Arrogant First Love

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Chapter 06

Chapter 06

The more I became aware of my own feeling for Edward; the more I decided to stay away from him. I know that if I get more involved with him the more it will be bad for my heart.

“Teacher” one of my pupils called me

“Yes?” I asked

“Are you alright?” She asked

“Yes! I am” I replied

She smiled and gave me a piece of flower.

“I hope he will come” Jenny said

“Stop waiting for the impossible Jenny” I said

“Come on Elizabeth; Edward Jackson is the only reason this job becomes enjoyable” Jenny said

“I really am worried for you Jenny; you are so infatuated with him” I replied

“I am not infatuated, I am in love with him” Jenny said

How convenient of her to say something like that.

Falling in love and all.

“His car is here” Jenny excitedly said

I looked at the window and saw Mr. Fisher fetching Keith, but no Edward came out of the car.

I felt relieve and bothered at the same time.

What happened last time in his house was a very close call.

I need to keep my distance from now on.

I was very busy this morning; Paul had made my day a full schedule.

“You need to focus Edward” Paul said

“I know” I replied

“Just smile to the camera and it will be alright” Paul added

I am meeting some people for a magazine cover.

“Good morning Mr. Jackson” greeted the editor

“Good Morning” I replied

“Thank you for letting us make you the cover of our magazine” He said

“It is my pleasure” I replied

“Shall we start the interview?” He asked

“Let’s start” I said

“So please how are you?” the interviewer asked

“I am fine” I replied

“A lot of people as seen you a the pretty face of politics” He said

“I agree to them, but I am more than just a pretty face” I replied

“A lot of people are curious about you Mr. Jackson but not as the politician but as a man” He said

“Well! I am a every transparent man, and I find helping others as a source of inspiration” I replied

“A lot of people are also curious with your love life” He said

“As I have said; I am open to relationship but I think I haven’t yet find the right person.” I replied

“Have you ever had a first love?” He asked

“First love?” I repeated the question

I suddenly recall the moment between me and Elizabeth…

Ten Years Ago… January 2005

“Elizabeth” I called her from the school hallway

She looked at me and suddenly run away.

“Wait!” I said

Before I could reach her, the crowd started to pile up.

Elizabeth has been avoiding me since New Year’s Eve and I do not like it one bit. I need to talk to her; I need to affirm what happened between us.

“Why are you late?” asked my mother

“Sorry!” I replied

“Now get clean and wear something good” She said

“Why?” I asked

“Mr. & Mrs. Wilson asked us to join for dinner” Mother said

“Dinner? What for?” I asked again

“Looks like Eddie got promoted and he wants to celebrate” father replied

“Okay!” I replied

Looks like fate is making things helpful on my side; if this goes well I could be able to talk to Elizabeth.

We came on time, and the table was already set; and Elizabeth was helping her mother.

“Thank you for coming” Mr. Wilson greeted

“Thank you for inviting us” Father replied

“Congratulation Eddie” Mother said

“It was unexpected but it is a blessing” Mrs. Wilson said

“Yes it is” Mother said

“Elizabeth, please take the roast beef out of the oven” Mrs. Wilson said

“Okay!” Elizabeth replied

“I will help her” I replied and followed Elizabeth in the kitchen

“I will help you” I said, as I get near her holding a pot holder

“I could do it” She replied without looking at me

“We need to talk Lizzie” I said

She did not reply and pulled the pan out of the oven and placed it on the counter.

“About the kiss, I…” I said

She looked at me with disgust…

“Stop pestering me Edward” She replied

“We need to talk about what happen Elizabeth” I replied

“No! So please do not come near me” She replied and pick up the pan

“Come let’s eat” Mrs. Wilson said

I came to conclude that I am in a dilemma; Elizabeth won’t even face me seriously. She even asked to not come near her.

“How about you Edward?” Mrs. Wilson asked

“Pardon?” I asked after being caught unaware

“I asked which university you are aiming for.” She asked

“I am not sure yet” I replied

“You need to have one young man” Mr. Wilson said

“I have been telling the same thing to him Eddie” My dad added fire to the oil

“How about you Elizabeth?” My mom asked

“I am trying to get into YALE” She replied

“Really, there is no doubt you can do it” Mom said

“Thank you” She replied

If she is aiming for YALE; she will definitely leave me.

We ended the dinner, my dad and Mr. Wilson kept on discussing things. My mom and Mrs. Wilson are on the living room sofa.

