Arrogant First Love

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Chapter 09

Chapter 09

We only have a matter of week before the show and tell presentation and things are not going according to plan.

“Ms. Wilson, are all the preparation for the show and tell are ready?” Mrs. Jones asked

“Yes! We are on schedule” I replied

“Good!” She replied

I was more than spacing out of the situation I am right now. Edward has been placed me in the most awkward position ever.

“Ms. Wilson” Keith approach me

“Yes! Keith?” I asked

“Are you and my uncle dating?”

Keith spouted out the most outrageous question of all time.

“We are not dating, where did you hear that from?” I asked

“Mom said when a man gave flowers to a girl they are dating” Keith replied

Good God! Ellie what have you been teaching your son.

“Look Keith! I like your uncle as a friend and we are not dating” I replied honestly

Keith let out a deep sigh!

“I hope you date my uncle, he likes you more than a friend” Keith replied

I am fully aware of that but how could I reciprocate his feelings if we haven’t ended anything in the past. The matter of fact he was acting as if he didn’t broke my heart was puzzling me this whole time. Is he just forgetful or he has no intention of letting us recall the past.

I broke his heart!

No roses or time could change that and he could do it again.

I have been busy preparing for the mayor’s annual debate. For the fact I will meet Arnold and my bastard brother-in-law at that time I want to strangle them.

“Looks like the mayor’s debate will be move this Friday” Paul utters

“What? I thought it was scheduled for next Friday?” I asked

“Well it looks like the committee had change the date” Paul replied

“This is a problem” I replied

“What is the matter?” Paul asked

“This Friday will also be the show and tell presentation of Keith” I replied

Paul didn’t reply on that moment and I have looked on my planner.

“What should you do?” Paul asked

“That is what I need to figure out” I replied

I do not want to disappoint Keith for he had personally asked for my presence at the show and tell; and for sure I do not want Elizabeth to look at me with disapproval.

“I will go to Keith’s show and tell” Ellie replied

“But I thought you are busy?” I asked

“I am but he is my son” Ellie replied

“Wow! You actually said that” I replied

“Shut up! Just focus on your debate okay” Ellie replied

“Okay!” I replied

I am already heartbroken to know that I will not be with Keith but what choice do I have.

The afternoon practice came by a breeze and everybody was excited like crazy.

“I hope Mr. Jackson will come to the show and tell” Jenny utters

“Good Lord! The show and tell are for the kids and not for than man’s campaign” I replied

“Come on Elizabeth; you have been pretty close to the man do not find him attractive?” Jenny asked

“This is not about me Jenny” I replied

I refuse to comment on the idea or even remotely answer the question if I find Edward handsome. For the past ten years that man has nothing but oozing glamour.

“Let’s go home” Jenny said

“Yeah! We should” I replied

Jenny and I head out the school premise, when I saw George at the school gate.

“Good evening Ms. Wilson” George greeted

“Good evening, what are you doing here?” I asked


I turn around and saw Edward standing holding three red roses.

“Edward” I utter

“As promise, more roses” He replied

I took the roses he handed to me.

“You can stop doing this” I exclaimed

“As I have told you I will only stop if you will reply to my confession” Edward replied

“You are highly impossible, Edward” I replied

“I might be impossible but what we feel for each other is not” He replied

I looked away from him as he say those words.

“Let’s go!” He asked

“Where? I asked

“Just come with me” He replied

We rode the car and it drove across the busy street of New York. Before I knew it the car stopped at the “Premier”

“Edward?” I asked

“Let’s go” He replied and hold my hands

“Good evening sir” the receptionist utter

“Good evening , a reservation of Edward Jackson” Edward replied

“Yes! Go right ahead sir” the receptionist replied

“Edward wait, why are we here?” I asked

“We are here for a date” Edward replied

I pulled my hands away from Edward.

“A date? I didn’t agree to this” I replied

“I know, that is why I just ambush you and brought you here” He replied

“I am going home” I replied

Edward hurriedly blocks my path.

“Please, Elizabeth! Just these once consider my proposal. I promise to stop pestering you about dating.” Edward replied

“Really! Will you also stop courting me while you add it” I utter

“That is impossible” He replied

“Then! I will leave” I replied

Edward pulled my hands.

