Arrogant First Love

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Chapter 07

Chapter 07

There is definitely something wrong with me; I could not shake this feeling of excitement as I think of seeing Edward again. I mean we did not progress that much. Yes! We are friends but not to that extend.

I think!

“He is so handsome in personal” Jenny said

“Sigh! Stop your goggle eye Jenny” I said

“At last he knows me, we could now be friendly” Jenny said

“Wow! That escalated quickly” I replied

“In no matter of time Mr. Edward Jackson will fall for me and I will be his girlfriend” Jenny said

“Oh! God!” I said

I am very amaze on how Jenny has abroad imagination over this kind of things.

“Excuse me!”

A young man holding a bouquet of roses came to the teacher’s lounge.

“What is it young man?” Mrs. Madison asked

“I have a delivery for Ms. Elizabeth Wilson” The man said

“For me?” I asked and reach for the flowers

“Please sign here” He said

“Okay!” I replied and signed

“Here are your flowers and enjoy” He said and went out

“Who did that came from?” Mr. Anderson asked

“Beats me” I said

As I reach for the card in the roses, to my surprise that the flowers were from Edward.

(Note: Hope you have a nice day! See you soon!)

“So who is it from?” Jenny asked

“From our former parent and student” I replied

“Really!” Jenny said

“I better put this on a vase” I said and head out

God dammit Edward! Why do you like to make my life complicated?

But in all honesty, he really came through.

I ever wonder if Elizabeth got my flowers; I hope I made an impression.

“Edward, are you listening?” Paul asked

“Again?” I said

“You have been out of your mind often, what is the problem?” He asked

“Nothing!” I replied

“You freaking liar, is this about a girl?” He asked

“Psst! No!” I said

I stood up and walked away from Paul.

“Is this about that girl I saw in your apartment last time, what is her name?” Paul asked

“Elizabeth Wilson” George replied

“George” I said

“Yeah! Elizabeth your beloved childhood friend” Paul said

“She has nothing to do with this” I said

“Yes! There is! Ever since the kitchen soup incident you have been like a sick love puppy” Paul said

“No! No! You are mistaking” I replied

“You like her don’t you?” He asked

“No! Maybe?” I replied

“God Dammit Ed! You are making things complicated, you are in crucial moments of your campaign do you know that?” Paul said

“I know!” I replied

“Just make sure, your friendship with her will not make your campaign hurt” Paul said

I know for a fact that what I am doing might be for the worst outcome of my campaign; but I could not stop it. Elizabeth is someone too dear to me.

I could not lose her again….

Ten Years Ago…. January 2005

“Good morning!” I greeted

“Good morning” Elizabeth replied back

I came closer to her and kissed her on the forehead.

“Let’s go!” I said

“Where?” She asked

“Just trust me on this” I replied

“The last time I trust you had me in trouble” She replied

I hold her hand and kissed it.

“Just trust your boyfriend for once okay” I replied

After the dinner we had in the Wilson residence; things changes between me and Elizabeth.

We took a drive to a hilltop…

“What are we doing here?” She asked

“We are here for a viewing” I replied

“Here?” She asked

“Why do you have too many questions?” I asked

“It’s because you make me nervous” Elizabeth replied

I came close to her and hug her.

“Stop being nervous and be with me” I replied

We sat under the shade of a tree and hugged each other.

I brushed her hair with my hands and kissed her head.

I love her so much.

“I have a question?” Elizabeth asked

“Hmm! What?” I asked

“When did you realize you like me?” She asked

I looked at her and smiled.

“What?” She asked

“If I told you the truth you will laugh” I replied

“Seriously?” She said

“When I was five years old I have a biggest crush on you” I replied

“No way! That is a lie” She said

“No! When we enter junior high school I still have a crush on you, until high school started and right now.” I replied

“Then? Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked

“Well! I am scared you might reject me” I replied

“What? Why would I reject you?” She asked

I looked at her.

“Then you would not reject me if I told sooner?” I asked

Elizabeth looked away and moved away from me.

“I am hungry” She said

“No! Answer my question Elizabeth” I said

“No!” She replied

She ran away from me and I tried to catch her.

When I caught her.