I followed Elizabeth again in the kitchen.

She was busy cleaning up.

“You will go to YALE?” I asked

“Yes!” She replied

“You will leave?” I asked

“Yes!” She replied

“Will you please stop that and talk to me”

I pulled her from the table and looked at her; she has set her eyes to avert.

“Let me go” She demanded

“Why do you like to step forward and leave me behind?” I asked

“I do not understand you Edward, let me go” She said while trying to escape me.

“Did you think I kissed you because it was a joke?” I said

“Then? Why did you do it?” She asked

I slowly let her go and gave a moment of pause.

Why did I do that?

What does it mean?

“Just forget I asked” She said

Before Elizabeth could get away again, I pulled her and gave her kiss on the lips.

This time around, I am sure of what is it.

I like her!

I love her!

It has been a week since I saw Edward fetch Keith from school. I am supposed to be happy about it; but why do I feel bothered about everything.

“Good Morning Ms. Wilson” Keith greeted me

“Good Morning” I replied

“Here’s an apple for you” Keith gave me an apple

“Thank you!” I said

“You’re welcome teacher” He replied

“How is your uncle, Keith?” I asked

Shoot! Why did I ask?

“He is fine, he is very busy with the campaign. Mom said” He replied

“Oh! Okay!” I replied

How stupid of me to ask; what did I expect it has been ten freaking years. The world we belong right now is very different. Not like before, not like when we are…

The class ended with a breeze and as usual, Mr. Fisher is the one that fetch Keith. No sign of Edward anywhere.

I collect my things and head home at the usual time. When I turned to the next alley.


I was surprise to see the devil himself.

Edward was there.

“God! What are you doing there Ed….”

Before I could continue, he pulled me and put his hands on my lips.

“Be quite! I am on disguise right now” He said

“Seriously?” I said

“Let’s go” He said and pulled me

“What? Wait a minute” I replied

“Just come with me” He said

What is happening here?

Why am I getting pulled by this man?

We came into a very private restaurant; only a few people are in.

“Welcome Sir” The waitress said

“I have a reservation” Edward said

“Right this way Sir” The waitress said

Edward kept a firm grip on my hand from the start; we reach our table.

“Thank you” Edward said to the waitress

“What are we doing here, Edward?” I asked

“We are having dinner” He replied

“What? When did I agree to it?” I asked

“I know you would not, that is why I ambush you right after work so you could not make anymore excuses.” He replied

“You are a very unreasonable man you know that right” I said angrily

“I do not have a choice! You kept on rejecting and avoiding me” He replied

I averted my eyes from his gaze; I know it is partly my fault but what choice do I have I do not want to be reminded of the moments we have.

“Let’s order” He said

I just looked at the menu and thought to myself that, this might be a good opportunity to tell him straight that I do not want anything to do with him.

“Thank you again for taking care of me” Edward said

“I already told you that I did it for Keith; he is so worried for you” I replied

“And you are not worried for me?” He asked

I kept my silence and continue eating my food.

“Keith really like you” Edward said

“I really like him too” I replied

“I like you” He said

I looked at him with shocked.

“What are you saying?” I asked

“Well that is true, and it is normal for Keith and I to like the same person” He said

“Sigh! It is in my nature; I am a teacher I need to be likeable” I replied

“I never thought this day will come, that I could meet you again.” He said

“I feel the same, the world really is small” I replied

“Did you ever consider?” Edward asked

“Consider what?” I asked

“That you and I will see each other again?” H asked

I pause and looked away: I would lie if I said I didn’t thought of him for the past ten years. What is more painful is that I really did wish that we could meet like this.

“I have been meaning to ask” Edward said

“If this is about what happen ten years ago, please stop. I do not want to talk about it” I said

He looked at me with confusion; if he would knew what really happen that time. All the feelings I have buried will resurface.

We finished eating dinner, and Edward insisted on taking me home. I could not refuse him for I know he will just do what he wanted. We reach my apartment in no time.

“Thank you for the dinner” I said and headed out.

“Wait Elizabeth!” Edward said and headed out with me.

He pulled my hands and I looked at him.

“I am not asking for anything more, I just want you to” He said

“What are you saying?” I asked

“The moment I saw you in the Kitchen Soup, I know that fate really like to play games with me. I never though in a million years that I could meet you.” He said

“You are making me confuse Edward?” I said

He came closer and stared at me.

