Life Without you

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Sky is 25 she is ready to start her new life with her childhood sweetheart, but tragedy strikes and buried secrets come to light... possible new love and unforgivable actions of family. are what awaits her but. can Sky get past everything and be happy in the end......will the sun come out to give her a rainbow after the downpour of sadness and hurt

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Sky is 25 from London, she was getting ready to live life with her childhood sweetheart Shane also 25, they had been dating since they were about 17, and with each passing day and minute, hour and year, they grew stronger and closer and soon enough inseparable, and so in love, about 8 years together, and engaged to be married about 3 months after they move in to their home, their future was so bright and they couldn’t wait.

Today was moving day Sky waits at their new home that they have just brought together, while Shane heads back to both their parents house’s to collect their stuff, Sky spends the time in doors, setting up stuff they had went out and brought the week before, she had the radio on full blast dancing around the kitchen, she jumps when she feels arms lace around her.

“Hey baby” she turns to face Shane, he smiles down at her “Having fun?"

She laughs “of course, I’m marrying my best friend and man of my dreams, we finally got something to call ours, everything is perfect” he leans down kissing her slowly.

“Damn straight baby” she smiles against his lips “I love you”

She looks up at him “I love you too baby,

He smiles and pushes her hair behind her ear "how about a takeaway tonight, after we got everything sorted” she nods.

The rest of the day they spend setting up their home and soon enough they are curled up on the sofa eating take out and just being happy and content in their little bubble. Sky looks up at him smiling,

he looks over “what's up”

she smiles “nothing I am just happy, not to mention the small fact of, we are getting married in a couple of months!!"

he grins “It can not come quick enough, Mrs Bostin” he pulls her in to him kissing her and then takes her to bed.

A week before the wedding, Sky wakes up, Shane had already gone to work, her door bell goes and she heads down answering its her older sister Aria, with her wedding dress in hand, Aria and Sky head up stairs so she can try it on,

Aria wells up “Sis you look beautiful!!! Shane won’t know what’s hit him!" Sky smiles over at her sister, then admires herself in the mirror, after A little while she puts it away and they head down stairs and have coffee together, the door bell goes again and Sky heads to the door, she opens it and two police officers stood there, alongside her parents and Shanes parents, she stands confused, as they ask to come in they all head in the kitchen Sky sits waiting, he parents and his surround her

Sky starts to panic “What's going on!"

One of the officers begin to talk “I'm very sorry Miss Delila, Mr Bostin was killed earlier on this morning in a hit a run”

Sky collapse's on the floor screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOO” her parents try to help her up she fights them off “NO GET OFF ME!! I WANNA SEE HIM NOW!" the police explain that isn't the best idea, and that given the circumstances it was best she wasn't allowed, Sky just gets up and walks out, she just wanted to be with him.

Her world had just been torn apart, 8 years with an amazing man, who she was supposed to marrying next week and he was taken just like that. Her heart hurt and she just felt numb, why did it have to happen to her, to them? she walks the streets for hours, and then heads back home, she goes in to her room and locks her self in, finding his shirt she puts it on hugging herself on her bed cuddling to up to his pillow and photo of them together, and sobs and sobs until she eventually falls in to a deep sleep.


The day of what was supposed to be her wedding day and happiest moment of her life, she was sat planning her fiancé’s funeral with his parents, she was broken, hurting, numb, confused, alone and scared.

Sky didn’t want a life without Shane, he was her life as far as she was concerned, the love of her life, and they had the rest of their lives together instead she was planning his funeral and having to say goodbye, this wasn't right. Her heart was shattered and hole had been punched through her and she wasn't sure it could ever be repaired.

Time goes slowly and she spent most of it in a haze but the day of his funeral arrives, she hasn't eaten, hardly slept and feels awful inside and out, she drags herself out of bed and slowly gets herself ready and everyone starts to arrive, she hardly says two words to anyone, and soon enough, before she even has the chance to blink she watches as they lower him in to the ground, she couldn't help but think at this time they should of been celebrating being just married, she watches just numb and blank and unable to fathom anything, as she looks up she see’s a guy standing near by watching it unfold, she isn't sure she had seen him before, but yet something felt so familiar about him, she walks over to him, his got short blonde hair, dressed in a black suit he watches her like a deer caught in the headlights “Sorry can I help you?" the guy freezes, she looks up to him

The stranger looks up at her “Sorry, I shouldn't of come!"

She reaches out gently taking his arm “Wait! who are you!"

He stops and turns “just a old friend, is all”

Sky looks up at him with a suspicious look, he looked familiar to her but she couldn't place him, but no matter how hard her brain tried to work, the pieces weren't fitting together, like the answer was at the tip of her tongue but she couldn't quite get her answer out “Please stay, you don’t have to watch from over here, come back to the wake with us?"

The familiar stranger looks at her not knowing what to do, after an inhale of breath he nods and heads back over with her “You were his fiancé right?"

Sky let's her head drop letting her tears fall freely as she nods “Yeah, I....was...I’m Sky by the way” he swallows a lump in his throat knowing exactly who she was, he was a little hurt she didn't remember him, but it was such a long time back... and she was still as beautiful as the day they first met, maybe even more so, if that was possible

Once he realises he is staring to much, not that she notices he starts to talk again “Sorry to meet under these circumstances, I am so sorry for your loss and I am Arthur” she just shakes her head that's all she can muster up at the moment. Once they finish it all wraps up and they head back to hers for the wake.

Once they get there they all head inside, Sky turns to Arthur, “Please help yourself to whatever you like and need, and thank you for coming today, it was lovely to meet you, even given the circumstances”

He musters a smile “thank you Sky, it was great to meet you to” she nods and heads in side, but he leaves instantly, she spends the rest of the day with friends and family, celebrating the life of her Fiancé.

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