“Like you, I have a crush on you since we are five years old so…” She replied

This is too unbearable; I pulled Elizabeth and gave her a kiss on the lips.

If I have known this will be the most wonderful feeling in the world, I should have confessed to her in the first place.

When our lips parted.

“Hmm! I love you so much” Elizabeth said

“I love you more” I replied


I do not know, if I will be bothered with the flowers or not. Edward is really a piece of work; the more I think about it the more I asked myself why I evened have a friend like him.

“Uncle” Keith shouted

“Hello! Keith” He said

Edward looked at me and smiled.

“Keith, do not forget you book” I said

“Yes! Ms. Wilson” Keith said and took his book

“I hope you like it!” Edward said while approaching me

“If you are talking of the flower, yes! But why?” I replied

“What is wrong with giving you flowers?” He asked

“Nothing! But do not make a scene on my work place” I replied

“Did they ask?” He said

“Of course; I am teacher and we get only does things on occasion” I replied

“Then! I will give one everyday” He replied

“What? Why?” I asked

“Well everyday with you is an occasion” Edward replied

This man really has no sense of shame on his body; how could he say something like that?

“Uncle! Let’s go!” Keith said

“Yeah!” Edward replied

“Goodbye” I replied

“Wait a minute, give me your phone” Edward randomly said

“What? Why?” I asked

Edward took my phone from the table.

“Wait a minute” I said

He dials something on it and his own phone rang.

“Okay! Now I can call and text you anytime I want.” Edward replied

“Mr. Jackson you have gone too far.” I said

Edward came closer to me.

“Didn’t you bother think I will do this things?” Edward asked

“I know but…” I said

I could not resist him, the more I do that. The more he comes closer.

I went home thinking of what might happen.

Better now than late right; if I ended up avoiding Edward more I have a pretty good idea that he will do something worse than this.

Ring…. Ring…

I looked at my phone and saw an unfamiliar number. I know that number belongs to him and I am very tempted not to answer but…

“Hello!” I answered

“You should have answer after the first two rings” Edward said over the phone

“Sorry, the caller id pops unidentified caller” I replied

“You know it is me; Elizabeth” He replied

I just kept quiet on my side of the line.

“Are you mad?” Edward asked

“No! I am not mad it’s just that”

I know if I continue to speak I will only make things worse.

“Is it because I am too persistent?” Edward asked

“Well! You are too much” I replied

“What do you want me to do Elizabeth?” He asked

“What is it that you want Edward?” I asked

Both of us kept silent on the side of the call.

“I just want to be close to you” Edward replied

I could not deny that I feel the same way; but right now is not the best thing for us.

“Let’s just take it slow okay; I mean we are friends right” I said

His end of the line just kept silent for a long time now.

“I guess you don’t want to be friends with me?” I asked

“It is nothing like that” Edward replied angrily on his part.

“I better go now, Edward” I said and hung up the phone

It was a bad idea to ask for more than anything; why can’t I be contented of the present situation.

I could not bear to wink or sleep, thinking that Elizabeth and I are back to square one. Did she really forget about me; about the feelings we share before.

Am I a past she wants to forget?

The longer I thought of it the more my head hurts.

“Uncle” Keith said

“Yes?” I asked

Keith approach and gave me an invitation card.

“What is this?” I asked

“It is the annual show and tell program in our school, and I want you to be there as my partner.” Keith said

“My? I am honored but how about your mom or your dad?” I asked

“They said they are too busy” Keith sadly replied

Show and Tell program; I am too drawn to the fact that I could use this to see her again but the more I think of it the more I make things complicated.

I just want her back.

Is that too much to ask?

“I will go Keith, do not worry” I replied

“Really! Thank you uncle” Keith happily replied

I better give up.

I think all hope is gone.

Elizabeth is not interested.

I just another person in her life right now.

Nothing more and nothing less!

How pathetic!

Ten Years Ago… January 2009…

“What?” Ellie said

“I said, I will ask Elizabeth to be with me when we graduate” I replied

“You want to be with Elizabeth after high school?” Ellie asked

“Yeah! What is wrong with that?” I asked

“Are you also planning to attend YALE?” Ellie asked

I looked at her “I will not, but I could study at a near university” I replied

Ellie shook her head “do you think Mr. & Mrs. Wilson will allow that?” Ellie asked

“I better try” I replied

“Little brother, I do not want to burst your bubbles but; Lizzie has dreams and I think you are not involved in that” Ellie said

“What you think is wrong” I replied

I stood and walked away; I know Elizabeth is much better than me. But I could promise her the world if I could. I could make her happy.