“Let’s just make a deal, if this date will not go well. I promise to stop making too much effort out of anything; but if you enjoy, this will go on” Edward exclaimed

I looked away from his direction. I mean even if I agree or disagree to this. He will still find a way to lurk me in.

“Fine! Just no funny business” I replied

“Yes!” Edward replied

The reserve table near the clear window view of the beautiful lighted New York City.

“My I have your order?” The waiter asked

“I would like some steamed lobster, how about you Elizabeth?” Edward asked

“I would like a beef wellington please” I replied

“Also you finest wine” Edward added

“Excellent choice” The waiter replied and left

“God! It is beautiful” I exclaimed as I look at the view.

I stared at Elizabeth as she looked at the view below us. I had never imagine that I would have get to be alone with her like this.

“Yeah! Very beautiful” I replied

“Do not think, this situation counts. I am not liking this one bit” Elizabeth exclaimed

“Gosh! That is a waste” I replied

“I prefer simple things than this” She replied

“Simple? Then I should do better” I replied

“You are impossible” She replied

I love her so much! That is the only thing going through my mind.

I want her badly.

“Edward Jackson”

Elizabeth and I look on the direction of the voice and off all people to see us.

“It is fancy meeting you here” He said

“Same too you Arnold” I replied

“Looks like you are on a date” Arnold utters and looked at Elizabeth

“Yeah!” I replied

Arnold approach Elizabeth and handed his hands.

“I am Arnold Carter” He introduce

“I know, I am Elizabeth Wilson” She replied

“What a coincidence, I am also here for a date myself” Arnold replied

“Really!” I replied

This is freaking disaster; I do not like this asshole one bit.

“You look well Edward” Arnold exclaimed

“Better than well” I replied

“I have heard from someone you and Kit are on a pickle” Arnold replied

God dammit! I want to strangle this man.

“I did though you will be affected with this Edward” Arnold replied

“I am not, Kit and I settle our difference like a man” I replied

“Good to hear” Arnold replied

I want to punch him and destroy that smug face of his.

“I am really excited for the Mayor’s debate; it will be a blast” Arnold replied

“Yeah! I hope you have prepared?” I replied

“Yes! I have; after all with the progress of the race I think I will win” Arnold replied

This fucking man is really getting into my nerves; before I could lift an inch of myself to this man. Elizabeth walked at the middle.

“Excuse me! But could the both of you please stop talking of politics for one bit” She replied

“Oh! Are we boring you Ms Wilson?” Arnold asked

“Rather than bore; I think the correct word will be dumbing” She replied

Arnold did utter a reply to Elizabeth remarks. Then Elizabeth came to my side and pulled my arms.

“If it is alright, I would like to take my date now” She replied

“Sure!” Arnold replied

“Nice meeting you Mr. Carter” Elizabeth replied

“Same too you” Arnold replied

I do not like this one bit; Edward and that Arnold guy are like pitching pig over there testosterone levels.

“Elizabeth” Edward called my while we are walking on the park

“Do not speaking” I replied

“I am sorry, I ruin the night” Edward utters

“I won” I utter

Edward did say a word at my reply

“The deal is that if find the date horrible you will stop this impossible pursuit” I replied

“I agree on the dates” Edward replied

“Sigh! Listen to me Edward; I am not shoving you off or tossing anything away it is just that” I replied

“Just what?” He asked

I looked away and try to formulate words to come out of my mouth.

“We need to accept the facts that right now we are living in two different worlds. Do not get me wrong I am grateful we meet again but things are different now.” I replied

Edward did say anything at all, he just stare at me.

“Could we just take this slowly; I mean we are friends after all” I replied

He still didn’t say a God damn thing.

“Edward, please say something” I utters

“I love you!” Edward replied

I was in awe when he said the words I didn’t except him to answer.

“Edward, I am not joking here” I replied

“I know, but what should I do with what I feel about you” He replied

“You are not thinking straight Edward” I replied

“Rather than thinking, I am feeling right now and that is what my heart says” He replied

He came closer to me and looked at me intently.

“I know that you will not return back how I feel right now, but please do not take this away from me” Edward utters

I could feel his breath so close to me. My heart has been pounding so fast it is like going crazy.

“Then please stop doing the things you like for God sake, I could not follow” I replied

“Elizabeth, I!” Edward

“What I said doesn’t mean a thing at all; just do not make things awkward for the both of us that’s all I am saying here” I replied

Edward then holds my hands and looked at me in the eye.

