Wall Around her Heart series: Book 1: Tammy

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I was sitting across from Tammy. I watched her from under my eyelids. She is broken. She doesn’t look at the men of the club let alone me. She just sits and listens mostly. She will answer any questions asked of her but for the most part, she is quiet. You can tell that whoever the man was she had been with controlled her. I didn’t like that. I like to see a woman be free, spontaneous, and enjoy like. She has no sparkle in her eyes, it is as if any joy she once had in life was sucked out of her. Then the door opened, and Savage and five prospects walked in. He walked over to Queen and hugged and kissed her. Now honey tell me who this beautiful little girl is. Savage this is my niece

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Chapter 1: New House, New Town

I found a town; I did not think that he would ever find me. I had been able to hide money from my job, from him and had enough to buy a small one-bedroom house. I did not live in the town but at the edge of town.

I noticed that there was a big building with a house across the road from me with a gate around it. I was painting the front of the house when I saw a motorcycle ride past. I noticed that he had stopped at the stop sign, and he was looking at me. I looked at him and quickly looked away.

I started shaking so bad, I had to put the paintbrush down. I looked back under my lids and saw he was riding away. I took a breath and let it out. Tammy, I said to myself. You have to stop shaking every time a man looks at you. I continued to paint the front of the house a pretty blue.

I then grabbed the small can of white paint and climbed up the latter and stood paining the trim around the window. I heard more bikes coming down the road. I turned and looked down towards the ground and noticed five bikers looking up at the roof.

I turned and finished painting the trim before slowly backing off the roof to the ladder. As I started to climb down, I grabbed the can and brush and noticed they were still watching me. I ignored them as I put the paint can on the porch and moved the ladder to the side of the house, before going back to the porch. I watched them ride away.

I continued to work on the second-floor windows until they were all painted. I put the ladder in the garage and walked back to the front of the house. I picked up the paint cans and brushes not realizing that I was being watched.

I walked into the house shut and locked the door before going to the kitchen to make me a sandwich and grab a cup of coffee. I then walked into the living room and turned on my tv watching, “law and order” while I ate. I next grabbed the new locks to put on the front and back door. Once that was finished, I felt much safer.

I decided to take a shower and drive to Walmart for food, and cleaning supplies. I grabbed a newspaper before heading home. When I arrived home, I parked in my driveway took the food in the house, shutting and locking the door. I put everything away, and when that was finished it was 9:00 p.m. I lay down watching tv before going to bed.

My name is Beast. I am the VP of the Hell Rider MC. I don’t talk much, and I don’t have an old lady. I was headed back to the club when I saw her painting the house and trim on the windows. She is a tiny thing. About 5’3” tall and can’t weigh more than 98 pounds.

She is thin like she doesn’t get enough to eat. I am drawn to her for some reason. I have never looked this long at a woman before. Who is she and when did she move here? We know everyone that lives in this town. I didn’t even know that the house was for sale. I turned my head and rode to the club.

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