When an Indian Meets an Italian

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“Look Jake, I know you are worried about me as a friend, but we are nothing more than that. You are just my Friend! There's a reason I've been ignoring you and believe me, once you will get to know the truth, you will also hate and leave me too! I don't want to lose you too!” I say to him while trying my best to not cry in front of him. I cannot show him my vulnerable side. Everyone who knew about my past, including my brother, has left me because of the truth. “Reena, I'm not like them. I will never leave you. I'll never judge you after knowing your past. Don't you trust me?” he asks. I was still looking at my feet when he holds my hands and he says, “I'll never leave you, Reena. Believe me.” He made me look into his eyes and I knew he isn't lying to me. ********** She promised herself to never fall in love again whilst he promised to make her believe in love again. Reena Kaur had determined that she will tell no one about her secret. The secret which almost ruined her life. She never believed in love again because of her past until she met Jake Romano, who is the CEO of the company where she works in. She never thought that she will fall in love again, but then when Jake came into her life, everything changed. Will she be able to believe in love again or history will repeat itself? Thanks to my friend for making this gorgeous cover!

Romance / Mystery
R. S. Gajbhiye
Age Rating:


I heard the buzzing sound of my alarm, and before my alarm disturbs my sister. I stop the buzzing sound of the alarm. I got up from my sleeping position and I stifled a yawn, I first prayed to god and then walked towards my bathroom to have a quick brush. After brushing my teeth, I got out of the bathroom and then made my way to the closet. I was looking at my clothes and while I was choosing my jogging suit; I heard my sister's annoying snoring noise, after hearing her snoring; I turned my head towards her bed, where she was sleeping peacefully.

My sister Priya is nineteen years old but still acts like a ten-year-old!

I know that everyone who has a young sister or brother acts like this but in my case; she is like a mixture of two weird people. As in, sometimes, she acts like a small child when mom isn't with us but then, when mom comes or if she was in the same room as her, she drastically changes to a responsible person. Sometimes, I used to think that when god made my sister. He might have accidentally added the dual personality trait in her. Even though she annoys the hell out of me, I love her the most.

Priya and I, we both had sleeping disorders. I talk in my sleep, while she snores in her sleep. We thought to have medicines for this disorder, but then we dropped that idea because my mom thinks it will fade with time.

We both sleep in the same room, and somehow, we never thought that it's weird to sleep in the same room. We both have separate beds in this small room along with a studying desk. My mom asked us if we wanted separate rooms or not, but we both always had the same answer. The real reason for staying in the same room is because she always has this weird habit of asking me questions then and now and I, as her responsible sister, help her with her doubts. Being her big sister made me a teacher of hers as well.

I smiled just thinking about the good time when I realized I should hurry before Jennifer calls me to come. I should be there at our usual spot before she comes. I then grabbed my gray jogging suit, wore that suit hastily, grabbed a hold of my I-pod and slowly started walking out of my house, and then made my way for the morning walk.

We live in suburban New Jersey and we were one of the first Indian families who are living in this area. In my family, we have my mom, my brother, my sister, and me. My dad died years ago because of heart disease. When we asked the doctor for the reason for his demise, the doctor told us he had a heart attack.

Every time, when I remember that unfortunate day, I get goosebumps just thinking about what happened a day before that. Maybe that was the day that changed my entire life, or maybe it was just the beginning of the bad things which were going to happen in my life.

After my dad's death, our life's changed a lot. My brother and I became more responsible, and we both wanted to make our mother proud, but four years ago, the relation between my brother and I had changed. Changed as in. He hates me now and that too for the mistake I haven't even done.

As the song was playing on my I-pod, I thought about the interview which I'm going to have today. It's my first interview ever, and I'm so nervous about this. It's not like I'm thinking bad about this interview or anything, but Jennifer told me that the chance of getting a job in the first interview is less.

When I reached our usual place, which we both like the most, I saw some old people jogging here and some of them were talking and doing their jogging at the same time. Some of them looked at me and then they smiled at me. I smiled back at them and then I started waiting for my best friend and childhood pal Jennifer. She has been with me since my childhood and for me; she is the only one with whom I share my secrets.

My friendship with Jennifer always confuses people because we both are so much opposite to each other. In fashion, she is the queen of outfits while I am just that type of girl who wears outfits for comfort. Almost all of the outfits I wear are comfortable, sometimes, even Priya snatches away dresses from my closet because of the comfortableness my clothes give. For punctualness, I am always on time, but she is always the lazy and late one. And ever since she got into a relationship with Arnold, who is now her two-year boyfriend, she became more of a lazy person now.

After what seemed like 15 minutes she came and I can tell by her face that she is happy. She looked at me happily and then she just gave me a bone-crushing hug. Literally, my bones are crushed.

