Arrogant First Love

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Chapter 08

Chapter 08

The light shines brightly on the window; I could feel the cold breeze coming in from an open window.

Where am I?

I woke up and notice unfamiliar ceiling; my back hurts a lot.

I notice that I have been sleeping in a cramped couch.

“Good morning”

I looked to the direction where the voice is coming from; and I was perplexed to saw Elizabeth approaching me.

“Are you fully awake now?” She asked

I still affix my gaze on her. What on earth is happening here?

“Edward? Hello?” She said

“Ah! What am I doing here?” I asked

“You sure are forgetful” She replied

“Seriously! How did I get here?” I asked

Elizabeth stood and walked away.

“Wash your face come to the kitchen for breakfast” She replied

I am still in doubt all of this is real. Am I dreaming?

What the hell is happening?

I make a quick wash in the bathroom and head to the kitchen; I saw her placing a cup of coffee on the table together with breakfast.

“Let’s eat” She said

“What time is it?” I asked

“It is past seven o’clock” She replied

I gaze on the food; I am not sure on what to make out of this?

“Eat up!” She said

“What on earth is happening here Elizabeth?” I frustrated asked

Elizabeth looked at me with much more frustration.

“I am the one to ask, for a man coming to my door step drank. You are rude!” She exclaimed


I came to her door step?

What on earth?

Then it suddenly hit me.

I looked away from Elizabeth’s gaze.

“All night I have been asking what happened? Why are you drank? You didn’t answer any of my questions” She said

“Is that so, sorry for the bother” I replied

“What happened Edward?” She asked

“Nothing” I immediately replied

I do not want to talk about it or get Elizabeth involved in anything about me for that matter.

“Sigh! I will not force you to speak but please Edward; alcohol is not the solution to this.” She replied

“I know” I replied

Elizabeth stood and gave two pieces of aspirin.

“Drink this! I know you have a headache” She said

“Elizabeth did I say anything stupid?” I asked

Elizabeth smiled “Yes you have” she replied

I looked at her with worriedness drawn to my face.

What the hell did I say?

Elizabeth suddenly laugh out loud.

“Hahahahahaha! Edward please do not take me seriously I am only joking.” She said

“Elizabeth!” I shouted

“It is a little payback for disturbing me” She replied

“Thank you” I said

She looked at me.

“Yeah! I know you are thankful” She replied

Elizabeth is the only person that could manage to make my heart and mind at ease. Being with her makes me humane.

I know I am out of the line to say this but; I think Edward is in a lot of stress. I know that being a politician is hard work but; how is he doing?

“I better get going” Edward said

“Yeah! Go home straight away” I said

“Yes! Mom” He replied

I punched his shoulder.

“Do not joke around” I replied

“Ouch! Yeah! I know” He replied

He started too walked away from me.

“Edward” I called him and he stopped and looked at me.

“I am not an expert of anything but if you are feeling stressed out or depress just think of happy thoughts and everything will be alright.” I said

Edward just smiled at me and wave goodbye.

I do not want to admit but I am worried about him. I never saw him like that before.

I head straight to Woods Elementary and started to do our class presentation.

I still have Edward on my mind.

Did he reach home?

Is he alright?

How is he doing?

“Elizabeth” Jane called

“Yes? What?” I replied

“What are you thinking? We are already on the second part” She said

“Really! Sorry” I replied

“Why are you like that?” Jane asked

“What like that?” I asked

“You looked like a worried mother? What happened?” She asked

“Nothing! I was just thinking” I replied

Shocks! Stop overthinking Elizabeth; Edward is already an adult and he doesn’t need you to be worried for him.

The class took a break and I head to my classroom. I reach for my phone and scroll down to his private number.

“I will die if I don’t do this” I said to myself.

I pushed the call button and it rang.

Oh My God! What am I doing?

“Hello!” an answer form the other line said

I froze for like about a second, as I heard his voice.

“Elizabeth” Edward said

“Yeah! Sorry for calling you like this I was just checking if you got home” I said

God dammit! Elizabeth are you digging your own grave right now?

“I am alright! I got home” Edward replied

“Really! Okay! Bye!” I said

“Elizabeth” Edward called my name before I could do anything.

I moment of silence was between the phone call.

“I do not know what came to me that night” Edward said

“It is alright!” I replied

“I am sorry for the inconvenience I have given you.” He said

“I said it is alright” I replied

“The last thing I want to trouble you with anything and I have done it” Edward said

“I said it is alright, I am worried about you.”