“I could not promise that; for it looks like everything is one-sided right now; but even if that is the case I will not stop myself from feeling this way about you” Edward replied

I averted my eyes away from his gaze; and he took my hands and kissed it just like old times.

Morning struck like nothing had occurred last night. The truth is I am more worried for my sake now Edward is really dragging me along his life.

“Morning News: Good Morning New York City! Looks like it will be sunny today”

I open the television as I watch the morning news. It was Saturday and I need some break.

“Looks like cupid struck one of our mayors to be, and here is Carol for the scoop”

“Yes! Last night a circulating photo of Mr. Edward Jackson and his alleged date”

I was stunned to hear the news and the photo.

“No! No!” I utter


I looked at my phone and it was Edward.

“Edward!” I answer while my voice is shaking

“Elizabeth are you alright? Are you watching the news right now?” He askd

“Yes I am, what is that all about?” I asked

’Turn your television off!” He replied

“But!” I replied

“Just do what I say okay, I will come there in a minute so just wait for me” He replied and hung up.

I could not believe this is happening right now.

What will I do?

What should I do?

Time had passed and I heard the chime of my doorbell. I open up the door and saw Edward.

“Edward!” I utter

He then pulled me into his arm and hugged me.

“Ah! Edward let me go” I replied

“I am so sorry! I am sorry!” he replied

He repeatedly utters those three words over and over again; I am scared of what is going to happen.

“I understand that; I am prepare for an interview about it” Edward replied

I could not believe that some got a photo of us; the more I think about it the more I am now in a real dismay.

“I am with Elizabeth right now” Edward replied

He looked at me and smiled.

“She needs me; I do not want her to worry about the photo. I will call you later” Edward replied and hung up.

I came to him and gave him a cup of coffee.

“What happened now?” I asked

“You do not have to worry, looks like the photo is an actual blur and none of it actually featured us or you” Edward replied

I let out a deep sigh of relieve as I hear those words.

“Are you mad at me?” Edward asked

I looked at him and sat on the sofa.

“I should be, but hearing from the phone call you had looks like you are in trouble also” I replied

“Paul is furious” Edward replied

“Are you alright?” I asked

“I am alright, I am more worried about you” He replied

“Thank you for coming here” I replied

Edward stared at me and I just realize that, this is the first time he had come into my house in full condition.

“Did you have breakfast?” I asked

“I haven’t! I rush here as soon as I heard the news” Edward replied

“Then sit there and I will work on something” I replied

“You don’t have too” Edward replied

I glare at him.

“Sit there! I replied

I never thought that this will be a moment for me. I was worried half dead over Elizabeth being harassed or interviewed by the media because of my stupid actions.


Elizabeth gave a plate of toast and bacon with a hot cup of coffee.

“Thank you” I replied

“Eat up” She replied

“I don’t think I deserve this” I replied

“Shut up and eat Edward” She replied

She sat across the table and we ate breakfast, like old couples would do.

“Should I still worry about the photos?” Elizabeth asked

“I will take care of it” I replied

“Are you sure?” She asked

“Yes! I will protect you do not worry” I replied

“I am more worried for you” She replied

I am wishing hardly for this moment to stop right now. I really; really want her.

We finish eating breakfast. I just stare at Elizabeth clean up.

“I am sorry Elizabeth” I utter

Elizabeth just looked at me; her face was emotionless and it makes my heart pound out of nervousness.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen, I just want to have moment with you and right now with the campaign and with Kit. I really do not know what to do.” I utter

Elizabeth came closer and pats my shoulder.

“It will be alright, I believe in you Edward. I do not understand how difficult politics is but I am sure things will go well.” She replied

Elizabeth knew what to say and do with me. The words I want to hear from her came out.

I pulled her beside me and hold her face.

“Edward wait!” She utter with distress

I could not stop what I feel any longer; I came closer to her and lean to her face. I could feel her breath and as I reach her lips.

“Edward Jackson!”

I froze as I heard my name being single out; I gaze upon the person who called me out and it was Ellie standing in front of the door.

“Ellie?” I asked

Ellie came closer to me and pulled my ears.