She then breaks the hug and tells me, "Arnold Proposed to me!!"

"Are you kidding me? When?" I asked her in surprise.

"Last night. I have told you about our second anniversary, right? So he proposed to me on our second anniversary. Look at this enormous engagement ring." She shows me her engagement ring, and it is huge.

Damn, my best friend with whom I used to play around during our childhood is getting married.

"So have you decided the date yet?" I ask her.

She shakes her head while saying, "We haven't decided yet, but I want to get married in October. It is the month my parents also got married."

"Oh, yes. I remember. Isn't it on the 12th of October when they got married?"

"Yes, that's the date when they got married. I think I should ask my mom about when I should get married? I think she would help me with this." She says and then she sighs in the end. "My mom didn't like Arnold when they first met. I'm sure that she will be mad at me for getting married to him. As for now, I am just wishing to god when I'll see her again, She will not be mad at me."

I rubbed her back to comfort her when she shook her head while saying, "Maybe, just maybe, she will accept him this time."

"Don't worry. She'll accept him. I'm sure of it." I assured her and then we started jogging, and it lasts for 15 minutes because she was getting late for her job.

As I left our usual spot, I started walking towards the street of my house. I was listening to the new song of Jonas Brothers in the lowest volume and while singing I felt something touch my feet and then I felt my ankle twist. Seconds later, I fell while facing the road. To protect my face from the impact, I used my hands to save myself. When I gathered all the information that just happened, I realized that I almost had an accident today.

"Yeah, Good way to start the day." I scoffed to myself.

Like, come on, why today? Why did this happen to me today? It should happen like the day after tomorrow, or maybe like next week. Why today?

Before I could note the number of the car for filing the complaint, I saw the person who was sitting in the driver's seat getting out of his car. He hurriedly got out and stood before me. To be really honest, I at that moment wanted to kill that guy for doing this to me, but I couldn't do anything because of the pain I'm getting from my ankle.

It hurts so much!

That person tried to help me stand up, but all of that went in vain. I then tried to do it myself, but I fell down on the road again. When I tried it again, I was going to fall down again when he held my hands for support and then asked, "Are you okay, Ma'am?"

"Am I okay? Hmm. Let me see. My ankle is twisted now, and I'm in pain, right now because of you! You think that I'm still okay?" I yell at him. He took off his sunglasses and then he said, "I'm sorry for that. Actually, I was talking on my phone when this happened. So, I didn't see you walking in front of my car."

"Wait. Hold On! I didn't walk in front of your car, okay? You were the one who came here out of nowhere!" I said to him.

He scratches the back of his neck while saying, "Do you need any medical help? Do you need anything?"

I shook my head and then I saw his car. It's a Red Ferrari. Obviously, he is one of those spoiled rich brats who think that by giving money to everyone helps them. He is just like him.

I glared at that guy in anger while saying, "Oh, so you are a rich person, aren't you? Well, I don't need your help. I don't need any kind of help from any kind of Rich person."

"Wait, what? Listen, lady, I'm trying to help you here. I'm not doing this because I want to show off my money, okay?" he says that in confusion.

I scoffed at his comment and then I replied, "Oh, please! Rich people always say that. You rich and spoiled brat!"

"Listen, you lady! I admit it was an accident from my side. It's my fault, but you cannot say anything about my class because of that. Not all Rich People are bad." he says.

"I don't give a damn about you guys. All I know is that you people love to show off their money, and that's why I hate people from your class. Upper-class people always show off their money and believe it or not, It's the truth which you can't see." I said to him and left his hand. I tried to walk towards my house which is like a few houses away but my feet hurt like hell.

Before leaving the place, I saw a rock on the side of the road, and then in anger; I took that rock and threw it on his car's windshield. He at first did not know what I did in the first place, but when he realized what I'd done to his car, he glared at me. He was now angry as hell as he yelled at me, "Do you know that because of your stupid revenge, my favorite car is damaged."

"Oh, please! Don't act like you own only this car. I'm sure that you must have a bunch of cars for you in your big house. Next time, think twice before you drive while using the phone. Okay? And yeah, one more thing, never mess with girls in your life. I hope you'll remember this tip. Adios!" I said that to him and left the place.

While I was stumbling towards my home, the pain in my feet reached a new height. It was hurting me so much, All I could do at this moment was to be at my home, and ask my mom to help me with this because she is the only one who could help me today.

When I finally reached my house, I saw my neighbor's son Vicky looking at me. At first, it was just staring, but then when he saw me stumbling, he hurriedly came towards me while saying, "Oh, my god! What happened to you?"

"Nothing. I'm fine." I answered him.

