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My Best Friend's Brother

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PUBLISHED ON KINDLE AS "UN...EXPECTED LOVE" by Infamous Ink. Free with kindle unlimited. "You know you love me," he said with that stupid smirk on his face. ******** Erica Jefferson is your typical highschool teenager though she has never dated. She moves into a new environment. Now, she struggles to protect her heart from a handsome devil, the Don Juan of school. But will she succeed. ********* Joe Frost, widely known as the school man whore, is your average teenage boy. He likes sleeping around with different girls. He has never committed to anyone. But a new girl in the area might change that. *warning* -contains sexual/mature content -reader discretion is advised

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Erica's POV

"Erica, hurry up! We need to get going in...ten minutes," shouts Star. You know, I still don't get why my big sister was named after that. I think perhaps she was born on a pretty starry night. "And mom is getting pissed by the second."

Ugh, I really hate this. I mean, why on earth do we have to move to a new country? I don't want to leave my friends, school, in fact, this is literally leaving my life behind.

I pull my bag down the stairs to the living room. God, every one is so happy that my stomach ties up in knots. Oh well...now I really don't have a choice.

The ride to Sydney Airport is quicker than any I've ever had. I seriously don't want go. Deep inside I feel like jumping out of the car but the fact that our destination is somewhat posh, I begin feeling a bit excited. I feel like slapping myself...how could I betray myself? First, I didn't want to go and now I'm feeling excited...like seriously?

We arrive at Los Angeles International Airport in what feels like hours because I slept during the flight. We go through customs clearance, get our luggage and head to the parking area. My dad is waiting for us there. We exchange greetings and we're immediately heading to Beverly hills.

Everyone talks excitedly, especially Star, who by the way, is looking forward to meeting celebrities. I really pity her because she wants to meet Justin Bieber. Crazy girl.


There is little traffic from the airport, so it doesn't take us long to get to our new home. I look at the house and my jaw drops to the floor. I feel like I'm drooling so I cover my mouth. Star and I run to the house, eager to be the one to choose a perfect room first. I choose one that is overlooking the drive way. The room has white walls, actually, everything is white. Just the way I love it.

In the morning over breakfast, Dad talks about our new school. I'm not clearly paying attention but he talks about us starting Monday morning. Even the thought of school makes me lose my appetite, so I excuse myself and go back to my room. Star follows suit. I don't like school that much, but then again I don't want to suffer in future. So I always do my best to do my assignments.

"Oh my God, we are going to meet new friends and we are gonna get new boyfriends," Star says, all excited like a 5 year old who has just spotted a huge candy cane.

I roll my eyes at that. "Speak for yourself, sister." Believe it or not, I have never had a boyfriend in my life. I've never kissed, or slept with any guy, unlike Star. She is always in and out of relationships.

"C'mon Star, it's not like I've ever had one," I say in a matter-of-fact tone. "And you shouldn't have one either. I'm sick of you crying every now and then, you know." Seriously, you do not like that part.

"Erica please, enjoy for once in your life, will you? And I'm serious this time I want a permanent relationship."

"That's what you said the last three times. Nope, I'm not gonna help you this time." I say in an authoritative voice. She's older than I but sometimes I think it has to be the other way round.

"You know, you are gonna have to get yourself a boyfriend really soon. You are definitely not planning on being single your whole life, are you?"

"Probably," I smile.

"Ugh, why is it so hard to convince you? But anyway, I'll see you around, I'm going shopping are you coming with me?"

"No, go on." With that she walks out. I immediately pull out my phone from my bag and google the new school, Beverly Hills High School. I must admit, it isn't so bad after all. Hmm, I might actually like it here. I text some of my ex-friends and begin playing Puzzle Pets afterwards.


"Everything is boring," I complain to mom. Seriously, I have spent the last 24hours in bed. Not that I hate my bed. Contrarily, it's my best friend, after food off course. But then again, I don't want to spend a whole day in it. I'm so not like Star. She stays in bed for a week after a breakup. See why I hate relationships.

"Well sweetie, you can always walk around town and meet new friends, just like Star." Star has already made a new friend.She found her at the mall. What's her name again...Candy short for Candice. In fact, the two are already hanging out. "Here, take this and have some fun, okay honey." She hands me 500 bucks. Now that is why I love mom. I peck her cheek and eagerly go out.

First, I'm going to McDonald's. I really need to grab some coffee. I sit in the comfy chair near the glass window. The waitress walks to me with a warm smile cut across her face. I smile back oddly as I make my order. All my mind is averted to my phone when I notice some movement in front of me. I slowly lift my eyes to look at a pretty girl. She wears a sweet smile that spreads all the way to her ears. She has blonde hair and green eyes.

"Hi," she greets with that smile still on her face

"Hello," I greet back, trying not to look so uninterested. The waitress comes back with my order and tells the girl in front of me to go to the back of the restaurant. I figure that maybe they are sisters or something related to that. I finish enjoying my coffee and pay my bill, leaving some tip behind.

I leave the restaurant and bump into something hard when I reach the alley separating a pawn shop from the restaurant. Goodness, I say as I fall on my bottom, closing my eyes.

"Are you okay," a deep husky voice asks. I look up and oh dear King Triton of the seven seas, blue eyes, dark brown hair. I think I have just seen an angel.

"Here, let me help you." the handsome, no no scratch that, beautiful is so appropriate, yes. The beautiful guy offers me his hand.

Forget about what I said about me not getting into relationships. I'm sure I just found my match. Honestly, the guy is beyond handsome.

He clears his throat, immediately waking me up.

I give him my hand so he can pull me off the ground. I think he already knows what effect he is having on me.

I'm only halfway up when he lets go of my hand. I fall back on the ground with a thud, on my already hurting butt.

He bursts out laughing and then walks off to God knows where. I stand up, a bit embarrassed.

"How rude!" I mutter under my breath. I dust my butt and mutter curses as I walk to the mall.

Alright, forget what I just state earlier. Dude is a jerk. There's no way I would date such a guy.

I go back home with so many shopping bags in my hands that I almost trip off the stairs as I go to my room. I slump onto my bed the moment I enter. Closing my eyes, I remember the rude bastard. The very first guy to ever get my attention acted like that,rude. Doesn't he know that? Wait, we are in a new country here, how stupid I am. Off course he doesn't know me. But guess what, I hope I never saw him again.


Hey there! So, here's the thing. This story is completed on Wattpad. I don't really know how often I'll be able to update it via this platform but if you can't wait for the updates, then find it on Wattpad.


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