The Quiet Girl

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Amelia is 16 yr old girl who has a lot of struggles going on in her life. She never had a life like a normal teenager. She had a lot of secrets that she hid from people. She had been the invisible and the quiet girl for years and mastered on keeping her secrets hidden. But what happens when the bad boy of the school started to take interest in her and making her fall in love with him? Will she tell her about her past, about the real person she is? Will she trust him? Read to find out! (This story is also available on Wattpad)

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Amelia's Pov

So, before we start let me just introduce myself. Hi! I'm Amelia and I'm 16. I'm a quite girl who always sits in the class but doesn't talk a lot, always reading and listening to music.

About my family....well, my mom died because of cancer when I was 9 and my dad...I think that's a story for another time.

You will learn a lot about myself as you will read the story.

I woke up at the sound of my alarm. I let out a groan. I hate waking up early. I lazily got up and look at the time.

6:30 am

I started making my way to the bathroom. I was so sleepy the I almost tripped while walking. I started doing my morning routine and taking a shower, once I was done I wrapped a towel around my naked body and started to find something to wear. After searching for 15 mins I decided to wear a cropped hoddie and ripped jeans with my Adidas shoes.

I brushed my hair and decided to not do anything with my hair cause I was being lazy. I maked my way to the kitchen and started to find my froot loop cereal box but when I couldn't find I remembered that it was finished.


I remind myself to buy some cereals afterwards. I grabbed an apple and my BMW car's key. I locked the front door and got in my car and started driving to hell.............sorry, school.

As I stepped into the school I put my hood up and started walking towards my locker. My first class was maths, A great way to start a day. I hate maths not just because of all the formula but also because of Mr. Robert, our maths teacher, he is soo annoying, he didn't even sometimes bother to teach us.

I started making my way to Maths class. Thankfully Mr. Robert hasn't come to class yet so I wasn't late because according to him if someone after he come then the student is late even if the bell hasn't rung.

I sat down at the last bench and took my earphones out. I started playing my favorite song of all times, Breathin by Ariana Grande.

You must be wondering why im not talking to anyone or where my friends are, it is beacause I'm a invisible girl in the school. No one notices me and I don't bother talking to someone too. My goal is to be a quite girl and don't let anyone talk to me cause people can't know the real me and my dark past. Therefore, I don't have any friends.

After 10 mins Mr. Robert came and told us to solve the problems but I already had done that so I just sat there looking out the window and tapping my pencil along with the beats of the songs.

The students started making their way out, I guess the bell rung. I started making my way to my locker to grab my biology book as the next class was biology, it's my fav subject cause I'm very good at it and Ms. Williams, our biology teacher, also like me, call me teacher's pet but I like that. I was snapped out of my thoughts when someone slam my locker roughly.

When I looked at the person I saw Maddison and her minions, she is the schools most popular and mean girl.. and my bully.

"Look who we got here" Maddison said while playing with her blonde hair.

"Leave me alone maddison" I said but my voice was barely audible. When she opened her mouth to speak something, the bell rung.

Thank god!

I qucikly started walking towards the biology class.

"This isn't over bitch" she yelled as I make my way to biology class. I sat at the last bench. Ms. Williams started teaching when a boy with brown hair and blue eyes came in. Carrick.

He is the school's bad boy and the hottest too. Every girl drools over him except me. He is also a player who plays with girls feelings. And have I mentioned, that Maddison is his ex-girlfriend. Yes, he was in a relationship for 4 months then Carrick found out that Maddison has been cheating behind his back so he broke up with her. That's when he started playing with girls feeling.

"Carrick, how can I help you? " Ms. Williams asked him.

"I'm in this class instead of English." He said in a bored voice.

"Okay, Please take a seat Carrick" Ms Williams said.

Carrick started looking for an empty seat and guess what, the only seat which wasn't taken was beside mine and one beside Maddison, even though she is his ex girlfriend, I wish he will next to her instead of me. But as I said I wish, it can't happen.

His eyes started searching for an empty seat. Then his eyes met mine. He stared at my eyes for a couple of seconds and I swear I was starting to get lost in those blue eyes. He walked towards me and sat beside me. All the girls started glaring at me and started whispering into their friends ears, I mean it's not my fault that chose to sit beside me.

The whole time I tried not to look at him but i cant just stop myself, he looks like a greek god. God must have spent hours creating him for sure. That's why I hate sitting with boys cause I literally start staring at them like a creeper for the whole class. This boy literally maked me soo nervous.