Even after I told him I'm fine. He tried to come closer to me. Before he could come closer to me, my mom opened the door of our house and he hurriedly put his arms behind my back and started pretending that he was helping me. The moment my mom saw me, she gasped, looking at me, "What happened Reena?" She asks.

I shook my head and tried to get away from Vicky when he answered, "Aunty, it looks like she got into an accident. See" he pointed his fingers towards the part of the jogging suit which was torn because of the accident, and then he adds, "Looks like she will need help, right?"

The moment my mom saw my ankle, she hurriedly brought back a chair from Kitchen. I came inside my house and then I sat on the chair, mom sat down, and then she slowly took my ankle in her lap. The moment she tried to move it, I yelped in pain. She then turned it again and then she twisted it.

I heard my ankle joint crack and then she asked me, "How do you feel now?"

I tried to move my feet up and down and I couldn't feel the pain anymore. I knew she could help me; I knew she would use this trick. "The pain is gone!" I tell her in excitement.

She smiles and then she says, "I knew this trick would work. By the way, It's your dad's trick. He always used this trick whenever you twist your ankle."

I smile at her and then I say, "I know, I remember."

"Oh, so uncle also used this trick when he was alive," Vicky says to us and then I realized he has been here all this time.

I've never liked him since I met him for the first time. I don't know why my mom permits him to come into our house. Doesn't she know he is like a chameleon? At one moment, he is a sweet guy and then he is a typical guy who is a pervert.

He tries his best to flirt with me, every single time we meet, and believe me or not, but I always had this urge to punch him on his face for that. The only reason I'm nice to him is that he is my mom's best friend's son. Mrs. Sinha, or Sinha aunty, is a precious gem. She is so sweet and humble while her son is the total exact opposite of her. Maybe he is like his father in this situation.

"अब जब कि मैं ठीक हूं, तो क्या आप हमारे घर से निकल सकते हैं?" I directly said to him on his face while my mom glared at me for this behavior.

(Now that I'm okay, can you just leave our house?)

"मेरा मतलब है कि क्या आप अपने घर वापस जा सकते हैं? मुझे यकीन है कि आप अपने अन्य कार्यों के साथ अब व्यस्त होंगे, मुझे लगता है, है ना?" I changed my tone so that mom will stop glaring at me.

(What I meant is that can you go back to your house? I'm sure that you'll be busy now with your other works, I guess, right?)

He shakes his head and then he looks at my mom while saying, "Aunty, I'll come back tomorrow. Okay?"

My mom nods her head in approval, and then he looks at me. "Bye, Reena!"

I simply nod my head, and then he takes his leave. My mom closed the door, and when I was sure that he couldn't hear us. I say mockingly, "Bye Reena! Ugh, why do you always let him come to our house? I don't like him at all."

My mom slaps her head. She then says, "But why do you always act rudely in front of him? He isn't a bad guy."

"Mom, you don't know him. He isn't who you think he is. He is like a chameleon. Don't you see that?"

"Beta, he isn't like that and the only reason I let him come to our house is because of one thing." She says.

"For what?" I asked her.

"Vicky's mom and I want you to marry him," she says.

"Marry who? Vicky? But why? I don't like him at all, and I don't even want to get married to anyone." I told her.

"It's not like we are forcing you or anything but we want you to take your time and then take this decision, okay?" she says, and then she went back to the kitchen.

I'll never marry a guy like Vicky in my life.

I would rather live single all my life than marrying a guy.

When I stood up from the chair, I saw Priya coming downstairs, and then she looked at me while saying, "What happened to you? You look like you had another clumsiness accident."


"What? Oh, please! You know that most of the incidents or accidents that happen to you are because of your clumsiness." She made her point.

"Okay, I agree that's true, but this time, it was the driver's fault. I was walking fine by the side of the road, but that rich brat who was talking on his phone while driving came out of nowhere." I state my point.

She then came towards me while saying, "Were you listening to songs while coming back home? Because I know you."

"I maybe was listening to the new song of Jonas Brothers, but why are you asking me this?"

"That's because maybe you haven't heard his horn honking at you while you were listening to the song. I presume it was in high volume, right?" she says while smiling.

"Just for your information, it was in the lowest volume. Detective Singh." I said to her mockingly.

She should really stop thinking that she is some kind of detective!

She then shakes her shoulder and then she says, "Fine, then maybe it was the driver's fault. By the way, did you note down the car number? Maybe you should file a complaint against that person."

I shook my head and then I gestured to her to come down towards my mouth, I then whispered, "I broke his car's windshield."

"You did what!" she yelled.

I pinched her on her arm while saying, "अपना मुंह बंद करें! यह माँ के सामने चिल्लाओ मत।"

(Shut your mouth! Don't yell this in front of mom.)

Mom looked at us for a few seconds and then she went back to do her work. When we were sure that mom wasn't looking at us. I whispered to her again, "I'll tell you the entire story when the time comes. For now, can you help me with this?"