“Could you please, stop avoiding me? That is my only wish” He said

“Edward, we are not high school students anymore if you continue this” I said

“I know but I better risk it than to lose this chance again. I know I can’t force you to give me answer, on why did you left me hanging this past ten years but now fate lead me to you. I just want a second chance.” He said

Second chance?

On what? On us?

I could not give it to him; what happen between us is so sudden and painful.

It might be hanged but the moment I left. I already told to myself that it ended there.

“Could please let me think about it” I replied

“Elizabeth” He said

“I am not closing or opening any doors right now, but like what have you said fate really is playing games with us. Meeting you right now is not because we choose it and I am a bit confuse right now” I replied

“Then I could” He said and came closer

“No! Not like that Edward” replied

“Then? what?” He asked

“We are just friends” I replied

“Friends?” He said

“You don’t like?” I asked

“No! I like it very much” He replied

“Then, I better get in” I replied

“Elizabeth! Thank you!” He said

“Yeah!” I replied

I went in my apartment, and sit on the floor and cringed on my own decision.

“You are very weak, Elizabeth” I said to myself

But I could not stop smiling on what happen, I need to calm my heart right now.

The more I think what happen last night, I feel like my heart will explode.

“Uncle! Uncle” Keith shouted

“Yes!” I replied

“Why are you in a daze?” He asked

“Nothing” I replied

“You are thinking of a girl” Ellie said

I got caught off guard with what Ellie said.

“You really did it? Didn’t you?” She asked

“What?” I asked

“Did you confess to Elizabeth?” She asked

“No! Not yet” I replied

“What a coward man you are” Ellie said

“I am not coward, I just need time that is all” I replied

Ellie came closer to me.

“What time do you need? You kissed her twice since High School, for God sake you have crush on her since you are five years old” Ellie said

“Shhh! Shut up! Elizabeth and I are starting out fresh okay, we had our crucial moment back in high school days, and know we need to start of new.” I replied

“What do you plan to do?” Ellie asked

“I will court her, which I didn’t do in first place” I replied

“Yeah! It is really your fault why Lizzie went away” Ellie replied

I know she already told us; her family need to go to Manhattan for a sudden transfer but I could not shake the feeling that there is more to that explanation.

I kept my end of the bargain and started to take Keith to school again.

“Good Morning!” Elizabeth greeted the children

She has become more than a woman I have known; I like her too much to bear it.

“Good Morning Ms. Wilson” Keith greeted

“Good Morning Keith and to you Mr. Jackson” She said

“Yeah! Good Morning” I replied

“Good Morning Mr. Jackson” Another teacher

“Good Morning Ms. Jones” Keith greeted

“Hello!” She replied

“Ah! Mr. Jackson I would like to introduce you to Ms. Jenny Jones one of our teachers” Elizabeth introduce.

“Nice too meet you” I said

“Yes! It is very nice” Ms. Jones said

I looked at Elizabeth who has been making faces at Ms. Jones.

“Ms. Jones, I think you need to go to class now” Elizabeth said

“No! I do not” She replied

Elizabeth looked at her with fierce.

“Fine!” Ms. Jones replied and went away.

“Psst! What is that?” I asked

“Jenny has a crush on you ever since you announce your candidacy as Mayor” She replied

“Really! How nice of her” I replied

“Yeah! I have been telling her bad things about you but she has been hit hard” She replied

“Hey! Do not mess with my fans” I replied

“Fans?” Elizabeth said

I could not ask for more; at least she is not avoiding me anymore.

“Mr. Jackson” George called

“Yeah! A minute” I replied

“Better go now, I think you are needed” Elizabeth replied

“Paul is really a pain in the ass” I replied

“Shh! Please watch your mouth you are in a school” She said

“I better get going then” I said

“Go!” She said

I slowly walked away and steal gazes of her.

When I went inside the car and close the door, I could still see her.

“Sigh! I wish I could stay longer” I said

“You really like Ms. Wilson” George asked

“Yeah! She was my first love” I replied

“Are you planning to pursue her?” He asked

“Yeah! We ended up hanging on to our past relationship and I want to start off new” I replied

“Good for you Sir! I actually like Ms. Wilson for you” George replied

“Thank you! You better help me George” I said

“Of course Sir” He replied

I need to be better at this.

If I want to have her to trust me; I need to show her how sincere I am.

Even if we could potentially become friends or more than that.

I want her to be with me.

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