"Done checking me out?" He smirked. I diverted my eyes to the board and blushed. I was so fucking embarrassed.
As the bell rang I quickly packed my bag and walked out of the class as I can.

It was finally lunch time. As I entered the cafeteria, I grabbed my food from the lunch lady and started walking to a empty table. From the corner of my eyes I saw Maddison and her minions walking towards me.

Can't they just let me eat in peace?

"Hey bitch, I came here to say to stay the fuck away from Carrick, he is mine." She said.

"Maddison, do I have to remind you that broke up with you after he found out you were cheating on him and I'm not even attracted by him anyway." I was getting annoyed now.

"Whatever just stay the fuck away from him or I'll make your life a living hell." She said and them walked towards her table.

Ring! Ring!

The bell rung and started walking towards my next class.


As the school got over I started making my way to the exit. Suddenly I got bumped into a really hard wall. When I look up I realized it wasn't a wall it was Carrick.


"Watch where you are going." He growled at me.

"Uh, sorry" I quickly started making my way back to the exit but he grabbed my wrist and once again I met his blue eyes.

His eyes were holding so many emotions and secrets in it, I could literally spend my whole life staring at them. We were staring at each others eyes for some time.

"Have I seen you before?" He asked breaking the silence.

Did he literally forgot that fast that I was the one siting next to him in biology class.

"Yeah, you sat beside me in the biology class." I said while trying get my wrist out of his grip but he tightens his grip not much that it will leave a bruise.

"Let go of my hand" I said

"What if i dont?" he said while smirking.

Oh gosh, I want to slap him across the face now. Why cant he just leave me alone! Ugh!

"Let go of me. I dont have time for this." I said

"Well I sure as hell have time" he said while smirking, AGAIN!

"I SAID LET GO OF ME" I yelled at him while getting my hand of off his grip. I dont even know from where I got all this confidence to yell at him but it kind of feels good, no doubt.

I immediately started walking fast towards the parking lot. Most of the student's eyes were fix on me, probably thinking from where the hell I got all of the sudden voice from. I hate being the center of the attention.

I wasn't feeling like going home right now, so I made my way to my most peaceful and favorite place in whole world. I entered the forest that was behind the school and make my way to the treehouse I created when I started my first year in this school.

I quickly started climbing the tree once I got there I started finding the keys in my bag, once I found it, I opened the door and quickly got inside.

I started putting on the glove and puching the bag which was hanging in the middle of the treehouse. I was taking all my stress out , then suddenly I heard a noice of someone's boots. I quickly turned around to see carrick standing there with a expression on his face like he has just saw a ghost.

"What are you doing here" I growled at him.

"Whoa, I didn't thought a quite girl like you punch like that. I'm impressed" he said

"Answer the question, what are you doing here?" I asked a lot angrier than before.

"After you yelled at me, I started taking interestin you so I followed you." He smirked.

"Ugh! Why do you have to follow me!" I said quietly but he heard me.

"You know, every girl in school are begging to have me but you are begging me to leave you, you are so different " he said while putting a smirk on his face. I wish I could wipe that smirk from his face.

"Just don't tell anyone what you saw now" I said in a stern voice.

"Hm... let me think..... I'll not tell anyone but only on one condition" he said.

"And what is the condition?" I said rudely.

"You gotta help me tutor in biology cuz I'm not good at it, so I need your help, I saw you having an A in the test today, so don't lie that you are not good at biology" he said

A bad boy want's to be good at studies, seeing this for the first time.

"Fine! Give me your phone I'll give you my number so that you can contact me and tell when and where to meet for tutoring" I said with a frown on my face.

"Wow, I didn't know you'll be convinced that easily" He gave me his phone and I quickly saved my number in his phone.

"Yea, cuz I dont wanna argue with you now and you'll wouldn't have left me alone if I said no. Now leave" I said pointing to the door.

"Whoa, baby girl, I'm going" he said while smirking. When he said that name butterflies started erupting in my stomach. I didn't feel like this in a long time after what happened to him.....

"DON'T CALL ME THAT" I growled at him.

"So what should I call you then?" He asked.

"Amelia" I said .

"Nah, that's boring. Im pretty sure everybody calls you that I'll call you baby girl" he smirked.

He started making his way out of the treehouse. This tutoring will be torture for sure.

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