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Perfect Melodies

By ria17sep All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Romance


The last thing on Andrea Wood’s mind right now was right now to find love; she was now in London, searching for the right notes to make music with her broken heart. When she fatefully stumbles across a forgotten café, she finds herself lost in the dream she had wanted to live forever. Elliot Reynolds found just what he had been looking for- a crumpled note which had destinies of two people smudged with a few splotches of tainted perfection. Will their lives collide with perfect melodies whilst pleasing the crowds?

Chapter 1

Andrea used to love a boy who had his face painted with dirty colours and his hands were always dipped in paint that left permanent splashes of hues she never loved, down her spine and on her heart.

While she was looking for a napkin to wipe his love off like it was some cheap make-up, she found vinyl records and a songbook that spoke to her instead.

With her eyelids closed and her heart beating steadily, she hummed softly to the music floating around that weighed the air with meaningful sighs. She found solace between the jumbled orders of stacked music records and the café on the corner of a street nobody ever went to for a stroll. That café was her little secret, a place where she could just stir her feelings while swirling her cappuccino and bleed the emotion she felt the most into a notebook, spiraled with verses she would barely ever let anyone read.
Writing and music were the two things that helped her balance her life amidst serenity and snowstorms.

She knew what it was like to be in love; she knew what it was like to lose yourself in a pair of eyes like it was the most beautiful thing in the world, like it was the only ocean worth drowning in. She knew how the cracks in someone’s heart don’t heal with the sugar of words nor does a heart fall part all at once; it happens slowly, like a lethal drug eventually taking away your soul, your sanity, your everything.

She had been hurt and maybe that’s why she decided that music was the only thing she would think about at night and her guitar would be the only lover she will ever have. She failed to realize how all her plans would be shaken up by just one touch of a boy’s fingertips she never thought she would ever meet.

Getting ready to step out, she gathered her pieces of writing and stuffed those loose pages into her notebook. She twisted the knob of the door and locked her house before heading towards the concrete pavement. The sun was beating down as she shielded her eyes with a pair of shades while she walked to the bus stop like she did everyday so she could get to her boring nine-to-five job. To her abstract mind, her job was painfully boring but, she had to do it if she wanted to be on her feet and afford all the things she loved and to feed her dislike for just window-shopping.

Andrea, one day you’re going to be really famous and have a lot of money but, presently please concentrate on your job-that’s what she constantly told herself.

Her mind was a wanderer, as she walked, her mind floated along with her and painted pictures of splendid paradises and torn skies. She was imaginative, almost too imaginative and often found herself lost in a world of her own when she should be paying attention. That got her in trouble sometimes but, it also sparked her creativity.

After fifteen minutes of a bus journey, she stepped off the bus and walked towards that big, red-bricked building most of the people identified as a good place to work in while she chose to call it an ‘eight hour torture chamber’.

As she set her files and folders on a table, she was greeted by her friend- Leslie. They chatted for a while about how her Leslie went out with her boyfriend last night before she asked, “Andrea, aren’t you dating anyone? I mean, it’s been a really long time since you went out with someone.”

She took a sip of the cold-coffee in her hand and licked her lips saying, “I am really trying to balance my life; I don’t need a boyfriend. I just need to have enough money and my dream job. That’s all I want. I am no longer the hopeless romantic I used to be.” Her friend smiled and patted her back in understanding.

That was the biggest lie she had spoken in a while- the truth was that she was still the girl who fancied being kissed under mid-morning sky, she still craved love from the bottom of her broken heart. But, she would never admit it; she needed to be strong and according to her, love was a weakness. She assumed love makes people sappy, weak at their knees; people lose their souls and fall into an endless pit of misery.
She didn’t want to end up in that mess, not again.

She worked all day and sighed in relief as it was finally the time for her to leave. She was exhausted and couldn’t wait to get home and write a new song she had been planning to for a long time.
While already humming the chorus she made up, she started towards her home.

Of course, she stopped at the little café. She loved coffee, she was obsessed with trying every flavour available and she absolutely adored old cafés which weren’t very crowded and provided her the peace she really needed. That place was really special to her; she would often go there to collect her thoughts and write songs. Regular customers and some staff members knew her too. She found a home in that little coffee place.

The café had been alongside the secluded street for almost fifty years now and was barely ever got renovated now due to the lack of customers but, to Andrea, it seemed perfect with the old and homely feeling that it gave; she had been searching for a place like that ever since she moved to London. The rainy skies, fogged windows and the woody scent spreading throughout the city calmed her nerves but, at the same time, made her miss her hometown.

Tiled with blue and aquamarine cushions on couches to match; the café was nice to look at even though there were a few damps splotched on the wall. The booths were blue too but, a darker shade. Five main ice-cream flavours were served depending on the season and muffins with rainbow sprinkles on top or short espressos were very popular among those who came during the morning rush-hour.

Everything they served was delicious and she wondered why it wasn’t popular but, at the same time, she wasn’t complaining. In simply being there and experiencing the lives lost in the maze of time as all the people around rush to reach their destinations. She saw so many people everyday drown in the revelry of a car-clogged roads and loud honks that muffle out their inner voices to pave a path of nine-to-five chaos. That’s how the city woke up and millions of people pulsed through its veins, leaving marks of an everlasting story. That café told a thousand tales, you just had to have an ear for it. Andrea did; if she could, she would spend all her days there, letting its charm play with her thoughts.

She took a seat and was scrolling through her twitter feed on her phone after placing her order. The air smelt familiar with coffees being made and pastries getting ready to be served. She loved everything about being at this place from how Jess, the waitress would often smile at her to the wind-chime that produced a jingling sound, pleasing her ears every time a customer entered. Because of getting totally engrossed in her phone, she didn’t notice the dark-haired man standing next to her until he cleared his throat and she looked up, surprised.

There he was- the man Andrea never wished to see again. Anton Mason, who wore the same charming smile he did two years ago. The difference was that she no longer found it beautiful or wrote poetic verses about it. Her heart stopped for a moment when she looked into his calm, grey eyes as she swallowed hard.

“Hey, Andrea! Long time, huh?” He smiled.

“What are you doing here?”- She found herself wanting to get away. That man had destroyed and shattered her internally; she couldn’t just smile and talk to him, she just couldn’t.

“Just came to see you and to know how you’re doing. Honestly, I missed you,” he bit his lip.

She uncomfortably shifted and looked at him as if trying to decipher the lies hidden behind his softened eyes. The awkwardness filling the space between them was making it harder for her to breathe so; she finally pushed back some tears that were about stream down her face for no apparent reason. She didn’t know what it was but, seeing him again just made her want to cry.

“What makes you think that you can just come here and just swallow down all the sharp words you threw at me the night we left our love back at the hotel room number 711? Please, leave.”

He almost looked heartbroken as he blocked her way and tried to form a firm eye contact with her unconvinced eyes; she just stared at him with a stone cold look.

“I didn’t mean to, if you must know. Can you please at least sit here and talk to me for a bit?”

Despite the storm brewing up at the pit of her stomach, she sat beside him as they caught up on old times after the ice between began to melt with the laughter that bubbled after one the jokes he cracked to loosen her frown. It felt like she had gone back a few years. The way their hands touched once, reminded her of why they used to have something between them in the past but, it also reminded her why she didn’t want to feel it anymore.

His eyes still shone as brightly under lights and his aura was illuminant with the same charm he had some time ago and she couldn’t help but, feel drawn to him and know what has been going on with him over the past two years that had seemed like the hardest time in her life.

Before she knew it, she was taking him with her as he offered to walk her home.

It just didn’t feel right and she had a feeling she was about to regret it.

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