Can I?


Elizabeth called me from across there yard.


I approach her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“I was looking for you” She replied

“I was inside talking to Ellie” I said

“Really? What about?” She asked

“Nothing important” I replied

Elizabeth looked at me and smiled.

I do not want to lose her.

“Could you be my prom date?” I asked her

“Yes! Of course” She replied

“Yeah! We will go!” I said

I pulled her and lift her in my arms.

I am happy at the same time worried; the last thing I want to be left.

I do not want to let her go.

Woods Elementary is busy right now. It is our annual Show and Tell Event; a lot of our students’ family and relatives will come and see their children.

“Okay! Class we will be doing a musical presentation for show and tell.” I said

“Yes! Ms. Wilson” The pupils replied

“We will be very busy this week so be prepared and always be present” I said

“Yes! Ms. Wilson” They replied

I could not shake Edward outside my head; I asked myself if I am too cruel to him.

“Ms. Wilson” Keith said

“Yes! What is it Keith?” I replied

“Uncle will come to watch me for the show and tell” He said

“Really! How about your mom?” I asked

“Mom and Dad are both busy and uncle volunteer to come” He replied

I do not want to be the sour one; but I will see him again.

How am I supposed to react?

“Ms. Wilson let’s start” Ms. Jones said

“Okay!” I replied

I need to be ready!

I hate this fake mayor’s meeting; I need to kiss cheeks with the people that are considering my enemies.

“Smile” Paul said

“I don’t want too” I replied

“Do not be a baby Edward, and smile for the press” Paul said

“Shut up!” I replied

“Mr. Jackson” Arnold Carter approach me

“Mr. Carter” I flash a smiled

The press started to take our photos together.

“Smile” Mr. Carter said

“I am smiling thank you for reminding me” I replied

“You have been busy; Ed” He said

“So are you” I replied

“Just a quick head start, I would like to inform you that I have talked to your brother-in-law” Arnold said

I looked at him with a bottling question on my face.

“He said, he will support my candidacy” He said

“What?” I replied

“Opps! Looks like you are not informed; you better ask your dear sister Edward” Arnold said and left me.

What the hell is going on?

How did that happened?

I haven’t seen Edward’s presence the whole day; I felt relieve and bothered at the same time. Ellie was the one that fetch Keith from school. My phone didn’t ring for any text or call.

Is he alright?

I went home on schedule; not hassle or fusel.

I could not stop thinking something is wrong.

Ding… Dong… Ding…

The doorbell on my apartment’s front porch rang loudly; I hurriedly run downstairs to answer the door.


I open the door and on it was a drunken Edward.

“Elizabeth” Edward said

“Edward, what the hell” I replied

“Hep! I am drunk” He said

“I could see that, why are you here? why are you drunk?” I asked

“I just want to see you” He said

“Where is Mr. Fisher?” I asked

“Hmm! I am alone” He replied

“Seriously! I will call Ellie right now” I said

Before I could reach my phone, Edward pulled me closer to him.

“Edward” I said

“Do not do that” He said

“You need to go home, you are drunk” I said

“I want to be with you” He said

I was surprise with what he said. He is seriously mess up.

I helped him go up to my place; I let him take over my couch.

“What the hell have you been doing Edward?” I asked

I looked at him and I felt worried and bothered. How did he end up like this?

“Edward, help me take off your shoes” I said

Edward just snuggles on the sofa.

“Sigh! Edward what happened?” I asked

“Nothing” He replied

“Really, you don’t do this unless you are upset” I replied

“Just leave me alone” He said

“You are in my place, let me remind you” I said

He just kept quiet and looks away.

“Stay here! I will get come towel” I said and stood

“I just want to be with you for a while” He said

I looked at him, and taught to myself. I was too selfish.

I had never considered since the moment we meet again. How will Edward feel?

I do not pity him. I just do not want to have my hopes get too high.

If I accidentally let myself go, I wonder if I will get hurt.

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