly smiled


Suddenly a man came brushing through the door.

“Good morning Paul” Edward greeted

“Thank God you are now well” He said

“Yes! Thanks to someone” Edward replied

Paul looked at me from head to toe.

“Who is she?” He asked

“Paul! This is Ms. Elizabeth Wilson; Keith’s homeroom teacher and my beloved childhood friend” Edward said

“Hello!” I said and looked away

“Childhood friend? So is she the one you are talking about in the interview?” Paul straight forward asked

“Yes! My one and only” Edward replied

I looked at Edward with surprise; how could he say that crap in a straight & dignified face.

“Then nice too meet you” Paul said

“Nice too meet you too” I replied

“Let’s get back to business now, your schedule is packed right now” Paul said

“I know” Edward replied

I slowly crept away from Edward; while he was busy with Paul.

“Ms. Wilson; where are you going?” George asked

“I really need to go now, thank you for everything” I said

“Elizabeth” Edward called

“Bye!” I said and run straight for the door.

I came across the elevator and pressed the button down hard.

“Elizabeth” I looked and saw Edward coming

When the elevator door opened; I hurriedly went in and pressed the closed button.


Edward came too late; door was closed. I let out a heavy sigh.

I can’t be near him it is not good for my heart.

Why do I still have these feelings?

Why do I still like him even now?

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