Without think, I said the words I was feeling all along.

“Elizabeth” Edward said

“Goodbye!” I said and hang up

No! No! No!

I make the most horrible mistake of my life. I admitted the fact that I worried for him.

“What have you done Elizabeth?” I said while leaning back and forth on the wall.

I am doomed!

I did really dig my own grave.

I got a very interesting phone call; and it made my day.

“Edward” Paul said

“I better talk to him” I replied

“Why do you believed anything that asshole Arnold said” Paul said

“What if it is true?” I said

“It is impossible, he is your sister’s husband; he is related to you” Paul replied

“I better get the bottom of this” I said

I took my coat and leaved my home.

I ask George to drive all the way to my parent’s house.

“Here we are sir” George said

“I will not take long” I replied

I went in and it was just like the way I left it.

“Edward” a woman approaches me and gave me hug.

“Mother” I said

“Long time no see” She said

“Yeah! It has been long” I replied

“I missed you so much” She said

“As I!” I replied

I looked around.

“Is he here?” I asked

“Yeah!” Mother replied

Mother guides me to the backyard and I saw father and Kit talking.

“Look who came” Mother said

“Edward” father said

“Father” I replied

“Long times no see brother” Kit greeted me.

In an instant I hand my fist flying out of the air and landed on Kit’s face.

“Edward” My parents shouted.

“I hope you know why I gave you that” I said

“Ah! Let me explain first” Kit replied

“What explanation will you say? You gave your support to that asshole” I shouted

Mother and father could not do anything at the moment.

“I didn’t gave him any; we had a few drink a long time ago and I think he misunderstood my intention” Kit replied

“Hmm! I am leaving” I said

“Edward” mother called

“You favored him so much, then let him run for office” I said and walked away from home.

I never called it home to begin with; my family has done a lot of misfortunate action in the past and I could not bear to let it happened again.

It was past noon; and I came to a flower shop.

“Good afternoon sir, how can I help you?” the florist asked

“I would like to have a dozen roses, please” I said

“Yes! Should i arrange it for you sir?” He asked

“Yes!” I replied

I better take this opportunity to come to her; this might be the first and last time that a chance will open up.

After I bought the flowers; George drives me to Woods Elementary.

“We are here sir” George said

“Yes! Huh! You could do it Edward” I said to myself

“Just be yourself sir” George encourages me

“Yeah!” I replied

I get out of the car, and stood in front of the school gate.

“Mr. Jackson” Ms. Jenny called

“Good afternoon” I said

“How odd to see you here” She said

“Hmm! I am looking for Eli… I mean Ms. Wilson” I said

“Jenny wait up!”

I looked ahead and saw Elizabeth approaching us.

“Ed… Mr. Jackson you are here?” Elizabeth said

“Yeah! Here for you” I said and gave the roses

“Hmm! Thank you” She said and took the flowers

I could the awkwardness in the air; both of us can’t look at each other.

“What is happening?” Ms. Jenny said the broke the ice

“Nothing” Elizabeth replied

“Could we talk” I asked

“We need to go somewhere” Elizabeth said

I pulled her.

“Please just give a minute” I asked

The think I feared the most finally happened; the grave I dug has come to hunt me and here is he.

Edward holds of my arms and asks for a minute to talk to him.

“I better go now” Jenny said

“No! Please Jenny” I said

“I will hear your explanation later, Elizabeth” Jenny said and went away.

Edward let go of me.

“Let’s go” Edward said

He leads me to his car and it drove us away.

None of us are speaking and it made me more conscious of the situation.

“We are here” Edward said

“Where are we?” I asked

I was surprise to step out of the car and saw the New York Botanical Garden.

“Edward” I said

“Let’s go” He said

He pulled my hands and went inside the garden.

“What are we doing here?” I asked

“We are talking here” Edward replied

I pulled my hands away from him.

“About earlier; I made a mistake” I replied

“Mistake?” Edward said

“I am not worried about you it is just that…”

Before I could ever finish my sentence; Edward came closer to me.

“Edward” I said

“I want to kiss you so much” He said

I put my hands on my lips. Edward smiled.

“Hmm! You are so cute Elizabeth” He said

“Stop teasing me; what do you mean you want to kiss me?” I asked while guarding my lips.