She at first looked at me for a few seconds and then she asked me, "Oh, so you can't walk properly?"

"I can walk properly but the thing is it still stings me a little," I told her, and then she nodded her head, and with her help, I walked towards my room on the upper floor.

When we were on the stairs, mom told us she will make breakfast for us in fifteen minutes. I've only fifteen minutes to get ready. When we came back to our room, I saw that Miss. Priya has turned our bedroom into a mess. Her towel is laying on her bed, her bag is on the other corner of the bed while the entire floor of our room was covered with clothes. I guess. She might have opened her closet today.

"What is this, Priya? Why is our room looking so messy?" I ask her.

She nervously looks at her feet and then she mumbles, "I have nothing to wear for today. Can I take clothes from your closet?"

"Okay, I get it, you had nothing to wear today for your college. But why did you mess up our room?"

"I thought maybe I put your Redshirt in my closet. I had been searching for that shirt since I woke up, but I couldn't find it. That's why the room is messy now." She says while her tone clearly tells me she feels guilty about the mess for the room.

"Listen, don't get sad. I know you like that shirt, but are you sure that it was in your closet?"

"It was definitely in my closet, I remember that," she said confidently, but then her face fell down. "Maybe, it wasn't."

"That shirt was in my closet. I put it in my closet when I was folding all the clothes." I told her.

Her face was speechless. She didn't know that I had that shirt with me for one week. She then opens my closet and then she exclaims, "It was in your closet! Why didn't you tell me about it? I was worried sick thinking that you will be mad at me for losing your red shirt."

I couldn't control it anymore. After seeing her shocking face, I laughed out loud, and then she came after me for laughing at her. Whenever someone in our family laughs at her, she gets annoyed easily. She always thinks of it as we mock her, but she doesn't know that it's the kind of way we show her love. She looks so cute when she is annoyed and as she is the youngest member of our family. She gets annoyed easily. That's all.

After running in the room for the past three minutes, we both stopped and started taking deep breaths while she said, "Why do you always love to tease me a lot?! I don't like it, you know that, right?"

"I know you don't like it, but you look so cute when you are annoyed, I just couldn't stop myself from teasing you," I told her.

She crosses her arms and then she says, "Fine! Tease me all you want. Once you get married, I'm sure that you will miss me, and then it will be my time to tease you."

I shake my head at her wish and then I stop her blabbering by saying, "I will not get married to anyone. I'll stay single all my life."

She looks at me as if she was angry but what I just said and then she says, "The one who always says that he or she doesn't want to get married is the one who marries first. So that means that you want to get married, right?"

I shake my head telling her the answer is no and then she adds, "You are serious about this?"

"Yes, I am serious about this."

"But why don't you want to get married? It's not like you have some kind of terrible past or something, right?" She asks me curiously.

"No, there isn't. It's just, for now, I don't like to talk about my marriage for a few years. Maybe, I'll change my mind in the future." I tell her.

But will I change my mind in the future after what happened to me years ago?

Stop thinking about it. It's in your past!

I hurriedly got my clothes, which I'm going to wear for the interview today, and then went into the bathroom hearing nothing from her. While the warm water was cascading down my body, my hands touched the scar which was given to me years ago. The moment I touched it again, all those terrible memories came rushing back to me and I shook my head to forget about those memories.

"Reena, forget about all those terrible memories. It's not good for you to remember those bad times." I convinced myself.

After I dried my body with my towel, I hurriedly wore my Peach color suit. When I came outside my room, I saw that the entire room was cleaned up and then Priya out of nowhere said, "I cleaned up the room. Don't tell mom about this, Okay?"

I nod my head and then we both make our way to the dining table. When we came to the table, we saw mom was drinking her tea while she was reading today's newspaper. We both sat at the seat beside each other when mom asked me, "Today is the day you have an interview at Romano Industries, right?"

I nod my head while breaking aloo paratha with my hands, "Yes, it is today. But why do you ask?"

She takes one more sip of tea and then she says, "I heard they are searching for a Sales manager, so are you going for that interview or what?"

"I'm going for the walk-in interview for the secretary of one of the Board of Directors of the company," I tell her.

"But I think you have the qualification to be a Sales Manager, Why didn't you give the interview for that one?" She asks.

"I want to start from the bottom, I know that I have the qualification to be a Sales Manager but I wanted to be a Secretary for a few days, you know for the work experience and all," I tell her.

"If that's what you want, then I don't have any problem with it. By the way, I called Rahul today to drop both of you. Don't stress your feet today, Reena. So please don't say no to this. Okay?" She ordered me and then Priya and I hurriedly ate our Aloo Paratha. In a few minutes, Rahul came, and then we left.

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