“Ah! It hurts” I shouted

“How dare you put Lizzie in this situation” Ellie shouted

“Ellie! Please Edward already fixed it” Elizabeth replied

“Fix? Even if you dodge this one time the media will sure find a way to pin point you out Lizzie and this guy over here is very careless.” Ellie shouted

“I will not let that happen” I replied

“Oh! really! With what you did Keith might be more expose to this situation you have created” Ellie utter

“Please Ellie calm down, Edward do not mean harm. I understand what you mean” Elizabeth replied

“Do not mind her Elizabeth” I utter

Elizabeth glares at me and face me.

“I know you said that I do not need to worry but just to make sure. I do not want to you see you from now on Edward” Elizabeth replied

I was stunned with shock as she said those words. Ellie as that same made a surprising face.

“Wait a minute Elizabeth” I utter in panic

“You do not have to come to the show and tell and for that matter please try to distant yourself from me” Elizabeth replied

“No! If I do that” I replied

“If you do that, things will ease up for now.” Elizabeth replied

I let out a deep sigh out of stress. I walked across the room and punched the wall.

“Shit!” I shouted

“Edward” Ellie utter

“Do not do this to me Elizabeth not again” I utter

Elizabeth looked away and let out a sigh.

“This is for the best Edward; please leave now” Elizabeth utter

I was mad at myself at Ellie and at Elizabeth for what is happening right now. I walked out of her apartment while Ellie was following me.

“Ed!” She called softly

“Hmmm! Looks like I need to stop for now” I replied

“I am sorry, I didn’t know that you and Lizzie” Ellie replied

“You didn’t do anything Ellie, or Elizabeth for that matter. You are right I was so reckless” I replied

“After the debate you can calm down now” Ellie replied

“Yeah!” I replied

I need to focus on my campaign and be the man I set out to be.

I need to limit myself from doing stupid things.

I need to protect the people I love from my own inability.

“Let’s go home” I replied to Ellie

I do not know why I am feeling like this. I feel like a painful stab on my chest has been implanted deeper.

“Huh! Who is that woman” Jenny utter

“Looks like he is a man” Ms. Amanda replied

“He is not allowed to date” Jenny replied

I looked at Jenny as she frantic over the news about Edward dating.

“We have hear Mr. Edward Jackson” host called

“Oh! My God he is on” Jenny shouted while watching television in the teacher lounge.

“Good Day everyone!” Edward replied

“Let’s get right to the point; a photo of you and a woman is circulating the internet and from it looks you are dating.” Host asked

“If that is what the people think about it then fine with me” Edward replied

“So you confirm that photo and the woman with you is your date?” Host asked

“I will not confirm anything at all; I might be a public figure but I do hope people will understand that there are some parts in my life that I want to keep private about” Edward replied

I was focused on watching at Edward; I understand our situation right now. Like him I have given him not confirmation about our relationship. Edward has been honest enough about his feelings about me but I on the other hand had been avoiding him.

“I understand that; but people are still curious of her identity” Host asked

“I am not allowed to tell anything about her; she is a very private person and I do not want to damage her with reputation with this.” Edward replied

“I didn’t know that you would answer like this Mr Jackson; that woman is luck to have you” Host replied

“It is the other way around actually; I am lucky to have met her.” Edward replied

I have to resolve my own situation right now.

I need to talk to Edward.

I need to tell him the most important part of all of this.

The interview ended with a breeze.

“That went well” Paul utter

“Thank you and I am sorry Paul” I replied

Paul looked at me and holds my forehead.

“Who are you? Are you my friend Edward?” He asked

“Stop that!” I replied

“Are you alright?” Paul asked

“If you mean, about Elizabeth shoved me away for my own stupidity. Then yes I am fine” I replied with sarcasm

“I understand you want to be with her but right now your relationship with her is like a thinking bomb. Elizabeth might be used against you” Paul replied

“Yeah! I know that! It is just that now I could be with her. Situation right now is not good” I replied

Paul consoles me and holds my shoulder and pat.

“Things will be alright do not worry do much” Paul replied

“Yeah!” I replied

I know that Elizabeth was right; having distance with her right now is not to avoid me but to protect me. She has always been looking out for me from the beginning.

I feel so useless.

I want to protect her.

I want to be with her.

I love her.

And it hurts when I am the one causing her all the problems in the world.

How pathetic of me!

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