“As what I have said, I want to kiss you because I like you” Edward said

“What joke is this Edward?” I asked

“Rather than a joke; I just want to tell you I like you; No! I love you!” Edward said

I was just stunned with what he said; I do not know how to react.

“I have been in love with you since when I was five years old and until now I still feel the same way.” Edward said

“Edward; I think you are mistaken” I replied

“No! I still do love you Elizabeth at least trust me on that” He replied

“Do not make things complicated you and I are…”

Before I could finish what I need to say; Edward pulled me and embrace me.

“I do not want to lose you for the second time around that is why I have decided to keep you near me.” Edward said

“Edward!” I replied

“If making excuses or using my position is not enough I will find a way to be with you no matter what” He replied

“Please stop!” I replied

Edward releases me from his arms and holds my face.

“I love you!” Edward said

He leans closer to my face; I immediately moved my head away.

He smiled “I will not kiss you without your consent; but it doesn’t mean I will stop.” He replied

I am so perplexed with what is happening right now.

Edward holds my hands and kissed it.

“Better prepare yourself; Elizabeth” Edward said

I thought pushing him to become my friend will end there but I was wrong. Edward is still the same man I knew him; he always crawl his way into my life.

I could not do anything at all.

I woke up in my bed like a zombie. Edward took me home last night.

After his declaration: I could not pull myself up and be okay.

Ring… Ring… Ring…

“Hello!” I answered my phone

“Where are you, the practice has started?” Jenny said on the other line of the phone

“Yes! I will come; I am just running late” I replied

“Okay! Come faster” She said and hanged up

“Sigh! I do not want any of this”

I stood and get ready to leave.

I go straight to my bathroom and headed to Woods Elementary.

All of the students have gathered in the school Auditorium for the Show and Tell.

“Ms. Wilson” my adviser greeted me

“Good morning! Sorry for being late” I replied

“Yeah! You are late” Jenny said

“Good morning Jenny” I replied

“Now! Could you please explain to me what happen” She asked

“Oh! I think they are calling me” I said and left hurriedly

The last thing I want is to be reminded of the events last night. Keith was at the stage and happily practicing.

“Hope I don’t see him today; please!” I murmur to myself.

I had been unbelievable happy after I have confess my feelings for Elizabeth; I know things will be different but it will be for the better.

“Could you please focus” Paul said

“I am focused” I replied to Paul

“You have been grinning all day” Paul replied

“Is it bad to grin?” I asked

“Something good must have happen” Paul said

“Just something” I replied

“Have you talked to your brother-in-law?” Paul asked

I just looked away, the matter of fact that I just punched that man without hearing his explanation is a dumb decision but I never regret it.

“Yeah! We talked” I replied

“Just make sure what you did will not affect your campaign” Paul replied

Regardless of what I do; my campaign will still be affected with all of this. Kit has been a prominent body of my family’s success in politics. I just want my family to be proud of me.

Paul has been very busy with my campaign with all the handshake and ceremonies we could attend.

“Sir! We need to hurry, it is almost time to fetch Keith” George said

“Okay!” I replied

I left Paul to handle other things and straight right to Woods Elementary.

All of the children had gone home except for Keith.

“Are you alright Keith?” I asked

“Yes! Ms. Wilson” He replied

“Your uncle is really late!” I said

“He is very busy in his campaign that is why” Keith replied

Keith is really a smart kid; even though he needs a lot of attention he still manage to be more mature than everyone else.


Then a call caught our attention.

“Uncle” Keith happily stood and came to Edward

“Sorry for being late” Edward replied

“It is alright! Ms. Wilson kept me companied” Keith replied

“Really!” Edward replied

Our eyes met and it was a mixture of weird emotions.

“You better get going” I replied

“Yes! But before that”

Edward came closer to me.

“What?” I asked while I am flustered

“For you!”

Edward gave me a single red rose.

“A rose?” I said

“Yes! I have decide to give you one each time we meet” Edward replied

“Why?” I asked

“Until the day you reply my feelings back, the rose will be my promise to you” Edward replied

I was taken away with his words; I mean he is really serious.

“But Edward”

Before I could speak, Edward comes closer and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

“Edward” I pulled away and was in total flush.

“I will make sure that my love will not go in vain Elizabeth. I love you” Edward replied

God this is a divine punishment.

My heart was skipping a million miles.

I don’t want to admit but, I had hoped that this day will come.

I think I still feel the same?

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