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EXTREMELY MATURE 18+ ONLY Endlessly floating through life in a haze of drugs, alcohol, and other toxicities, Kid has yet to find his purpose. When a chance to start a new life in California falls into his lap as old friend Hawke offers him a job, he eagerly jumps at the opportunity in hopes to let loose in a bigger city. What he wasn’t expecting was to find his purpose in the wrong girl at the right time. The one who’s not only off limits but completely unobtainable.

Romance / Erotica
5.0 14 reviews
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Welcome back readers!

KID, the spin-off of HAWKE, is underway.

Be warned before reading, there’s a lot of adult context to this book.

Some of that including: Sexually explicit scenes, drug use, LOTS of foul language.

We are in the head of already know it’s bound to be wild and uninhibited. You know I love a good broken character that I get to build up so don’t get mad if they aren’t perfect yet. I want them to make mistakes, mess up often, and Kid is no exception to this rule.

If these things disturb you, please, by all mean, do not continue reading.

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